Stardew Valley Fruit Trees: Everything You Need to Know

An In-depth guide on Stardew Valley Fruit Trees

stardew valley fruit trees

Stardew Valley is one of those games where you can sit back, relax and play it for hours. Developed by Eric Barone, it’s a simulation role-playing game released in 2016. There are tons of things to do in the game, but today we will talk about the Stardew Valley fruit trees.

I have spent hours upon hours playing Stardew Valley. In my experience, fruit trees are a worth it investment, especially if you get them early game. You can earn good money alongside farming crops and taking care of your animals.

This guide will help first-time players and veterans alike and tell them all about fruit trees. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Stardew Valley Fruit Trees

Fruit trees need 28 days to fully mature, after which you can harvest one fruit per day. The fruits can be accumulated for up to three days before harvesting. You do not need to water the trees – unlike other crops in the game. The best part is that they do not die in the winter as most crops do.

To make them fully grow, you must plant them on a clear 3×3 land. The only exception is that they can be placed right next to permanent structures – houses or greenhouses. Be careful though, because the fruit trees can be chopped down for normal wood. Another random event that can happen is that they can be struck by lightning. This will burn them for 4 days, and they will not produce fruit.

If you wish to buy all six saplings, they cost 25,400g if you get them from Pierre’s General Store. Besides, Additional Fruits related goods like Mushrooms can be acquired separately. 

Quality of Fruit

After every year, the quality of the fruit tree will increase. They will produce silver fruits after one year, then gold after two, and finally iridium after three. The best part of a fully grown tree is that you do not have to keep the 3×3 land clear around it. You can make jelly or wine from the fruit to further increase the price of it when selling.

Which Fruit Tree Grows in What Season?

stardew valley fruit trees
Various types of Fruit Trees in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has four seasons – summer, spring, fall, and winter. According to each season, excluding winter, there are different types of fruits that you can harvest. Let’s start with the first one, summer.

What Fruit Grows in Summer?

There are a variety of fruit trees which you can plant in summer. The first one, the banana tree, yields bananas and gives banana sapling. You can sell the fruit from 150g to 300g each. Not only that, but it also restores your health and energy if you need to eat it.

The second one is the mango tree. It produces mango saplings and mangoes. They sell from 130g to 260g. You can gift them to Leo since he loves mangoes.

Then there is the orange tree. It produces oranges and orange saplings. They are the cheapest of the bunch and sell from 100g to 200g. Gus loves oranges, so make sure to gift him some to increase your reputation.

Finally, there are the peach trees. They give out the peach sapling and peaches. You can sell them from 140g to 280g, and if you gift them to Robin, you will increase your reputation with her.

Moving on to Spring

In Spring, you can only plant two types of fruit trees – Apricot and Cherry. If you decide to plant the apricot tree, you will harvest apricots and apricot saplings. They sell for extremely little cash ranging from 50g to 100g. This is because spring is the starting season of the game and if you decide to invest in fruit trees early, you get money accordingly.

The second and final fruit tree in spring is the cherry tree. It gives out cherries and cherry sapling which sells from 80g to 160g.

Make sure to get the spring fruit trees early because they are most certainly worth it for the start of your game.

What About Fall?

Fall is just like spring; you can plant only two types of fruit trees – the apple tree and the pomegranate tree. The apple tree produces apples and apple saplings. You can sell them for 100g all the way up to 200g if they are of iridium quality.

The pomegranate fruit sells for 140g up to 280g. You can gift it to Elliot to increase your reputation as it is his loved gift.

Keep in mind that once you plant a fruit tree, it cannot be removed. The only way to remove it is to cut it down and lose on your investment.

Plant Fruit Trees in the Greenhouse

stardew valley fruit trees
An optimal layout for your greenhouse

Many players don’t know this, but you can plant fruit trees in the greenhouse. Some people think that they will take up all the space and won’t grow crops, but that’s not true. If you plan an optimal layout, you can grow crops alongside the trees.

Make sure that you plant the fruit trees in the outside area of the garden. That will allow you to plant all your crops in the middle. Surprisingly the decorative objects in the greenhouse are not considered “filled” squares, which means that you can plant the trees next to them without any worry.

I hope this guide about Stardew Valley fruit trees was informative and helped you learn something new. Go on out there and plant some fruit trees. Happy harvesting, farmers!

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