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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Lore-Dump in Celebration of New Board Game

Is this just an excuse to research one of my favorite games? Maybe! Am I sorry about this? No!

The Stardew Valley board game was just released, opening up the world to new players and creating new fun for veteran farmers. Will it expand the world building as well as growing your farm across your tabletop? Hard to say. But while you wait for the game to get to you, here’s some lore from Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley - The board game looks cute!


Probably what makes the races of Stardew most interesting is what we don’t know. How are some people magical? Why does one person have a crystal ball that tells them about a single person in all of Stardew Valley? How do I befriend a goblin?

We know that there’s at least one wizard and one witch in the valley – and we can piece together from a conversation with the wizard that they were once married. It seems that the wizard’s divorce led to his ex-wife becoming “green with envy” – a witch. What we don’t know is how he became a magical gentleman. But we won’t question it as long as we can use his stuff.

There’s also quite a bit to know about the non-human races. For instance, if it weren’t for the dwarf you meet in the mine, one might believe they’re just stories from books and artifacts. But what we do know about them is really cool. They are believed to be aliens because, despite living underground, they call themselves smoluanu, which translates to ‘sky people’. Thanks to a handful of hints from the game’s creator ConcernedApe, this seems like a real possibility.


Unsurprisingly, most of the lore about Stardew Valley is based around the area you reside in. Players actually live in Pelican Town, which is in Stardew Valley… which is part of the Ferngill Republic. The main religion (yep, there’s a religion) revolves around the creator of the world, Yoba.

The Ferngill Republic also holds the Fern Islands where our fisherman friend Willy is from. At least one of those islands is a beachy paradise Ginger Island, which farmers can now visit. There’s also Zuzu City, home to the Zuzu City Tunnellers (the only notable sports team in the game), and the Z.C. Rarecrow Society, who reward farmers who collect all the game’s rarecrows.

There are only a couple places noted outside Stardew Valley. Linus mentions the tundra dwellers, so one can speculate that there’s an arctic up north. To the south and across the sea is Gotoro Empire, which is currently at war with Ferngill.

The War the World Faces

Not to be confused with the Elemental Wars, which were held in ancient times between the Dwarves and the Shadow People. There’s not too much mentioned about the current was between Ferngill and Gotoro. This means it’s probably happening faraway. The main thing to note is that Kent has been a POW and certain items give him PTSD (that’s right, this peaceful farming sim gets surprisingly dark). One could speculate that the empire is the bad guy in this situation. Aren’t empires always the bad guys in lore, after all?

A lot of what I leaned about Stardew Valley I found on the Wiki – I can’t be the only one who reads those in her spare time, right?

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