Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses [Full List & Guide]

A detailed guide covering all the bosses in Star wars Jedi: Survivor.

Jedi Survivor Bosses
Jedi Survivor Bosses

The interesting combats against the bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor make the game more thrilling. So in Today’s guide, we will thoroughly discuss the main bosses, so have your seat belts on and Let’s go.

Key Takeaways

  • The K-405 is the challenging droid boss.
  • Ninth Sister is going to make a comeback with her potent strikes and Force powers.
  • Zeik can give a hard time to those who have not mastered fighting.
  • You encounter Dagan Gera three times in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • The Skriton is more like a Scorpion boss, and he makes an attack with his giant claw.
  • The Oggdo Bogdo’s offspring Spawn of Oggdo, is all prepared to take revenge on Cal.
  • The boss who is famous for the lunge attacks is Sutaban Alpha.
  • Reprogrammed Magnaguard is one of the mini-bosses in the game.
  • As you combat Mire Terror, you will have to fight with two Mogu trolls at the same time.
  • Drya Thornne is the one who has quick movements and can be difficult to deal with.
  • You also fight with Korej Kim, who is considered the notorious boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Rancor is one of the legendary bosses.
  • Tague Louesh is another mini-boss but a highly skilled soldier.
  • Darth Vader is also capable of offering you an arduous combat.
  • Rayvis comes with good stamina management and strategies so that he can turn you down.
  • Combat with Bode Akuna is the most surprising one as he turns out to be your boss enemy and gets on the battlefield with highly damaging strategies and abilities.

Here is a summary table for all the bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

No.Boss Name Attack Patterns
1K-405- Electric Baton Swings
- Unblockable Baton Swing
- Vertical Baton Slam
2Ninth Sister- Basic Strike
- Lightsaber Projectile
- Charged Moves
- Combo Finishers
- Ground Smash
- Empathic Force and Pull Force
3Zeik- Red Aura Attack
- Pin Attacks
- Multiple Attacks
- Parry The Strikes
- Normal Attacks
4Dagan Gera- Basic Lightsaber Attack
- Spinning Attack
- Vertical Swing attack
- Heavy Slam
- Stabbing
- Pouncing Attack
5 Skriton- Tail Swing
- Left Claw Attack
- Block Attack
- Ground Slam
6Spawn Of Oggdo- Bitting
- Dash Strike
- Grabbing Attack
- Leaping Attack
7Sutaban Alpha- Pound Attack
- Melee Attack
- Lunge Attack
8Reprogrammed Magnaguard- Jumping Attack
- Wide Swings
- Stamina Bar
- Attacks Chain
9Mire Terror- Grabbing
- Charge Attack
10Drya Thornne- Stealth ability
- Melee Attacks
- Grenade Attack
11Korej Kim- Blaster Bolts Attack
- Cluster bomb
- Grenade Attacks
12Rancor- Stomping Attack
- Sweeping Attack
- Grab Attack
- Slamming
13Tague Louesh- Pulling Technique
- Swing Attack
- Stab Attack
- Kick Strike
14Darth Vader- Dash Attack
- Choke Attack
- Throwing Strike
- Force Attack
- Lightsaber Attack
- Crushing
15Rayvis- Flail Attack
- Projectile Strikes
- Blaster Attack
- Grappling
- Charged Attack
- Kick Strike
16Bode Akuna- Grenade Attack
- Blaster Strike
- Lightsaber Attack
- Melee Attack
- Fire Attack
- Force Attack
- Slow Time


The K-405 is the very first boss that you get to encounter in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. By fighting with this droid, you learn about certain patterns and mechanics that also help you later in the game, such as you cannot block the opponent’s red-aura attacks.

K-405 has the attack patterns you must know to make the combat strategies accordingly.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Electric Baton Swings: The three gradual electric baton swings that are quite easy to dodge.
  • Unblockable Baton Swing: This red attack is potent in nature, and unfortunately, you cannot block it. However, the only way to prevent this attack is by dodging it.
  • Vertical Baton Slam: This attack involves the vertical slamming of the electric baton on the ground. Well, you can easily anticipate it due to being slow.

Location & How To Defeat

Cal comes across the K-405 while walking around the Coruscant, and the combat begins right after the droid throws him by pulling out from the crevice. First of all, get a better understanding of dodging and parrying strategies, as these can excellently work while encountering baton swings and unblockable strikes.

The most important aspect is that Bode will be there during the combat, so having a companion on your side will make things more convenient. Although Droid is slow in executing attacks, it can come closer quickly, so you need to be attentive all time to dodge the attacks on time. Furthermore, you can use a lightsaber against K-405 for effective attacks.

During the combat, make sure your health stays on a good level and keep using the healing material to avoid any kind of trouble.

Ninth Sister

Ninth Sister (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

The Ninth Sister is back in Jedi Survivor as an adversary boss with her empathic force abilities that allow her to read the minds. We get to notice that on the right hand, there is a cybernetic on it as combating with Cal before lead to the loss of an arm.

The change here is that Ninth Sister is not too challenging to deal with as she was in the previous game.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Basic Strike: Dodging or blocking basic strikes results in the weakening of her stamina.
  • Lightsaber Projectile: This includes throwing the lightsaber, and you must dodge or parry these projectiles.
  • Charged Moves and Combo Finishers: Avoid or dodge the unblockable charged attacks and the finishers.
  • Ground Smash: A shockwave is produced as she smashes the ground, and you can avoid it through the double jump.
  • Empathic Force and Pull Force: One cannot encounter both of them, but for the former one, wait for it to fade away, while in case of later force, you need to stay at a safer distance.

Location & How To Defeat

While exploring the Coruscant Undercity, you get to combat with the Ninth Sister in Jehan’s Yacht. The fight with Ninth Sister takes place in three phases. In the First phase, her go-to weapon is Double-bladed Lightsaber.

In the second phase, she can anticipate your moves by using the Empathic force ability. And in the final phase, she makes the combo attacks involving heavy attacks, force, and a lightsaber. The best way to defeat her is to focus on parrying and dodging.

Dodge the attacks when she turns red, and jump when you see the projectiles coming in your way and for the ground slamming strikes to avoid shockwave damage. Execute the attack when she is done with her Empathic Force ability.

Furthermore, using the Dual Stance when there is a significant decrease in her health is recommended, as you can give her a really tough time by doing so.


Zeik is the Bedlam Raider and can be quite challenging for players who don’t have much fighting experience. Cal encounters this boss on the Koboh planet in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Red Aura Attack: It is most appropriate to distance from the enemy and dodge these attacks as you cannot block them.
  • Pin Attacks: Zeik can pin the players by using the weapon.
  • Multiple Attacks: This boss can make the combo chains of the red aura attacks.
  • Parry The Strikes: Zeik can also ward off your strikes.
  • Normal Attacks: These attacks can be blocked, allowing you to make counter-attacks.

Location & How To Defeat

You can look for the Zeik at the Rambler’s Reach Outpost on Koboh planet. To defeat Zeik in Jedi Survivor, you need to be at a safe distance to avoid the damage of potent strikes. Always be ready to dodge and parry the attacks, and when the time is right, go forward for the counterstrikes.

He can make the combo of multiple red attacks that can be heavily damaging, so make sure you dodge them on time. You can use force abilities to make room for yourself to deal damage by slowing down the Zeik.

You need to be adaptable in your strategies to combat by keeping in view the enemy’s attack patterns.

Dagan Gera

Dagan Gera (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This boss will cross your path three times in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You will have three combats with Dagan Gera; in each next combat, he will be more powerful than the previous one. He is a skilled adversary, enhancing his fighting skills at each stage.

Attack Patterns and Description

  • Basic Lightsaber Attack: A long-range attack that can be blocked or dodged.
  • Spinning Attack: Dagan does the spinning slash attack in the horizontal direction, and you cannot block it, so dodge in a backward direction to avoid it.
  • Vertical Swing attack: This one is done in the vertical direction and is unblockable. To avoid it, you need to move to the side while dodging.
  • Heavy Slam: To avoid the Heavy slam attack, you need to dodge them.
  • Stabbing: This one is slower but unblockable, so dodge it quickly.
  • Pouncing Attack: This attack is swift and cannot be blocked, so move to the side to prevent it.

Location & How To Defeat

You get to fight with Dagan Gera at Forest Array, Lucrehulk, and Koboh Observatory. Combating with Dagan boss demands patience, as the fast and aggressive gameplay won’t be helpful here. In this first phase, he will be vulnerable enough and can be defeated easily.

You need to be far from where you can deal maximum damage. You can go for the Dual-bladed lightsaber stance; the main focus should be breaking his stun gauge. Apart from this, try to dodge his sweeping attacks, which he does by leaping forward.

In the second phase, Dagan becomes more aggressive and uses two stances to execute the attacks: Double-bladed and dual-wield stances. Go for the dodging and blocking strategy to prevent the combo strikes.

Now moving to the last phase in which Dagan mainly uses his Force. To beat him in this phase, watch out for the projectiles and dodge them ASAP and make an attack when he is on the cool down. He can also create clones, so turn them down when you spot any to avoid confusion.


Skriton (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

It is a defensive boss and looks more like a scorpion.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Tail Swing: It is a sweeping attack and can deal significant damage.
  • Left Claw Attack: Skriton uses the left claw for short-range strikes.
  • Block Attack: It uses a big and powerful claw to block your strikes.
  • Ground Slam: This attack involves the forward lunge by using the claw that leads to a slam on the ground, which is unblockable.

Location & How To Defeat

You encounter the Skriton on Jedha planet. Now if you become well aware of this boss’s attack patterns and defensive strategies, then combat becomes fairly easy. Besides this, Merrin will be there to assist you as well.

In a fight with Skrition, your mobility is essential to avoid getting grabbed by it. Attacking from the sides is preferred as it can block frontal strikes. You can use the ability to inhibit its movement or Merrin’s ability to prevent it from moving.

Both cases will favor you, and you can damage the enemy well. If you are low on health, then let Merrin distract it and then recover your health quickly. The Dual wield lightsaber is most suggested as it allows you to make swift attacks.

Spawn Of Oggdo

Spawn Of Oggdo (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This is the offspring of Oggdo Bogdo and is back to take revenge in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. We can’t take this boss lightly as it is now more evolved in its strengths and abilities.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Bitting: In quick succession, Oggdo attempts to bite.
  • Dash Strike: In this one, it steps backward and then dashes in your direction.
  • Grabbing Attack: It grabs you with a strong tongue and then pulls into the big sharp jaws.
  • Leaping Attack: When Oggdo’s health starts to deteriorate, it makes the leaping attacks that are unblockable.

Location & How To Defeat

The combat against Spawn of Oggdo begins at Fort Kah’lin on the Koboh Planet. On reaching the location, you will encounter the droids and riders before fighting with the boss. You are required to reach the tower-like structure from the center of the fort by using the cable.

And also to take down the droids on your way. After this, the platform will open, and Oggdo will appear. The very first then that you should do is to clear your way by defeating the droids so they may not bother you while fighting with the boss.

Use the Dual Wield Saber Stance as it is considered most effective against the adversary. You can deal satisfactory damage besides parrying and blocking its attacks. The right way to deal with Oggdo is to focus on dodging and making countering attacks while keeping in mind the attack

Patterns, as this will definitely lead to a successful outcome. Look for the best timing to make certain actions like jumping, dodging, and maintaining distance. The use of Lightsaber throw is recommended as it allows you to hit the enemy by staying away.

You can also use the Force slow ability to lower down the opponent’s movement and make an opportunity for yourself to land attacks.

Sutaban Alpha

Sutaban Alpha (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

The Sutaban Alpha is the legendary boss in the Star Wars Jedi and is known for his continuous lunge attacks.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Pound Attack: This is a potent ground pound attack that can deal great damage so you can dodge to evade it.
  • Melee Attack: He carries out the quick melee attack series in your direction, and you can either block or parry to make counterstrikes.
  • Lunge Attack: The lunge attack stands out from the others as this cannot be blocked and occurs in a continuous manner.

Location & How To Defeat

The location of a fight with the Sutaban Alpha boss is the Crypt of Uhrma on the Jedha Planet. This place may appear narrow and limited initially, but it becomes spacious after solving a puzzle, and the combat begins.

The dodging strategy will work here because Alpha swiftly makes powerful strikes. Be patient and wait for the right moment to take your chance once he is done attacking. If you are good at parrying the attacks, ensure that your timing goes right,

And also, while combating, be aware of your health status.

Reprogrammed Magnaguard

It is another mini-boss that you encounter in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Magnaguard is aggressive and can be quite challenging for players.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Jumping Attack: It jumps towards you while executing the unblockable attack. To avoid the hurt, you must dodge it.
  • Wide Swings: Magnaguard makes a series of wide swing attacks ; unfortunately, you cannot block them either. Wait for the boss to finish the series first before doing a counterattack.
  • Stamina Bar: As its stamina falls down, it makes the follow-up attacks, and you can protect yourself through parrying or blocking.
  • Attacks Chain: When the boss is decapitated, it becomes more hostile and causes a chain of attacks. On the counter, you can either parry block or dodge them.

Location & How To Defeat

On the Shattered Moon, there is a place named Automate Forge, and that’s where the fight with Reprogrammed Magnaguard begins. At the beginning of the fight, you should adopt an offensive play style, while at the end, the defensive one will be more suitable.

Be at a safe distance, as it will prevent damage from swing attacks and stay alert to dodge the unblockable ones. In case of dealing damage to the stun gauge, you can go for parrying the swing strikes. Don’t rush during the red attacks; wait for it to end and then make your move.

Mire Terror

Mire Terror (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This is another tough target, a legendary beast for you to take down. You will have to deal with two Mogu trolls once the combat starts.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Grabbing: The trolls attempt to grab you, so it’s up to you if you want to dodge or fight back but cannot block.
  • Charge Attack: The troll Mogus Carry out the aggressive charge attacks in your direction. Blocking can be done here.

 Location & How To Defeat

The Location of this fight is Viscid Bog, and to get there, you will have to finish the Lucrehulk and then attain the abilities: Lift and Slam. After doing so, make your way to the place called George crash site.

Then get to the bottom by using the elevator after opening the door and use the lift powers to put the rocks aside to make the way leading to the bosses. The two Mogu Trolls will be waiting for you, and they are more focused on charging, so be quick regarding the dodge or block moves.

As you notice the red highlight, then you must know that they are about to grab, and then you can avoid grabbing the move on time. Use the mind control power to use on Troll against the other, as this will give you enough time to heal.

Pay attention to one troll at once as in this way, you eliminate one of them earlier, and this will also lessen the combating pressure of dealing two enemies together.

Drya Thornne

Here you go with another difficult boss in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor who is quick in his movements. However, you can attain the crossguard stance after defeating Drya.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Stealth ability: He is capable of going invisible, but still, he seems visible enough that you can spot him and avoid the attacks.
  • Melee Attacks: Drya carries out the rapid melee attacks in series, so be at a distance and avoid them.
  • Grenade Attack: The grenades are thrown at you, and there are two ways to deal with this attack: dodge the grenades or use the Force Push ability to throw them back.

Location & How To Defeat

The Shattered Moon is a place where to get to fight with Drya Thornne. Although he is rapid in moving around, the attack speed isn’t the same, but still, you need to be cautious. Maintain the maximum distance to avoid the melee strikes,

And be more attentive when he goes into stealth mode to spot him before he strikes you. You need to be predictable regarding his movements and use the force abilities to make a counterattack by throwing his grenades back at Drya.

Besides this, keep an eye on your stamina, as it can go down as a result of the enemy’s strong or intense attacks.

Korej Kim

The Korej Kim is a bounty hunter and has an ill reputation in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Kim can get on your nerves but is not too hard to defeat.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Blaster Bolts Attack: In quick succession, the boss releases the blaster bolts, but this attack is parryable. He also fires a bolt that cannot be blocked and can knock you out.
  • Cluster bomb: He projectiles the cluster bomb, but by using force, you can fire it backward.
  • Ariel Kick: This is a powerful air kick attack and is unblockable.
  • Grenade Attacks: He throws a grenade at you while staying underground. The force Push ability can be used here to make a counter-attack.

Location & How To Defeat

On Planet Koboh, the fight with Korej Kim occurs. Kim takes out the great benefit from his ability to make air attacks but to defeat him despite of having this edge is by keeping him on the ground as much as you can.

Another plus point is that he cannot block the attacks, so you can amazingly utilize this opportunity and go for the close-range fight when he is on the ground. Always be ready to dodge the attacks that you cannot block, or else he can become dominant over you.

When he is in the air, you can use the Lightsaber throws and Blaster Stance against him. The Force Push ability is best to deflect back his grenades and prevent damage.


Rancor (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

The Rancor is also the legendary boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You will encounter it during the quest.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Stomping Attack: The sonic radius is produced as Rancor walks heavily on the ground. Jump to avoid interaction with it or stay away.
  • Sweeping Attack: He makes a sweeping attack that covers a large area. Dodging or jumping is the way to prevent this attack.
  • Grab Attack: This one can deal you intense damage as he tries to grab and bites you by lunging forward. One can dodge it.
  • Slamming: It is an unblockable attack, and Rancor creates and sends the shockwave in your direction by slamming on the ground.

Location & How To Defeat

On Koboh planet, there is a cave area, and that’s where you will combat Rancor. This will happen during the “Find The Missing Prospectors” quest. Before reaching to the main boss, you will have to defeat some other enemies, but they are not hard to handle.

The Stance which is recommended while fighting with Rancor is Double-Bladed Lightsaber Stance, as you can execute rapid attacks and more damage. The players who prefer blocking moves may find it a bit tough, as Rancor can invalidate it.

You should focus on jumping mainly to protect from the high damage-dealing ground attacks. It is better to stay at the rear position and target his back and tail, as these spots are open for you to make strikes.

Tague Louesh

The combat with Tague Louseh boss is also the mini-boss one, but you must still be cautious while dealing with this skilled enemy. He is considered the most competent soldier and can use the lightsaber against you in the finest manner.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Pulling Technique: Through this, the boss pulls you closer to him to deal further damage.
  • Swing Attack: The enemy performs this attack by using the double-bladed Lightsaber.
  • Stab Attack: This one is unblockable and can cause you great damage.
  • Kick Strike: This is another heavy damage-inflicting attack that is done by using the back kick as the enemy turns red.

Location & How To Defeat

While doing the quest that is to research Tanalorr, you come across the Tague Louesh on planet Koboh. The aspect that matters the most in a fight is memorization of attack patterns, which will help you make your moves accordingly.

The dodging and blocking will help you the most against his strikes. The Lightsaber is the main weapon that Tague uses so you need to parry the attacks so you can damage his stun gauge. Keep a safe distance and be more prepared when you see the red attacks coming your way.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the most famous ones. Darth Vader offers you challenging combat; his key skill is using force.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Dash Attack: He carries out this swift dash attack after the lightsaber swing attack.
  • Choke Attack: To seize your movement, Vader chokes you by using force so he can do further attacks.
  • Throwing Strike: This attack involves the throwing of a lightsaber in your direction.
  • Force Attack: By utilizing the force, he knocks you, and the main purpose is to disrupt your attacks and make space for himself.
  • Lightsaber Attack: This one involves quick and intense strikes through a lightsaber.
  • Crushing: Vader is capable of crushing the items after raising them up, and then he throws them toward you.

Location & How To Defeat

This combat with Darth Vader occurs on Mustafar planet in the Imperial Fortress, and the whole environment seems too iconic. Having the perfect command of parrying will benefit you in this combat, so if you fear that you are not good at parrying, then learn and master it.

Keep moving, as this will protect you from the strikes and will make it difficult for Vader to carry out the attacks. If you don’t want to get knocked by his force attack, then dodge and make a counterattack as soon as to spot him using the Force to push you.

You can deflect back the objects which Vader throws at you in the first place. Furthermore, ensure that you take care of your healing and may not use the resources without necessity.


Rayvis (Captured By Us)

He is one of the most iconic and challenging bosses in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. So be all geared up when you are going to fight with Rayvis.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Flail Attack: In this attack, by swinging his flail, you can parry or dodge it.
  • Projectile Strikes: Rayvis releases the projectiles in your direction. One can dodge to prevent damage.
  • Blaster Attack: He shoots you with a blaster which you can either block or parry.
  • Grappling: Quickly go for dodging as you see Rayvis trying to grab you.
  • Charged Attack: He makes a charged flail attack which can be anticipated as he glows red.
  • Kick Strike: He uses his kick to execute a powerful strike, and you can either parry or dodge it.

Location & How To Defeat

Velrakon is a planet where you will fight with Rayvis, and you will come across this location while playing through the main story. Before combat, make sure you have sufficient stamina and manage it efficiently during the entire battle.

Close-range combat is suggested for the starting phase, while in the remaining or last phase, you can go for distanced combat. Invest in skill upgradation, which can greatly influence your battle against Rayvis.

When he is not having the defense, you can use the Slow time ability in your favor. Opting for the right stance is another significant factor like for distanced combat, it is recommended to equip a blaster stance, while Dual Wield for short-range one.

Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

Now the final boss is quite surprising as we all are aware that Bode Akuna portrays himself as Cal’s ally in the beginning, but finally, he shows his true colors and turns out to be another worst enemy boss.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Grenade Attack: He attempts to deal damage by throwing grenades, and you can dodge them to prevent hurt.
  • Blaster Strike: He targets you with the blaster shots in succession, but you can use the blaster stance to ward off them.
  • Lightsaber Attack: Bode attacks you by throwing his Lightsaber, and to avoid it, you can go for dodging.
  • Melee Attack: This is short-distance combat in which he strikes you with melee attacks.
  • Fire Attack: He rains down the fire by using the jetpack.
  • Force Attack: The potent force energy wave is released in your direction from Bode, and to prevent it, you can jump.
  • Slow Time: The enemy decreases the time’s speed with the help of a Dark side-infused ability and uses it in his favor to strike you with a series of attacks that can cause greater damage.

Location & How To Defeat

The most compelling three-phase battle between Cal and Bode Akuna boss takes place on the Planet Tanalorr. Maintaining the right distance while combating Bode matters the most. Parry and dodge when you are in close combat with him.

Focus on deflecting as he throws grenades at you. The force abilities are best, you can use them to make an interruption while he is attacking. Dodge the unblockable attacks as much as possible, and one can also ask Merrin for help to land hits on the Bode, but this can be done in the first phase.

In the first and second ones, keep your focus on parrying and dodging, but the last phase will be the hardest one, and then in this, you can use the Dark Side ability to deal maximum damage so you can defeat him.

Closing Remarks

This was all that you needed to know regarding the Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses. Remember all the points you need to apply while fighting, and you can surely gain victory against each boss. So now go ahead and help Cal in turning down his enemies.

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