Starbreeze Entertainment May Already Be Working On PAYDAY 4

Starbreeze Entertainment
PAYDAY 3 | Source: Steam


  • Starbreeze Entertainment’s official job listings have provided intriguing hints about an exciting “new unannounced AAA project” in the works.
  • The upcoming game is said to be centred around combat and promises deep interactions with non-player characters (NPCs).
  • According to the job listings, this ambitious project is likely to be an action-packed video game, with development being carried out using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5.
  • Notably, the game’s progression system seems to be a major focus, encompassing captivating elements such as looting tables, challenge levels, and enemy drop rates, drawing possible comparisons to the beloved PAYDAY franchise.
  • Another exciting revelation from the job listings is that the game may target multiple video game platforms, hinting at a wide-reaching release.
  • As rumours circulate, many speculations point towards the highly-anticipated possibility of this mysterious project being the next thrilling instalment in the renowned PAYDAY series.

As the release of PAYDAY 3 approaches, the current focus of Starbreeze Entertainment remains somewhat unclear. While the company prepares for the closed beta launch of the highly-awaited sequel to its popular cooperative shooter series on Steam and Microsoft Store, there are hints that it might also be working on an undisclosed project — a new action video game developed using Unreal Engine 5.

Today, we stumbled upon several job listings on the Starbreeze Entertainment website that strongly suggest the existence of a “new unannounced AAA project” in development. Among these listings is the Senior AI Designer position, which clearly states, “We are looking for an experienced Senior AI Designer, with a focus on combat experience, to join our new unannounced project team!”

It further reads, “This role demands a solid technical knowledge of AI systems and processes while keeping the focus on the actual combat experience from an AI point of view, striking the perfect balance that entertains as much as it challenges the skills of the players.”

Starbreeze Entertainment
Job listing for the Senior AI Designer position at Starbreeze Entertainment. | Source: Starbreeze Entertainment

These clues strongly indicate that Starbreeze Entertainment is actively developing an undisclosed action project that involves combat and deep non-player character (NPC) interactions. Adding to this speculation is a specific job requirement, “Experience as an AI Designer on 2+ titles, preferably on an  action game.”

Starbreeze Entertainment
Requirements for the Senior AI Designer position at Starbreeze Entertainment. | Source: Starbreeze Entertainment

However, there’s more to uncover. We came across another fascinating job listing for the position of Game Designer, Engagement Systems, but unfortunately, it is no longer accessible on the Starbreeze Entertainment website. Instead, we found this intriguing listing on Talentify. The description states, “You will report into our Design Lead and collaborate closely with the broader design team, art, animation, programming, and production on this new unannounced project.”

Starbreeze Entertainment
Job listing for the Game Designer, Engagement Systems position at Starbreeze Entertainment. | Source: Talentify

One of the responsibilities for this position outlines, “Drive progression based systems such as looting tables, XP, challenge levels, enemy drop-rates etc.” This strongly indicates that the undisclosed action project may feature a comprehensive progression system, encompassing elements like looting tables, challenge levels, and enemy drop rates, bearing similarities to Starbreeze Entertainment’s well-known action franchise, PAYDAY.

Responsibilities for the Game Designer, Engagement Systems position at Starbreeze Entertainment. | Source: Talentify

Lastly, there are indications that the unannounced project may be developed for multiple platforms. This inference comes from one of the requirements listed for the Senior VFX Artist position at the company, which emphasises, “Routine experience in creating, implementing, and optimizing visual effects for games on multiple platforms”

Although Starbreeze Entertainment’s current development projects remain somewhat uncertain, there are promising signs that it might be working on another PAYDAY instalment. Given the immense popularity of PAYDAY 2 as one of the most renowned cooperative shooter video games, and with PAYDAY 3 set to launch in September, it’s quite plausible that the company would seek to capitalise on the franchise’s success.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these are merely speculations at this stage, and there has been no official confirmation from the company yet. The nature of Starbreeze Entertainment’s current project remains uncertain, and only time will reveal what it is truly working on.

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