Starfield BEST Faction [Definitive Guide]

Having invested 40+ hours in Starfield, there are 12 factions, with 5 key factions you can join. However, what is the Best Starfield Faction to join?

Starfield Best Faction

Factions are like organized groups of people who have a matching set of beliefs. Furthermore, they have control over some locations in Starfield. Here is a guide on all 12 Factions in Starfield and which is the Best Faction to join.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 12 factions in Starfield, and 5 of these are the main factions you can join. Seven others are there to flesh out the plot and story. You can’t join them.
  • Joining Factions is not required to finish the game; however, doing so can give you access to faction-specific loot, shop discounts, new star systems, and other goodies.
  • You can join a faction by completing specific Faction Missions from the Missions Menus.
  • You can join all five main factions in Starfield; however, you may face some trouble if there is a conflict of interest between factions.
  • There is no Best Faction in Starfield, as you can join all of them and take advantage of them.
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What Is A Starfield Faction?

Starfield Best Faction
There are five main factions in Starfield (Captured by us)

As mentioned, Factions have power over specific locations in the Starfield universe alongside matching beliefs and values. There are 12 factions in Starfield. You can join 5 of these. The rest of the seven factions are there to flesh out the plot and story of Starfield. There is a lot of merit to joining factions such as:

  • Access to Faction-specific resources.
  • Discounts on specific goods and services.
  • Rewards from Faction-specific missions and storylines.
  • Access to more Star Systems and other locations.
  • Friendly access to faction territories without any threat of Hostile faction attacks.
  • Having members from another faction travel with you as your Companions.
  • Achievements for joining factions such as the ‘Back to the Grind’ achievement for joining the Ryujin Industries Faction.

You are not required to join a faction as it is not an integral part of the game. However, Starfield is an expansive ARPG, and it would be well worth your time to explore all it has to offer, such as the factions and how they tie the storyline and plot together, as there will be many fun characters you will interact with through your faction journey.

How To Join A Starfield Faction?

When you start Starfield, you are aligned with the Constellation Faction by default, but you can change your faction later in the game. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open up your missions menu and look for Faction Missions.
  2. You can open up the Faction tabs or sort all your missions to view Faction-specific missions and which faction they are a part of.
  3. Start a mission for any one of the factions.
  4. Complete the said mission. It does not matter what choices you made during the mission, as the outcome will remain the same and unlock the next mission for that faction.
  5. Continue this process until you have completed all possible faction missions and have been officially invited into the faction.

It should be noted that joining 1 faction may affect your relationships with another faction. However, this does not mean you will be barred from joining other Factions. You can join all the 5 major factions in Starfield. On the other hand, joining all the factions could cause some trouble when there is a conflict of interest between factions.

What Are Faction Missions

I’ve briefly talked about faction missions. Completing them is the route to joining any faction. You need to complete each faction’s mission in a sequence. For example, if you want to join the Crimson Fleet Faction, you must complete the ‘Deep Cover’ Mission and start the ‘Rock Meets King’ Mission.

The first faction mission is usually an initiation sequence involving you visiting the faction’s main headquarters. Here is a list of the Faction Missions for all 5 key factions.

Crimson Fleet Faction Missions

  1. Deep Cover
  2. Rook Meets King
  3. Burden of Proof
  4. Echoes of the Past
  5. Breaking the Bank
  6. The Best There Is
  7. Absolute Power
  8. Eye of the Storm
  9. Legacy’s End

Freestar Collective Faction Missions

  1. Job Gone Wrong
  2. Deputized
  3. Where Hope is Built
  4. Shadows in Neon
  5. Surgical Strike
  6. On the Run
  7. First to Fight, First to Die
  8. The Hammer Falls

Ryujin Industries Faction Missions

  1. Back to the Grind
  2. One Step Ahead
  3. A New Narrative
  4. Access is Key
  5. Sowing Discord
  6. Accidents Happen
  7. Maintaining the Edge
  8. Top Secrets
  9. Background Checks
  10. Guilty Parties
  11. The Key Ingredient
  12. Sabotage
  13. Executive Level

United Colonies Faction Missions

  1. Supra et Ultra
  2. Grunt Work
  3. Delivering Devils
  4. Eyewitness
  5. Friends Like These
  6. The Devils You Know
  7. War Relics
  8. Hostile Intelligence
  9. A Legacy Forged

What Are Faction Territories?

As you already know, Factions control specific locations in the Starfield universe. These locations can include Planets, Star Systems, or any general location. Such areas are Faction Territories, and you can see which faction owns an area by hovering over a destination and looking in the top right corner.

Moreover, if some faction is hostile against you, their faction indicator will be a red color. This means the faction is aggressive, and if you enter their territory, it will result in combat. So avoid entering such areas if you are not prepared to start a fight with a faction. These Hostile Factions can become friendly with you if you do some of their Faction missions.

Best Faction In Starfield

This guide has already clarified that you can join all the 5 critical factions in Starfield. Hence, Starfield has no Best Faction, as you can’t have a best when everyone can share the same pedestal. However, let’s list all the 5 key and 7 other factions in detail so you know what you’re getting into.

# Faction Type Description Capital Initiation Mission
1 Constellation Major Exploration Organization The Lodge,
New Atlantis
(Default Faction)
2 United Colonies Major Republic New Atlantis, Jemison,
Alpha Centauri
Supra Et Ultra
3 Ryujin Industries Major Corporation Neon Back to the Grind
4 Crimson Fleet Major Pirate Armada The Key, Kryx Deep Cover
5 Freestar Collective Major Confederation Akila City, Akila,
6 Argos Extractors Minor Miners N/A N/A
7 Ecliptic Mercenaries Minor Professional Mercenaries N/A N/A
8 Enlightened Minor Religious Group N/A N/A
9 House Of Va’ruun Minor Cult N/A N/A
10 Sanctum Universum Minor Religious Group N/A N/A
11 Spacers Minor Criminals N/A N/A
12 Xenofresh Corporation Minor Construction Company N/A N/A

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