Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Spawn Of Oggdo [Boss Guide]

Spawn of Oggdo is a legendary boss found at Fort Kah'Lin on Koboh. Follow a Bridge to a circular roof that will take you to the frog boss.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Spawn of Oggdo

Spawn of Oggdo is one of the most challenging legendary bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Players must put in much time and effort to defeat the frog boss. The attacks are very sudden and can catch you off guard.

This guide will discuss how you can defeat Spawn of Oggdo. Getting to its spawn point can be misleading; therefore, we will also mention that. Stay tuned to find out all about the frog boss!

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I am not just a traditional Star Wars Fan, but a guru with numerous hours invested in the all-new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You can trust my guide which is based on 90+hours into the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Spawn of Oggdo is one of the 13 legendary bosses.
  • Its location is close to the Meditation Point at Fort Kah ‘Lin, on Koboh.
  • You will have to grapple to reach the tower connected to the bridge.
  • After crossing the bridge, eliminate all B1 Droids and drop down the circular top.
  • Inside the tunnel, Frog Boss will be waiting for you.
  • The boss has a wide range of attacks that can be used against you.
  • Using Cal’s Dash and double jump abilities can be very helpful in dodging attacks.
  • The unblockable moves are launched when the frog turns red; this is a sign for you to get out of the way.
  • After winning the battle, you will get a Poncho outfit from a chest inside the cave and a Force Echo.

Prerequisites To The Boss Fight

It is suggested that to participate in the battle on your third visit to Koboh. This is important as you will have extended stim slots by that point, which helps you survive longer. Moreover, you will have an upgraded lightsaber, which is more powerful and helps during combat.

Cal’s Dash ability and double jump are the crux of this boss fight. Keeping a minimum of eight stims with you is expected, as the last phase of the boss fight can be unforgiving. Furthermore, the Slow ability helps slow down the boss and adequately time your attacks.

Spawn Of Oggdo Location

map location of the spawn of oggdo
Where Frog Boss is located | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

The frog boss is hidden in a tunnel; the only way there is through the circular roof, which opens up when Cal steps on it. The tunnel is near the Meditation Point at Fort Kah’Lin, on Koboh.

checkpoint at fort Kah'Lin
Last resort for upgrading skills for battle | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

The surrounding area will have high-altitude points where players can use the grapple to reach. To the right of the Meditation point, use the grapple to get to the tower on the right of the bridge.

using grapple to get to the spawn of oggdo
Grapple here to reach the bridge. Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Take a left from the circular door to cross the bridge. The door on the other end will be locked, so you need to double-jump and dash to the connected bridge on the right.

Unlock the door from the other side if you wish. Walk straight to find yourself in an open area with multiple B1 Droids that will attack you. Eliminating them will be an easy job. After the area is clear, stand on the circular plate above the tunnel.

tunnel in which spawn of oggdo is located
The tunnel is under this circular roof | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

When the top opens, players will drop and find themselves in front of the Spawn of Oggdo. 

Attacking Moves And Their Counters

frog boss vs Cal kestis
First, look at the Spawn of Oggdo | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The Spawn of Oggdo has a continuous attack chain that keeps repeating as the battle continues. The boss fight has three phases; once you drain a quarter of its health, two more attacks are added to the previous ones.

Note that the frog boss has some unblockable attacks activated once the boss turns red. This indicates that the attack is buffering, and players must dodge it. 

red transition during boss fight
When the boss turns red, get your counterattacks ready Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Bite Attack

A bite attack is one of the initial attacks the frog boss performs. It can be easily blocked by Cal while using the lightsaber. This is the most basic attack in the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight. Players can dodge the attack and land one or two saber attacks as a counter to deal mild damage.

Standing Jump

The frog boss performs a standing jump close to a belly flop. This is unblockable; hence, don’t try to defend it. Moreover, players stuck under the frog during the attack launch will suffer a shockwave with immense damage. 

The counter to the attack is to run near a corner as soon as the frog turns red. A quick getaway can be performed using the Dash or the backward double jump. However, if players get too close to the frog, they can escape by going under it and then dash to leave from the other side. 

Lunge Attack

This is a long-range attack where the frog boss turns red and quickly approaches you. This is another attack that can’t be blocked. Staying in the frog boss’ line of sight can be fatal.

The best way to counter the lunge attack is to double-jump over the frog after launching the attack. Additionally, you can face the frog after double jumping to land a couple of hits on it.

Aggressive Bite Attack

frog boss attack moves 4/7
Dodge the aggressive bite by performing a side-step | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

This is another bite attack during the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight, but the bites are more aggressive now. Due to this, jumping won’t be helpful as the attack speed is fast. 

The most appropriate counter is to perform a side-step. This is more like a side dash that gets you away from the frog’s face so you take no damage. 

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Tongue Move

attacking moves by the spawn of oggdo
That is the deadliest move by the Frog Boss. Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

The tongue attack will be introduced during the second phase of the Spawn of Oggdo fight.

This is the deadliest attack by the frog boss. Its tongue is very sticky, and if you get too close to it, Cal will get stuck, resulting in immediate death. As with all unblockable attacks, the frog boss will get red, and the tongue animation will indicate that this attack is launching. 

To stay alive during the attack, ensure you jump to the side, so Cal does not touch the tongue. Moreover, jumping and dashing will get you behind the frog so multiple hits can be landed.

Acid Sprayer

This is the most vulnerable attack. Frog boss will spray acid on Cal, which stays on the ground for some time, so avoid moving around that area. If caught in the acid patch, it can damage Cal and force you to utilize stims for healing.

To counter the spray, circle the Spawn of Oggdo and get behind. That way, players can buy some time and damage the boss. 

Long Jump

Unlocked during the last phase, the frog will get red and jump significantly at your position. The impact can cause much damage to players, draining more than a quarter of their health. 

Cal will take some time to get back on his feet, so defending the successive attack can also be crucial. Therefore, to tackle this, make a jump when the frog is about to land. In mid-air, perform a forward flip to maintain a safe distance from the boss.

Winning Rewards

After players defeat the Spawn of Oggdo, they will be rewarded with a Poncho outfit. Moreover, you can also collect Priorite Shard and a Force Echo from the tunnel. Search around after the boss fight ends.

Poncho outfit
Outfit inside a chest on a corner of the tunnel | Image By VeryAliGaming

Ending Remarks

That is all about the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The battle can be tedious as it involves repeating the same moves for a long time. Dodging the boss attacks and timing counterattacks can reduce battle time. 

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