Starfield Best Laser Weapons [Pistols & Rifles]

After playing Starfield for 40+ hours, I found that there are various laser weapons in Starfield, and they have immense firepower. The best ones, in my opinion, include Unmitigated Violence and Ember.

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Starfield: Best Laser Weapons
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With more than 100 hours invested in Starfield, Shoaib offers you a firsthand look at the game, ensuring the information he provides is based on practical experience.

Laser Weapons are unique in a few aspects, fun to play with, and also deal heavy damage, but the ideal ones ensure you stand out victorious in battles. You will find most of them as some quest’s reward or lying in a storage box. Here, I will review the best laser weapons in Starfield with decent damage and other stats.

Key Takeaways

  • The significant differentiating aspect in these is the output damage and then the Magazine Size and Mass.
  • Unmitigated Violence is the overall best Laser Weapon, considering its immense energy damage.
  • In the Pistols category, Solstice and Ember stand out as the better options.
  • The rest of the good Laser Rifles include Orion and Equinox.

Best Laser Pistols

Starfield: Best Laser Pistols
Best Laser Pistols | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
Laser PistolDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyMag. SizeAmmoMassValueMod Slots
SolsticeENGY 10253069.3%161.5KV LZR1.3019607
EmberENGY 12252473.6%161.5KV LZR2.9027357

Best Laser Pistols


Best Laser Weapon for Early-game.

Why did I Choose Solstice?

I chose Solstice for its availability early in the game, making it a reliable sidearm for players starting their Starfield journey.

Solstice takes this point as one of the best early weapons you can scavenge from spacer enemies. Although the damage is only 10, it proves to be decent enough for the beginning missions. If you are lucky, you may find its upgraded version as well.

Looking into the other stats, it uses the standard 1.5KV LZR ammo and has a fire rate of 25 with 69.3% accuracy. Since it’s a pistol, it’s pretty lightweight to carry around. You will find it fruitful for close to mid-range combats.

How To Unlock:

One way to obtain this is to find it in the weapon boxes, storage boxes, crates, or enemies’ hands in Abandoned Mines, Abandoned Hangers, and Deserted UC Listening Posts. You may require Digipick or Security Skill to unlock these. Another workaround is to buy it by spending credits from the shops in New Atlantis, Neon, and other major places.

There is a chance that you might find some rare mod on it. Its various variants include many useful effects like Radioactive, Furious, and much more, greatly increasing its effectiveness in battles.

  • Decent Early-Game Weapon.
  • Easy to carry, allowing for quick movements.
  • Versatile Ammo.

  • Moderate Damage, limiting its effectiveness later in the game.


Best Laser Weapon for Mid-game Firepower.

Why did I Choose Ember?

I chose Ember for its improved stats over Solstice, making it a valuable choice for mid-game encounters.

Ember comes out to be one of the decent Laser Weapons in Starfield, surpassing Solstice in terms of damage and accuracy. However, the cost for these improvements is the shorter range and more mass. Nonetheless, it still comes out to be an adequate firearm and has a great value of 2735.

Ember is a modified version of Solstice; hence, it works on the same 1.5KV LZR ammo. Their differences aren’t much, but it is better than its successor in combat.

How To Unlock:

The first method is to complete the Ryujin Industries Quest Line, giving this weapon as a reward. In this quest, choose the “Tell me about this side job” option when talking to Simon while convincing him.

Later on, engage in peaceful talks with Malai to make her board the ship, and then you retrieve Ember from her by killing or persuading her.

You can also obtain it from the Deadrock Mining Outpost, which is present in the New Atlantis.

  • Surpasses Solstice in damage and accuracy.
  • Obtainable as a reward from the Ryujin Industries Quest Line.

  • Sacrifices range for increased damage.
  • Limited versatility.

Best Laser Rifles

Starfield: Best Laser Rifles
Starfield: Best Laser Rifles | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
Laser RifleDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyMag. SizeAmmoMassValueMod Slots
Unmitigated ViolenceENGY 125335277%503KV LZR10.65227507
OrionENGY 27336078.70%503KV LZR6.7575327
EquinoxENGY 13505070.2%203KV LZR3.2024087

Best Laser Rifles

Unmitigated Violence

Best Laser Weapon for Devastating Firepower.

Why did I Choose Unmitigated Violence?

I chose Unmitigated Violence for its unmatched damage output, making it a game-changer in battles.

Turning towards the Laser rifles, Unmitigated Violence, also known as the Hunter’s Rifle, is surely the best weapon in every aspect of Starfield. The primary characteristic that makes it stand on top is the immense damage of ENGY 125, which no other firearm of this category comes close to. Additionally, it has an exceptional range of 52m combined with an accuracy of 77%.

This gun’s value is also very high because of its insane stats, but it’s not wise to sell it. The major drawback of Unmitigated Violence is the enormous mass of 10.65, which makes it a heavy weapon. Hence, it greatly affects the player’s movement, but the merits are worth it.

How To Unlock:

Unlocking Unmitigated Violence is a bit tricky as it requires you to complete a difficult mission, and it’s the only way. To get it, kill the Hunter in the Revelation Main Quest. For this, you must take the side of The Emissary in the Unearthed Main Quest, which will eventually lead to your battle with the Hunter.

If you skip this fight, you will not be able to get this later on. Move forward and start the battle straightforward. Once you defeat him, you will get the unique gun.

  • Boasts an immense damage of ENGY 125.
  • Long Range and High Accuracy.
  • Unique Quest Reward.

  • Has a heavy mass of 10.65, affecting player movement.


Best Laser Weapon for Precision Marksmanship.

Why did I Choose Orion?

I chose Orion for its balanced stats, suitable for players preferring a semi-automatic laser rifle.

In my opinion, I will rank the Orion second to Unmitigated Violence with the only major downside of damage. This gun shoots lasers with a high accuracy of 78.7% and does 27 damage. You can get an upper hand in long-range battles thanks to its peak effective range of 60m.

Considering rifles, this one has a decent mass, making it neither too heavy nor too light and easy to carry around. It uses the same 3KV LZR ammo as the other laser rifles, and you can add up to 7 mods. It is a semi-automatic rifle, while others in this guide are fully auto.

How To Unlock:

Orion is obtainable by exploring the planets and their sites. You can find it on any level or part of the game’s story. It may be present in storage crates and loot boxes, or it may even be dropped by enemies when you will them. Depending on your character’s level, you might come across several variants with different mods.

  • High Accuracy is effective in long-range engagements.
  • Features a balanced mass.
  • Exploration Reward.

  • Does 27 damage, slightly lower than the top-tier laser rifles.


Best Laser Weapon for Aggressive Mid-range Assaults.

Why did I Choose Equinox?

I chose Equinox for its rapid-fire capabilities, making it ideal for players who prefer aggressive playstyles.

Equinox is a high fire rate weapon, with reasonable damage of 13 only. However, you will dominate any mid-range fight when these two aspects are together. Considering its accuracy of 70.2%, it might not be as useful in long-range combats.

The magazine size is the only thing keeping it from becoming the second best. With the ammo capacity of just 20 bullets and a high fire rate, you will quickly end up reloading it. Therefore, it is advisable to play it mostly at close or mid-range rather than spraying and trying your luck at far-away enemies.

How To Unlock?

The two primary ways to get Equinox include defeating enemies and buying it at shops. Va’Ruun Zealots and Spacer enemies are your main target if you go hunting for this gun in outer space.

You can buy it from various shops such as Neon Tactical, Trade Authority, UC Surplus, Centurion Arsenal, and others.

If you are lucky, you can find this lying in weapon crates, racks, storage boxes, and safes. The variant you might get depends entirely on your character’s level and might have additional mods attached.

  • Offers a high fire rate, making it effective in mid-range encounters.
  • Decent Damage.
  • Obtainable by defeating enemies or purchasing from various shops.

  • Limited Magazine Size.

Best Laser Weapons Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table of my best Laser Weapons in Starfield . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

WeaponTypeDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyAmmoMag. SizeMassValueMod SlotsHow To Acquire
Unmitigated ViolenceLaser RifleENGY 125335277%3KV LZR5010.65227507Beat the Hunter in the "Unearthed" Main Quest by taking side of The Emissary.
OrionLaser RifleENGY 27336078.70%3KV LZR506.7575327Dropped by enemies
EquinoxLaser RifleENGY 13505070.2%3KV LZR203.2024087- Dropped by Enemies
- Explore Kreet Research Lab
Unrestrained VengeanceLaser RifleENGY 24336681.5%3KV LZR306.5580567Given by the Hunter after completing the "High Price to Pay" Main Quest .
Brawler's EquinoxLaser Rifle2 EM1805066.5%3KV LZR202.9094297Can be bought from Apex Electronics in The Well.
EmberLaser PistolENGY 12252473.6%1.5KV LZR162.9027357Complete Simon's Side Job in the "Top Secrets" Quest.
SolsticeLaser PistolENGY 10253069.3%1.5KV LZR161.3019607Can be bought from shops in:
- New Atlantis
- Akila City
- Neon City
Short CircuitLaser PistolENGY 10293266.5%1.5KV LZR224.5072827Can be bought from Best Defense in Polvo.

Comparison Table.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Starfield player, I would strongly recommend considering the Unmitigated Violence Laser Rifle for its unparalleled damage output. This top-tier laser rifle not only boasts an impressive ENGY 125 damage but also offers a substantial range and accuracy, making it a game-changer in battles.

While its heavy mass might impact your mobility, the unique quest reward adds a rewarding and challenging dimension to your overall gaming experience, making it a valuable asset for seasoned players seeking devastating firepower.

Additionally, for those seeking a reliable and powerful laser pistol, the Ember Laser Pistol stands out as a commendable choice, especially for mid-game encounters. Surpassing its predecessor, Solstice, in terms of damage and accuracy, Ember strikes a balance between effectiveness and versatility. 

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