Starfield: Best Engines [Expert’s Picks]

After playing Starfield for more than 40+ hours, I have shared a comprehensive overview of the different types of best engines available in Starfield, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to optimize them for your spaceship.

StarField Best Engines
Starfield Best Engines - Complete Guide.
About The Author

With over 40+ hours in Starfield, Shoaib brings a hands-on approach to the information he shares, offering you a genuine understanding of the game.

One of the most important aspects of Starfield is its unique engine system, which allows players to customize and upgrade their spaceships. Different engines have different advantages and disadvantages, such as speed, maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and noise level.

In this guide, I will explore some of the best engines available and how to obtain them.

Key Takeaways

  • I recommend SA-4330, Ares DT60, SAL-6330, Amun Dunn-X 300, and Zephyr 3000 as Best Engines.
  • Each engine has its advantages and disadvantages. These Engines can be achieved at various levels.
  • Players must be very analytical while choosing the right engine for their type of ship build
  • Multiple engines can be added to the ship for an efficient experience. 

Here, you can find all the best engines I recommend and what they offer.

Engines In Starfield
Engines In Starfield [Captured By Us]

1. SA-4330 Engine

Best Engine for Lightweight Build.

Why did I Choose the SA-4330 Engine?

I chose the SA-4330 as the best engine for its efficient speed and lightweight build. It strikes a good balance for various ship builds, especially for those at Level 45, providing the necessary thrust without compromising on maneuverability.

As engines help you have the most efficient speed at the time it is most needed, and that is fighting against the different enemies that you have to keep on encountering while going through the warp in the outer unknown space.

SA-4330 Engine is one of the 5 engines that can help you achieve this. For you to achieve any engine, you need to get to level 45 so that you can utilize most of the engines that you may need in the future to fight off your nemesis.

This type of engine is quite similar to the Ares DT60 Engine, both being class A engines that can provide you with a relatively lighter weight build, unlike most of the engines that you can find. 

Max Power2
Engine Thrust15240
Manoeuvring Thrust3220
RequirementsRank 4 Starship Design
LocationsAkila City, Stroud-Eklund Strayard, Hopetown, Red Mile, Neon

Stats table for SA-4330 Engine

  • Efficient Speed.
  • Lightweight Build.
  • Accessible at Level 45.

  • Moderate Max Power.

2. Ares DT60 Engine

Best Engine for Early-Game.

Why did I Choose the Ares DT60 Engine?

I chose Ares DT60 as the best engine for its early accessibility and power efficiency. It’s suitable for players in the early stages, allowing them to progress efficiently through various levels while maintaining a balanced thrust capacity.

I have the ARES DT60 engine for the ranking here in the Best category because, Unlike the SA-4330 Engine, Ares can be unlocked at level 35, which can give you a decent amount of stats to complete most of the levels until you reach higher levels and keep on unlocking more engines to play with.

One of the few good things about this Ares engine is that it has less max power than compared to many other engines, as you can see in the below stats table; this enables the players to be able to install more engines at one time, Making your build more power efficient and hence increasing your overall thrust capabilities.

Max Power2
Engine Thrust14000
Manoeuvring Thrust2600
RequirementsRank 3 Starship Design
LocationsNew Atlantis, Stroud-Eklund Strayard, Cydonia, Gagarin Landing, The Den, Deimos Strayard, New Homestead, Neon

Stats table for Ares DT60 Engine

  • Early Unlock.
  • Power Efficiency.
  • Accessible at Level 35.

  • Lower Max Power.

3. SAL-6330 Engine

Best Engine for Highest Thrust.

Why did I Choose the SAL-6330 Engine?

I chose SAL-6330 as the best engine for its unparalleled thrust capacity and build versatility. Despite its heavy mass, the benefits of speed and agility make it a must-have for an exceptional ship in Starfield.

Sal is one of the most underrated engines that will only be unlocked at Rank 4 starship design at level 60. Now, why, you may ask? Well, that’s because it’s one of the heaviest engines that you can use, BUT trust me, it is to be ranked third for very obvious reasons.

SAL-6330 engine will enable your ship to outstand all of the ships you can experience in this game, as it provides you with the highest thrust in the whole game, resulting in more agility and speed. Hence, SAL-6330 enables you to build up 6 more engines on top,

For your build to be THE BEST ONE out there, it is a must to have SAL-6330 once in a while in your gameplay. Also, considering the stats SAL-6330 provides us with, they are just from outer space.

Max Power2
Engine Thrust18000
Manoeuvring Thrust7800
RequirementsRank 4 Starship Design, Class C Reactor
LocationsAkila City, Stroud-Eklund Strayard, Hopetown, Red Mile, Neon

Stats for SAL-6330 Engine

  • Highest Thrust.
  • Build Versatility.
  • Accessible at Level 60.

  • Heavy Mass.

4. Amun Dunn-X 300 Engine

Best Engine for a Balanced Build.

Why did I Choose the Amun Dunn-X 300 Engine?

I chose the Amun Dunn-X 300 as the best engine for its widespread availability and balanced build. Its lightweight nature and compatibility with powerful engines make it a preferred choice for many players, contributing to a well-rounded ship.

The Second best engine in my opinion that you can get in Starfield is the Amun Dunn-X 300 Engine. It is a C-class engine that is also unlocked at level 60 and needs a Rank 4 starship design, similar to the SAL-6330 Engine that I talked about above.

But one thing that distinguishes Amun Dunn-X 300 Engine from others is that you can easily find it with almost every technician that you can find in Starfield, hence players tend to utilize Amun Dunn-X 300 more comparatively to other engines.

Unlike SAL, the Amun Dunn-X 300 Engine is much lighter in weight and can be paired up with 2 more powerful engines, making it the perfect balance for fighting your enemy while being swift on your speed.

Max Power3
Engine Thrust25890
Manoeuvring Thrust8400
RequirementsRank 4 Starship Design, Class C Reactor
LocationsNew Atlantis, Akila City, Stroud-Eklund Strayard, Cydonia, Gagarin Landing, Hopetown, Red Mile, The Den, Deimos Strayard, New Homestead

Stats table for Amun Dunn-X 300 Engine

  • Widespread Availability.
  • Balanced Build.
  • Accessible at Level 60.

  • Moderate Max Power.

5. Poseidon DT-230

Best Engine for Class C Upgrade.

Why did I Choose Poseidon DT-230?

I chose the Poseidon DT-230 as the best engine for its unmatched thrust capacity and Class C upgrade. While it requires credits for unlocking, the speed and power it provides make it a worthy choice for players seeking the fastest ship.

The last and final engine I will talk about today is the Poseidon DT-230. This monster is the one everyone needs to experience. It’s like both beauty and the beast. Poseidon DT-230 can be unlocked at level 57 and also at rank 4 starship design. It’s a class C engine, which is the most upgraded version of engines you can find.

Its stats make Poseidon DT-230 an outstanding one with extremely intense thrust capacity, making it THE fastest ship engine in this gameplay.

However, with greater pros, there are some cons to having Poseidon. To avail of the Poseidon DT-230 engine, you need to have a certain amount of credits. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock and play with it.

Max Power4
Engine Thrust34520
Manoeuvring Thrust11600
RequirementsRank 4 Starship Design, Class C Reactor
LocationsNew Atlantis, Stroud-Eklund Strayard, Cydonia, Gagarin Landing, The Den, Deimos Strayard, New Homestead, Neon

Stats table for Poseidon DT-230

  • Top-tier Thrust.
  • Class C Upgrade.
  • Accessible at Level 57.

  • Requires Credits for Unlocking.

Comparison Table for All Engines

Here is a comparison table of my best Engines in Starfield. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

AMUN-1Amun DunnA256601550500.2551004370None
AMUN-2Amun DunnA274401830610.255995890None
AMUN-3Amun DunnA292001900710.255987885None
AMUN-4Amun DunnA2108001960790.2559710260Starship Design (Rank 1)
ARES DT10PanoptesA256601800450.255904370None
ARES DT20PanoptesA274401950550.255895795None
ARES DT30PanoptesA292002050640.255887695None
ARES DT40PanoptesA2108002200710.2558710070Starship Design (Rank 1)
ARES DT50PanoptesA2124002430770.2558613395Starship Design (Rank 2)
ARES DT60PanoptesA2140002600830.2558517765Starship Design (Rank 3)
WHITE DWARF 1000ReladyneA346502445480.2551003325None
WHITE DWARF 1010ReladyneA379502535480.255994227None
WHITE DWARF 1020ReladyneA388502650480.255994560None
WHITE DWARF 2000ReladyneA3105001785580.255985272None
WHITE DWARF 2010ReladyneA3113402130670.255976032None
WHITE DWARF 2020ReladyneA3121802400670.255976555Starship Design (Rank 1)
WHITE DWARF 3000ReladyneA3152702820750.255969215Starship Design (Rank 1)
DUNN-11Amun DunnB31422031501020.2551509690None
DUNN-21Amun DunnB31554033001060.25514911210Starship Design (Rank 1)
HERCULES DT110PanoptesB3142203300920.2551459215None
HERCULES DT120PanoptesB3155404050950.25514410735Starship Design (Rank 1)
NOVA 1000ReladyneB31287033751000.2551458692None
NOVA 1010ReladyneB31407035401050.2551449975Starship Design (Rank 1)
AMUN DUNN X-100Amun DunnC31953066001440.25534022135Starship Design (Rank 1)
POSEIDON DT210PanoptesC42604076001290.25533619380Starship Design (Rank 1)
SUPERNOVA 2000ReladyneC31767064501360.25533418145Starship Design (Rank 1)
AMUN-5Amun DunnA2124002040860.2559613585Starship Design (Rank 2)
AMUN-6Amun DunnA2140002120930.2559518050Starship Design (Rank 3)
AMUN-7Amun DunnA2154002200970.2559423180Starship Design (Rank 3)
WHITE DWARF 2030ReladyneA3130202700670.255977172Starship Design (Rank 2)
WHITE DWARF 3010ReladyneA3176702940820.2559512065Starship Design (Rank 2)
WHITE DWARF 3015ReladyneA3204603150410.2559515295Starship Design (Rank 4)
WHITE DWARF 3020ReladyneA3199203060880.2559415770Starship Design (Rank 2)
WHITE DWARF 3030ReladyneA3219303210920.2559319950Starship Design (Rank 3)
DUNN-31Amun DunnB31767036001110.25514813965Starship Design (Rank 2)
DUNN-41Amun DunnB31992042001160.25514717955Starship Design (Rank 3)
DUNN-51Amun DunnB32217047401220.25514623370Starship Design (Rank 3)
DUNN-61Amun DunnB32430049501270.25514529830Starship Design (Rank 3)
DUNN-71Amun DunnB32658052501330.25514439140Starship Design (Rank 4)
HERCULES DT130PanoptesB3176704050990.25514313300Starship Design (Rank 2)
HERCULES DT140PanoptesB31992031501040.25514216720Starship Design (Rank 3)
HERCULES DT150PanoptesB32217037501090.25514121755Starship Design (Rank 3)
HERCULES DT160PanoptesB32430046501140.25514028405Starship Design (Rank 4)
NOVA 1020ReladyneB31608037201100.25514312160Starship Design (Rank 2)
NOVA 1030ReladyneB31806039151150.25514214915Starship Design (Rank 3)
NOVA 1040ReladyneB32019042001210.25514118905Starship Design (Rank 3)
NOVA 1050ReladyneB32217045001260.25514023655Starship Design (Rank 4)
AMUN DUNN X-200Amun DunnC32124072001500.25533826790Starship Design (Rank 3)
AMUN DUNN X-300Amun DunnC32589084001560.25533642845Starship Design (Rank 4)
POSEIDON DT220PanoptesC42832096001350.25533524415Starship Design (Rank 3)
POSEIDON DT230PanoptesC434520116001400.25533440280Starship Design (Rank 4)
SUPERNOVA 2100ReladyneC32112070501420.25533425080Starship Design (Rank 3)
SUPERNOVA 2200ReladyneC32577076501480.25533339900Starship Design (Rank 4)

Comparison Table.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. WHITE DWARF 2000: While it offers a decent thrust, its lower max power might limit overall ship capabilities compared to other options.
  2. DUNN-21: The higher mass may impact overall ship agility, and there are lighter options available with similar thrust.
  3. WHITE DWARF 3010: Maneuverability is a crucial factor; this engine’s moderate maneuvering thrust makes it less versatile for certain playstyles.
  4. HERCULES DT150: Similar to the WHITE DWARF 3010, its moderate maneuvering thrust may limit its suitability for certain ship builds that require high agility.
  5. DUNN-41: The higher mass could impact the ship’s overall responsiveness and agility, and there are lighter options with similar thrust.
  6. NOVA 1040: Similar to other engines with moderate maneuvering thrust, it is not the optimal choice for players prioritizing agility.
  7. SUPERNOVA 2100: While it has high engine thrust, the lower maneuvering thrust may limit its suitability for players who value nimble and agile ship movements.

What Would I Recommend?

While all the engines mentioned in this guide are recommended by me, I still prefer to go with SA-4330 Engine as it’s highly efficient and provides a great speed boost which is a game changer while you’re in space. I hope that you will find this guide beneficial and will pick the right engine for your Ships.

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