Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses [Full List & Guide]

This guide explains everything about Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses, their attack patterns, locations, and how you can defeat them

Jedi Survivor Bosses
Jedi Survivor Bosses

The interesting combats against the bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor make the game more thrilling. So in Today’s guide, we will thoroughly discuss the main bosses, so have your seat belts on and Let’s go.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses Takeaways

  • K-405 is a challenging droid boss.
  • Ninth Sister returns with potent strikes and Force powers.
  • Zeik is a formidable opponent.
  • Encounter Dagan Gera three times in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • The Skriton is a scorpion-like boss with a giant claw attack.
  • Spawn of Oggdo seeks revenge on Cal, offspring of Oggdo Bogdo.
  • Sutaban Alpha is known for lunge attacks.
  • Reprogrammed Magnaguard is a mini-boss.
  • Mire Terror involves a battle with two Mogu trolls.
  • Drya Thornne has quick movements and can be challenging.
  • Korej Kim is a notorious boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Rancor is a legendary boss.
  • Tague Louesh is a skilled mini-boss.
  • Darth Vader offers a tough battle.
  • Rayvis excels in stamina management and strategies.
  • Bode Akuna surprises as a boss enemy with damaging abilities

All The Bosses In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

No.Boss Name Attack Patterns
1K-405- Electric Baton Swings
- Unblockable Baton Swing
- Vertical Baton Slam
2Ninth Sister- Basic Strike
- Lightsaber Projectile
- Charged Moves
- Combo Finishers
- Ground Smash
- Empathic Force and Pull Force
3Zeik- Red Aura Attack
- Pin Attacks
- Multiple Attacks
- Parry The Strikes
- Normal Attacks
4Dagan Gera- Basic Lightsaber Attack
- Spinning Attack
- Vertical Swing attack
- Heavy Slam
- Stabbing
- Pouncing Attack
5 Skriton- Tail Swing
- Left Claw Attack
- Block Attack
- Ground Slam
6Spawn Of Oggdo- Bitting
- Dash Strike
- Grabbing Attack
- Leaping Attack
7Sutaban Alpha- Pound Attack
- Melee Attack
- Lunge Attack
8Reprogrammed Magnaguard- Jumping Attack
- Wide Swings
- Stamina Bar
- Attacks Chain
9Mire Terror- Grabbing
- Charge Attack
10Drya Thornne- Stealth ability
- Melee Attacks
- Grenade Attack
11Korej Kim- Blaster Bolts Attack
- Cluster bomb
- Grenade Attacks
12Rancor- Stomping Attack
- Sweeping Attack
- Grab Attack
- Slamming
13Tague Louesh- Pulling Technique
- Swing Attack
- Stab Attack
- Kick Strike
14Darth Vader- Dash Attack
- Choke Attack
- Throwing Strike
- Force Attack
- Lightsaber Attack
- Crushing
15Rayvis- Flail Attack
- Projectile Strikes
- Blaster Attack
- Grappling
- Charged Attack
- Kick Strike
16Bode Akuna- Grenade Attack
- Blaster Strike
- Lightsaber Attack
- Melee Attack
- Fire Attack
- Force Attack
- Slow Time


The K-405 is the very first boss that you get to encounter in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. By fighting with this droid, you learn about certain patterns and mechanics that also help you later in the game, such as you cannot block the opponent’s red-aura attacks.

K-405 has the attack patterns you must know to make the combat strategies accordingly.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Electric Baton Swings: Three gradual electric baton swings, easy to dodge.
  • Unblockable Baton Swing: A potent red attack that cannot be blocked, only dodged.
  • Vertical Baton Slam: Slow attack involving vertical baton slamming on the ground, easily anticipated.

Location & How To Defeat

  • When facing the K-405 droid in Coruscant, focus on dodging and parrying to deal with baton swings and unblockable strikes effectively.

  • Having a companion like Bode during the fight can be advantageous.

  • Be aware that the droid is slow in its attacks but can close the distance quickly, so stay attentive to dodge its attacks.

  • Use your lightsaber for effective offensive moves during the battle.

  • Keep an eye on your health and use healing materials to maintain a good health level and avoid trouble.

Ninth Sister

Ninth Sister (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

The Ninth Sister is back in Jedi Survivor as an adversary boss with her empathic force abilities that allow her to read the minds. We get to notice that on the right hand, there is a cybernetic on it as combating with Cal before lead to the loss of an arm.

The change here is that Ninth Sister is not too challenging to deal with as she was in the previous game.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Basic Strike: Dodging or blocking weakens her stamina.
  • Lightsaber Projectile: Dodge or parry thrown lightsaber projectiles.
  • Charged Moves and Combo Finishers: Avoid or dodge unblockable charged attacks and finishers.
  • Ground Smash: Avoid the shockwave by double jumping.
  • Empathic Force and Pull Force: For Empathic Force, wait for it to fade; for Pull Force, stay at a safe distance.

Location & How To Defeat

While exploring the Coruscant Undercity, you get to combat with the Ninth Sister in Jehan’s Yacht.

  • The fight occurs in three phases: Double-bladed Lightsaber, Empathic force ability, and combo attacks.

  • Focus on parrying and dodging.

  • Dodge when she turns red, jump to avoid projectiles, and leap to evade ground slamming strikes.

  • Attack when she finishes using her Empathic Force ability.

  • Consider using the Dual Stance when her health significantly decreases for a more effective offense.


Zeik is the Bedlam Raider and can be quite challenging for players who don’t have much fighting experience. Cal encounters this boss on the Koboh planet in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Red Aura Attack: Dodge these unblockable attacks from a distance.
  • Pin Attacks: Zeik can immobilize players with this move.
  • Multiple Attacks: Zeik can chain together combo attacks with red aura strikes.
  • Parry The Strikes: Zeik can parry your attacks.
  • Normal Attacks: Block these to counter-attack.

Location & How To Defeat

You can look for the Zeik at the Rambler’s Reach Outpost on Koboh planet. 

  • Maintain a safe distance to avoid potent strikes.

  • Dodge and parry attacks and counterstrike when the opportunity arises.

  • Watch out for Zeik’s combo of multiple red attacks and dodge them promptly.

  • Use force abilities to create space and slow down Zeik.

  • Be adaptable and pay attention to Zeik’s attack patterns when devising your combat strategies.

Dagan Gera

Dagan Gera (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This boss will cross your path three times in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You will have three combats with Dagan Gera; in each next combat, he will be more powerful than the previous one. He is a skilled adversary, enhancing his fighting skills at each stage.

Attack Patterns and Description

  • Basic Lightsaber Attack: Block or dodge this long-range attack.
  • Spinning Attack: Dodge backward to avoid the horizontal spinning slash.
  • Vertical Swing Attack: Sidestep and dodge to avoid the unblockable vertical swing.
  • Heavy Slam: Dodge to avoid the Heavy Slam attack.
  • Stabbing: Quickly dodge this slower, unblockable attack.
  • Pouncing Attack: Move to the side to evade this swift, unblockable attack.

Location & How To Defeat

You get to fight with Dagan Gera at Forest Array, Lucrehulk, and Koboh Observatory.

  • In the first phase, maintain distance for maximum damage and use the Dual-bladed lightsaber stance. Focus on breaking his stun gauge and dodge his sweeping attacks.

  • In the second phase, Dagan becomes more aggressive and uses two stances. Focus on dodging and blocking to prevent combo strikes.

  • In the final phase, Dagan relies on Force abilities. Dodge his projectiles and attack when he’s on cooldown. Beware of his clones and eliminate them to avoid confusion.

Adapt your strategy to each phase to defeat Dagan effectively.


Skriton (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

It is a defensive boss and looks more like a scorpion.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Tail Swing: A sweeping attack with potential high damage.
  • Left Claw Attack: Short-range attack with the left claw.
  • Block Attack: Uses a large claw to block your strikes.
  • Ground Slam: An unblockable forward lunge followed by a ground slam.

Location & How To Defeat

You encounter the Skriton on Jedha planet.

  • Understand the boss’s attack patterns and defense strategies to make the combat easier.

  • Merrin will assist you in the fight.

  • Prioritize mobility to avoid getting grabbed by Skriton.

  • Attack from the sides as it can block frontal strikes.

  • Use abilities to inhibit Skriton’s movement or leverage Merrin’s abilities to immobilize it.

  • If low on health, let Merrin distract the boss while you recover.

  • Consider using the Dual wield lightsaber for swift attacks.

Adapt your strategy and use your mobility effectively to defeat Skriton with Merrin’s assistance.

Spawn Of Oggdo

Spawn Of Oggdo (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This is the offspring of Oggdo Bogdo and is back to take revenge in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. We can’t take this boss lightly as it is now more evolved in its strengths and abilities.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Biting: Oggdo attempts rapid bites.
  • Dash Strike: Steps back and then dashes forward.
  • Grabbing Attack: Grabs you with its tongue and pulls you in.
  • Leaping Attack: Unblockable leaping attacks when its health is low.

Location & How To Defeat

The combat against Spawn of Oggdo begins at Fort Kah’lin on the Koboh Planet. 

  • Reach the tower-like structure from the center using the cable and deal with droids on your way.

  • Clear the area of droids before engaging Oggdo.

  • Use the Dual Wield Saber Stance for effective damage, parrying, and blocking.

  • Focus on dodging and countering while observing attack patterns.

  • Time your actions like jumping, dodging, and maintaining distance.

  • Utilize Lightsaber throw to attack from a distance.

  • Use the Force slow ability to restrict the opponent’s movement and create opportunities for attacks.

Sutaban Alpha

Sutaban Alpha (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

The Sutaban Alpha is the legendary boss in the Star Wars Jedi and is known for his continuous lunge attacks.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Pound Attack: A powerful ground pound, dodge to avoid.
  • Melee Attack: Quick melee attacks that can be blocked or parried.
  • Lunge Attack: Continuous unblockable lunging attacks.

Location & How To Defeat

The location of a fight with the Sutaban Alpha boss is the Crypt of Uhrma on the Jedha Planet. 

  • Initially, the location may seem narrow, but it becomes spacious after solving a puzzle, triggering the combat.

  • Alpha is known for swift and powerful strikes, so prioritize dodging.

  • Patience is key; wait for the right moment to strike after Alpha finishes attacking.

  • If you’re skilled at parrying, ensure your timing is precise.

  • Keep a close eye on your health during the fight.

By following these strategies, you can effectively defeat the Sutaban Alpha boss.

Reprogrammed Magnaguard

It is another mini-boss that you encounter in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Magnaguard is aggressive and can be quite challenging for players.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Jumping Attack: Dodge to avoid this unblockable attack.
  • Wide Swings: A series of wide swing attacks that cannot be blocked; wait for the series to finish before counterattacking.
  • Stamina Bar: As its stamina decreases, it makes follow-up attacks that can be parried or blocked.
  • Attacks Chain: When decapitated, it becomes more hostile and initiates a chain of attacks that can be parried, blocked, or dodged.

Location & How To Defeat

On the Shattered Moon, there is a place named Automate Forge, and that’s where the fight with Reprogrammed Magnaguard begins. 

  • Initially, adopt an offensive play style, but switch to a defensive one as the fight progresses.

  • Maintain a safe distance to avoid damage from swing attacks and be prepared to dodge unblockable ones.

  • Focus on parrying swing strikes to damage the stun gauge.

  • Avoid rushing during red attacks; wait for them to end before counterattacking.

By following these strategies, you can effectively defeat the Reprogrammed Magnaguard boss.

Mire Terror

Mire Terror (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This is another tough target, a legendary beast for you to take down. You will have to deal with two Mogu trolls once the combat starts.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Grabbing: The trolls attempt to grab you, so it’s up to you if you want to dodge or fight back but cannot block.
  • Charge Attack: The troll Mogus Carry out the aggressive charge attacks in your direction. Blocking can be done here.

 Location & How To Defeat

  • To reach Viscid Bog, complete the Lucrehulk and acquire the Lift and Slam abilities.

  • Head to the George crash site and use the elevator to descend.

  • Use Lift powers to clear rocks and access the bosses.

  • The Mogu Trolls primarily focus on charging attacks, so be ready to dodge or block quickly.

  • Watch for red highlights to anticipate their grabbing move and avoid it.

  • Utilize mind control on one Troll to use it against the other, creating an opportunity to heal.

  • Focus on one Troll at a time to eliminate one earlier and reduce the combat pressure.

Drya Thornne

Here you go with another difficult boss in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor who is quick in his movements. However, you can attain the crossguard stance after defeating Drya.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Stealth ability: Drya can go invisible, but you can still see and avoid his attacks.
  • Melee Attacks: He performs rapid melee attacks in a series, so keep your distance and avoid them.
  • Grenade Attack: Dodge the grenades or use the Force Push ability to throw them back.

Location & How To Defeat

  • Drya Thornne is rapid in movement but not attack speed, so remain cautious.

  • Keep a safe distance to avoid melee strikes.

  • Pay close attention when he goes into stealth mode; spot him before he strikes.

  • Predict his movements and use force abilities to counterattack, such as throwing his grenades back at Drya.

  • Monitor your stamina, as it may deplete due to the enemy’s strong attacks.

Korej Kim

The Korej Kim is a bounty hunter and has an ill reputation in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Kim can get on your nerves but is not too hard to defeat.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Blaster Bolts Attack: Dodge or parry the blaster bolts, but watch out for the unblockable one.
  • Cluster bomb: Use the Force to throw the cluster bomb back.
  • Aerial Kick: This powerful air kick attack is unblockable, so be ready to dodge it.
  • Grenade Attacks: When the boss throws grenades while underground, use the Force Push ability to counterattack.

Location & How To Defeat

On Planet Koboh, the fight with Korej Kim occurs.

  • Korej Kim excels in air attacks, so try to keep him on the ground as much as possible.

  • He cannot block attacks, so take advantage of this and engage in close-range combat when he’s grounded.

  • Be prepared to dodge attacks that cannot be blocked to avoid getting dominated.

  • When Kim is in the air, use Lightsaber throws and Blaster Stance against him.

  • Utilize the Force Push ability to deflect his grenades and prevent damage.


Rancor (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

The Rancor is also the legendary boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You will encounter it during the quest.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Stomping Attack: Jump or stay away to avoid the sonic radius when Rancor stomps.
  • Sweeping Attack: Dodge or jump to avoid the wide-reaching sweeping attack.
  • Grab Attack: Dodge to avoid the damaging grab and bite attack.
  • Slamming: This unblockable attack sends a shockwave your way, so watch out for it.

Location & How To Defeat

On Koboh planet, there is a cave area, and that’s where you will combat Rancor. 

  • This encounter is part of the “Find The Missing Prospectors” quest.

  • Before facing the main boss, you’ll encounter and defeat some other enemies.

  • Recommended stance: Double-Bladed Lightsaber Stance for rapid attacks and increased damage.

  • Be cautious with blocking, as Rancor can bypass it.

  • Prioritize jumping to evade high-damage ground attacks.

  • Stay behind Rancor and target its back and tail, as they are vulnerable spots for attacks.

Tague Louesh

The combat with Tague Louseh boss is also the mini-boss one, but you must still be cautious while dealing with this skilled enemy. He is considered the most competent soldier and can use the lightsaber against you in the finest manner.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Pulling Technique: The boss pulls you closer to inflict more damage.
  • Swing Attack: The double-bladed Lightsaber is used for this attack.
  • Stab Attack: Unblockable and damaging.
  • Kick Strike: A powerful attack executed with a back kick when the enemy turns red.

Location & How To Defeat

While doing the quest that is to research Tanalorr, you come across the Tague Louesh on planet Koboh.

  • Memorize the boss’s attack patterns to make well-timed moves.

  • Focus on dodging and blocking to defend against Tague’s strikes.

  • Tague wields a Lightsaber, so parry his attacks to damage his stun gauge.

  • Maintain a safe distance and be prepared to dodge when red attacks are incoming.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

This boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the most famous ones. Darth Vader offers you challenging combat; his key skill is using force.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Dash Attack: A fast dash attack following the lightsaber swing.
  • Choke Attack: Vader uses the Force to immobilize you for follow-up attacks.
  • Throwing Strike: Throws his lightsaber at you.
  • Force Attack: Knocks you back using the Force to create distance.
  • Lightsaber Attack: Quick and powerful lightsaber strikes.
  • Crushing: Lifts and throws objects at you.

Location & How To Defeat

This combat with Darth Vader occurs on Mustafar planet in the Imperial Fortress.

  • Master the art of parrying, as it’s crucial for this battle.

  • Keep moving to avoid Vader’s strikes and make it challenging for him to attack.

  • Dodge to avoid getting knocked by his Force attack, then counterattack swiftly.

  • Deflect objects Vader throws at you with your lightsaber.

  • Be mindful of your healing resources and use them wisely.


Rayvis (Captured By Us)

He is one of the most iconic and challenging bosses in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. So be all geared up when you are going to fight with Rayvis.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Flail Attack: Swings his flail, parry or dodge to avoid.
  • Projectile Strikes: Fires projectiles at you, dodge to avoid damage.
  • Blaster Attack: Shoots with a blaster, block or parry.
  • Grappling: Dodge to evade his grab.
  • Charged Attack: A charged flail attack, indicated by a red glow.
  • Kick Strike: Uses a powerful kick attack, parry or dodge.

Location & How To Defeat

Velrakon is a planet where you will fight with Rayvis, and you will come across this location while playing through the main story.

  • Ensure you have enough stamina and manage it well during the fight.

  • Start with close-range combat in the beginning, then switch to ranged combat in the last phase.

  • Invest in skill upgrades to enhance your performance.

  • Use the Slow Time ability when Rayvis is vulnerable.

  • Choose the appropriate stance based on the combat range: Blaster Stance for distance, and Dual Wield for close-quarters combat.

Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna (Image Credits: Captured By Us)

Now the final boss is quite surprising as we all are aware that Bode Akuna portrays himself as Cal’s ally in the beginning, but finally, he shows his true colors and turns out to be another worst enemy boss.

Attack Patterns & Counter Descriptions

  • Grenade Attack: Dodge to avoid grenade damage.
  • Blaster Strike: Use the blaster stance to block blaster shots.
  • Lightsaber Attack: Dodge to evade Lightsaber throws.
  • Melee Attack: Short-range melee strikes.
  • Fire Attack: Rain down fire using a jetpack.
  • Force Attack: Releases a powerful force energy wave.
  • Slow Time: Slows down time to unleash a series of damaging attacks.

Location & How To Defeat

The most compelling three-phase battle between Cal and Bode Akuna boss takes place on the Planet Tanalorr.

  • Maintain the right distance from Bode.

  • Use parrying and dodging when in close combat.

  • Deflect grenades he throws at you.

  • Utilize force abilities to interrupt his attacks.

  • Dodge unblockable attacks whenever possible.

  • Ask Merrin for help in the first phase.

  • In the final phase, use the Dark Side ability to deal maximum damage and defeat him.

Closing Remarks

This was all that you needed to know regarding the Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses. Remember all the points you need to apply while fighting, and you can surely gain victory against each boss. So now go ahead and help Cal in turning down his enemies.

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