Stardew Valley Guide: Bats Or Mushrooms

Choosing between Bats and Mushrooms gets very complex.

Stardew Valley Guide Bats Or Mushrooms
Stardew Valley Guide Bats Or Mushrooms.

Stardew Valley is an RPG developed by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone – which was released in 2016 to critical acclaim. The mushrooms you find throughout the world of Stardew are used to create health elixirs. The fruit bats on the other hand can be a great option when it comes to making the artisan goods. The bats will give you a slow but a steady supply of fruits even when out of season. This guide will show you why the mushroom option is the option for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Stardew Valley offers a choice between fruit bats and mushrooms for your cave.
  • Mushrooms are a better option as they can be used to make health elixirs and are more profitable.
  • Mushrooms are dependable and time-saving as they produce every day.
  • Fruit bats are not as regular and can be a pain to forage.
  • Mushrooms are recommended for new players or those looking to save time.

Bats or Mushrooms

Stardew Valley Guide Bats Or Mushrooms

A man named Demitrius will appear once you have acquired 25,000G in Stardew Valley. This lovely man will offer you the chance to renovate your cave into a home for either fruit-providing bats or a garden for some invaluable mushrooms.

When given this choice, I would recommend that you should most definitely choose the mushrooms – why? You ask, here is why.

Mushrooms Will Allow You To Make Health Elixirs

Stardew Valley Guide Bats Or Mushrooms

Life Elixirs are without question an invaluable resource – making it majorly important from the beginning of the game until the very end. However, If you do not know how to craft Life Elixirs, don’t you worry; you can start rustling these up once you have unlocked combat Skills Level 2 and use one (1) of any of the following:

  • Purple Mushroom
  • Red Mushroom
  • Chanterelle
  • Morel

Disclaimer: Without the mushroom option, these items can be hard to find.

Mushrooms Are Dependable

Stardew Valley Guide Bats Or Mushrooms
Mushroom Variety

Once you have a cave full of mushrooms, it will put six planters in the cave, producing six mushrooms every day. It is very likely that the rarer types of mushrooms such as purple caps and morels can be used in elixir’s life, which is enabled once you have unlocked the Combat skill (at level 2). Life elixirs take one red, purple, morel, and Canterelle mushroom.

Mushrooms Save Time

Stardew Valley Guide Bats Or Mushrooms
Mushrooms Save Time.

Mushrooms Are More Profitable

The best and most profitable crops are in the form of mushrooms. Notably, unlike the Mushroom cave option, the Big Mushroom tree provides common, red and purple Mushrooms. That’s why the mushroom option is the only way to have mushroom without having to actively collect them on your own time.

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Why You Should Choose Bats

Stardew Valley Guide Bats Or Mushrooms
Why You Should Choose Bats

Unalike mushrooms, Bats are not regular. Having no knowledge for certain that you will have X number of berries every Y number of days is not only annoying but it can also result in having fewer berries than what you would have gotten in a similar amount of time getting mushrooms.

It is worth mentioning that fruit trees are too expensive and require a lot of time and luck to obtain. Furthermore, blackberries and salmonberries can only be found during their respective season, which makes them a pain to forage.

There is no denying the fact that Fruits help you complete more essential bundles than mushrooms, such as the Artisan Bundle.

Final Answer: Mushrooms Or Bats?

There are plenty of reasons to choose mushrooms over bats – with the major one being how time-friendly they are. The wide variety of Mushrooms can only be found in one or two seasons – with time-saving acting due to this. Also, if you wish to get a hold of the purple mushroom, it is by mining, and it can take you a very long time before you start seeing a huge impact on your mushroom collection.

Ultimately, if you can mine for mushrooms and have a cave full of them, all of the hard work is already done, as they will start to produce on their own.

If you are new to Stardew Valley or are going to play through again, then in my opinion trying out this option will prove successful if you decide to go down the mushroom route because of their dependability and time-saving capabilities.

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