Starfield: 6 BEST Melee Weapons

After investing more than 40 hours in Starfield, I am happy to share the best melee weapons I found in the game!

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Starfield: Best Melee Weapons
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I have spent more than 40+ hours playing Starfield. Hence, you can trust me with any information related to the best melee weapons in Starfield!

There are a total of 9 known Melee weapons. You must utilize Melee weapons for close-range combat if your primary and secondary weapons are running low on ammo.

There are some decent choices for it in Starfield. This guide will discuss the best Melee weapons for your builds.

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Key Takeaways

  • Melee Weapons comprise Daggers and Swords.
  • They are cheaper than rifles and shotguns, as their use is limited to close-range combat.
  • Players must find the Melee Weapons by opening locked chests and pickpocketing enemies during Stealth.
  • They are categorized in terms of Damage, Mass, and Value.
  • The highest Damage-dealing Melee weapon is Va’Ruun Painblade, which can kill enemies with one hit at higher levels.
  • Players are expected to choose those weapons that have less Mass, so they don’t take up much space in their backpacks.
  • Ensure you buy the Melee skills from the combat skill to improve weapon efficiency.

Best Melee Weapons 

best melee weapons in starfield
Best Melee Weapons | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Below, I will list all my picks of melee weapons and comparison for their stats:

Melee WeaponBest forDamageMassValue
Va’Ruun PainbladeBest Melee Weapon for Close-Range Combat.621.811260
WakizashiBest Katana Melee Weapon.491.356140
TantoBest Effective Melee Weapon.400.453075
Osmium DaggerBest Melee Weapon for Stealthy Assassinations.282.72395
Barrow KnifeBest Melee Weapon for Higher Damage.220.341220
UC Naval CutlassBest Melee Weapon for Stylish Combats.201.4935
Rescue Axe-171.4650
Combat Knife-160.36505

Comparison Table.

1. Va’Ruun Painblade

Best Melee Weapon for Close-Range Combat.

Why did I Choose Va’Ruun Painblade?

I chose the Va’Ruun Painblade as the best melee weapon because of its exceptional damage output, making it highly effective for quick and stealthy area clearance. The potential one-shot capability with the Wanted Trait adds an extra layer of lethality.

  • Damage:62
  • Mass: 1.8
  • Value: 11260

The Va’Ruun Painblade is a close-range melee weapon with the highest physical damage stats, but it’s heavy. As long as you stay within your backpack’s mass limit, its weight won’t be an issue.

Consider the Va’Ruun Painblade for stealthy area clearance, as it can take down enemies in fewer hits, simplifying combat.

To obtain it, explore multiple systems and planets, or use console commands on the PC platform with the item ID.

If you picked the Wanted Trait at the character creation phase, you will deal more damage with Va’Ruun Painblade and most likely one-shot them.

How to Get: After your character reaches level 5, visit any nearby vendor to purchase it for 11260 Credits.

  • Boasts the highest physical damage in Starfield.
  • Ideal for quick and stealthy elimination of enemies.
  • Deals even more damage with the Wanted Trait, potentially enabling one-shot kills.

  • At 1.8 mass, may limit inventory space.

2. Wakizashi

Best Katana Melee Weapon.

Why did I Choose Wakizashi?

I chose Wakizashi for its combination of high damage and stunning effect. It provides a strategic advantage by incapacitating enemies during combat, making it an excellent choice against formidable opponents.

wakizashi melee weapon
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Damage: 49
  • Mass: 1.35
  • Value: 6140

Wakizashi is a Katana-styled Melee weapon that can be utilized to slice enemy necks. It is an S-tier weapon that stuns the enemies as you swing this weapon at them. It is preferable against opponents that carry heavy weaponry, as they won’t stand after getting hit by Wakizashi.

How to Get: Players can randomly find it by looting chests or from the bodies of dead NPCs.

  • Offers substantial damage, effective against enemies with heavy weaponry.
  • Stuns enemies, providing a tactical advantage in combat.

  • With a mass of 1.35, players need to manage inventory space.

3. Tanto

Best Effective Melee Weapon.

Why did I Choose Tanto?

Tanto is the best melee weapon for swift eliminations at early levels due to its moderate damage and quick swinging animations. It’s a reliable choice for players focusing on speed and efficiency in combat.

tanto starfield
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Damage: 40
  • Mass: 0.45
  • Value: 3075

Tanto is a bronze-colored short sword that has two swinging animations. It is a great Melee weapon to grab at earlier levels, as 40 Physical Damage is enough to eliminate opponents with two or three hits.

Note that you will need to load yourself with consumables if you are depending on dominating with Tanto.

  • Decent damage, sufficient for early-level eliminations.
  • Two swinging animations enhance combat speed.

  • May become less impactful in higher-level encounters.

4. Osmium Dagger

Best Melee Weapon for Stealthy Assassinations.

Why did I Choose an Osmium Dagger?

Osmium Dagger stands out as the best melee weapon for stealth-focused players. Its design and moderate damage make it a valuable choice for those who prefer a quieter approach to eliminate enemies.

  • Damage: 28
  • Mass: 2.7
  • Value: 2395

Osmium Dagger is an A-tier Melee weapon designed specifically for stealth gameplay. Its 28 Physical Damage can destroy opponents, as you can swing the daggers multiple times while wasting less time.

Unfortunately, I found it pretty heavy as the mass of 2.7 will take up a lot of space in your backpack. Therefore, get rid of other heavy items, such as extra helmets, to create space.

  • Designed for stealthy gameplay, allowing multiple swings with less time wastage.
  • 28 Physical Damage is sufficient for effective stealth kills.

  • A mass of 2.7 occupies significant inventory space.

5. Barrow Knife

Best Melee Weapon for Higher Damage.

Why did I Choose Barrow Knife?

I chose the Barrow Knife for its combination of low mass and significant damage. It’s a cost-effective solution, especially when primary weapons are running low on ammunition.

Barrow Melee weapon
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Damage: 22
  • Mass: 0.34
  • Value: 1220

The military-designed Barrow Knife is to be used when your rifles have less ammo in them. It is one of the best Melee weapons that has a negligible mass of 0.34 while dealing significant Physical Damage of 22.

Players can buy it from their nearby store merchants for 1220 Credits, which is cheap.

  • Negligible mass of 0.34, minimal impact on inventory space.
  • Deals substantial Physical Damage of 22.

  • Best utilized when primary weapons have low ammo, limiting versatility.

6. UC Naval Cutlass

Best Melee Weapon for Stylish Combats.

Why did I Choose UC Naval Cutlass?

I chose UC Naval Cutlass as it was best for style in combat. Its unique design, combined with moderate damage, makes it a stylish and effective choice, especially for finishing off weakened enemies.

UC naval cutlass starfield
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  • Damage: 20
  • Mass: 1.4
  • Value: 935

UC Naval Cutlass is a fancy long knife that bears a mass of 1.4, which takes some space in your bag. Players must pair this Melee weapon with a quick-fire rate weapon that can lower the health bar of opponents to 20% or less.

Next, you can whip out the UC Naval Cutlass and swing it on the enemy’s face to eliminate them in combat. It is considered one of the best melee weapons in Starfield.

  • Features a fancy long knife design.
  • Adds style to combat.
  • Effective when combined with a quick-fire rate weapon to finish off weakened opponents.

  • Mass of 1.4 takes up some space in the inventory.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Rescue Axe: Its moderate damage and mass, make it less appealing compared to other options with higher damage and more efficient inventory management.
  2. Combat Knife: Its relatively lower damage output of 16 doesn’t make it the optimal selection for players prioritizing quick and efficient enemy eliminations.
  3. Ripshank: With the lowest damage of 12, it may not be as effective in high-level encounters. 

What Would I Recommend?

I recommend prioritizing the Va’Ruun Painblade and the Wakizashi as the two best melee weapons. The Va’Ruun Painblade stands out for its exceptional damage output, making it highly effective for quick and stealthy area clearance. Its potential one-shot capability with the Wanted Trait adds an extra layer of lethality, providing a versatile choice for various combat scenarios.

On the other hand, the Wakizashi offers a strategic advantage with its high damage and stunning effect. This katana-styled melee weapon not only delivers substantial damage but also incapacitates enemies during combat, making it an excellent choice against formidable opponents.

By combining the Va’Ruun Painblade for raw damage and the Wakizashi for tactical advantage, players can create a well-rounded melee combat strategy.

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