Starfield Best Legendary Weapons: Pros, Cons, Unlock

I've played Starfield for more than 40+ hours and Legendary weapons in Starfield can be equipped with three Weapon Perks to boost their damage output and efficiency. Here are my top 10 best Starfield legendary weapons, their stats, and how to unlock them.

Starfield best legendary weapons.
The top 10 best legendary weapons in Starfield.
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I have spent more than 40+ hours playing Starfield. Hence, you can trust me with any information related to Starfield!

Starfield has over 50 new weapons with varying types and use cases. Of these, only a handful can be acquired with the “Legendary” rarity, which allows them to have three Weapon Perks. This guide lists the top 10 Starfield best legendary weapons, their Weapon Perks, and how to unlock them.

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Key Takeaways

  • In Starfield, weapons have several rarities, ranging from Common to Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Legendary weapons can be equipped with three Weapon Perks.
  • Of the several legendary weapons available in Starfield, I recommend the AA-99 as it’s quite easy to find, and its legendary variant can penetrate Armor.
  • The best Starfield legendary weapon is Eternity’s Gate. It’s always a guaranteed legendary weapon and deals more damage to humans.

10. Pacifier

Best Legendary Weapon for Explosive Close-Range Combat.

Why did I Choose Pacifier?

I chose the Pacifier as it excels in close-quarters combat, providing explosive damage and useful perks for dealing with various enemies, including disassembling robots and causing bleed effects.

Physical Damage81
Fire Rate20
Ammo1Sx25 CLL Shell

First up, we have the Pacifier. This is a short-range shotgun ideal that deals explosive damage on impact. It has a low firing rate and extremely low accuracy, all made up for by the fact that this Shotgun performs exceptionally well at close range.

Moreover, you can attach up to 6 Weapon Mods, which may help with the high recoil and low range. Despite being lightweight, each shot from its magazine carries weight and will obliterate enemies in your path.


The legendary version of the Pacifier can be equipped with the following Perks:

  • Disassembler: Robots receive 20% more damage.
  • Concussive: Each hit has a slight probability of knocking back foes.
  • Lacerate: Targets will randomly receive a bleed status defect.

How To Unlock

The Pacifier can be acquired randomly from looting crates and Spacer corpses. You’ll need to go out on your luck with this one and grind hard to find the legendary Pacifier.

  • Excellent at close range.
  • Explosive damage.
  • potential crowd control with knockback and bleed effects.

  • Low accuracy and firing rate.
  • May require adjustments with Weapon Mods.

9. Revenant

Best Legendary Weapon for Mid-Range Combat with Extended Magazine.

Why did I Choose Revenant?

I selected the Revenant for its versatility in mid-range combat, offering extended magazine capacity and reduced weight, making it suitable for extended engagements.

Physical Damage10
Fire Rate330
Ammo.50 MI

The Revenant is a legendary Rifle that you can find in the Eye of the Storm. This Rifle has a great range and high firing rate, complemented by its larger magazine size.

As a mid-range weapon, its accuracy is not exactly up to par. But with five available Weapon Mod slots, you can easily equip a recoil-reduction item. This gun weighs less than a kilogram, meaning you can go all out on heavier Armor and accessories.


The legendary version of the Revenant can have the following three Perks:

  • Extended Magazine: The base magazine capacity is doubled.
  • Titanium Build: Your weapon is much lighter since it’s made from Titanium.
  • Lacerate: Your targets receive a bleeding effect randomly.

How To Unlock

You will find the Revenant during the Crimson Fleet faction mission titled “Eye of the Storm.” Near the end of the task, you’ll enter a vault where you’ll find the Revenant lying on the table. It’s misseable. Hence, pick it up as soon as you can.

  • Great range.
  • High firing rate.
  • Extended magazine capacity.
  • Reduced weight.

  • Accuracy is not top-tier.

8. Bridger

Best Legendary Weapon for Armor Scaling & Elemental Effects.

Why did I Choose Bridger?

I chose The Bridger as it stood out with its massive damage and Armor-based scaling, making it a strong choice for dealing with tougher enemies.

TypeHeavy Weapon
Physical Damage127
Fire Rate5
Ammo40 MM XPL

The Bridger is a Heavy Weapon featured in Starfield that deals massive damage with each shot. It features a Physical damage output of 127 and a medium range perfect for dealing with those annoying Spacers.

The Bridger has a lower firing rate than most weapons. But it’s more than compensated by its higher accuracy, a rarity with Heavy Weapons of this caliber. Additionally, this grenade launcher can be upgraded with 6 Weapon Mods.


You can equip the following Perks on the legendary Bridger:

  • Berserker: The less Armor you have equipped, the more damage the Bridger will do.
  • Corrosive: The target will randomly receive Corrosive damage. Additionally, the target’s defense will be reduced over 6 seconds.
  • Elemental: You will randomly deal Radiation, Poison, Corrosive, and Incendiary damage.

How To Unlock

You can acquire the Bridger randomly from looting crates and Spacer corpses. I found it during the Mantis quest. But the location where you find the Bridger will be different for you.

  • Massive damage output.
  • Armor-based damage scaling.
  • Diverse elemental effects.

  • Lower firing rate.
  • Limited mobility due to weight.

7. Coachman

Best Legendary Weapon for Close-Range Damage with Knockdown.

Why did I Choose Coachman?

I chose The Coachman as it excels in punishing close-range encounters with its high damage output, knockdown chance, and bleed effects, making it effective against single targets.

Starfield Coachman.
The Coachman is the best legendary Shotgun. (Image captured by us)
Physical Damage71
Fire Rate47
AmmoCaseless Shell

The Coachman Shotgun is one of the Starfield best legendary weapons for its single-target damage. This highly close-range Shotgun is perfect for punishing enemies who dare to get too close.

Of course, as a shotgun, the accuracy is extremely low, meaning you shouldn’t use it against foes that are too far away. Additionally, it weighs a lot and can shoot two shots before reloading. It does let you equip up to seven Weapon Mods, though.


The legendary Coachman shotgun can be acquired with the following Perks:

  • Bashing: If you’re gun bashing, you deal twice the damage.
  • Concussive: You have a slight probability of knocking down enemies.
  • Lacerate: Targets get the bleed debuff randomly.
  • Cornered: Damage scales as health goes down.

How To Unlock

The Coachman can be bought from Zoe Kaminski in her shop at the Trade Authority, which you’ll find in the Well. The Well is the underground portion of New Atlantis on the planet Jamison within the Alpha Centauri system.

  • High close-range damage.
  • Knockdown chance.
  • Bleed effects & Scaling Damage.

  • Low accuracy & Limited Range.

6. Beowulf

Best Legendary Weapon for Armor-Penetrating Shots & Random Poison Damage.

Why did I Choose Beowulf?

I chose The Beowulf as it offers a balanced approach with armor-penetrating shots and extended magazine capacity, making it reliable in various combat scenarios.

Physical Damage49
Fire Rate50
Ammo7.77 MM

Another Rifle, the Beowulf, is the best choice for its balanced stats and Perks. Unlike the others in Starfield, this Rifle is not big on firing speed or range. However, it makes up for its higher single-target damage and thicker magazine.

Moreover, Beowulf features high accuracy when up close against the enemy. However, you’ll want more stability and range farther from the enemy. You can equip up to eight Weapon Mods on this Rifle, making it one of the more readily customizable weapons.


You can equip the following Weapon Perks on the Beowulf if you have the legendary version:

  • Shattering: You can penetrate all armors, even the strongest ones.
  • Extended Magazine: You receive twice the magazine capacity.
  • Poison: Targets will randomly receive Poison damage and also get slowed down.

How To Unlock

Beowulf can be acquired randomly from looting corpses of Pirate Marauders, Spacer Troublemakers, and Spacer Scrums. You can also buy Beowulf from the Centurion Arsenal, Rowland Arms, UC Surplus, Neon Tactical, UC Exchance, and Shepherd’s General Store.

  • Balanced stats.
  • Armor-penetrating shots.
  • Extended magazine capacity.
  • Random poison damage.

  • Not the fastest firing rate or longest range.

5. Experiment A-7

Best Legendary Weapon for High Damage Per Shot.

Why did I Choose Experiment A-7?

The Experiment A-7 stands out for its high damage per shot and increased magazine capacity, providing a balance between power and sustained fire.

Starfield Experiment A-7.
I prefer Experiment A-7 for its higher damage against aliens. (Image captured by us)
StatsExperiment A-7
Physical Damage119
Fire Rate10
Ammo15x25 CLL Shotgun Shell

The Experiment A-7 is one of Starfield’s best legendary weapons if you want more damage per shell. This Shotgun deals 119 Physical damage with each bullet and uses the 15×25 Cll Shell Ammo.

What sets the Experiment A-7 aside from other Shotguns is that it has a higher magazine capacity, letting you shoot non-stop at enemies. Moreover, you can equip a maximum of eight Weapon Mods on this weapon. It is pretty heavy, though, limiting your Armor choices.


You can apply the following Perks to the legendary Experiment A-7:

  • Exterminator: You deal 30% more damage to aliens.

How To Unlock

First, you’ll need to begin the Entangled mission. After talking to Rafael, you’ll have a chat with Ethan. You must convince him to give you the Experiment A-7.

  • High damage per shot.
  • Higher magazine capacity.
  • Suitable for sustained fire

  • Heavy, limiting armor choices.

4. Unmitigated Violence

Best Legendary Weapon for High Energy Damage & Versatile Perks.

Why did I Choose Unmitigated Violence?

I chose the Unmitigated Violence as it offers high energy damage and versatile perks, making it a merciless weapon against various enemies.

StatsUnmitigated Violence
TypeLaser Rifle
Energy Damage125
Fire Rate33
Ammo3KV LZR Cartridge

Unmitigated Violence is the first Laser Rifle on my list and the Starfield best legendary weapon. This Laser Rifle features useful Mods and Perks that help players melt through even the most formidable enemies.

For starters, it has an extremely high base Energy damage faired with a substantial magazine and a higher firing rate. Additionally, it can be used in mid-range to take down enemies without getting too close to them. Truly, Unmitigated Violence is a merciless weapon that makes foes pay for their mistakes.


The legendary version of Unmitigated Violence grants you three Perks:

  • Radioactive: You randomly deal Radioactive damage to some enemies. Foes also become demoralized for some time.
  • Frenzy: You have a probability to frenzy a target.
  • Instigating: If an enemy has full health, you deal twice the typical damage.

How To Unlock

The Unmitigated Violence Laser Rifle is found after you defeat the Hunter. The Hunter must be fought during the Revelation Main Quest. You must choose sides with the Emissary during the Unearthed mission to fight the Hunter. There is no other way to acquire this weapon.

  • High energy damage.
  • Extended magazine capacity.
  • Versatile perks for demoralizing foes and causing frenzy.

  • Requires defeating a specific enemy to obtain.

3. Microgun

Best Legendary Weapon for Rapid-Fire Damage.

Why did I Choose Microgun?

I chose The Microgun as its rapid-fire capability, increased magazine capacity, and crowd control potential with bleed effects makes it a formidable choice for close-quarters combat.

Starfield Microgun.
The Microgun is one of the fastest legendary weapons in Starfield. (Image captured by us)
TypeHeavy Weapon
Physical Damage12
Fire Rate350
Ammo7.77 MM

The Microgun is one of the best Heavy Weapons in Starfield. It has a high firing rate and works like a real-world Gatling gun. This also means it boasts a thick magazine that won’t run out until you’re done melting through enemies.

However, it does have very low accuracy, meaning you’ll need to get up close and personal with your foes. You can equip up to six Weapon Mods on this Heavy Weapon. It’s best when used for close to mid-range combat.


You can equip the following Perks on a legendary Microgun:

  • Instigating: Enemies at full health will receive twice the typical damage.
  • Extended Magazine: Magazine capacity is doubled.
  • Skip Shot: Every fourth shot fires two bullets simultaneously.
  • Lacerate: Your enemies randomly receive the bleed status debuff.

How To Unlock

You can quickly get the Micorgun when you first visit New Atlantis. You must go to New Atlantis when completing the “One Small Step” mission. The Microgun is displayed in a UC Surplus Store within the Well.

  • High firing rate.
  • Thick magazine capacity.
  • Bleed effects for crowd control.

  • Very low accuracy.

2. AA-99

Best Legendary Weapon for Armor Penetration & Damage Scaling.

Why did I Choose AA-99?

I chose the AA-99 as it offers rapid-fire damage, armor penetration, and damage scaling, making it effective for versatile combat scenarios, especially against enemies with less armor.

Physical Damage23
Fire Rate112
Ammo11 MM

AA-99 is one of Starfield’s best legendary weapons for its rapid-fire damage and high accuracy. This is a legendary Rifle that uses the 11 MM Casless Ammo. It features a large magazine paired with an incredible firing rate.

Moreover, with this weapon’s accuracy, you can shoot from afar and still get instant kills. The AA-99 can be upgraded with up to eight Weapon Mods. I suggest adding sights and stocks to better your aim at farther-away enemies.


The AA-99 can be acquired with the following Perks:

  • Handloading: Your magazine is replaced with volatile rounds that cause more damage but lack stability and may quickly fail.
  • Shattering: You can penetrate the strongest Armor.
  • Berserker: You deal more damage if you have less Armor equipped.

How To Unlock

Inside some abandoned UC listening posts, you can find two AA-99s in a tiny storage area. These can be found all over the Settled Systems on various planets. You’ll need to plunder and pilage to find the AA-99.

  • Rapid-fire damage.
  • Armor penetration.
  • Damage scaling with less armor.

  • Requires exploration and looting for acquisition.

1. Eternity’s Gate

Best Legendary Weapon with Legendary Status & Long-Range Capabilities.

Why did I Choose Eternity’s Gate?

I chose the Eternity’s Gate as it’s a guaranteed legendary weapon with long-range capabilities and additional perks, making it a top choice for players seeking a reliable and powerful weapon throughout the game.

StatsEternity's Gate
TypeParticle Beam Rifle
Physical Damage17
Energy Damage50
Fire Rate25
AmmoHeavy Particle Fuse

Eternity’s Gate is the best legendary weapon in Starfield because it’s always guaranteed legendary. This legendary variant of the Va’ruun Inflictor works like a Particle Beam Rifle. As such, it deals both Physical and Energy damage.

For a Particle Beam Rifle, it deals quite a lot of damage and has a more prominent magazine than most Rifles of this type. Moreover, you can shoot enemies accurately from much further away, making it the best long-range legendary weapon.


Eternity’s Gate comes with three Perks pre-equipped once you find it:

  • Skip Shot: Every fourth round shoots out two bullets instead of one.
  • Anti-Personnel: Humans receive 10% more damage.
  • Handloading: Your magazine is replaced with volatile rounds that deal more damage. But they are pretty unstable and have a chance to fail.

How To Unlock

Start the Revelation Main Quest and side with the Hunter during the Unearthed mission. You’ll need to fight the Emissary to acquire Eternity’s Gate.

  • Always guaranteed legendary.
  • Long-range capabilities.
  • Additional perks for increased damage and demoralizing foes.

  • Requires specific choices during the main quest for acquisition.

Best Legendary Weapons Comparison

Starfield best legendary weapons.
These are the best legendary weapons in Starfield. (Image captured by us)

Here is a Summary and comparison table of my best Legendary Weapons in Starfield . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

StatsBest forTypeDamageFire RateMagazineRangeMassAccuracyModsAmmo
Best Legendary Weapon: Eternity's GateBest Legendary Weapon with Legendary Status & Long-Range Capabilities.Particle Beam Rifle17 Phys 50 Engy2520605.1081.6%6Heavy Particle Fuse
Runner Up: AA-99Best Legendary Weapon for Armor Penetration & Damage Scaling.Rifle23 Phys11230403.0065.7%811 MM
2nd Runner Up: MicrogunBest Legendary Weapon for Rapid-Fire Damage.Heavy Weapon12 Phys3503204011.4047.2%67.77 MM
Unmitigated ViolenceBest Legendary Weapon for High Energy Damage & Versatile Perks.Laser Rifle125 Engy33505210.6577.0%73 KV LZR Cartridge
Experiment A-7Best Legendary Weapon for High Damage Per Shot.Shotgun119 Phys106206.9050.6%815x25 CLL Shotgun Shell
BeowulfBest Legendary Weapon for Armor-Penetrating Shots & Random Poison Damage.Rifle49 Phys5030402.0069.1%87.77 MM
CoachmanBest Legendary Weapon for Close-Range Damage with Knockdown.Shotgun71 Phys472203.0038.4$7Caseless Shell
BridgerBest Legendary Weapon for Armor Scaling & Elemental Effects.HEavy Weapon127 Phys54405.5063.4%640 MM XPL
RevenantBest Legendary Weapon for Mid-Range Combat with Extended Magazine.Rifle10 Phys330150440.1569.8%5.50 MI
PacifierBest Legendary Weapon for Explosive Close-Range Combat.Shotgun 81 Phys209202.7545.0%615x25 CLL Shotgun Shell
Keelhauler-Pistol64 Phys1406243.5070.10%6.43 MI
The Prime-Pistol84 Phys126483.6079.8%87.5 MM
Deadeye-Pistol70 Phys126402.3067.1%87.5 MM
Boom Boom-Shotgun68 Phys4020243.7543.3%8Caseless Shell

And that’s it for the Starfield legendary weapons. I went over just 10 of the best weapons in Starfield that can be found with a legendary variant. The Eternity’s Gate and AA-99 are the best choices for their higher damage output and beneficial Weapon Perks.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Gallow’s Reach: Gallow’s Reach might have its strengths, but it lacks the versatility or specific perks that makes other weapons more effective in various combat scenarios.
  2. Despondent Assassin: The Despondent Assassin may excel in certain aspects, but it falls short compared to the chosen weapons in terms of overall effectiveness, damage output, or utility.
  3. Memento Mori: Memento Mori might have its advantages, but it does not offer a unique combination of perks or features that sets it apart from the selected legendary weapons.
  4. Heller’s Cutter: Heller’s Cutter may be a powerful weapon, but it is sometimes outperformed by others in terms of damage, accuracy, or additional perks that enhance overall combat performance.
  5. Deadeye: Despite its strengths, does not provide a well-rounded set of features, making it less appealing compared to the chosen weapons in the list.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Starfield player, I would highly recommend prioritizing the acquisition of Eternity’s Gate. As the only guaranteed legendary weapon with long-range capabilities and additional perks like Skip Shot, Anti-Personnel, and Handloading, Eternity’s Gate offers unparalleled versatility and reliability in various combat scenarios. Its unique perks make it a top-tier choice for dealing with both human and non-human enemies, ensuring a powerful and demoralizing impact on your adversaries.

Additionally, the AA-99 stands out as a formidable choice for versatile combat situations. With its rapid-fire damage, armor penetration, and damage scaling based on less armor equipped, the AA-99 excels in providing consistent and effective firepower. Its high accuracy and large magazine capacity make it suitable for encounters at different ranges, allowing players to handle a wide range of foes with precision and efficiency. These two legendary weapons, Eternity’s Gate and AA-99, complement each other exceptionally well, offering a balanced and powerful arsenal for any experienced Starfield player.


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