Starfield: Alternating Currents Quest + Choice

Alternating Currents is a early sidequest that has you chasing down junction boxes across New Atlantis, with some optional choices in between. Here's a complete guide on how to complete the quest.

After completing “Tapping the Grid” and helping Louisa figure out that the source of the power drains in The Well is coming from the Trade Authority, hesitant, she asks the players if they will join her in confronting Zoe Kaminiski at the Trade Authority. If you accept her proposition, it kicks off the “Alternating Currents” side quest.

Key Takeaways

  • Alternating Currents is an Early Side quest unlocked by first completing the “Tapping The Grid” side quest.
  • It has players running around The Well and Residential District, switching on junction boxes.
  • The quest also includes the optional choice of picking between Louisa and Zoe, the two main characters for this quest.
  • Digipicks are required for a certain part of the mission. Make sure you have them in hand.
  • Rewards for completing the mission are 2000 credits and XP. 

Quest Starts off by talking to Louisa || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Alternating Currents Objectives

Here’s a short rundown of all the objectives involved in this side quest before we go into detail about what to do:

  1. Follow Louisa Reyez
  2. Talk to Louisa Reyez
  3. Wait for Louisa Reyez
  4. Locate the Junction Box
  5. Power Down the Junction Box
  6. Locate Junction Box 45A or 47B
  7. Locate the Junction Box
  8. Locate the Power Drain’s Source
  9. Access the Apartment
  10. Find Evidence
  11. Deliver Evidence to Louisa Reyez

Detailed Walkthrough

  1. After completing “Tapping the Grid”, and helping Louisa figure out that the source of the power drain, she asks the player if they are willing to join her in confronting Zoe Kaminiski at the Trade Authority.
  2. If you accept it, it kicks off the “Alternating Currents” side quest.
  3. After accepting follow Louisa to the Trade Authority where you will confront Zoe Kaminski, the receptionist at the Trade Authority, about the power leak.
  4. Louisa talks to you about a potential fight when Zoe goes for a bit, but Zoe returns surprisingly cooperative.

    Louisa and Zoe will talk to each other before giving you the tasks || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

  5. She then reveals that the Trade Authority’s case against them is false and that a completely unconnected third party is the only source of the power drain.
  6. Then Louisa and Zoe will tell you to go locate a number of circuit breakers.
  7. The quest icons will be very useful, so make sure this is your active task (I do this by selecting the mission as active in the quests menu, which is relatively easy.)

1st Breaker

  1. Getting to the first circuit breaker is a bit of a confusing route, so I have it simplified, after talking to Zoe and Louisa, you’ll be tasked to find and switch on a circuit breaker.
  2. Head out of the Trade Authority until you hit Jakes Bar.

    Jakes Bar, head right from here || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

  3. Take a right from there and to your left you’ll see stairs heading to the Upper Levels.
  4. As you ascend the stairs and make your to the quest sign, keep an eye out for a gap in the walkway and use the junction box.

    Captured By: VeryAli GamingSwitch on the first box || Captured By: VeryAli GamingHead up the stairs and follow the path to the first box || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

  5. After switching on the first box, you’ll have to decide which junction box to choose. Louisa says 45A is the correct box, while Zoe thinks it’s 47B.
  6. Though 45A is a little farther away from the preceding box and 47B is a little closer neither choice matters.
  7. If you choose Louisa’s 45A, she will remark that since she has been doing it for her work, she can obviously read the schematics better; but, if you choose Zoe’s 47B, she will take over from Louisa on the communications for the next junction box.

The choice doesn’t matter, so I went with the one we passed on the way up to the first junction box because it’s the closest.

Athena Tower Junction Box

  1. The next task will take you outside to the Residential District and turn on Junction Box 101F.
  2. The panel is outside the Athena Tower building.

    Box is on the right; just follow the objective marker || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

  3. The next connection box will be found within Athena Towers, so enter the elevator and make your way up, then locate the door on your left after exiting the lift.
  4. You’ll have to enter with a lockpick. But don’t worry, the lock is a novice one.

    Lockpick the door || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

  5. Inside the rather luxurious apartment, the hacking setup the player finds is designed to steal pennies from each GalBank transaction.
  6. The player can download evidence from the system, but the hacker is nowhere to be located.
  7. At this point, the player is given an option because Zoe and Louisa both want the player to deliver the proof.
Download the evidence from this computer || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

NOTE: Before leaving the apartment, go into the bedroom on the left and grab the book ‘Oliver Twist’, it’s on a bookshelf. Doing so will unlock the activity “Visit the London Landmark on Earth.”

Should You Give The Evidence To Louisa Or Zoe?

Choose Louisa || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

With this information available, in my opinion, the best choice is simple: It doesn’t matter who you go for. It doesn’t matter who you choose to give the evidence to. Rewards are the same, and Louisa and Zoe remain useful. Louisa and Zoe will award you 2,000 credits and an equal amount of XP for completing the mission.

To complete the Alternating Currents mission in Starfield, the final objective requires you to choose and hand the evidence to Louisa or Zoe. Louisa is a humble public servant who makes her intentions clear of what she plans to do with the evidence. She needs the evidence to prove her bosses wrong, that she isn’t wasting her time, and to bring the hackers to justice.

The reason Zoe asks for the evidence seems suspicious because she makes it obvious that she won’t provide Louisa with all the details necessary to apprehend the criminals. She wants to handle the matter internally and with the least amount of intervention from the United Colonies.

Choose Zoe || Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

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