Starfield Difficulty Settings [All Compared]

Starfield has various difficulty setting options for players. This guide will give you a rundown through all of them from my personal experience!

Starfield: Difficulty Settings

Difficulty Settings in Starfield have a lot of variety to it. Players can go from exploring different planets to engaging themselves in intense combat situations. There is a suitable Difficulty Setting for all possible scenarios. My guide will walk you through the Starfield Difficulty Settings and help you understand the best one.

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With more than 100 hours invested in Starfield, Shoaib offers you a firsthand look at the game, ensuring the information he provides is based on practical experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Players must choose a Difficulty Setting at the start of campaign mode.
  • If you don’t follow it, the Normal Difficulty setting is set automatically. It maintains a balance in different aspects of gameplay.
  • After playing Starfield, I know that we have five options: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.
  • Very Easy is for people experiencing this type of genre for the first time.
  • Easy difficulty level involves enemies that barely hit you during combat. Moreover, your healing items provide extra health, and bullets deal more damage.
  • Normal difficulty setting maintains a balance, so players can explore new areas and complete the story missions simultaneously.
  • Starfield gameplay starts feeling complex and uncomfortable at Hard and Very Hard levels (I’ve tried these!), as it is for those who have experience with similar game titles.

Difficulty Settings Explained

difficulty setting
Choosing Difficulty Setting from Main Menu | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Players can adopt multiple play styles in Starfield. It can include exploring every planet by finding unique creatures, joining factions, or simply interacting with NPC companions. On the other hand, you can go on a trophy hunt by completing missions, leveling up, and fighting the space rangers to earn all achievements.

There are five Difficulty Settings for you to pick from.

  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard

If needed, players can switch their Difficulty Setting at any moment during gameplay. What they need to do is to hit the pause button and approach the main menu. Go to Settings > Gameplay > Difficulty. Set the bar according to your requirements. When you start the story mode, the Normal Difficulty Setting is chosen by default.

This means that the enemies you interact with will have a moderate health bar, and your bullets will be effective in eliminating them. Moreover, fighting bosses will not be a challenge, and the loot you receive will have a high chances of containing rare items.

starfield gameplay
Early gameplay from Starfield | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Very Easy

I decided to start my journey in the world of Starfield on the Very Easy difficulty setting. This option is perfect for those who, like me, want to explore the vast and intriguing Starfield universe without the constant threat of combat.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Minimal Enemy Threat: Enemies pose minimal damage, and your attacks can quickly eliminate them.
  2. Focus on Storyline: Your primary focus is on experiencing the game’s storyline. You’ll visit various planets across different Sol Systems, complete optional and main story quests, and engage in conversations with different companions.
  3. Newcomer-Friendly: This difficulty level is recommended for players new to the genre or those who want a more relaxed gaming experience.
  4. Flexibility: You can start on Very Easy Difficulty to become familiar with the game mechanics and then switch to a higher difficulty level once you’re comfortable.

Overall, Very Easy Difficulty in Starfield is all about enjoying the game’s narrative and exploration without the challenge of intense combat. It’s a great starting point for newcomers to the game.


Stepping up to Easy difficulty introduces a bit more complexity in combat encounters with various enemy types. This option is ideal for players who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience, allowing them to savor cinematic cutscenes without struggling to survive. Easy difficulty maintains a dependable balance between storytelling and combat challenges.

If you’re grinding through the main story missions and find yourself facing a challenging segment, sticking with the Easy Difficulty Setting is a wise decision. It provides a smoother path to navigate through the intricate parts of the storyline without getting stuck on tough battles.


Normal is the default Difficulty Level that balances combat with other aspects of Starfield. Most players will use this option, as they want to enjoy the story while having a good fighting experience. If compared to Very Easy and Easy, your bullets will deal lower damage to enemies. 

This is the ideal starting point to understand the game mechanics, such as boosting and character creation, as you can explore your options before settling on a single choice. I recommend you try all weapons at a Normal Difficulty Level and decide which one is better for your play style.


Now I’ll progress towards the hard difficulty levels. These are specifically designed for gamers who have experience with Bethesda games, such as Fallout and Skyrim. Players will be strongly challenged by their enemies in combat. Furthermore, any creatures identified and fought during boss fights will give you a hard time.

I suggest you prepare builds before jumping into combat on Hard Difficulty Setting. The builds will include Background, Trait, and Skill choices, followed by weapon selection. Precise builds will help you survive planet exploration phases, along with clearing bases full of space rangers that are against your faction.

Very Hard

Very Hard is the most challenging Difficulty Setting in Starfield. It is ideal for players who are playing the game for the second or third time. Activities like Stealth become harder, as enemies are well aware of your movements. Furthermore, your bullets in combat will deal less damage. Hence, more ammo is consumed, making the game unbearable.

Apart from combat, negotiation during a conversation also takes a turn as fewer options are available that are likable by the person you are conversing with. Moreover, healing items will provide less healing. All the mentioned things require an expert who can think of a countermove to stabilize the situation.

That is all about Difficulty Settings in Starfield. I hope that you have a good understanding of each level and which one is best for you. I suggest exploring your options and playing with each setting so you are more comfortable.

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