Starfield Best Backgrounds [Tier List, All Ranked]

Wondering which of the twenty-one Backgrounds you should go for? Here is a detailed guide on Best Backgrounds in Starfield to help you pick.

Starfield Best Backgrounds
A detailed guide on Best Backgrounds in Starfield.
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With more than 100 hours invested in Starfield, Shoaib offers you a firsthand look at the game, ensuring the information he provides is based on practical experience.

With around twenty-one backgrounds to choose from, you may feel bewildered, and rightly so. Each Background offers unique starting skills and different dialogues for your character. It’s important to note that not all 21 backgrounds will necessarily be the best fit; therefore, the player should carefully consider their options.

With so much riding on this decision, it’s crucial to make the right choice and choose the most fitting background. Continue reading to learn about the best Backgrounds in Starfield that are promising for the long run.

Key Takeaways

  • Each Background offers three starting skills. They can help your flight experience, improve your damage output, persuade people easily, and so on.
  • Each Background also comes with different dialogues in the playthrough.
  • Some Backgrounds sit on the top of the list for having better starting skills; they include Bounty Hunter, Space Scoundrel, [File Not Found], Diplomat, and Cyber Runner.
  • Backgrounds do not impact the playthrough significantly, so players can choose any of them if they’d like.

Backgrounds Tier List

TierBackgroundStarting Skills
S-TierBounty HunterPiloting
Targeting Control Systems
Boost Pack Training
S-TierSpace ScoundrelPistol Certification
S-Tier[File Not Found]Wellness
S-TierCyber RunnerStealth
Boost Pack Training
A-TierCombat MedicPistol Certification
Research Methods
B-TierBeast HunterFitness
B-TierLong HaulerWeight Lifting
Ballistic Weapon Systems
B-TierGangsterShotgun Certification
Research Methods
Weight Lifting

Backgrounds Tier List Table.

Bounty Hunter

Best Background For Space Exploration.
Best Backgrounds Starfield Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: Wherever there are wanted individuals, there are those who profit from their capture. And your quarry knows that in the vastness of space, they can run… but they can’t hide.

Why did I Choose Bounty Hunter?

If your aim is to move through space and explore planets, the Bounty Hunter background will highly support you.

Starting Skills

  • Piloting: As more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically.
  • Targeting Control System: Missile weapons are favored because they can lock onto an enemy ship, but an intimate knowledge of tracking systems can make them even more effective.
  • Boost Pack Training: Specialized training and innovations in personal mobility systems have allowed for unfettered exploration on alien worlds.


Bounty Hunter is a perfect class for beginners. Not only do you obtain a Boost Pack (Jetpack) for better and safer exploration of various planets, but you also earn piloting and space combat skills early on.

Both of them will prove their worth in an instant, especially in higher-difficulty settings. Even if you’re new to the entire RPG genre, these starting skills will make a difference in your playthrough.

  • Instant access to better ships.
  • Target specific ship systems.
  • Boost pack training.
  • Specialized combat skills.

  • Limited Versatility.
  • Dependency on Skill progression.

Space Scoundrel

Best Background For Combat.
Best Backgrounds Starfield
Space Scoundrel – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: Good? Bad? Whose right is it to say? If there’s anything you’ve learned while traipsing through the galaxy, it’s this: space may look black, but it’s really one big shade of grey.

Why did I Choose Space Scoundrel?

A mix of everything. If you are indecisive about your playstyle, use Space Scoundrel background as it supports every domain.

Starting Skills

  • Pistol Certification: Considering the popularity of the personal sidearm in the Settled Systems, familiarity with such weapons is often considered essential.
  • Piloting: As more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically.
  • Persuasion: In the Settled Systems, the nuanced ability to listen and discuss can often accomplish far more than simply shooting first and asking questions later.


For players who want to focus on having a better grip over their spacecraft along with convincing NPCs much easier for a greater benefit. Pistol Certification is another perk that’ll come in handy in mid-later gameplay.

These three abilities are considered some of the strongest on their own, so if you’re confused or don’t have any specific playstyle in mind, choose Space Scoundrel.

  • Immediate weapon proficiency.
  • Useful social skills.
  • Piloting.

  • Limited Initial skills.
  • No Defensive abilities.
  • Dependent on playstyle.

[File Not Found]

Best Background For Beginners.
[File Not Found] – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: Oddly, there is no information on file about your past life. Clerical oversight? Deletion by some powerful unknown faction? Or was there just nothing of note to mention? Whatever the reason, your past is known only to you. What’s important is the here and now< and the path you’re about to forge…

Why did I Choose [File Not Found]?

When starting through your starfield journey, keep this background to support combat, while having an extended health pool.

Starting Skills

  • Wellness: By embracing an active lifestyle and good nutrition habits, one may improve their overall sense of health and even gain prolonged life expectancy.
  • Ballistics: Centuries of conflicts have proven that when it comes to threat elimination, few things stack up to the reliable power of high-speed projectiles.
  • Piloting: As more people journey into space, the number of those certified to effectively pilot various types of spacecraft has increased dramatically.


This Background carries some of the most helpful starting skills, such as Wellness and Ballistics. Piloting is another incredible skill, but it’s quite common if we consider other 20 Backgrounds.

Increase your maximum HP and Ballistics weapons damage output since the start. A perfect set of skills for you if you are considering a combat-focused play style.

  • Basic and well-rounded.
  • No major impact.
  • Skillset diversity.

  • Lack of distinctiveness.
  • Non-specialized skills.


Best Background For Dialogue.
Diplomat – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: The wars are over. Peace now reigns the Settled Systems. But only because there are those quietly fighting to keep it. Because of you, agreements were signed, words were headed… lives were spared.

Why did I Choose Diplomat?

I love talking to random NPCs or shop merchants, so the Diplomat background supports my conversations by giving extra dialogue options.

Starting Skills

  • Persuasion: In the Settled Systems, the nuanced ability to listen and discuss can often accomplish far more than simply shooting first and asking questions later.
  • Commerce: In the Settled Systems’ free market economy, almost anyone with the right skill set can open and run a successful business.
  • Wellness: By embracing an active lifestyle and good nutrition habits, one may improve their overall sense of health and even gain prolonged life expectancy.


With Diplomat as your Background, you mainly focus on improved and favorable conversations throughout the planets with different NPCs. Persuade others and enjoy benefits from it, whether it’s a part of your side quest or not. Other skills, such as Commerce and Wellness, will push you further toward quick advancement.

The Diplomat background is one of the best if your primary focus is to earn cash faster from the beginning. You’ll sell anything double the amount you purchased it in. Lastly, the Wellness skill will increase your maximum HP.

  • Better persuasion.
  • Improved Commerce.
  • Higher max health.

  • Limited combat skills.
  • No access to certain perks.

Cyber Runner

Best Background For Pickpocketing.
Cyber Runner
Cyber Runner – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: From Neon to New Atlantis, the megacorps stand as monuments to power, prestige, and profit. You’ve worked both for and against them, on the inside and out, often sacrificing conscience for credits.

Why did I Choose Cyber Runner?

If you wish to be sneaky and master the art of theft, use the Cyber Runner background to support pickpocketing and stealth gameplay.

Starting Skills

  • Stealth: For a combatant who values discretion above all else, the ability to approach a target while undetected and kill with a silenced weapon is as terrifying as it is effective.
  • Security: While the standardized digital locking mechanism is renowned for its security, any code can be broken with proper training.
  • Theft: While not entirely honorable and certainly not legal, it is nonetheless occasionally necessary to discreetly remove property from someone’s person.


If you prefer sneaking around pickpocketing NPCs for useless resources, then Cyber Runner is the exact Background you should go for. Though not much ethical, it’ll still help in many missions and side quests without being detected or locked behind a door.

Stealth will assist players in sneaking behind enemies and taking opponents down in a safer, undetectable way. With Theft, you can, of course, steal others’ belongings off of them.

Quite a handy skill to carry that goes perfectly well with its fellow skill, Stealth. Lastly, Security allows players to unlock any advanced locks without much hassle.

  • Cybernetics Proficiency.
  • Technical skill.
  • Speed.

  • Limited Starting Skills.
  • Less Social Interaction.
  • Dependency on Technology.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Combat Medic: Only offers better healing but leaves other aspects untouched, such as battles and exploration.
  2. Explorer: Does not focus more on character development and only restricts to supporting planet exploration.
  3. Professor: I haven’t chosen this background as it lacks assisting stealth play and it is not specialized for piloting.
  4. Bouncer: With this background, you restrict your character’s social interaction and do not support long-distance exploration due to less oxygen.
  5. Gangster: Although the Gangster Background supports exploration and other aspects, it is ineffective for Gunfights and has weak starting skills.

My Opinion On The Best Backgrounds

Though some of you may say that Backgrounds don’t make any significant difference on your overall playthrough, the starting skills you obtain may seem highly significant, especially if you’re playing at a higher difficulty. In my opinion, if your main focus is to enjoy the game’s storyline, then your character’s backgrounds may not be as important to your overall experience. Regardless, I’ll suggest you try the Backgrounds I chose for you and notice any change it brings to your gameplay.

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