Starfield BEST Companions [Top 5]

After playing Starfield for more than 40+ hours, I'm happy to share the best companions in the game!

Starfield offers 20 unique companions who can play a critical role during your journey in space. But who are the best companions, and why should you have them? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • All companions come with their unique skills and can offer different uses to the player.
  • For the Best companion, I’ve chosen Sarah Morgan, followed by Sam Coe for great space maneuverability.
  • Next, I’ve picked Marika Boros for her combat expertise.
  • After this, I’ve gone with Barrett for his engineering skills in space, making him useful for space combat.
  • Lastly, I’ve recommended Andreja for the player’s stealth needs.
About The Author

I have spent more than 40+ hours playing Starfield. Hence, you can trust me with any information related to Starfield!

Companion List

Adoring FanScavenging
Weight Lifting
Particle Beams
Energy Weapons Systems
BarrettStarship Engineering
Particle Beam Weapon Systems
Dani GarciaChemistry
Energy Weapon Systems
Gideon AkerBallistic Weapon Systems
Missile Weapon Systems
Jessamine GriffinTheft
Ballistics Weapon Systems
Outpost Management
Marika BorosShotgun Certification
Particle Beam Weapon Systems
Moara OteroEM Weapon Systems
Omari HassanShield Systems
Starship Engineering
Rafael AguerroOutpost Engineering
Outpost Management
Starship Engineering
Rosie TannehillMedicine
Sam CoePiloting
Rifle Certification
Sarah MorganAstrodynamics
Sophia GaceStealth
Andromeda KeplerOutpost Engineering
Aneutronic Fusion
Mickey CaviarGastronomy
Simon BankowskiSharpshooting
Sniper Certification
Outpost Engineering
VascoAneutronic Fusion
Shield Systems
EM Weapon Systems

Companion Table.

Sarah Morgan

Best Crew Companion.
Sarah Morgan For Starfield Best Companions
Sarah Morgan . (Image Captured By Us)

Why did I Choose Sarah Morgan?

Due to Sarah Morgan’s expertise in astrodynamics and her role in the main storyline, she is my top-rated companion.

At number one, I had to have Sarah Morgan as my favorite companion. Not only do Sarah’s skills include proficiency in laser weapon equipment, but they also include proficiency in astrodynamics.

In a game that has space travel and exploration as one of its main focuses, I find this skill essential to the player. Players might also recognize Sarah’s voice as she is the voice of Starfield’s trailers.

Sarah Morgan is also a firm believer in intelligent life in the stars and is determined to find evidence of such. The player may discover a strange artifact to pursue this storyline in their playthrough.

To recap, Sarah Morgan is great as she covers a wide variety of skills for the player, including laser weapons, astrodynamics, great knowledge of Botany, and great leadership skills as well.

  • Deepens Relationships
  • Has a love for exploration.

  • Can get in the way during Critical Moments.
  • Might react negatively to certain situations.

Sam Coe

Best Companion For Combat.
Sam Coe Starfield
Sam Coe. (Image Captured By Us)

Why did I Choose Sam Coe?

When help is required in combat, Sam Coe is your perfect companion, as he has great rifle certification.

While Sarah Morgan provided good Astrodynamics for your ship, Sam Coe offers great piloting skills, and this will give the player a massive boost in performance in space.

Sam Coe offers great rifle certification and knowledge of geology and payloads. This makes it so the player can collect extra resources when exploring different areas of the galaxy.

Despite his tough looks and good rifle proficiency, Sam generally dislikes conflict and will need to be persuaded to fight.

  • Provides significant support during combat.
  • A vital member of your crew.
  • Romance Potential.
  • Positive Affinity.

  • Conflicts with other companions.
  • Dislike his Lineage.
  • Potential Temporary Displeasure.

Marika Boros

Best Companion For Ship Crew.

Why did I Choose Marika Boros?

With her expertise in Space Combat, Marika is my go-to companion during my space travels.

Marika brings a different skill set as compared to my first two picks. While they focused more on space maneuverability and space combat, Marika Boros is an exceptional pick for combat-related endeavors.

She brings a multitude of combat-related skills, such as Shotgun certification, Ballistics, and particle beam weapon systems. It’s important to realize this combat refers to ground combat, unlike Sarah Morgan, who can help with Space combat.

Marika serves as a great companion to accompany the players while they’re setting out on their expeditions. Her combat expertise comes from the fact that she was a Freestar Ranger before.

  • Variety of Weapons Proficiency.
  • Very Accessible.
  • Unique Skillset.

  • Limited Ballistic Skills.
  • Not suitable for Leadership roles.
  • Lack of Romance options.


Best Companion For Ship.
Barrett Starfield Companion
Barrett. (Image Captured By Us)

Why did I Choose Barrett?

Barrett is a very supportive companion who can help fix your ship through his engineering expertise.

Meet Barrett, an adventurous explorer who thrives on excitement and enjoys the company of cheerful partners. He also possesses scientific expertise in Starship Engineering. Barrett’s proficiency in engineering makes him an invaluable addition to your ship during space battles.

He excels in operating Particle Beam weapon systems, Robotics, and Gastronomy, further enhancing your capabilities in various aspects of your spacefaring journey.

  • Expertise in Starship Engineering.
  • Knowledge of Particle Beam Weapon Systems.
  • Robotic Expertise.
  • Gastronomy Skills.
  • Supportive Nature.

  • Lack of effectiveness in close-range combat.
  • Not always immediately available.
  • Underdeveloped Romantic Scene.
  • Dependent on Specific Assignments.
  • Potential for Moral Conflicts.


Best Companion For Outposts.

Why did I Choose Andreja?

Andreja is one of the best companions when it comes to stealth or pickpocketing.

Andreja is one of the companions players can meet and is a fairly mysterious character. She is a character that mostly operates solo, finds it hard to trust people, and works more so in the shadows.

This makes her perfect for stealth gameplay, and her skills further benefit the player. The skills include Stealth and theft, which are great for general stealth exploration.

Additionally, her other two skills aid her in both ground and space combat with Energy Weapon Systems and Particle Beam proficiencies.

  • Unique Characteristics.
  • Customizable Affinity.
  • Multiple Platforms.
  • Interactive Dialogues.
  • Integrated Storyline.

  • Limited Customization.
  • Dependent on Player Interactions.
  • Potential for Confusion.
  • Lack of Detail.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Andromeda Kepler: Her lack of skills and the high cost of recruitment is why I do not prefer her as my companion.
  2. Betty Howser: She is not a potential option for Romance, and Betty has stayed a former bounty hunter which can lead to conflicts in her story.
  3. Ezekiel: He is available for a limited time during gameplay, so you do not get to spend more time with Ezekiel. 
  4. Amelia Earhart: Lacks Personal Development and her interaction options are restricted, as she can’t be romanced.
  5. VASCO: This is not a perfect companion for combat, as VASCO dislikes violence, so he lacks the aggressiveness required during a fight.

My Verdict On The Best Companions

Starfield can get lonely, but luckily companions exist to accompany them through their journey. In my opinion, I covered those companions that have more interaction with you and have greater benefits. For instance, Barrett is your best ship companion, as he will help you fix the ship in need and give proper instructions. Similarly, Sam Coe offers great support during combat, as he leads the way and knows how to win. Following the pattern, all the companions I have listed are top notch and I advise you to consider them in your gameplay.

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