Starfield: How To Use Boost Pack [Types, Skills & Locations]

This guide will cover how to use a boost pack in Starfield, their locations, and the skills required to use a Boost Pack.

Starfield How To Use Boost Pack

Using the Boost Pack is relatively more straightforward than getting it and understanding all the different types and skills that revolve around its use.

Here are the steps to using the Boost Pack:

  1. Equip any Pack with a Boostpack note.
  2. Ensure you have unlocked Rank 1 of the Boost Pack Training Tech Skill.
  3. Press the Jump key.
  4. While mid-air, press the jump key again, and you should expend some of your boost meters while gaining some altitude.
  5. If there is still some juice left in your boost meter, press the jump key again to boost.
  6. Repeat this process until you reach your destination or exhaust the boost meter.

Key Takeaways

  • A Boost Pack is a piece of equipment you can use to gain more height with your jumps to get to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Starfield has 4 different types of Boost Packs with varying Altitude Gain, Boost Consumption, and Boost Regeneration.
  • You need to rank up the Boost Pack Training Tech Skill to start using Boost packs.
  • The earliest Boostpack you can get is the Constellation Pack after following the main storyline of Starfield.
  • Press the Jump Key Mid-air to Boost multiple times until your Boost Meter runs out.
Starfield How To Use Boost Pack
Using a Boost Pack to gain some additional altitude (Captured by Us)

There are multiple types of collectibles, such as Spacesuits, Helmets, Apparel, Weapons, Throwables, and a collectible category of our concern, Packs. Packs are a piece of equipment you can equip that affects a lot of your character’s parameters, such as but not limited to:

  1. Physical Damage Protection
  2. Energy
  3. EM Protection
  4. Thermal Protection
  5. Airborne Factor
  6. Corrosive Damage Protection
  7. Radiation Damage Protection

These Packs have a Mass, which you should consider when brainstorming a build, and just like any other item, they have a Value so that you can sell them for some extra credits if you already have enough Packs.

However, a note on some of these Packs classifies them as Boost Packs. There are many different types of Boost Packs, and we’ll discuss each below.

Boost Packs Types

There are 4 different kinds of Boost Packs you can use. They all follow the same basic principles, so you don’t need to learn how to use each different Boost Pack in Starfield. However, each has a different altitude gain, regeneration speed, boost consumption, and other factors. Here is a summary of all the unique Boost Packs in Starfield.

Boost Pack Type Altitude Gain Boost Meter Regeneration Speed Boost Meter Consumption
Basic Boost Pack Low Medium Low
Skip Capacity Boost Pack Low Fast Low
Balanced Boost Pack Medium Medium Medium
Power Boost Pack High Slow High

I’d suggest you invest some time into getting a Balanced Boost Pack, if not a Power Boost Pack, as they are more efficient and helpful in practical situations than the Basic Boost Pack and Skip Capacity Boost Pack. You can make up for the deficiencies of the Balanced Boost Pack and Power Boost Pack by investing some points in Boost Pack Skills, as we will discuss below.

Boost Pack Skills

Boost Pack Training Tech Skill (Captured by Us)

You can’t use Boost Packs until you level up the Boost Pack Training Tech Skill. Fortunately, you have to spend 1 Skill Point to use Boost Packs. This is a relatively low investment for using a versatile piece of equipment. Moreover, multiple Boost Pack Training Tech Skill ranks are locked behind Challenge Conditions, which we will clarify below.

Rank Description Challenge Condition
1 You can now utilize boost packs. N/A
2 Using a boost pack expends less fuel. Boost jump 10 times while in combat.
3 Boost pack fuel regenerates more quickly. Boost jump 25 times while in combat.
4 Doubles previous bonuses. Boost jump 50 times while in combat.

Boostpack Location

Constellation Boost Pack (Captured by Us)

You’ll reach New Atlantis if you follow Starfield’s narrative and objectives. Speak with Sarah Morgan, an NPC located at The Lodge. You will be urged to join the Constellation Faction by her. Furthermore, you will receive the Constellation Pack for doing this. This is the fastest way to get a Boostpack, with the following stats.

EM 31
Thermal 20
Airborne 0
Corrosive 10
Radiation 0
Mass 6.5
Value 2680

That’s everything you would need to know about how to use the boost pack in Starfield. If you thought this guide was helpful, then be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Starfield content and consider bookmarking our website and subscribing to our newsletter to stay updated with our upcoming articles.

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