Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason Guide

In this guide we will learn how to explore the Chamber of Reason, and gather all the collectibles.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason

Another category of side quests is Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. They will test your puzzle-solving skills as well as critical thinking. Across the planets, seven chambers are spread over the area, one of them being the Chamber of Reason. We’ll guide you on how to find this and how to complete all the puzzles to win all the unique rewards it comes with.

Key Takeaways

  • The Chamber of Reason is one of the Jedi Chambers.
  • Toa will reveal the Rumor about this chamber located in Forest Array.
  • This chamber is found in Basalt Rift.
  • You will find a total of eight collectibles in this chamber.
  • It also contains the perk “Dexterity”.
  • Completing all the chambers will unlock your Map upgrades

Unlocking The Chamber Of Reason

You’ll find this rumor while going through the main storyline on the planet Koboh in the Forest Array. This will be found in Basalt Rift, where you’ll discover NPC called Toa, who will give the Rumor “Explore the High Republic Rumor in the Forest.”

Chamber Of Reason Location

location of Basalt Rift on the map
Basalt Rift map location | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

From the Meditation Point in Basalt Rift, run forwards in the forest. To ensure you’re headed in the right direction, you will find some Stormtroopers to your right. Take the left path, where you’ll find a log that acts as a bridge to the other side.

Keep proceeding forward; you’ll see a half-broken bridge far away. To reach that place, you must climb the wall in the pathway filled with vines.

After finding the bridge, cross it using the hanging rope to reach the other side. You will find the Chamber door right in front of you. Open the door to get inside the lift.

Exploring The Chamber Of Reason

Understanding The Ball Mechanics

You will immediately find a rope hanging down to reach forward. After climbing down, a ball holder will be right before you. To activate these, you need a Ball. You will find the ball on the far side of the platform inside a small room.

image showing ball in the hidden room and its holder in the chamber of reason
Picture of the Ball and its Holder | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Place the ball in the holder, activating it. Using the lever, move the bridge from its starting position to make a new bridge on the opposite side. Use the bridge to go forward, and you will see another small hidden room on the right side covered by a wall. Break the barrier using the Force to find another ball inside it. Bring it back using the same bridge.

the hidden room and the ball inside it
The Second Ball found in the hidden room | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Drop the ball down to re-interact with the lever. Remember, if you leave the ball dropped for too long, it will disappear and respawn in its original position.

Collectibles In The Chamber Of Reason

Here is the summary of all the collectibles. 

Collectible Location
Talk of the future The right side of the second platform after taking the second bridge.
The Goals of Khri The right side of the third platform after taking the lift.
Dead Time At the end of the fourth platform, across the bridge.
In Good Time Straight ahead from the bridge after taking the lift, on the third floor.
The Secret Meeting Scan On the right wall halfway through the same platform.
Datadisc On the far end of the left side of the same platform.
Chest Behind the hidden door once you open the gate after placing the ball in the golden window area.
Perk Across the last bridge on the left side, in the tower.

Cross the new bridge carrying the second ball. Place the ball on the new platform, and you will stumble upon the first collectible on the right side, and interact with it, claiming the collectible Force echo, “Talk of the future”.

Grab the ball again and go on the lift nearby, to the upper floor, and place it in its holder. Find another Force echo, The Goals of Khri, the second collectible on the far side of this platform. Use the lever to form the bridge on the right side. While running on this bridge, interact and grab your original ball, and place it in the next holder at the end of your bridge.

Travel across the next bridge and pick the third Force echo, “Dead End”. Return from the same bridge and use the lever to activate the lift.

Exploring The Next Floor 

image showing BD-1 scanning the wall in chamber of reason
Scanning the wall using BD-1 | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

A new bridge will be formed. Travel across this to pick up the fourth Force echo, “In Good Time”. Run on the left side of the platform. Halfway through, you will see a wall that can be scanned, which will be your fifth collectible. Scan the words to unlock the Datadisc, the sixth collectible, which will be found at the end of this platform near the edge.

this is the datadisc location
Datadisc on the edge of the platform | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Return to your original place near the ball. As shown, please pick up the ball and throw it through the golden window above you. This will unlock a back door near you. Enter this hidden area to stumble on a chest, your seventh collectible. Open the chest to claim Diligence Emitter.

golden window where you will throw the ball
Golden Window located above | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Grab the ball seen on the far end of this hidden room and bring it outside. You must be near the start of the hidden room while grabbing the ball so that you do not get stuck within the barriers guarding it.

Place the ball on the far-left side on the holder to create a new bridge. Cross the bridge, and you will find a tower on your left side. Open it to claim your eighth and last collectible, a perk to completing the chamber called “Dexterity.” Pull the lever to form a last bridge that will take you back to the entrance of the chamber.

collecting dexterity perk to complete the chamber of reason
Claiming the Dexterity Perk | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Map Unlock Upgrade

Once all the Jedi Chambers are completed, return to the Meditation Point Alignment center located in the basement of Rambler’s Reach. Here you will see a slice terminal that can be activated to upgrade, called the “Map Upgrade.” This will allow you to see all the upgrades on your map now.

Ending Remarks

That is all you need to know to complete the Chamber of Reason in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Some advice for the readers is to remember that the balls will respawn if not interacted for an extended period. Moreover, understanding how the bridges work will help you complete this Chamber efficiently.

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