Starfield: Best Iron Farms [Definitive Guide]

Whether you need iron for crafting, trading, or upgrading your spaceship, these farms will provide you with plenty of it. In this guide you will learn how to get tons of iron in Starfield with these amazing farms.

Starfield Best Iron Farm
Starfield: Best Iron Farms

Iron is one of the most important materials because it’s used in crafting several essential components. Hence, there is ample need for this while exploring the outer space. This guide covers the best iron farms, so your supply will never run out.

Key Takeaways

  • The most common Iron farms in Starfield include destroying asteroids and collecting their remains.
  • Exploring Iron-rich planets will also be beneficial as you can manually extract Iron using the Laser Cutter.
  • The most efficient method is constructing bases on planets and placing extractors there to collect Iron.
  • Some merchants also sell Iron, and you can buy it from them.

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Destroying Asteroids

Easiest Iron Farm.

Why did I Choose Destroying Asteroids Iron Farm?

It is the most accessible farm, as you can always find asteroids to shoot when traveling in space.

The most basic and easy way to get your hands on this material is to destroy the wandering asteroids in outer space. Just go to any asteroid belt, shoot them using your ship’s missile launchers or lasers, and then collect iron from the remains. There are a few places where you can get an ample amount without much effort.

  • The first is the Cheyenne System, found near the Moon, known as Hardpoint, and it orbits around Navaha.
  • Another one is around the Etherea planet present in the Wolf System. You can’t land there as it’s a gas giant, but the asteroid belt around it is pretty rich in materials.

Before going on this quest, I recommend upgrading your ship’s components like storage capacity and weapons. You can efficiently mine resources and transport more on each voyage.

It’s one of the best ways to farm Iron, as it doesn’t require setting up any other equipment like extractors or outposts.

  • Ease of Access.
  • Variety of Materials.
  • Size Dependency.

  • Time Consumption.
  • Unpredictability.
  • Risk of Damage.

Exploring Planets

Best Iron Farm For Beginners.
resource collection for placing modules
Scanning Planets for Resources | Image Taken By: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Exploring Planets Iron Farm?

Although it is a time-consuming farm, many potential planets contain a lot of iron for you to collect.

If you do not like destroying asteroids, you can start visiting planets with sufficient resources. There are several planets with a lot of Iron waiting for you to extract it.

However, this method might get a little tedious as it requires you to farm the ores using your Laser Cutters manually.

To see the amount of minerals in a planet, you can scan it, and it will reveal them. Each one will be marked with its distinctive color showing its ores on the surface, and then you can plan your landing location accordingly. Iron’s symbol is Fe, and you can identify it easily on the surface.

  • Many planets have abundant iron sources.
  • Gather resources Efficiently.
  • Provides a sense of exploration and discovery.

  • Time Consuming, as there are too many planets.
  • Laser Cutters take a lot of time to cut the iron manually.

Best Planets For Iron Farming:

The following planets are the best places to explore with more than enough Iron ores. For starters, Sol System’s Moons have abundant resources, so make sure to check them out first.

LunaSolEarth's Moon
CallistoSolJupiter's Moon
IoSolJupiter's Moon
HardpointCheyenneNavaha's Moon
BelwahCheyenneNavaha's Moon
CodosCheyenneAkila's Moon
CraggCheyenneFenn's Moon
PodiusNarionDanra's Moon
AndraphonNarionSumati's Moon
KreetNarionAnselon's Moon
Tau Ceti VIII-bTau CetiTau Ceti VIII's Moon
Porrima IPorrimaPlanet
Porrima IV-CPorrimaPorrima IV's Moon

Best Planets for Iron Farms in Starfield

Building Outpost & Extractor

Most Efficient Iron Farm.
Placing different Modules for Outposts & Extractors
Placing different Modules for Outposts & Extractors | Image Taken By: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Building Outpost & Extractor Iron Farm?

Building is the most creative farming method, as you get to decide how you want to generate and store your resources.

This method upscales the Iron production significantly compared to the previous ones. Explore and scan the iron-rich celestial bodies and set up an outpost for this. Building an outpost will ensure that the Iron you mine is stored safely.

You can even automate this process by building extractors near the outposts. They will do all the hard work for you, and you can empty them occasionally so they don’t overflow.

Constructing these requires some resources beforehand; hence, you can get the initial minerals using the above-mentioned methods.

  • Sustainable Resource Gathering.
  • Increased Production Rate. 

  • Initial Cost and Time.
  • Space Requirement.

How To Build Extractor?

You require Iron, Tungsten, Aluminum, and a Power source to set up an extractor.

  1. Firstly, build a few Power sources like Solar Array, Wind Turbine, or Generator to power up your buildings.
  2. Then, place the extractor at the desired locations and connect it to the Power source.
  3. You must check manually and remove all the materials it extracts so it doesn’t fill its storage.
  4. You can add a Storage Unit and connect it to the extractor to further enhance the setup.
  5. This way, all the materials will be automatically saved there, and you can access them easily.

Buying From Merchant

Fastest Iron Farm.
Merchant on Mars - Denis Averin
Merchant on Mars – Denis Averin | Image Taken by: VeryAli Gaming

Why did I Choose Buying From Merchant Iron Farm?

If you have enough currency, then this makes one of the quickest farms, as you only have to visit a merchant and keep purchasing iron in bulk.

There is an option to buy the items from various vendors and merchants in Starfield. There are a lot of merchants scattered across different locations. Moreover, Iron is surprisingly cheap and common; therefore, you can get one Iron for 8 credits from almost anywhere.

This method is worth it when you want to get some Iron for construction and don’t have a decent Iron source setup. If one merchant runs out of supplies, you can spend 24 hours in-game waiting or doing other stuff and then come back to check the latest stock. Look out for these merchants in the game to buy Iron:

Vendor NameLocationPlanet
Midtown MineralsAkila CityAkila
UC Distribution CenterNew AtlantisJemison
Jemison MercantileNew AtlantisJemison
Mining LeagueNeonVolii Alpha
Denis AverinCydoniaMars

Iron Vendors Starfield

  • Convenience.
  • Time-efficient.

  • Cost.
  • Dependency.

My Opinion On The Best Iron Farm

In my experience, Iron Farming is very important for resource gathering and you must know how to do it fast. For starters, I suggest you start by taking down asteroids, and then later, once you have enough level and resources, you can upgrade to the better options. Hence, I advise you to focus on creativity and start building outposts for generating and storing iron, as it is sustainable and you keep receiving the resource in an infinite loop.

Keep trying all the listed methods and stick with the one that suits you the most.

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