Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Characters

This guide thoroughly explains the characters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, including their role in the game and the people who did voiceovers.

Characters in Jedi Survivor

If you are keen to know about the Star Wars Jedi Characters in detail, then this article is for you. I will discuss all the main characters in detail, so gear yourself up, and let’s go.

Key Takeaways

  • Cal is the protagonist; you get to play with it in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • BD-1 is a helpful companion and assists Cal in many ways.
  • Greez Dritus is Back with some amazing looks and a storyline.
  • Bode Akuna is one of the new characters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Cere Junda is the former Jedi.
  • Merrin is again seen in the Jedi Survivor.
  • Rayvis is also a new character, and he loves to play against Cal.

Here is a summary table for all the Characters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

No.CHARACTERSSpeciesGenderPronounsHeightHair ColorEye colorSkin colorAffiliation(s)Masters
1Cal KestisHumanMaleHe/him1.82 metersRedGreenLightJedi Order, Galactic Republic, 13th Battalion, Scrapper Guild, Mantis crew, Hidden PathJaro Tapal (Jedi Master), Cere Junda (informal Jedi Master)
2BD-!BD unitMasculine programmingUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownJedi Order, Mantis crewUnknown
3Greez DritusLateroMaleHe/himUnknownGrayBrownGrayLateron Space Academy, Stinger Mantis crew, Pyloon's SaloonUnknown
4Bode AkunaHumanMaleHe/himUnknownBlackBrownTanJedi Order,Akuna family,Galactic Republic,Republic Intelligence,Galactic Empire (reluctantly),Imperial Security Bureau (reluctantly),Stinger Mantis crew (as an Imperial spyLank Denvik (Mentor)
5Cere JundaHumanFemaleShe/herUnknownBlackBrownDarkJedi Order,Galactic Republic,Grand Army of the Republic,Stinger Mantis crew,Hidden PathEno Cordova
6Nightsister MerrinZabrak (Dathomirian)FemaleShe/herSilverBrownPale with grayUnknownNightsisters, Stinger Mantis crew, Hidden PathEno Cordova
7RayvisGen'DaiMaleHe/himOver 1.82 metersOrangePurpleUnknownBedlam RaidersUnknown

Cal Kestis

Cal Jedi Survivor Characters Guide
Cal Kestis (Image Credits: Captured by Us)

NameCal Kestis
Height1.82 meters
Hair colorRed
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorLight
Affiliation(s)Jedi Order
Galactic Republic
13th Battalion
Scrapper Guild
Mantis crew
Hidden Path
MastersJaro Tapal (Jedi Master)
Cere Junda (informal Jedi Master)

The Cal Kestis is the main character with whom players play in Star War Jedi Survivor. He is the protagonist and is here with the same strength to start the quest in Jedi Survivor. Back then, he was a Padawan and aspired to be the Jedi Knight.

Now, in the current game, we get to see that he has become a man with a lot more potential and has gained enough experience regarding combats. To maintain the connection between the Survivor and Fallen Order,

Cal begins the new adventure with the same training and stamina he finished the Fallen Order. During this journey, he meets new faces and learns a number of fascinating skills or abilities. Furthermore, the person behind this character’s voice is Cameron Monaghan.

And speaking of his personal achievements, he has also done an award-winning role.


BD-1 (Image credits: Captured by Us)

ModelBD unit
ClassExplorer droid
GenderMasculine programming
Sensor ColourBlack
Plating colorWhite and red
Scomp link
Stim Canister Storage
Affiliation(s)Jedi Order
Mantis crew

It is Cal’s droid companion who has as much importance in this sequel as in the previous one. BD-1 is cute and pleasing to look at, and there is compassion in its eyes, which can be seen in its actions. This Droid helps Cal through the game by providing essential goods such as health.

Besides this, BD-1 one stays with Cal throughout the tough and challenging combats and helps reconnect to the new places on a visit. It comes with slice and hack abilities that prove great assistance during the gameplay.

Greez Dritus

Captain Greez Dritus
Greez Dritus (Image Credits: Captured by Us)

NameGreez Dritus
Hair colorGray
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorGray
Affiliation(s)Lateron Space Academy
Stinger Mantis crew
Stinger Mantis crew
Pyloon's Saloon
CyberneticsUpper right arm

The Greez Dritus is back with some changes in his physical appearance, i.e., his hair has grown and has a noticeable overall look. He doesn’t fall in the category of human or robot; rather, he is a kind of species who plays the role of commander of the Stinger Mantis.

Initially, he and Cal had no good relationship, but later, their bond became unbreakable. And even in Jedi Survivor, when Cal heads to the Greez Dritus and asks for help, he gets the same helping, welcoming, and warm attitude from him.

The good thing is that we get to see their bonding and connection in this sequence as well, which makes the game more interesting. The person behind the voice of this character is Daniel Roebuck.

Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna (Captured By Us)

NameBode Akuna
Died9 BBY,Tanalorr
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorTan
Affiliation(s)Jedi Order,
Akuna family,
Galactic Republic,
Republic Intelligence,
Galactic Empire (reluctantly),
Imperial Security Bureau (reluctantly),
Stinger Mantis crew (as an Imperial spy
MastersLank Denvik (Mentor)

This character is the new addition to Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and the fascinating fact about Bode is that he is an AI companion. He accompanies Cal and assists him during the journey. He appears to be an ally and is always up to help Cal.

Bode is versatile in his performance and is a highly skilled character with various amazing abilities. He seems like a middle-aged man and carries the blasters, a jetpack, and other equipment to use as a weapon. Noshir Dalal is the voice actor of this character.

Cere Junda

Cere Junda
Cere Junda (Image Credits: Captured by Us)

NameCere Junda
Died9 BBY,Jedha
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorDark
Affiliation(s)Jedi Order,
Galactic Republic,
Grand Army of the Republic,
Stinger Mantis crew,
Hidden Path
MastersEno Cordova
ApprenticesTrilla Suduri
Cal Kestis
Numerous Narkis

In Star Wars, Jedi Survivor Cere is back from the Fallen order. She was an ex-Jedi knight before joining the Stinger Mantis and used to train Cal. Cere, being a Knight, has been a perfect trainer and has taught Cal really well.

In the current scenario, she works with Eno Cordova and introduces Cal to him. She is one of the most liked characters so far because of her devotion to helping Cal and the Jedi. And now, she is working from a base and is regarded as the former Jedi Knight.

While playing through the story, you will also come across the mission where you will have to find her Lightsaber, so basically, there is a lot of stuff for you to explore. She has great skills and knowledge about using force and Lightsaber.

And knows quite well how to combat these two perfectly. In the last, Debra Wilson is the one who is behind the voice of Cere Junda..

Nightsister Merrin

Nightsister Merrin (Image Credits: Captured by Us)

Bornc. 33–32 BBY
SpeciesZabrak (Dathomirian)
Hair colorSilver
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorPale with gray
ClanMother Talzin's clan
MastersEno Cordova
Stinger Mantis crew
Hidden Path

Another highlighted character we have is Nightsister Merrin. She is a former member of the Nightsisters of the Dothomir clan. It is said that Merrin survived when many Nightsisters were killed.

First, she joined Talon Malicos, but after discovering his lie and intentions towards killing Cal, Merrin played a great role in preventing this by doing her best. After Talon was defeated and imprisoned, she joined the Mantis Crew and became an ally with Cal to help achieve the goal.

In the Star Wars Jedi Survivor, she is also seen as playing a supportive role. Tina Ivlev is the voice actor of Merrin.


Rayvis Characters Guide
Rayvis (Image Credits: Captured by Us)

BornBy 209 BBY
Died9 BBY, Shattered Moon
HeightOver 1.82 meters
Eye colorOrange
Skin colorPurple
Affiliation(s)Bedlam Raiders

Here you go with another new character, Rayvis, who is an antagonist and has a strong grudge and hatred towards Cal and all Jedi. He is the leader of the Bedlam Raiders group, whose main agenda is to hunt down the Rouge Jedi mainly.

He mainly aims to kill Cal and does everything to put him in trouble or a menacing situation. Furthermore, he works with Dagan Gera and helps implement the strategies against Cal. Rayvis is well-trained and a strong opponent, so you must know his tactics.

The voiceover of Rayvis belongs to D.C. Douglas.

Closing Remarks

These are the most prominent characters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and each of them have distinctive roles. Keep playing the game so you may get to know all of them more closely.

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