Starfield BEST Builds [Melee, Ranged, Tank]

With 40+ hours invested in Starfield, I was able to tinker with different builds. Thus, providing you with a hands-on experience!

Starfield best builds.
Here are the best Starfield builds.
About The Author

I have spent more than 40+ hours playing Starfield. Hence, you can trust me with any information related to the Best Builds in Starfield!

Starfield has a fresh set of weapons, Armor, Backgrounds, Skills, and Traits that require master-level combinations to craft the ideal build. This guide looks at the Starfield best builds, including those for melee fighters, ranged combat, and tanking damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield features several different equipment to mix and match, including Weapons, Armor, Traits, Skills, Powers, and Religions.
  • For the melee build, I recommend going with the Bouncer Background with several key Skills, such as Fitness, Neurostrikes, and Intimidation, paired with the Barrow Knife.
  • For the ranged build, I suggest the Soldier Background with Pistol Certification, Shotgun Certification, and Rapid Reloading as your primary Skills.
  • I also suggest choosing the Cornered Coachman as your primary weapon and Bashing Eon as your secondary weapon.
  • Lastly, for the tank build, consider the Combat Medic Background paired with Pistol Certification, Heavy Weapons Certification, and Rejuvenation for maximum output.
  • As for the weapons, pick the Instigating Suppressed Microgun as your primary weapon and Magshot as your secondary weapon.

Starfield Best Builds Summary

Here is a summary table of my best Builds in Starfield. Each stat is given below for your convenience:

Equipment Or AbilityBest Melee BuildBest Ranged BuildsBest Tank Build
BackgroundBouncerSoldierCombat Medic
ReligionAnyAnyHouse of the Enlightened
TraitsAlien DNA, Extrovert, WantedIntrovert, Wanted, Terra FirmaIntrovert, Terra Firma, Raised Enlightened
SkillsBoxing, Fitness, Pain Tolerance, Martial Arts, Neurostrikes, Rejuvenation, Dueling, Weapon Engineering, Intimidation, Security, Boost Pack TrainingFitness, Gymnastics, Rejuvenation, Ballistics, Pistol Certification, Shotgun Certification, Marksmanship, Rapid Reloading, Sharpshooting, Medicine, Weapon Engineering, Intimidation, Boost Pack TrainingWellness, Pain Tolerance, Energy Weapon Dissipation, Decontamination, Rejuvenation, Ballistics, Pistol Certification, Heavy Weapons Certification, Gastronomy, Isolation, Medicine, Spacesuit Design
WeaponBarrow Knife or UnarmedCornered Coachman, Bashing EonInstigating Suppressed Microgun, Magshot
ArmorDeep Mining Spacesuit, Deep Mining Helmet, Mark I Pack, UC Security UniformUC Marine Spacesuit, UC Marine Space Helmet, UC Shock Armor Pack, White Neocity PonchoMirror Mantis Spacesuit, Reactive Mantis Space Helmet, Repulsing Mantis Pack, Settler Poncho Outfit
PowerReactive ShieldParticle BeamReactive Shield

Starfield Best Melee Build

Best Assassin Build
Equipment Or AbilityRecommendation
TraitsAlien DNA, Extrovert, Wanted
SkillsBoxing, Fitness, Pain Tolerance, Martial Arts, Neurostrikes, Rejuvenation, Dueling, Weapon Engineering, Intimidation, Security, Boost Pack Training
WeaponBarrow Knife or Unarmed
ArmorDeep Mining Spacesuit, Deep Mining Helmet, Mark I Pack, UC Security Uniform
PowerReactive Shield

Why did I Choose Melee Build?

If you prefer laying low and engaging in close combats, the melee build will keep your movement unnoticed and use powerful melee weapons to get the job done.

The first build I recommend for the Starfield best builds is this melee build. It relies on getting up close and personal with the enemies and sustaining more damage than usual. I highly suggest either using a melee weapon or going unarmed. And as always, you can tweak this build to fit your playstyle.

Background: Bouncer

For the Background, the best choice for most Starfield best melee builds is the Bouncer. Bouncers are meant to take on opponents unarmed. They can sustain tons of damage while tanking enemy fire. Bouncers are perfect for solo Starfield plays.

They come with the following Starting Skills:

  • Boxing: Boosts unarmed attack damage by 25%, with increasing percentages at higher ranks. Power attacks use 25% less oxygen.
  • Fitness: Grants 10% more oxygen compared to other backgrounds, increasing with Skill Rank. At Rank 4, power attacks and sprinting consume less oxygen.
  • Security: Can attempt to pick Advanced Locks with two auto attempts, turning rings blue at Rank 2. Unlock Master Locks at Rank 3, and use a digipick to eliminate unnecessary keys in puzzles at Rank 4.


    Starfield best melee build Traits.
    I recommend the Alien DNA, Extrovert, and Wanted Traits for this melee build. (Image captured by us)

    For the Traits, I highly recommend building Alien DNA, Extrovert and Wanted.

    • Alien DNA: More health and oxygen but less effective food and healing items.
    • Extrovert: Reduces oxygen consumption with companions; great for group play.
    • Wanted: More damage at low HP, attracts bounty hunters, mitigated by intimidation or payment.
    • Alternate – Terra Firma: Boosts health and oxygen on surfaces, lowers in space; complements Alien DNA for surface gameplay.


    Fitness Starfield best melee build.
    Fitness is a crucial Skill in this melee build. (Image captured by us)
    BoxingPhysical1Bouncer Starting Skill. You deal 100% more damage with unarmed attacks. You also gain a slight chance to knock an enemy down.4
    FitnessPhysical1Bouncer Starting Skill. The oxygen you have available is increased by 30%. Additionally, power attacks and sprinting will consume less oxygen than normal.4
    Pain TolerancePhysical2You have a 5% chance that you will ignore all physical damage when your HP is critically low. You also receive 15% less physical damage.4
    Martial ArtsPhysical3You reflect 50% of the damage you receive back to the enemy when blocking against an unarmed or melee attack. You also receive 15% less damage when unarmed or holding a melee weapon.4
    NeurostrikesPhysical4You have a 20% probability to stun an NPC when you use an unarmed attack. Once you stun the enemy, you also knock down nearby foes.4
    RejuvenationPhysical4You regenerate health incredibly fast outside of combat. Additionally, you can regenerate some health quickly during combat.4
    DuelingCombat1Melee weapons deal 50% more damage and you receive 15% less damage when you're holding a melee weapon. You also get healed for 10% of your HP whenever you land a kill with a melee weapon.4
    Weapon EngineeringScience2You're now able to craft master-level Weapon Mods.4
    IntimidationSocial2You have the ability to force targets to flee for a substantial amount of time as long as they are up to 20 levels higher than you.4
    SecurityTech1Bouncer Starting Skill. You can now hack Master-level locks and bank 5 auto-attempts. Additionally, you can use your digipick to remove the keys that you don't need for solving the puzzle.4
    Boost Pack TrainingTech1You can use the boost packs. When you use one, they consume less fuel and regenerate fuel more quickly too. Additionally, all of these bonuses are doubled at Rank 4.4

    he Bouncer Background’s primary Skill Tree is Physical, focusing on physical abilities and movements.

    For a top melee build, prioritize these Skills, aiming for Rank 4. Start by leveling up your Physical Skills before branching into others.

    Weapon: Barrow Knife

    A good option for the melee build is the Barrow Knife. It’s a simple melee weapon that’s easy to find but also has a Rare variant.

    • The Barrow Knife deals more damage than the Combat Knife and is lighter, allowing for more supplies.
    • Obtain it by looting spaceships, enemy bases, crates, enemy corpses, or defeating bosses.
    • Rare variant grants a bonus Perk, Fusion, which boosts consecutive hits for savage combat.
    • Synergizes well with skills like Martial Arts and Dueling.
    • Alternatively, consider going unarmed to fully utilize skills like Boxing and Neurostrikes.


    ArmorDeep Mining SpacesuitDeep Mining Space HelmetMark I PackUC Security Uniform
    PlacementSpace SuitHelmetPackApparel
    Perks and ModsChameleon: When sneaking but stationary, you blend with your surroundings.

    Mechanized: Carrying capacity increased by 4.

    Leadlined: Additional 25 Radiation Resistance.
    NoneNoneMod: An additional 5% chance to Intimidate.
    How To GetRandomly acquire from looting containers and enemy corpses.Get from the Mission One Small Step. Can also be bought for 725 Credits from James Newill at Newill's Goods, Neon, Volli Alpha.Found in New Atlantis in The Lodge.Found in Nova Galactic Staryard by the Lunar Moon.

    In Starfield, you must choose three types of Armor: the Spacesuit, Helmet, and Pack. Additionally, you can select a fourth optional Armor type called Apparel.

    I mainly went for the highest Physical Defense for this build, which you’ll mainly be dealing with as a melee weapon user. Additionally, I included enough Armor to allow for good defense against all types of status debuffs.

    Power: Reactive Shield

    • Effect: You create a barrier that weakens enemy projectiles and may even reflect them.

    Lastly, for the Power, I highly recommend the Reactive Shield. It’s a defensive Power that’s great for protecting against enemy projectiles. As a melee weapon user, you never know when you’ll encounter someone with the advantage of distance. Hence, protection against ranged attacks is a must for this build.

    • Powerful Close Combat.
    • Survivability.
    • Stealth Advantages.
    • Emphasis on Skill.

    • Less Flexible.
    • Requires managing resources.
    • Dependent on Physical abilities.
    • Less effective against armed enemies.

    Starfield Best Ranged Build

    Best Combat Build
    Equipment Or AbilityRecommendation
    TraitsIntrovert, Wanted, Terra Firma
    SkillsFitness, Gymnastics, Rejuvenation, Ballistics, Pistol Certification, Shotgun Certification, Marksmanship, Rapid Reloading, Sharpshooting, Medicine, Weapon Engineering, Intimidation, Boost Pack Training
    WeaponCornered Coachman, Bashing Eon
    ArmorUC Marine Spacesuit, UC Marine Space Helmet, UC Shock Armor Pack, White Neocity Poncho
    PowerParticle Beam

    Why did I Choose Ranged Build?

    Ranged build uses one of the best gunfire skills and top notch weapons, that gives you an upper hand in combat.

    Our next choice for the Starfield best builds is a ranged build that utilizes the Soldier Background to help you keep your distance from the enemy. This build is ideal for players who like to take down enemies from a medium range while ensuring they sustain as little damage as possible.

    Background: Soldier

    The ideal Background for most Starfield best ranged builds is Soldier. Soldiers are versatile characters trained to use ballistic weapons such as rifles and pistols. They are the first line of defense for the Settled Systems and excel at ranged combat. Hence, they are the best candidates for this Starfield ranged build.

    With a Soldier Background, you get the following Starting Skills:

    • Ballistics: Increases damage by 10%, scaling with Rank. Rank 4 adds 30% more range.
    • Boost Pack Training: Enables boost packs; Rank 2 reduces fuel consumption, Rank 3 boosts fuel regeneration, Rank 4 doubles bonuses.
    • Fitness: Provides 10% more oxygen, increasing with Rank. At Rank 4, power attacks and sprints use less oxygen.


    For the Traits, I highly recommend the Introvert, Wanted, and Terra Firma Traits as these are the only beneficial ones for Soldiers.

    • Introvert: Exert with less oxygen use when alone; Extrovert suits companion play.
    • Wanted: Damage boost at low HP but attracts bounty hunters; deal with them via intimidation, payment, or combat.
    • Terra Firma: Boosts health and oxygen on surfaces, reduces in space; great for land survival.


    Medicine Skill.
    Medicine is important for healing up quickly. (Image captured by us)
    FitnessPhysical1Soldier Starting Skill. The oxygen you have available is increased by 30%. Additionally, power attacks and sprinting will consume less oxygen than normal.4
    GymnasticsPhysical2You can jump a lot higher and run much faster after you have combat slided or mantled. Additionally, you gain more stability if you fire in Zero-G and take 30% less fall damage. After mantling, you gain some oxygen back. You also move much faster in Zero-G.4
    RejuvenationPhysical4You regenerate health incredibly fast outside of combat. Additionally, you can regenerate some health quickly during combat.4
    BallisticsCombat1Soldier Starting Skill. You deal 30% more damage with ballistic weapons. Additionally, ballistic weapons have their range boosted by 30%.4
    Pistol CertificationCombat1Pistols will now deal 50% more damage and every kill with a Pistol will grant you 25% increased critical hit chance for the next 5 seconds.4
    Shotgun CertificationCombat1Shotguns will now deal 30% more damage and each kill with a Shotgun will have a probability to stun enemies for a short amount of time.4
    MarksmanshipCombat3Critical hit chance with non-automatic ranged weapons, such as your Shotgun, will be boosted by 15%. Additionally, if you don't use a scope, critical hits will deal twice the damage. With a scope equipped, critical hits will knock enemies down on the next hit.4
    Rapid ReloadingCombat3When you hit foes, you have a probability to boost reload speed for all weapons by 50%. This effect lasts 15 seconds. Additionally, your Particle Beam Weapons will reload 30% faster and you have a 50% probability to not get interrupted when reloading. Energy, EM, and Ballistic weapons will reload 30% faster as well.4
    SharpshootingCombat4All ranged weapons receive a 25% boost in critical hit chance for 20 seconds with every ranged critical hit kill. All critical damage you deal to foes with ranged weapons is boosted by 50%.4
    MedicineScience1Trauma Packs, Med Packs, and Emergency Kits regenerate 50% extra Health. These also work 50% faster and even have a small chance to fix an affliction.4
    Weapon EngineeringScience1You can craft and research Master-level Weapon Mods along with improved, superior, and cutting-edge Weapon Mods.4
    IntimidationSocial2You gain the ability to force NPCs that are up to 20 levels higher than you to flee for a substantial amount of time.4
    Boost Pack TrainingTech1Soldier Starting Skill. You can use boost packs and they consume less fuel while also regenerating more fuel. These effects are doubled at Rank 4.4

    For this ranged Starfield build, prioritize Combat Skills, with Physical Skills as secondary.

    • Focus on Pistol Certification and Shotgun Certification if using those weapons. For Rifles, Snipers, or Heavy Weapons, choose their Certifications.

    • Intimidation pairs with the Wanted Trait, making it easier to intimidate bounty hunters.

    Feel free to add other skills like Spacesuit Design and Manipulation for further build enhancement.

    Weapon: Cornered Coachman And Bashing Eon

    Here are my recommendations for the best Weapons for this ranged build:

    Primary Weapon: Cornered Coachman

    Cornered Coachman.
    The Cornered Coachman is an exquisite ranged Shotgun. (Image captured by us)

    Unlike other Starfield best-ranged builds, I decided to use a Shotgun as the primary weapon. For that, I highly recommend the Cornered Coachman.

    • Rare Shotgun sacrifices magazine for single bullet power; needs Caseless Shells.
    • Low accuracy, longer reload time; best for mid-range combat.
    • Obtain from Spacer enemies or loot weapon racks/crates.
    • Rare Coachman has Cornered Perk for extra damage at low HP, which complements Wanted Trait.

    You can equip up to 7 Weapon Mods on the Coachman.

    I recommend the following Mods:

    • Extended Barrel: Boosts accuracy, range, and recoil control but reduces Aim Down Sight speed.
    • Tactical Stock: Aim Down Sight speed is boosted, and you get increased Stability.
    • High Velocity: Boosts range and accuracy.
    • Laser Sight: You acquire a laser sight that helps in aiming.
    • Slug Shots: You gain single large shots that travel much farther and can deal more damage.
    • Choke: Shotgun spread is significantly reduced.
    • Iron Sights: You receive standard iron sights for aiming down enemies.

    Secondary Weapon: Bashing Eon

    Bashing Eon Starfield best ranged build.
    Use the Bashing Eon as your secondary weapon. (Image captured by us)

    For one of the Starfield best ranged builds,

    I highly recommend the Bashing Eon as the secondary weapon.

    • This close-range Rare Pistol uses the 7.77 mm Ammo with a sufficiently large magazine capacity.
    • The Pistol is accurate, but only when you’re up close and personal with the enemy.
    • Additionally, as a Rare Pistol, it features the Bashing Perk that grants you double the damage if you’re bashing the gun.

    Besides that, the Bashing Eon can handle up to 6 Weapon Mods.

    I highly recommend the following Mods:

    • Hair Trigger: You receive a faster firing rate.
    • Recon Laser Sight: A laser sight that marks enemies when you aim. You also receive higher accuracy.
    • Explosive Rounds: Magazine rounds that detonate when they hit a surface.
    • Compensator: Your Hip-Fire accuracy and Stability are boosted, but long-range accuracy is reduced.
    • Reflex Sight: You get a reflex sight that grants faster target acquisition and better visibility.
    • Binary Trigger: The weapon can be fired when you pull the trigger and release it for a faster firing rate.


    ArmorUC Marine SpacesuitUC Marine Space HelmetUC Shock Armor PackWhite Neocity Poncho
    PlacementSpace SuitHelmetPackApparel
    Perks and ModsNoneNoneNoneMod: An additional 5% oxygen recovery.
    How To GetRandomly acquire from looting containers and enemy corpses.Can be bought from Talia O'shea for 1565 Credits at New Atlantis's Medbay.Randomly acquire from looting containers and enemy corpses.Buy for 150 Credits from Dietrich at Seighart's Outfitters.

    The following is my recommendation for the Armor. As you can see, I went all out on Physical, Energy, and EM defense, sparing no chance that an enemy could quickly get to you. I also included Armor that balances Thermal, Corrosive, Airborne, and Radiation defense.

    Power: Particle Beam

    • Effect: You shoot out a beam of supercharged particle energy in front of you that penetrates targets.

    For the Power, I strongly suggest the Particle Beam. Since none of the weapons in this build grant Energy damage, this Power will more than makeup for that. Additionally, it can penetrate through targets, quickly eliminating enemies in a line.

    • Higher damage output.
    • Reduces risk of getting engaged in melee battles.
    • Offer strategic advantages.
    • Allow extensive customization.
    • More efficient.

    • Less direct management.
    • Resource extensive.
    • Less versatile.
    • Limited Close Quarters.

    Starfield Best Tank Build

    Best High Level Build
    Equipment Or AbilityRecommendation
    BackgroundCombat Medic
    ReligionHouse of the Enlightened
    TraitsIntrovert, Terra Firma, Raised Enlightened
    SkillsWellness, Pain Tolerance, Energy Weapon Dissipation, Decontamination, Rejuvenation, Ballistics, Pistol Certification, Heavy Weapons Certification, Gastronomy, Isolation, Medicine, Spacesuit Design
    WeaponInstigating Suppressed Microgun, Magshot
    ArmorMirror Mantis Spacesuit, Reactive Mantis Space Helmet, Repulsing Mantis Pack, Settler Poncho Outfit
    PowerReactive Shield

    Why did I Choose Tank Build?

    To keep you safe from enemies, the Tank build involves wearing heavy armor and keep heavy weapons for highest damage output.

    Our last entry for the Starfield best builds is the tank build. This build focuses on sustainability with tons of health regeneration. However, being a dumb wall will not get you anywhere, either. That’s why I pair it with powerful weapons and Skills that enhance your damage, essentially making you a tank-frontliner.

    Background: Combat Medic

    Perhaps the best Starfield Background for a tank build is the Combat Medic. As the name implies, a Combat Medic is both a fighter and a healer. These medics feature Starting Skills, granting them better health and healing and excellent mastery over Pistols.

    Here are the three Starting Skills for the Combat Medic:

    • Pistol Certification: Boosts Pistol damage by 10%, increasing with Skill Rank. Rank 4 grants a 25% critical hit chance boost for 5 seconds after Pistol kills.
    • Medicine: Healing items (Trauma Packs, Med Packs, Emergency Kits) restore 10% more health, 10% faster, with bonuses scaling with Skill Rank. Rank 4 may heal afflictions.
    • Wellness: Increases maximum health by 10% at Rank 1 and 40% at Rank 4.


    For the Combat Medic tank build, I highly suggest the following Traits:

    • Introvert: Exert with less oxygen consumption when alone, making it ideal for solo players. Consider Extrovert if using companions.
    • Terra Firma: Boosts health and oxygen on surfaces but reduces them in space; choose based on your playstyle.
    • Raised Enlightened: A religious trait for the House of the Enlightened. Grants access to the Enlightened chest but restricts access to the Sanctum Universum chest.


    WellnessPhysical1Combat Medic Starting Skill. You get an extra 40% health.4
    Pain TolerancePhysical2All Physical damage gets reduced by 15% with a 5% chance that the damage will be ignored if your health is critically low.4
    Energy Weapon DissipationPhysical2You receive 15% less Energy damage with a 25% chance that Energy damage will be reflected back to the enemy as long as your health is below half.4
    DecontaminationPhysical3You have a significantly higher chance to fully recover from infections on your own. There's also a 20% chance that you won't get an infection in the first place.4
    RejuvenationPhysical4Health replenishes extremely quickly when out of battle. You also can regenerate health during battle quickly.4
    BallisticsCombat1Ballistic weapons see a 30% boost in damage output with a 30% increase in range.4
    Pistol CertificationCombat1Combat Medic Starting Skill. Pistols will cause 50% more damage than usual and kills with a Pistol will boost critical hit chance by 25% for the next 5 seconds.4
    Heavy Weapons CertificationCombat2Heavy Weapons deal 30% more damage. When you aim down a heavy weapon sight, you receive 25% additional Physical Defense.4
    GastronomySocial1You can now craft and research specialty, gourmet, delicacy, and exotic food and drinks. Moreover, crafting will sometimes not use any additional resources.4
    IsolationSocial2If you don't have a companion or crew member, you do 40% extra weapon damage and gain 60 extra Damage Resistance for every Helmet and Spacesuit you have equipped.4
    MedicineScience1Combat Medic Starting Skill. Med Packs, Emergency Kits, and Trauma Packs grant 50% more health 50% faster and may also heal afflictions.4
    Spacesuit DesignScience2You're now able to craft and research regular, superior, and cutting-edge Spacesuit, Helmet, and Pack Mods. This may sometimes not even cost any resources.4

    For a top Starfield tank build, consider these Skills:

    1. Prioritize tolerance and healing with Pain Tolerance and Rejuvenation.

    2. Boost damage with Certification Skills and Ballistics.

    3. Craft potent healing food using Gastronomy.

    4. Leverage Isolation with the Introvert Trait for self-sufficiency.

    5. Master Spacesuit Design for crafting Legendary Armor.

    6. Aim to reach Rank 4 in all Skills for peak performance.

    Weapon: Instigating Suppressed Microgun And Magshot

    These Weapons are recommended with this tank build:

    Primary Weapon: Instigating Suppressed Microgun

    Instigating Suppressed Microgun.
    The Microgun Heavy Weapon is perfect for tanky builds. (Image captured by us)

    The Microgun is my choice for the primary weapon. This is a Heavy Weapon that closely mimics a real-world Gatling gun.

    • Microgun: High firing rate, ample magazine for sustained fire.
    • Broader range compared to Shotguns, allowing for distance from enemies.
    • Rare version with Instigating Perk for double damage to full-health enemies.
    • Low default accuracy; requires recoil-reducing Mods for better performance.

    Luckily, you can put up to 6 Mods on the Microgun.

    These are the ones I recommend:

    • Tactical Grip: Better reload speed, Stability, and Aim Down Sight speed.
    • Small Magazine: Higher Aim Down Sight speed but lower Ammo Capacity.
    • Long Barrel: Better accuracy, range, and recoil control but lower Aim Down Sight speed.
    • Bullet Hose: Increased range with higher accuracy, rate of fire, and better tracer frequency.
    • Recon Laser Sight: You get a laser sight that enhances accuracy and marks foes down when aiming.
    • Suppressor: You get better accuracy, reduced acoustic intensity, and lower range.

    Secondary Weapon: Magshot

    I highly recommend a robust Pistol like the Magshot for the secondary weapon.

    • It works well with the Pistol Certification Skill, a high-power Pistol with a medium range.
    • Unfortunately, you will need a more prominent magazine with the Magshot since it has a lower capacity.
    • The firing rate is relatively low on top of this being a slightly heavier Pistol.

    You do get 6 Weapon Mods, though. I highly recommend the following Mods for the Magshot:

    • Shock Charge Band: Your Pistol becomes electrified and shoots out electric energy bursts whenever you fire with it.
    • Long Barrel: Better recoil control, accuracy, and range but lower Aim Down Sight speed.
    • Hair Trigger: Boosts fire rate.
    • Semi-Automatic: This is a receiver that fires once for every trigger pull.
    • Depleted Uranium Rounds: Shots made from depleted Uranium. They penetrate through all Armor.
    • Recon Laser Sight: Boosts accuracy and also marks foes when you’re aiming.


    ArmorMirrored Mantis SpacesuitReactive Mantis Space HelmetRepulsing Mantis PackSettler Poncho Outfit
    PlacementSpace SuitHelmetPackApparel
    Perks and ModsAnti-Ballistic: Ranged weapons deal 15% less Physical damage to you.

    Auto-Medic: When you're hit and your health is below 25%, you will automatically use a Med-Pack. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

    Mirrored: You have a 4% probability to reflect attacks.
    Technician: Robots deal 15% less damage to you.

    Hacker: You get +2 max auto attempts which you can bank when hacking.

    Reactive: You have a 10% probability to stagger opponents.
    Anti-Ballistic: Ranged weapons deal 15% less Physical damage to you.

    Antiseptic: Airborne Resistance +25%.

    Repulsing: You have a 5% probability to disarm nearby foes.
    Mod: Health +10.
    How To GetComplete the Mantis quest during the Back to Vectera mission.Complete the Mantis quest during the Back to Vectera mission.Complete the Mantis quest during the Back to Vectera mission.Acquire in Akila City from the House of the Enlightened Chest.

    For the Armor, I highly recommend the Spacesuit, Helmet, Pack, and Apparel mentioned above. The Spacesuit, Helmet, and Pack are all Legendary-grade and are acquired as part of the Mantis quest. They grant you sufficient Physical, Energy, and Electromagnetic Resistance.

    Power: Reactive Shield

    • Effect: You create a shield around you that weakens enemy projectile damage and may even reflect them.

    No power is better than the Reactive Shield for a tank Starfield build. This grants you a protective barrier that may also reflect enemy projectiles. It’s a great way to stay alive longer, even when the enemy has a range advantage.

    • Very High damage.
    • Greater Storage Capacity.
    • Highly accurate.
    • Strong armor for defense.

    • Slower Movement.
    • Less focus on utility skills.
    • Less mobility.

    Why Others Were Not Chosen?

    1. Stealth Build: Although your movement is undetected, a Stealth build requires many skill points and a suppressor mod, that is time consuming and resource intensive work.
    2. Social Build: These builds only focus on conversations and negotiations, ignoring all other aspects of game which I do not prefer.
    3. Starborn Powers Build: These builds give you strengths, but they disturb your gameplay and you start to rely on them a lot, which is not recommended.

    My Opinion On The Best Builds

    Choosing a build according to your play style is highly necessary, as you need the right skills, traits, and weapons to unleash your full potential. Although there can be too many build options in Starfield, I have chosen the best three, as they cover everything required. Still, I advise you to try all three mentioned build options and decide which one suits you the most.

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