Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How Many Planets [List]

There are six planets in Star Wars JS: Koboh, Coruscant, Nova Garon, Jedha, Shattered Moon, and Tanalorr. They all must be fully explored.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Planets

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is all about exploring different planets and completing objectives. However, players should know how many planters there are to understand the game’s length.

In this, I will include the total number of planets and everything you would find on them. Moreover, they are massive, and discovering and exploring them will take some time.

Key Takeaways

  • There are six planets introduced in Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Koboh, Tanalorr, Coruscant, Nova Garon, Jedha, and Shattered Moon.
  • The first three are massive; you will spend more time exploring them.
  • The other three involve moons and asteroids, which are relatively smaller but still hold historical importance.
  • The planet Koboh has sand everywhere and looks like an abandoned region.
  • You are expected to find many bosses and challenges on this.
  • Tanalorr is discovered more towards the late game, where you interact with the last boss of Star Wars JS. 
  • Players start their story from planet Coruscant, which resembles a busy city with lights and tall buildings.
  • You are expected to learn the basic game needs over here.
  • Nova Garon is home to several Imperial Forces like the Stormtroopers.
  • It has many hidden areas that contain valuable items and guns. Players will be exploring them once they get on Nova Garon.
  • Jedha has big scary animals, which should be avoided when you land here for the first time.
  • Players will explore the planet with a Nightsister, Merrin. They will come across multiple challenges and puzzles to solve during their stay.
  • The last planet is the Shattered Moon. It orbits Koboh, which is known as Koboh’s Shattered Moon.
  • The planet faced a disastrous event in the past, due to which it is not in good condition. Players will interact with multiple droids over here.

Here is a summary table for all the Planets in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

No.Name RegionSystemAtmosphereTerrainAffiliation
1KobohOuter Rim Territories
Galactic Frontier
Koboh SystemBreathableRugged
Jedi Order
Bedlam Raiders
Galactic Empire
2CoruscantCore Worlds
The Interior
Coruscant systemBreathableEcumenopolis
Dense, planetwide multilevel urban city
Dai Bendu
Galactic Republic
Jedi Order
Sith Order
Galactic Empire
New Republic
First Order[
3Nova GaronHidden within a dense cluster of frozen asteroids Nova Garon systemBreathable-Galactic Empire
Imperial Security Bureau
Imperial Military
Inquisitorius (seized)
4JedhaMid Rim TerritoriesJedha systemBreathableDeserts
Rocky dustbowls
Ruptured mantle
Magma seas
Jedi Order
Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire
5Shattered MoonOuter Rim TerritoriesKoboh SystemBreathableRocky-
6TanalorrGalactic FrontierKoboh SystemBreathableTerrestialJedi Order
Galactic Republic
Hidden Path

How Many Planets

traveling towards other planets from this map
You can visit any planet from this travel map | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

There are 6 Planets in the new Star Wars release: Koboh, Tanalorr, Coruscant, Nova Garon, Jedha, and Shattered Moon. Three are massive, and you are expected to spend at least an hour exploring. The other three include an asteroid and two relatively minor planets.

Players can always revisit any planet of their choice. Some will require a second or a third visit as part of the main story missions. Moreover, you will observe different patterns of culture on each planet, giving you more room to explore and get to know your surroundings.

On comparing, we also see that the new release has more giant planets than the Fallen Order. It also shows more species types, an ingredient to a better game experience.


Exploring planet Koboh (planets 1/6)
Koboh | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

This is a newly added planet in the Star Wars series. It looks like an abandoned place where an ancient civilization ended. The planet appears full of dust and has multiple cliffs. Moreover, Koboh has one sun and one moon, also known as the Shattered Moon.

Players are also expected to find species like hulking amphibious beasts and Boglings. Some of them are available in the Stables area on the planet. You will repeatedly visit Koboh as it is an important one with many missions and challenges.

Out of the 14 Bosses in Survivor, you will meet four on Koboh. These are: Zeik, Dagan Gera, Korej Lim, and Tague Louesh. As the in-game story progresses, you will learn about Jedi History on Koboh and understand how it exists.


exploring planet Coruscant (planets 2/6)
Coruscant | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

We initiate on Planet Coruscant. Players learn about basic game mechanics and understand other aspects. Moreover, you will find many collectibles and enemies on this planet, as it is one of the huge ones.

A Second visit to Coruscant is planned later in the game when you discover many other areas. To explore the planet, Traversal abilities are essential. Players are encouraged to find all the collectibles, like Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s treasures.

The Ascension Cable, a traversal ability, can access the hidden areas that might contain any treasures. Moreover, you can use the grappling hook to land at all the optional areas that were inaccessible without it.

On Coruscant, you will come across two Legendary Adversaries, Frenzied Jotas and D-L1T. They are side quests you can participate in that offer rewards.

Nova Garon

Exploring planet nova garon
Nova Garon

This is a late-game planet that contributes to the ending. Several imperial forces, like the Storm Troopers, emerge from this place. The planet holds many secrets that are revealed once you start to explore it.

When discovering, you will notice that these secret areas are hiding weapons and valuable items that can be useful. Moreover, players are also expected to find a Databank map upgrade over here that will reveal all scan locations on the planet.


Exploring jedha (planets 4/6)
Jedha | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Another planet covered in sand, Jedha, is a scary place with giant animals. Players should avoid them when they land on Jedha, as they can be tough to defeat. Moreover, the planet is famous as the Kyber Crystals originate from here.

Jedha is also a holy site for the Jedi Order and has many areas that require exploring, like Penitent Chambers and the Archive. Collectibles like Chests and Force Tear ability are found in this place. They are responsible for the different appearances of Cal and his droid.

Your ally on Jedha will be Merrin, a Nightsister. She will help you fight against Skriton, a boss you must face when playing the story mode. I suggest that you use Cal’s Force Pull ability on the Stormtrooper shields to remove them.

Additionally, try getting the map upgrades for Jedha so you can reach the collectibles in no time, as a symbol on the map will highlight their location. Ensure you complete all the Jedi Chambers to access perks and outfits like the Mullet Hairstyle, which will also unlock an achievement.

Shattered Moon

Exploring shattered moon (planets 5/6)
Shattered Moon | Image By: VeryAliGaming

Also known as Koboh’s Shattered Moon, this will be the smallest planet you will explore. It involves two bosses and some specific challenges which you will complete. The moon is in a worse condition due to a disastrous historical event.

The location is crucial as it is part of the Research Tanalorr mission, where you are given a choice to continue the mission on Shattered Moon. Moreover, players are expected to find several droids with their abilities.

You can also unlock Crossguard Hilt when you are on this planet. It is a lightsaber stance that is slow but can cause much damage to the enemies. Ensure that you have unlocked the map upgrades for Shattered Moon to help ease your exploration period.


Exploring tanalorr

Players will enter Tanalorr during the late game, where multiple characters go on against Bode Akuna, a boss. The planet is meant to be for refugees who should be staying here waiting for the reign of the Empire. However, Tanalorr is a secret planet that requires players to find a compass first, so many might skip this part.

The place is memorable because an old-age Jedi Temple is constructed on it. Furthermore, Tanalorr is a planet with very high demand as all Royal forces need it, but they can’t touch it. This fact makes it a secure place for the people staying on the planet.

Final Remarks

That is all the information you will need on the planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. They all require hours of exploration, so take time out of your busy schedules because you are in for a long and adventurous ride.

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