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Stardew Valley Is Getting Ready For A Massive Update

The relaxing farming game, Stardew Valley, is getting its 1.5 update soon. This update will come with loads of new features that will change your farm and the way you interact with it. The game’s creator tweeted on November 13th about this new update announcing that it is in the “home stretch.” (Get Stardew Valley for $15 here)

Eric Barone, or Concernedape, has ensured players that they can expect this update in 2020 or very early 2021. He even went as far as to show off some of the new features the game would boast. It was announced on Twitter that the update, at least for PC, will likely be out by the end of the year.

The New Features

In 1.5 it seems that players will be able to engage in split-screen co-op, as evidenced by the pinned tweet on the developer’s page. It also seems to indicate that the two players can do things independently from each other. The screenshots show 2 players in completely different areas of the game.

It seems we will also get access to a new farm type, a beach farm, how this farm will play out, we don’t know yet but we shall see. Along with this farm, there will also be some advanced game options in which you can tinker with different aspects of the game.(Get Stardew Valley for $15 here)

A new zone, perhaps? This is the most cryptic update of them all, easily. It features what appears to be a new zone with partially submerged trees, a working bench, and ducks. While the possibility of a new zone can’t be ruled out, it could also be that floods have been added and they can submerge trees in the right conditions.

Plus, you’ll now be able to move your bed. A small but much sought-after change that will really improve the aesthetic possibilities of everyone’s respective farming homesteads.

So with all this new content and expected release date before the end of the year, it seems like Stardew Valley fans will have something to look forward to for Christmas.(Get Stardew Valley for $15 here)

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