Starfield: First Contact Side Quest [Walkthrough]

First Contact is a Side Quest that requires you to make tough choices. Read this guide to learn more about it!

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Starfield: First Contact

Starfield includes side quests on every planet you explore. First Contact is a side mission players complete while spending their time in the Porrima system. It involves selecting choices that lead to different outcomes. This guide will be a detailed walkthrough of the First Contact side quest.

Key Takeaways

  • First Contact is a side quest, activated by talking to Jiro Sugiyama at a station near the Paradiso resort.
  • The location of the station is on the Porrima II planet, which is inside the Porrima system.
  • Setting the situation will get you to negotiate with the crew members of ECS Constant.
  • The second choice is to purchase Grav Drives for their shift.
  • This will allow them to leave the current orbit and travel elsewhere.
  • The final hidden option is to destroy the ship by overloading its reactor.

Activating The Side Quest

Porrima II is starting location of First contact mission
Starting location of the First Contact side quest | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Firstly, look for the Porrima system on the map and access it to make every planet visible. Track the Porrima II planet, which must be your initial destination. When you land your ship at Paradiso, the capital of Porrima II, you must explore it to find Paradiso resort and a small station close to it. The station is a hub for the security team.

Enter a room inside the station to find Jiro Sugiyama, the appointed Chief. You will respond to Chief Sugiyama about the alert call he sent to your team. You will be asked to secretly deal with this matter, otherwise, the mission will fail. Sugiyama will tell you about a unique ship that entered their orbit and hasn’t left it yet.

Your character will be asked to approach the strange ship and try communicating with them. After the end of this conversation, the First Contact mission initiates and you will start getting objectives.

Jiro Sugiyama Starfield
Jiro Sugiyama | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Hail The Unidentified Ship

Travel back to space to locate the strange ship that Jiro Sugiyama mentioned. Ensure you stay inside the orbit of Porrima II when traveling in space. Get close to the Unidentified ship and try communicating with them. Players will notice that the comms are not working and all the dialogue options will eventually direct you to docking the ship.

unidentified ship from the First Contact side quest
The unidentified ship | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Dock With The Ship And Enter

As you board their ship, you will be greeted by Captain Diana Brackenridge. She will identify her ship as Earth Colony Ship Constant. Skim through all the available dialogue options to know more about her crew and their intentions. You will find out that they have been in space for 200 years, searching for life outside Earth.

Captain Diana Brackenridge Starfield
Captain Diana Brackenridge | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

After the conversation ends, you must follow Diana to the control room, where the First Contact side quest resumes. You will volunteer to help them by negotiating with the CEO of Paradiso to come up with a solution. After agreeing with Diana, you will leave the ECS Constant Ship and travel back to Paradiso, the capital of Porrima II.

Negotiate With Oliver Campbell

Get to the Paradiso Resort that comes after the General Store. Inside the Resort, use the elevator to reach the Executive Floor. Leave the lift to enter the room on your left, where you will be stopped by Keavy, the secretary of the CEO. Players must tell him that they are here to talk with Oliver Campbell about the unidentified ship.

Oliver Campbell in the First Contact side quest
Oliver Campbell, the CEO of Paradiso | Image Taken By: VeryAli Gaming

By doing as stated, Keavy will allow you to enter the conference room, where you meet Oliver for the first time. You must provide him with all the details about the situation. He will then consult with other board members to come up with a viable solution. Three possible outcomes will be presented in front of your character.

  • You must visit their ship one more time and convince them to stay on Porrima II, as they have a lot of space.
  • Purchase Grav Drive. This will allow them to leave the Porrima orbit and find a spot elsewhere.
  • Destroy the ECS Constant to resolve the problem and bring peace to Paradiso.

We will discuss the outcome of all three choices, as the rewards you receive at the end of the First Contact quest depend on your preference.

Choice 1 – Settle The Deal

Settling the Deal requires players to explain the terms to the crew of ECS Constant, and bring them to Porrima II. Here, they will have a place to stay in the resort. However, the crew members would be required to work and make a living to help clear the debt. Moreover, you must gather the resources as dictated by Oliver.

These resources will be used to support the stay of the tourists.

Speak With Captain Brackenridge

Travel back to space and dock your ship at the ECS Constant. Walk to the control room where you will find Diana. Tell her about the board’s decision. Furthermore, you can persuade her to give you resources, as asked by Oliver. Have a conversation with Daisuke and ask him about the following resources:

  • Lithium x10
  • Iron x80
  • Sealant x20
  • Fiber x40

After collecting the resources, find Diana and tell her it’s time to visit Porrima II. However, she will tell you about the landing shuttle that their ship lost, which is mandatory for a successful landing. You must get them the equipment, so the pilot can land the ECS Constant ship. 

Daisuke starfield
Daisuke is the shop owner that provides you with resources | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Ferry The Colonists Down To Paradiso

Get back to your ship and lead the ECS Constant towards the landing position. The people on that ship will slowly crawl out to witness a new environment. Furthermore, they will pass some comments until Diana comes and talks with you. This will mark the end of the First Contact side quest and you will receive the following rewards.

  • Antique Piggy Bank
  • Antique Earth Baseball
  • XM-2311

Players can choose to keep the Antique rewards or sell them at a store for credits. XM-2311 is a ranged pistol from the Ballistic class. It deals significant damage at all ranges, making it a potential option to keep in your build.

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Choice 2 – Grav Drive

As suggested by Balam, you can contribute to the purchase of Grav Drive for the ECS Constant. This will allow them to leave the Porrima II orbit and find a suitable landing spot somewhere else. By choosing the second choice, you will be asked to find Bennu St. James, who is currently available at HopeTech.

Go To HopeTech

HopeTech is situated in a different galaxy, known as Valo. Your job is to find the Polvo planet and land at HopeTown. the HopeTech facility has red walls with a yellow label. Find it and head inside towards the main door. Use it to enter HopeTech and move to your next objective.

Speak With Bennu St. James

Bennu St. James appears by choosing second choice in First Contact side quest
Bennu St. James is the engineer that helps you install Grav Drive on ECS Constant | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

To continue the First Contact quest, enter the HopeTech facility and use the stairs on your left to reach the upper level. Find a room on the far corner to find Bennu sitting behind his office table. He is a qualified engineer who possesses in-depth knowledge of Grav Drives.

  1. Bennu will explain ECS Constant’s compatibility with Grav Drives and agree to make the necessary modifications.
  2. To complete the task, you must pay 40,000 Credits for labor and ship parts.
  3. If you have a high Persuasion skill, choose the second dialogue option to convince Bennu to lower the price by excluding labor costs.
  4. With successful persuasion, the price reduces to 25,000 Credits.
  5. Bennu will request that you return while they work on delivering the ship parts.
  6. An Engineer will accompany you to upgrade ECS Constant.

Investing skill points in Persuasion can help make the negotiation process easier by unlocking unique dialogue options.

Speak With Amin

Amin Kazemi starfield
Amin Kazemi is the engineering that keeps his ship working | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Amin Kazemi is the engineer of the ECS Constant ship. You are required to help him prepare the ship to survive the Grav Drive procedure and escape the current orbit of Porrima. Furthermore, Amin will give you tasks, including the change of route of the power from the turbopump port to the auxiliary cryogenic radiator.

Read the conversation to carry on with follow-up tasks.

Prepare The Ship For The Grav Drive

To prepare the ship for Grav Drive survival, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by interacting with Engineering Control Computer Alpha. Use the panel to change the power route.
  2. Next, access Engineering Control Computer Beta to adjust the Plasma Run-off inhibitor to 5%.
  3. Finally, use Engineering Control Computer Gamma to decouple the Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures from the Auxiliary Module Assembly.

Once you have completed these three tasks, report back to Captain Brackenridge to confirm that the ship is ready to endure the Grav Drive.

Speak With Captain Brackenridge

Find Diana in the control room. Inform her that the ship is installed with Grav Drives, and they are ready to leave the orbit. She will thank you for helping her crew. Moreover, this will mark the end of the First Contact side quest. You will receive the following rewards for quest completion:

  • Antique Piggy Bank
  • Antique Earth Baseball
  • Antique Earth Basketball
  • Antique Earth Hockey Stick
  • Antique Earth Soccer Ball
  • XM-2311

By selecting this choice, you can overview the route ECS Constant takes to find a new home. This is an optional choice, as it leads to no further objectives or rewards. It’s a choice to follow the story of Starfield in depth.

Choice 3 – Destroy The Ship

Oliver Campbell suggests that all the problems would have vanished if the ship hadn’t been there in the first place. You will use this information to ask him more about it. Oliver will talk about targeting the Ship’s reactor. Furthermore, he will say that the reactors are very old, and will not survive if we manage to overload them.

Overload The Reactor

You will get on your ship to travel towards the ECS Constant. Dock your ship and move forward. You aim to find Amin, the engineer on ECS Constant. Convert to stealth mode and sneak behind him to collect the Reactor Terminal Key.

Ensure that Amin does not Notice you. Otherwise, he will start a conversation and pickpocketing will be out of the question. Furthermore, interact with the Reactor control panel and select the Emergency Reactor Overdrive option. This will overload the ship’s reactor, and it won’t survive the load we are putting on it.

Confirm The Override

To confirm the override, find a way to the control room. Access Captain Bridge’s computer by breaching through the security. This will require you to use Digipick and complete multiple puzzles. Ensure that the vertical bars fill the gaps inside the circle. Press the confirmation key bind to complete the puzzle.

Use the computer to confirm the request for reactor override. This will damage the reactor, leading to complete system failure for ECS Constant.

Escape To Your Ship

After you confirm the request, an alarm starts beeping on the ship. Moreover, the security crew starts firing bullets at you, knowing that you are behind this. Your main objective is to tackle the enemies and find a way back to your ship. Engaging in combat is not encouraged, as you will waste time.

Ride your Starship to a safe distance and watch ECS Constant explode. Report back to Oliver and inform him about the explosion. This will complete the First Contact side mission. The CEO will allow you to stay for unlimited time at the Paradiso Resort. Moreover, you will receive 6500 Credits as a reward for getting the job done.

That ends our walkthrough of the First Contact side quest in Starfield. We hope that you got through the mission with no difficulties. It is an exciting mission that allows you to decide how to end it. Moreover, if you found this guide helpful, ensure to leave feedback in the comments below.

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