Starfield: 10 BEST Weapons [Expert’s Choice]

I have played Starfield for more than 40+ hours. That's why I created this list of the top 10 best Starfield weapons to help you pick only the most powerful from them.

Starfield best weapons.
Here are our top 10 best Starfield weapons.
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With over 40+ hours in Starfield, Shoaib brings a hands-on approach to the information he shares, offering you a genuine understanding of the game.

Starfield features more than a dozen weapons, including shooters and laser rifles. But the question arises: Which is the best weapon? That’s what we’re here to discuss. This guide details the 10 best weapons and where to find them.

Key Takeaways

  • There are over 50 weapons in Starfield, ranging from Pistols to Melee Weapons, Rifles, and Laser Guns.
  • Of these, I highly recommend the Unrestrained Vengeance, Razorback, and Solstice, as these are the easiest to find and quite powerful.
  • If you want even more power, then you’re better off with the Big Bang and Heller’s Cutter.
  • I have several suggestions for the Legs, with the best one being the VP 424. For the Arms, you won’t find anything better than the IA-C01A: Ephemera.
  • Also, Beowulf and Coachman are excellent choices for people willing to grind harder to find the weapons.
  • Finally, my top 3 weapons are the XM-2311, Peacekeeper, and Experiment A-7. These deal tons of damage and have great stats to down enemies in seconds.

Unrestrained Vengeance

Best Weapon for Precise-Long Range & High Damage with Hitman Perk.

Why did I Choose Unrestrained Vengeance?

I chose the Unrestrained Vengeance for its exceptional range, high accuracy, and the Hitman perk, making it ideal for players eliminating enemies from a safe distance.

Unrestrained Vengeance is one of Starfield’s best weapons regarding the firing rate and range. As a Laser Rifle, the Unrestrained Vengeance is the perfect choice for Crowd Controlling enemies and shooting from a safe distance.

It has the most extended range out of any Laser Rifle. And the best part is that its long range doesn’t even interfere with its high accuracy. Additionally, as a Rare weapon, Unrestrained Vengeance features a Weapon Perk called Hitman, which increases your damage by 15% whenever you aim down the sight.

It doesn’t come with any sight equipped, unfortunately. But you get seven Mod slots, ensuring you can equip any sight you want. I recommend the Recon Laser Sight paired with the Long Barrel for the best performance.

How To Unlock

You’ll find the Unrestrained Vengeance when you defeat the Hunter while completing the “High Price to Pay” mission. You only need to defeat him once to receive the Unrestrained Vengeance.

  • High firing rate and range.
  • Perfect for Crowd Controlling enemies from a safe distance.
  • Longest range among Laser Rifles.
  • Rare weapon with the Hitman perk for 15% increased damage when aiming down sights.
  • Seven mod slots for customization.

  • No equipped sight, requiring players to choose their own.
  • Limited availability, obtained by defeating the Hunter during the “High Price to Pay” mission.


Best Weapon for powerful single-target damage with mod customization.

Why did I Choose Razorback?

I chose Razorback for its mod versatility and high damage output, making it effective for player in medium-range encounters.

The Razorback is the first Pistol on this list. This high-power Pistol has a decent firing rate, though its low magazine capacity prevents it from exploiting it.

This weapon is unique because it can be equipped with up to eight Mods, a whopping number, considering its small size and low mass. However, it doesn’t come equipped with any Mods and doesn’t have any Perks, being a Common weapon.

I highly suggest the Razorback for dealing with incredible levels of single-target damage at a medium range. It doesn’t perform well at both long and short ranges.

How To Unlock

You’ll need to find the Razorback randomly in crates and loot dropped by enemies when you defeat them. Additionally, the Razorback can randomly spawn in NPC inventories.

  • High-power Pistol with decent firing rate.
  • Can be equipped with up to eight Mods.
  • Suitable for incredible single-target damage at medium range.

  • Small magazine capacity.
  • No equipped Mods or Perks.
  • Obtained randomly from crates, enemy loot, or NPC inventories.


Best Weapon for Quick Takedowns with Energy-Based Attacks.

Why did I Choose Solstice?

I chose Solstice for its quick-firing energy attacks and mod customization options, making it effective for players in close-range encounters.

The Solstice is a Laser Pistol that uses 1.5 kilo Volt Lazer Ammo. It has a decent firing rate and a small magazine size, so you can quickly take down enemies in one go.

However, the Solstice has tons of recoil, meaning unless you’re up close and personal with the enemy, it will be hectic to shoot with this thing. However, given its shallow mass and its ability to be equipped with seven Mods, you should be able to master the recoil in no time.

As a Common weapon, it doesn’t feature any Perks. But you can upgrade it to the Advanced version to gain a more than four-fold boost in Energy output.

How To Unlock

You’ll find the Solstice randomly when looting crates or enemy corpses as a Regular weapon. It’s not precisely what increases your odds of finding it. But keep farming for weapons, and you’ll find it soon enough.

  • Decent firing rate and small magazine size.
  • Uses 1.5 kilo Volt Lazer Ammo.
  • Can be equipped with seven Mods.
  • Upgradeable to the Advanced version for increased Energy output.

  • Tons of recoil, challenging for long-range engagements.
  • Randomly found in crates or loot, requiring consistent farming.
  • No equipped Mods or Perks.

Big Bang

Best Weapon for Devastating Close-Quarters Damage.

Why did I Choose Big Bang?

I chose the Big Bang for its unmatched close-quarters firepower, making it ideal for players who want to deal with powerful rivals.

One of the more potent weapons on this list, the Big Bang, is a Particle Beam Shotgun. It deals incredible damage and can shoot longer distances than other weapons.

As a shotgun, you can expect the firing rate to be meager. But you won’t need speed or recoil control when even one shot from the Big Bang packs power and punch. However, this also means that it weighs a lot.

Despite its power, it’s still a Common weapon, meaning you get no additional Weapon Pekrs. You can, however, equip up to seven Mods. I recommend the Laser Sight and Ergonomic Stock.

How To Unlock

The Big Bang is a unique weapon found only in specific Starfield merchants’ inventory. You’ll need to explore and acquire the weapon once you’re at a higher level.

  • Particle Beam Shotgun with incredible damage.
  • Longer shooting distances compared to other shotguns.
  • Common weapon with up to seven mod slots.

  • Meager firing rate typical of shotguns.
  • Heavy weight.
  • Found only in specific Starfield merchants’ inventory at higher levels.

Heller’s Cutter

Best Weapon for Dealing Massive Damage to Robots.

Why did I Choose Heller’s Cutter?

I chose the Heller’s Cutter for its exceptional damage against robots and its unique characteristics, making it valuable in specific scenarios.

Another Rare weapon on this list, Heller’s Cutter, is a Rare Heavy Weapon that deals incredible amounts of damage in a short amount of time. This is an ionizing laser that uses the super-rare Cutter Ammo.

The firing rate of Heller’s Cutter is relatively low, as is the range. The range is even worse than most Pistols. However, it makes up for that with practically non-existent recoil and negligible mass.

As a Rare weapon, it comes pre-equipped with the Disassembler Perk that deals an additional 20% damage to all robots. Unfortunately, you can’t equip any Mods to it.

How To Unlock

Head over to the Narion System and find Vectera, the moon of Anseion. Land on the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost and enter the right building. When you enter the second room, you’ll find the Heller’s Cutter near the right.

  • Rare Heavy Weapon with high damage.
  • Ionizing laser using super-rare Cutter Ammo.
  • Practically non-existent recoil and negligible mass.

  • Low firing rate and range.
  • Cannot equip Mods.
  • Found on the moon Vectera in the Narion System.


Best Weapon for Early-Game Farming & Versatile Combat Situations.

Why did I Choose Beowulf?

I chose Beowulf for its versatility, long-range effectiveness, and suitability for taking on enemy hordes and bosses.

The Beowulf is arguably the best Rifle in Starfield. It features a moderate firing rate, high magazine capacity, and low mass. I highly suggest the Beowulf for early-game farming and melting enemies and bosses.

What makes this weapon stand out is its range. Its bullets travel for quite some distance. However, its low accuracy means you must utilize at least one recoil-correction Mod. Speaking of Mods, you can equip up to 8 Mods on the Beowulf. I recommend the Ergonomic Grip for its recoil control.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature any Weapon Perks. The consistent firing speed of Beowulf idealized it for use on enemy hordes and against bosses with fat health bars.

How To Unlock

You must join the United Colonies Faction and complete some Faction Quests to get the Beowulf Rifle randomly. Additionally, you can search for it in loot for Military Outposts controlled by the faction. You can also check to see if you can buy the Beowulf from the faction vendors or trade it.

  • Arguably the best Rifle in Starfield.
  • Moderate firing rate, high magazine capacity, and low mass.
  • Long-range capabilities.
  • Eight mod slots for customization.

  • Low accuracy requires recoil-correction Mods.
  • No equipped Mods or Perks.
  • Obtained through United Colonies Faction quests or looting Military Outposts.


Best Weapon for Close-Quarters Combat & Less Precision Requiring Encounters.

Why did I Choose Coachman?

I chose the Coachman for its potent close-range damage output, making it a reliable choice in difficult encounters.

The Coachman is the second Shotgun on my list. However, this Shotgun is one that I recommend for short-range combat only. It features a higher damage output than most weapons in Starfield. However, the magazine capacity and firing rate are deficient.

Additionally, although it does have some range, it has poor accuracy. This is why I only recommend it for close-range combat, where a bullet can never miss. However, players can use the Coachman as a medium-range weapon if they heavily modify it with accuracy-boosting Mods.

Additionally, you have a slight chance of finding the Legendary variant of this Shotun, which can have three Perks: Lacerate, Concussive, and Bashing.

How To Unlock

The Coachman can be farmed by defeating Spacers. These are found in several locations, such as the Abandoned Mines and Deserted Mineral Plants. You can also find them in Almagest and during some Bounty Quests.

  • Shotgun with higher damage output.
  • Legendary variant possible with three Perks.
  • Effective in close-range combat.

  • Low magazine capacity and firing rate.
  • Poor accuracy for medium-range engagements.
  • Obtained by defeating Spacers in various locations.


Best Weapon for Quick & Deadly Shots in Space Combat.

Why did I Choose XM-2311?

I chose XM-2311 for its rapid firing capabilities, making it a reliable choice for quick and deadly engagements.

The XM-2311 is my recommendation for the best Pistol in Starfield. It features a higher firing rate than most Pistols, allowing for quick, deadly shots. Additionally, the extensive magazine lets you quickly dish out more bullets.

However, I recommend using some recoil-correction Mods on the XM-2311 due to its moderate damage. It features light .45-caliber bullets that quickly penetrate through the enemy’s flesh and deal incredible amounts of damage.

One of the biggest cons of the XM-2311 is its limited Mod slots. At just five slots, you’ll need to choose your Mods carefully. It’s a Rare Pistol found with the Space-Adept Perk, which boosts damage while in space and reduces it while traveling on a planet.

How To Unlock

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method for acquiring the XM-2311. Finally, you’ll need to loot enemy corpses and find containers on various planets to get your hands on one of these Pistols.

  • Rare Pistol with the Space-Adept Perk.
  • Five mod slots.
  • Extensive magazine capacity.
  • Higher firing rate than most Pistols.

  • Moderate damage.
  • Acquired randomly through looting on various planets.
  • Limited mod slots.


Best Weapon for Rapid-Dire, Long-Range Engagements with Extended Magazine.

Why did I Choose Peacekeeper?

I chose Peacekeeper for its exceptional firing rate, extended range, and the Extended Magazine Perk, providing sustained firepower.

The Peacekeeper is by far one of the Starfield’s best weapons. It’s a high-caliber Rare Rifle with an incredible firing rate and will quickly melt through hordes of enemies. Additionally, its more extended range makes it the best for sneaking up on bosses and maintaining distance.

Moreover, the Peacekeeper features better accuracy than other Rifles, which becomes even better when you equip Mods like the Ergonomic Stock. Speaking of Mods, you get to equip up to eight Weapon Mods on the Peacekeeper. It’s a potent weapon that removes tons of damage quickly.

Additionally, being a Rare weapon, you get the Extended Magazine Perk that doubles your base magazine capacity. This allows for even quicker firing without needing to reload now and then.

How To Unlock

Stay within the Altair System, and you’ll eventually get a distress call from Private Mahoney. This will start the Groundpounder side quest. Long story short, you will receive the Peacekeeper once you complete the quest.

  • Eight mod slots for customization.
  • Rare weapon with the Extended Magazine Perk.
  • High-caliber Rare Rifle with incredible firing rate.
  • Extended range and better accuracy than other Rifles.

  • Obtained through the Groundpounder side quest in the Altair System.
  • Limited accuracy without mods.

Experiment A-7

Best Weapon for Dealing Massive Damage to Aliens with Each Shot.

Why did I Choose Experiment A-7?

I chose Experiment A-7  for its strong damage against aliens and its effectiveness in quickly eliminating enemies.

Finally, we have Experiment A-7, a Rare Shotgun considered one of the most potent weapons in Starfield. It has a shorter magazine with a longer reloading time. But the amount of damage each bullet deals means you hardly need two to three shots to down an enemy.

Additionally, being a Rare weapon, you get a Weapon Perk called Exterminator. When fighting aliens, it deals 30% more damage, allowing you to melt through them quickly.

However, you will benefit from Mods like the Laser Sight and Tactical Stock, as it has poor accuracy. With those Mods, you can efficiently utilize the full range of this weapon.

How To Unlock

First, travel to the New Atlantis planet. Then, head to the Deadrock Mining Outpost and find the Experiment A-7 there. You can’t land on the Mining Outpost. Instead, use the Overlord Shuttle from the New Atlantis Spaceport to the Outpost.

Starfield has many weapons to explore, and these were just 10 of Starfield’s best weapons. I highly urge players to explore the vast universe of Starfied themselves and experiment with different weapons.

To recap, the best weapon in Starfield is the Experiment A-7, closely followed by the Peacekeeper and the XM-2311. Find and use these weapons and customize them with Mods to make the most of them.

  • Weapon Perk (Exterminator) for dealing 30% more damage to aliens.
  • High damage output, requiring fewer shots.
  • Rare Shotgun with incredible damage per shot.

  • Found in the Deadrock Mining Outpost on New Atlantis.
  • Poor accuracy without mods.
  • Short magazine and longer reloading time.

Starfield Best Weapons Summary

The top 10 Starfield best weapons.
These are my picks for the top 10 best Starfield weapons. (Image captured by us)

Here are all the best Starfield Weapons; compared to each other:

StatsUnrestrained VengeanceRazorbackSolsticeBig BangHeller's CutterBeowulfCoachmanXM-2311PeacekeeperExperiment A-7
TypeLaser RiflePistolLaser PistolParticle Beam ShotgunHeavy WeaponRifleShotgunPistolRifleShotgun
Physical AttackN/A70N/A32N/A49717017143
Fire Rate331225147650476711215
Ammo3KV LZR7.5 MM1.5KV LZRHeavy FuseCutter7.77 MMCaseless Shell.45 Caliber11 MM15X25 CL Shell
PerksHitman: Deal 15% more damage when aiming.NoneNoneNoneDisassembler: Deal 20% extra damage to robots.NoneNoneSpace-Adept: You deal 15% less damage when on a planet and 30% more damage when in space.Extended Magazine: Base magazine capacity is doubled.Exterminator: You deal 30% more damage to aliens.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Starfield player with 40+ hours of gameplay, I would recommend the Unrestrained Vengeance for players who prefer a precise and long-range playstyle. With its exceptional firing rate, extended range, and the Hitman perk providing a 15% damage boost when aiming down sights, the Unrestrained Vengeance stands out as an ideal choice for crowd control and it helped me take down enemies from a safe distance. Its mod slots also allow for customization, adding versatility to suit different combat situations.

Additionally, the Peacekeeper is another top recommendation, especially for those who favor rapid-fire engagements and extended-range combat. As a high-caliber Rare Rifle, the Peacekeeper boasts an incredible firing rate, better accuracy than other rifles, and the Extended Magazine Perk, doubling its base magazine capacity. This feature allows for sustained firepower, making it highly effective in handling hordes of enemies or engaging in prolonged battles. With up to eight mod slots, players can further enhance the Peacekeeper’s performance to match their preferred playstyle.

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