What Is Digipick In Starfield & How To Use It

Digipick is a unique lock-picking mechanic in Starfield. Learn more about it by reading this guide!

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Starfield: Digipick

Players can open all the locked doors and chests by lock-picking in Starfield. Perform the act by using a small barrel-shaped item, Digipick. It is common among the planets of different systems, as players can collect them from an enemy or purchase them themselves.

Apex Electronics is the go-to place if you are looking to buy Digipick for 35 Credits. It is available in New Atlantis, a place you often visit to complete your primary missions. Moreover, players can also find Digipick by looting their opponents, or by looting chests.

Approaching and interacting with a locked door will initiate the lock-picking routine, where you must follow a specific protocol.

Most areas hidden behind these locked doors contain essential rare items that are not found elsewhere. If these areas were related to a primary story mission, you must find more Digipicks before proceeding, as it is necessary.

Key Takeaways

  • Digipick is an item players must use for opening locked doors and chests.
  • Purchase it from local stores on different planets.
  • You can also loot them from enemies after killing them or converting to stealth and pickpocketing.
  • Approach and interact with any locked door and chest to use Digipick and initiate a puzzle.
  • It requires you to fill all the gaps in the circle boundary with the vertical bars.
  • The best way to solve it is to try every sequence until you get the right one.
  • Some chests and doors have advanced locks. Hence, you must upgrade your Security skills to open them.

digipick showcase
How a Digipick looks like | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Table below shows all the places to find or buy Digipick.

Method How To Get
Looting Grab loot from all the opponents you kill to find Digipick. The security people have higher chances of having Digipicks with them
Pickpocket Convert to Stealth mode and slowly approach the opponent from behind to grab their loot. You can find Digipicks through Pickpocketing
Purchasing In every city, you will find stores and vendors that are selling Digipicks for 35 Credits. Some Vendors you find at the start are Apex Electronics and Jemison Mercantile
Chests Search every corner of a new place you discover to find chests placed discreetly. They can have Digipicks in them

How To Use Digipick?

solving puzzles using digipick
Solve the puzzle by filling all gaps with vertical bars | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming
  1. As you interact with a locked door, ensure you have more than five Digipicks beforehand.
  2. You will start seeing a circular shape with random gaps placed on it. Furthermore, players will see vertical bars that revolve around the circle.
  3. I advise your aim must be to place these vertical bars over the gaps in the circle.
  4. If you fill all the holes, the routine is completed. Moreover, you successfully open the door with no difficulties.
  5. If you fail to bring all vertical bars inside the gaps, you lose the Digipick item.
  6. Different doors have different security levels. The advanced ones require more Digipicks.
  7. Fill the gaps for multiple circles, and failing to complete any one will make you lose Digipick, and you will repeat the process.
  8. Investing your skill points in the Security skills inside the Tech division will help you interact with the advanced locks.
  9. You will receive skill points each time you level up. Therefore, save some for this purpose.
skill tree starfield
Security skill helps ease the lock-picking process | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

My Tips On Using Digipick

You must take your time and try every combination for the gap-filling process. If you are low on Digipick numbers, ensure you don’t rush, as it will not give you access to the area behind the locked door. 

This is the only way to unlock doors and get access to special areas to explore. It offers a unique lock-picking technique that is easy to solve if you understand the mechanism behind it. Leave feedback for us if this is helpful for you.

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