Starfield BEST Ship Weapons And Parts [Ultimate Guide]

I played Starfield for 40+ hours and here are the best ship weapons I found in the game.

Starfield best ship weapons.
Here are the best Starfield ship weapons of each type.

Starfield introduces players to intricately designed battleships that can be equipped with a slew of different weapons. Starship weapons are divided into six categories depending on the type of damage they deal. This guide dives into the Starfield best ship weapons of each type and their stats.

Key Takeaways

  • Ship weapons in Starfield are divided into Ballistic, Laser, Missiles, Particle Beams, Suppressors, and Turrets.
  • For the best Ballistic weapon, I suggest the KE-49A Autocannon. However, go for the Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser if you want a Laser weapon.
  • Our recommendation for the best Missile and Particle Beam weapons are the ATLATL 280C Missile Launcher and PBO-100 Neutron Beam, respectively.
  • Similarly, for the Suppressor, you should buy the Firebolt 4000 Suppressor. Lastly, the best Turret is the Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser Turret.
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Starfield Ship Weapon Types 

Starfield is a game all about exploration and plundering with your crew and companions. But no space exploration game is complete without some epic spaceship battles. That’s why you can equip different types of weapons on your Starship that deal different types of damage.

To summarize everything for you, here are the different types of Starfield weapons and what effect they have in-game:

  1. Ballistic Weapons: This category includes Cannons, Gauss, and Railguns. They are effective at dealing damage to the enemy ship’s hull, have high accuracy, and longer range. Railguns and Gauss are semi-automatic options with improved stats.

  2. Laser Weapons: Laser and Pulse Laser weapons fall under this category. They have a longer range compared to Ballistic weapons and focus their damage on depleting the target ship’s shields rather than damaging the hull.

  3. Missile Weapons: This category comprises Missiles and Missile Launchers. They offer high accuracy, allowing you to target specific parts of the enemy ship, like engines or reactors. While they have a low firing rate, they deliver more damage and have an extended range.

  4. Particle Beam Weapons: These weapons include Electron, Proton, Neutron, Helion, and Alpha Beams. They are versatile and effective against both the target ship’s hull and shields.

  5. Suppressor Weapons: Suppressor weapons deal electromagnetic damage, disrupting the ship’s systems without causing significant physical damage. They are useful for disabling a ship for capture or escape.

  6. Turrets: Turrets are additional weapons that automatically fire at enemy ships within their range. However, you have no direct control over when or where they fire.

Each weapon type has its advantages and use cases in space combat, so choose the one that best suits your strategy and objectives.

Ballistic Weapon: KE-49A Autocannon

The best Starfield ship weapons.
Here are the Starfield best ship weapons for each type. (Image captured by us)
Hull Damage30
Shield Damage9
EM DamageN/A
Fire Rate5
Crew Capacity0.5
Max Power4
RequiresStarship Design (Rank 4)

The KE-49A Autocannon is the best ballistic Ship Weapon Module for your B-Tier Ship. It’s an ideal choice for people who want an automatic weapon that has a higher firing rate and deals more damage than its counterparts.

Moreover, the KE-49A Autocannon has exceptional Hull and Shield Damage, allowing you to penetrate the enemy’s defenses and take down their ships in no time. However, this weapon doesn’t deal any electromagnetic damage, which may be useful for certain ship types.

You must have the Starship Design Tech Skill leveled up to rank 4 to use and attach this weapon. You can buy it from practically any Ship Technician if you meet the Tech Skill rank requirement mentioned above.

Laser: Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser

Hull Damage10
Shield Damage32
EM DamageN/A
Fire Rate2.5
Crew Capacity0.5
Max Power4

For the best Laser, you’ll prefer the Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser. This Ship Weapon Module can only be used on B-Tier Ships and features high Shield Damage, allowing it to penetrate through the enemy’s defensive barriers.

Additionally, with a fire rate of 2.5 rounds per second, your enemies can counterattack. It has a higher damage output than even A-Tier Weapons in New Atlantis. And it has great synergy with the KE-49A Autocannon.

Moreover, the Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser has no Skill or Level requirements and can be bought from any Ship Technician at a nominal price. However, being a Laser, it has very low Hull damage.

Missiles: ATLATL 280C Missile Launcher

Hull Damage264
Shield Damage264
EM DamageN/A
Fire Rate1
Crew Capacity0.5
Max Power4
RequiresStarship Design Rank 3

The ATLATL 280C Missile Launcher is Starfield’s best Missile Launcher Ship Weapon Module. This Class C weapon is designed to take down enemy defenses in the blink of an eye. It has an exceptional range that trumps those of other tiers. And it deals a significant amount of damage to both the shields and the hull.

A Missile Launcher of this caliber has a higher mass. Additionally, it doesn’t feature any electromagnetic damage, which can be a letdown for some players. Moreover, the firing system is quite slow, firing one missile per second.

You must reach Rank 3 in the Starship Design Tech Skill to use this Missile Launcher. Luckily, you can buy it from any old Ship Technician, making it a high-power weapon that’s easier to acquire.

Particle Weapon: PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam

Hull Damage14
Shield Damage14
EM DamageN/A
Fire Rate5
Crew Capacity0.5
Max Power3

For dealing significant amounts of damage to the hull and shield, I recommend the PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam Particle Weapon. A B-Class module for Starships, the Neutron Beam is an automatic weapon that fires five rounds of supercharged particle beams per second.

Each beam deals a moderate amount of equal damage to an enemy ship’s hull and shields. This means that you get a balanced output that will be sufficient for most ships. The Neutron Beam also features a wider range that will dissipate enemy defenses before they know what hit them.

As a Particle Beam Weapon, it doesn’t have a specific mass. You can buy it directly from any Ship Technician and use it immediately. You don’t require any specific Skill or level to control the PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam.

Suppressor: Firebolt 4000 Suppressor

Hull Damage1
Shield Damage1
EM Damage47
Fire Rate1.25
Crew Capacity0.5
Max Power3
RequiresStarship Design Rank 2

Every ship needs a Suppressor, which deals exceptional electromagnetic damage. This damage renders enemy ships useless to prepare for a grand escape. For more pacifist runs, or when you’re up against enemies that you can’t take down, the Firebolt 4000 Suppressor should be your weapon of choice.

As a Class-B Weapon, the Firebolt 4000 deals enough damage to the electromagnetic systems of a ship to disengage them; you can either use this opportunity to steal the ship or make a quick escape before the systems come back online.

To use this Suppressor, you must level up the Starship Design Tech Skill to Rank 2. Additionally, you’ll need to buy it from any Ship Technician.

Turret: Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser Turret

Hull Damage8
Shield Damage25
EM DamageN/A
Fire Rate3
Crew Capacity0.5
Max Power4
RequiresStarship Design Rank 4

I highly recommend equipping the Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser Turret for the Turrets. As a Turret, this Laser fires automatically without needing to control it. It will autonomously shoot at enemy ships within a range of 1500.

This Turret shoots out three beams of Laser in a second, giving you plenty of time to react to enemy movements. The downside is that you cannot control or command the Scorch-S in any way. Hence, it won’t be as accurate as your other Starfield best-ship weapons.

The Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser Turret also deals more damage to the shields than the target ship’s hull. You’ll need to upgrade Starship Design to Rank 4 to unlock this Turret in any Ship Technician’s inventory.

Starfield Best Ship Weapons Comparison

Here’s a complete summary and comparison table of my picks for the Starfield best ship weapons:

StatKE-49A AutocannonScorch-P 60MW Pulse LaserATLATL 280C Missile LauncherPBO-100 Auto Neutron BeamFirebolt 4000 SuppressorScorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser Turret
TypeCannonLaserMissileParticle BeamSuppressorTurret
Hull Damage30102641418
Shield Damage93226414125
EM DamageN/AN/AN/AN/A47N/A
Fire Rate52.5151.253
Crew Capacity0.
Max Power444334
RequiresStarship Design (Rank 4)NoneStarship Design Rank 3NoneStarship Design Rank 2Starship Design Rank 4

And that’s it for the Starfield best ship weapons you should purchase. To recap, I reviewed the different types of ship weapons and the best ones for each category.

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