Starfield BEST Traits [Top 7]

My hours in Starfield are above 40+ hours, and here are the Best traits you should have in the game!

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Starfield: Best Traits

Traits in Starfield will help shape your character according to your needs. There are 17 Traits available at the start. Choosing the correct traits is a crucial step, as you will be deciding your character’s qualities. Let’s look at the 7 best Traits in Starfield without further waiting.

Key Takeaways

  • Traits In Starfield are choices you make to give stat buffs to your character.
  • During initial character creation, you must choose 3 out of 17 to get you started.

Here are the Best Traits in Starfield:

  1. Alien DNA gives a boost to your oxygen and health bar at all times.
  2. Empath unlocks new conversation options and makes your combat comfortable.
  3. Extrovert eases your exploration if you are with a friendly companion.
  4. United Colonies Native is a Faction Allegiance Trait that will give you rare loot if you complete tasks assigned by United Colonies.
  5. Raise Universal is a religious trait that will let you open a chest in the Sanctum Universum region of New Atlantis planet.
  6. When on the surface and far away from space, the Terra Firma trait will increase your oxygen level and health bar but reduce space.
  7. The Wanted Trait will give you extra damage potential below 30% health level.

About the Author
With more than 100 hours invested in Starfield, Shoaib offers you a firsthand look at the game, ensuring the information he provides is based on practical experience.

Best Starfield Traits Summary

Refer to the table below that summarizes the Best Traits in Starfield.

Trait Name Type Positive Impact Negative Impact
Alien DNA Increased Oxygen Levels and Health Points always Items for health recovery will recover less health.
Empath Choose dialogue options supported by your allies to have better combat experience Choose dialogue options not supported by your allies to have worse combat experience
Extrovert Exploring with an NPC friend will give you more oxygen and health Exploring alone will give you less oxygen and health
United Colonies Native Faction Allegiance Players will receive rare loot from tasks given by United Colonies Players will not receive rare loot from missions on Neon planet or given by Freestar Collective
Raise Universal Religion Receive Chest with rare loot in Sanctum Universum on New Atlantis area Players will not Receive chest with rare loot in Enlightened area of New Atlantis
Terra Firma More Oxygen level and health pool on surface Less Oxygen and health pool in space
Wanted Deal more Damage when health below 30%

What Are Traits For?

As highlighted before, Traits add qualities to your character. They will give you unique dialogue options when conversing with other NPCs in Starfield. Moreover, unique conversation choices can lead to better negotiation skills and maintaining strong relationships.

Note that the Traits can have both a good and a bad impact. Therefore, read their descriptions before you pick them up. When players are in the character creation phase, they will be allowed to choose three optional Traits. Their character will be bound to have a play style according to your choices.

Some Traits, such as Introvert and Extrovert, are linked with each other, and you are allowed to choose one of both. These choices have opposite effects on each other. Therefore, choosing both of them does not make sense, and it is not possible.

Choosing the Best Traits requires you to keep a balance between quality, religion, and combat Traits. All of them are essential, and you must include one in your three optional choices. With that said, let’s look at some of the best traits now.

Alien DNA

alien dna trait
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The description of this Trait states that some scientists experimented to mix human and alien DNA. You were chosen as the host. This Trait will increase the amount of oxygen in the tank, along with your health bar. However, items for healing will regenerate less health.

Regeneration is not a problem, as you will find numerous items for healing. Therefore, Alien DNA becomes a suitable choice, as increased oxygen levels help you sprint for a longer period. Moreover, if your bag pack is holding mass that exceeds the limit, your Oxygen level depletes during walking.

The Alien DNA caters to this problem by letting you walk for longer periods, so you can reach mission objectives without wasting time.


empath trait
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The Empath Trait will allow you to care for others by staying connected to their feelings. Most of your exploration related to mission completion will include conversing with companions, persuading and convincing NPCs, and improving negotiation skills.

Choosing the Empath Trait will help you in combat by increasing accuracy, so you land more shots on your enemies. Furthermore, players can get more comfortable with melee weapons, as the Empath trait will assist you in that matter.


Extrovert trait
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Extrovert and Introvert Traits come in a pair, and you can pick only one. I recommend choosing Extrovert over Introvert, as players will use less oxygen when sprinting, jumping, or using boost. However, this effect only applies when you are with a companion who will help you explore the planets.

Note that the Introvert Trait helps you in the same way. However, you need to be alone during exploration to apply its effect. This scenario is unlikely in most cases, as learning about the world with a explorer friend is more fun.

Your companion can help you understand how the planet operates by giving you information about its people and several unique creatures you can find on it. Moreover, players can trade gears with their friends, allowing them to test new weapons and items.

United Colonies Native

Raised universal trait
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

There are three Faction Allegiance Traits, out of which I suggest you pick the United Colonies Native Trait. This will help you unlock unique conversation options when you are talking with NPCs from the United Colonies. Moreover, players will receive rare loot from missions that are assigned to them by them.

Note that if you choose this Trait, tasks assigned on planet Neon, and given by the Freestar Collective government will have increased crime bounty. This has a negative impact, but the positive side has more weight.

Raise Universal

rasied universal trait
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Starfield has three Religion Traits that give you access to rare items. My recommendation for the best Religion Trait is Raise Universal. If you visit Sanctum Universum on your visit to New Atlantis, you will be allowed to open a chest that will contain rare loot, such as Helmets, Space suits, and weapons.

Note that if you choose this Trait, you will not open the chest in Enlightened area of New Atlantis. Moreover, Grav Jumping will not enhance your health bar and oxygen levels. This is rather useless enhancement, as it has no positive impact on players when they are landed on a planet. Therefore, choosing the Raise Universal Trait is the wiser choice.

Terra Firma

terra firma starfield
Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

As mentioned, you will spend more time on planets rather than in space. Hence, you require more oxygen in your tank when exploring hidden areas and fighting unique Creatures. Furthremore, larger health bar is a bonus, as it increases your survivability rate.
Terra Firma is linked with the Spaced Trait, which provides you with buffs when you are in space. That is less valuable than Terra Firma, as you need enhancements when on the planet, not in Space.


Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The trait description states that you have been caught in a crime, and a bounty will given to the person who catches and reports you. Due to this, armed NPCs will pay a visit from time to time, intending to kill you. This will help improve your combat skills and test weapons as you get to fight them.

The positive impact of this Trait allows you to deal high damage when your health levels are below 30%. Although you can use health packs and restore health at any time, I suggest you let it go below the mentioned threshold and find a corner to hide. Try to aim for targets from that corner so you deal more damage. This is an essential Trait that you must keep in your Trait slots. Combine this with Empath to make you unstoppable in close-range duels.

Here, I conclude my guide on the Best Traits in Starfield. I hope this helped you pick the three ideal Traits for your character build. Choosing three of the mentioned seven Traits will help you during exploration and combat. Leave feedback if this guide was helpful for you.

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