Starfield Best Mods [TOP 15]

Looking to enhance your gameplay experience with mods? Here is a list of 15 Best mods in Starfield that'll become extremely helpful.

Best Mods Starfield
A list of best mods in Starfield.

There’s an expansive universe to explore in Starfield, so not all players may be fully content with every aspect of the game. This is where mods can be helpful. Whether you’re looking to enhance or add new features, my list of the Best mods in Starfield has got you covered.

Key Takeaways

  • Mods help players change some existing features or add new ones for better gameplay.
  • The 15 best mods mentioned include QOL (quality-of-life) features, enhanced visuals, unlocking apparel, and adding new features.
  • Some must-have mods are Baka Achievement Enabler and Starfield Upscaler in order to run the other mods effectively.
  • StarUI Inventory by m8r98a4f2 stands on top of the list for being an incredible QOL mod for Starfield.
About The Author

With over 40+ hours in Starfield, Shoaib brings a hands-on approach to the information he shares, offering you a genuine understanding of the game.

  • Note: I highly recommend players create a save file and store it before installing any of the mentioned mods below to avoid any issues regarding the playthrough.

Best Mods Overview

Starfield Mod NameDownload Link
Starfield Performance Optimizations by E3roKK
EXE – Effect Textures Enhanced by Weijiesen
Starfield FOV
Icon Sorting Tabs
Move or Disable XP Bar
Interstellar X Starfield Main Menu
Starfield Hotkeys
ALL Clothes I Helmet I Backpack Items
Enhanced Player Healthbar
No XP Kill Steal Fix
Weightless Resources and Other Items
Ship Skip
Baka Achievement Enabler
Starfield Upscaler
StarUI Inventory

Mods Overview Table. 

1. Starfield Performance Optimizations By E3roKK

Best Mod for Smoother Gameplay.

Why did I Choose Starfield Performance Optimizations by E3roKK?

I chose this mod for its core function of improving the game’s fundamental performance. Since Starfield can be demanding, this mod ensures a more enjoyable experience regardless of your hardware setup.

Best Mods Starfield
Starfield Performance Optimizations – Image Credits: E3roKK (Nexus Mods)

Let’s start with the basics; the in-game FPS may feel lacking, resulting in lag and poor performance overall. If you want to enhance Starfield’s performance further and avoid any stuttering in FPS, consider installing Starfield Performance Optimizations by E3roKK.

A simple yet powerful mod, Starfield Performance Optimizations will allow you to immerse into the game without any lags or blurs, despite of what graphic quality you’re playing on.

Make sure to install the mod manually and avoid downloading through Vortex. The mod file won’t be placed into the correct folder if you use Vortex. Therefore, to run the mod successfully, install it manually.

  • Enhances FPS.
  • Reduces stuttering.
  • Works for all graphics settings.

  • Requires manual installation.

2. EXE – Effect Textures Enhanced By Weijiesen

Best Mod for Dazzling Visual Effects.

Why did I Choose EXE – Effect Textures Enhanced by Weijiesen?

I chose this mod for its ability to enhance Starfield’s visuals without sacrificing performance. The visual upgrades add a layer of polish and immersion to exploration and combat.

Best mods Starfield
EXE – Effect Textures Enhanced

If you feel Starfield is lacking in smaller visual effects, such as burning effects, water, lasers, explosions, and so on, a mod named Effect Textures Enhanced by Weijiesen can fix it for you singlehandedly.

Even the gore effect, along with fire, is immensely enhanced, and players can instantly notice these differences, no matter the graphic quality. So, for a better immersive experience with just minor tweaks in visuals, make sure to install this amazing mod.

The mod will not affect your in-game performance or mess with other installed mods in Starfield, as answered by the creator in their Q&A.

  • Vastly improved visuals for explosions, fire, water, etc.
  • Minimal performance impact.

  • N/A.

3. Starfield FOV By Hellstorm102

Best Mod for Customizable Field of View.

Why did I Choose Starfield FOV by Hellstorm102?

I chose this mod because Starfield’s default FOV settings can be uncomfortable for many. This mod allows players to tailor the camera to their preferences, making the game significantly more accessible.

Starfield FOV
Starfield FOV Mod

The default FOV of 85 and 70 in Starfield doesn’t seem so bad, but it can become a leading cause of dizziness for multiple players. What’s worse? Players do not have access to a field of view (FOV) slider in settings for both first and third-person views in Starfield.

With Starfield FOV mod by Hellstorm102, you can finally adjust your FOV and have a wider view of things, along with less motion sickness while moving around in first-person mode.

Since there are a few complaints about this mod not working for some players, you can also try out In-game FOV Changer by NexusGuy999 if that’s the case for you too.

  • Adjustable FOV for both first and third-person perspectives.
  • Helps reduce motion sickness.

  • Reports of it not working for some players.

4. Icon Sorting Tabs By McGuffin

Best Mod for Organized Inventory Management.

Why did I Choose Icon Sorting Tabs by McGuffin?

I chose this mod for its ability to transform Starfield’s cluttered inventory. It streamlines item sorting, making it easier to find and compare gear.

Icon Sorting Tabs
Icon Sorting Tabs Mod

Are you into inventory organizing? Well, you may feel disappointed or confused when it comes to managing a plethora of looted items in Starfield. To make sorting these items much easier, try out an incredibly helpful mod, Icon Sorting Tabs by McGuffin.

This mod will add an icon in front of the item’s name. Not just that, the mod will display both effects/buffs and the quality of the item right next to the icon. Now, you can sort out your inventory much more effectively than before.

Keep in mind the mod is currently a work in progress; therefore, you may find some icons missing right now. This issue will be resolved as the mod gets updated.

  • Adds icons for item organization.
  • Displays item effects and quality.

  • Still in development.
  • Some icons might be missing.

5. Move or Disable XP Bar By Johnny3TearsUxA

Best Mod for Unique Experience.

Why did I Choose Move or Disable XP Bar by Johnny3TearsUxA?

I chose this mod for its focus on improving UI clarity. The ability to reposition or hide the XP bar is valuable for those seeking cleaner visuals.

Move or Disable XP Bar
Move or Disable XP Bar Mod

One thing that’ll constantly annoy you in Starfield is the unnecessarily big XP bar in the center of the screen, which cannot be toggled on and off.

Worry not; with a simple mod, you can either completely remove that XP bar from popping up every time you secure a kill or simply move it aside to the left corner. Install Move or Disable XP Bar by Johnny3TearsUxA and get rid of one of the annoying features of Starfield.

  • Gives options to remove or move the XP bar.

  • None significant.

6. Interstellar X Starfield Main Menu By SkyrimModder317

Best Movie Theme Mod.

Why did I Choose Interstellar X Starfield Main Menu by SkyrimModder317?

I chose this mod to add visual flair and personality to Starfield. It appeals to players who enjoy thematic customization.

Interstellar X Starfield Main Menu
Interstellar X Starfield Main Menu Mod

Why settle for Starfield’s default Main Menu when you can try something even more exciting? Spice things up by giving your game’s main menu a new look.

If you’re loving Starfield so far, chances are you like space-related movies, too. Interstellar is a popular space film with captivating visuals. Equip a breathtaking background from Interstellar as your Main Menu by installing Interstellar X Starfield Main Menu mod by SkyrimModder317.

  • Replaces the main menu background with visuals from Interstellar.

  • Purely aesthetic change.

7. Starfield Hotkeys By reg2k

Best Mod for Streamlined Gameplay.

Why did I Choose Starfield Hotkeys by reg2k?

I chose this mod for its focus on efficiency. It removes the need to navigate menus for common tasks, enhancing gameplay flow.

Starfield Hotkeys
Starfield Hotkeys Mod

Some features come in frequent usage throughout the game, and accessing them after every few minutes can become annoying. These features may include using various items, entering Photo Mode, toggling HUD visibility, entering Waiting mode, and so on.

You can set a hotkey command to such features and save time and effort by installing Starfield Hotkeys mod by reg2k. You can check out the details in the mod’s description.

  • Assignable hotkeys for frequent actions.
  • Saves time.

  • None Significant.

8. ALL Clothes I Helmet I Backpack Items (Apparel)

Best Mod for Instant Access to All Cosmetics.

Why did I Choose All Clothes I Helmet I Backpack Items by kiloanoyo?

I chose this mod for its instant access to customization options. It’s great for players who prioritize fashion over the discovery process.

ALL Clothes I Helmet I Backpack Items
ALL Clothes I Helmet I Backpack Items Mod

There are a ton of apparel options in Starfield, and only a handful of these are unlocked by default, while the rest stay undiscovered in the vast universe.

If you’d like access to each clothing item, backpack, and helmet available without wasting at least 50-60 hours just looking for them, a modder, kiloanoyo got you covered. By installing their mod, ALL Clothes I Helmet I Backpack Items, players will obtain all Apparel items in the inventory.

If you’re looking to give your character a flawless look right from the beginning, then this mod is definitely the way to go. However, keep in mind that there may be a handful of apparel items missing.

  • Unlocks all apparel items right away.

  • Some items might be missing.

9. Enhanced Player Healthbar By SilverEzredes

Best Mod for Character HP.

Why did I Choose Enhanced Player Health Bar by SilverEzredes?

I chose this mod for its improvement to combat readability. The color changes help players make quicker decisions in the heat of battle.

Enhanced Player Healthbar
Enhanced Player Healthbar Mod

The plain white health bar may seem too simple and lacking in appeal. In addition, players may not accurately assess the damage they’ve taken with a completely white health bar.

To avoid any such issues, you can install a mod, “Enhanced Player Healthbar” by SilverEzredes. With this mod, the health bar feature will be revamped with assigned colors for different health levels.

For 100-75% health, the bar stays white. From 75-50%, the bar turns yellow. From 50-25%, the bar turns orange, and lastly, from 25-0%, the bar will be displayed as red.

  • Color-coded health bar for easier assessment.

  • None significant.

10. No XP Kill Steal Fix

Best Mod for XP Progression.

Why did I Choose No XP Kill Steal Fix by Zzyxzz?

I chose this mod to fix a common source of frustration. It ensures players earn the XP they rightfully deserve.

No XP Kill Steal Fix
No XP Kill Steal Fix Mod

Wasting resources and efforts on securing kills, only for NPC companions to finish the target off, leads to players getting no XP. This, without a doubt, is one of the various annoying features of Starfield, as it wastes ammo or explosives.

But thanks to a modder, Zzyxzz, this issue has been resolved through a mod. Install No XP Kill Steal Fix and avoid losing XP from kill steals to level up faster!

  • Prevents companions from stealing your kill XP.

  • None significant.

11. Weightless Resources And Other Items By TroyIrving

Best Mod for Carry Capacity.

Why did I Choose Weightless Resources And Other Items by TroyIrving?

I chose this mod for its convenience in exploration-heavy gameplay. It eliminates the need to constantly return to unload, allowing for longer, more immersive journeys.

Weightless Resources and Other Items
Weightless Resources and Other Items Mod

Having to travel back to your ship or outpost due to a limited weight capacity slows players down immensely. Though you can increase the inventory weight capacity a bit from different skills and perks, it’s still not enough sometimes, especially while you’re out looting.

You can always turn to a mod that helps turn specific items weightless to give you more space. These items include Aid, food, notes, misc, etc. This mod is called Weightless Resources and Other Items, created by TroyIrving.

  • Makes items like food, aid, notes, etc., weightless.
  • Increases inventory capacity.

  • Can potentially lessen the sense of resource management for some players.

12. Ship Skip By Bub

Best Mod for Ship Travel.

Why did I Choose Ship Skip by Bub?

I chose this mod as it addresses a repetitive element in Starfield. The cutscenes lose their appeal after a few hours, and this mod helps maintain a brisk gameplay pace.

Ship Skip by Bub
Ship Skip by Bub Mod

As I mentioned earlier, various features in Starfield can become repetitive or annoying after a while. The cutscenes each time players dock and undock or takeoff are one of them. Though the cutscene itself is incredible and visually pleasing, it becomes annoying a few hours in.

To skip these dreading cutscenes and directly get out or in your spaceship, install the Ship Skip mod by Bub. The mod focuses on instant docking and undocking, but you can also skip the takeoff cutscene if you desire. Using this mod will save you significant time and enhance your gameplay speed.

  • Skips lengthy docking/undocking and takeoff cutscenes.
  • Saves time.

  • Might lessen some visual immersion for players who enjoy the cutscenes.

13. Baka Achievement Enabler By shad0wshayd3

Best Mod for Completionist Players.

Why did I Choose Baka Achievement Enabler by shad0wshayd3?

I chose this mod due to its necessity for many mod users. It bridges the gap for players who want to customize their experience without sacrificing achievements.

Baka Achievement Enabler
Baka Achievement Enabler

If you’re looking to make your gaming experience more efficient or give yourself an extra edge, Console Commands, and mods can certainly do the trick. However, the input of such commands or mods can disable any achievement so players can’t cheat.

And since the entire guide is about the Best mods in Starfield, make sure to install the Baka Achievement Enabler mod by shad0wshayd3. It will allow players to access different mods and console commands without any achievements getting locked.

  • Allows mods and console commands without disabling achievements.

  • Can potentially trivialize some gameplay challenges, use it wisely.

14. Starfield Upscaler By PureDark

Best Mod for Maximum Performance.

Why did I Choose Starfield Upscaler by PureDark?

This mod is essential for players with DLSS/XeSS capable hardware. Starfield lacks native support for them, and this mod unlocks their performance-enhancing potential.

Starfield Upscaler
Starfield Upscaler Mod

Unfortunately, Starfield does not support Nvidia DLSS or Intel XeSS, which will result in decreased game performance when using either of these technologies. The game’s new update mentions future support for DLSS, but for now, the best solution is to install the Starfield Upscaler mod by PureDark.

The mod can replace FSR2 with either DLSS or XeSS and enhance the game’s performance immensely.

  • Replaces FSR2 with DLSS or XeSS.
  • Significantly boosts performance.

  • Requires either an Nvidia or Intel graphics card.

15. StarUI Inventory By m8r98a4f2

Best Mod for Inventory Management.

Why did I Choose StarUI Inventory by m8r98a4f2?

I chose this mod for its transformative impact on a core gameplay element. Starfield’s default inventory is cumbersome, and StarUI Inventory makes it significantly more organized and user-friendly.

StarUI Inventory
StarUI Inventory

Players often find the inventory display in Starfield unclear or disorganized. To improve this, you can use a QOL mod called StarUI Inventory that greatly enhances the inventory display.

The messy information is now confined to a single page, and items come with their icons. You can get all the details regarding an item or equipment in sortable columns.

The mod offers multiple languages, too, proving useful to an even larger audience. I highly recommend installing this QOL mod to have an overall better gaming experience.

  • Vastly improved inventory display.
  • Sortable columns.
  • Improved item details.
  • Multiple language support.

  • None significant.

What Would I Recommend?

I recommend “Starfield Performance Optimizations” and “StarUI Inventory.” Performance boosts ensure a smooth experience, especially on older hardware. It’s a must-have for everyone!

StarUI Inventory is a godsend if you frequently find yourself sifting through gear. With its clear sorting, item icons, and detail view, your inventory becomes infinitely more manageable. This is perfect for players who love looting and customizing their characters.

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