Starfield: Hostile Intelligence [Quick Guide]

Want to get rid of those pesky aliens and heatleeches once and for all, well you're in the right place. This mission scratches your itch to roleplay as a space exterminator to help the UC Vanguard get rid of the Terrormorphs

Hostile Intelligence is the penultimate mission in the Starfield UC Vanguard faction series of missions. This quest picks up immediately after the side quest “War Relics”. This guide will take you step-by-step in completing this amazing side quest.

Key Takeaways

  • Hostile Intelligence is the second last mission in the UC Vanguard series of quests. It picks up right after completing War Relics.
  • It involves two methods of eradicating the Terrormorph outbreaks. After talking to Hadrian, stock up on supplies and make your way to Londinion .
  • Collect the 3 samples after clearing out the enemies and head toward the steam tunnels.
  • After uncovering how the outbreaks took place, defeat the final Terrormorph Anomaly to collect the final sample.

You will be asked to gather some tissue samples that will aid in the breeding process of the Aceles after learning that it is a creature that actually eats Terrormorphs.

Hostile Intelligence Objectives

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of the mission itself, we’ll quickly lay out all the objectives you’ll need to complete while you’re going through the quest.

  1. Follow and speak to Hadrian
  2. Proceed to Londinion
  3. Proceed to the Command Post
  4. Discuss the exploration plan
  5. Inform Hadrian you’re ready to move out.
  6. Allow Kaiser to unlock the airlock
  7. Proceed into the city
  8. Locate the Aceles Gene Samples
  9. Clear the processing plant
  10. Eliminate the remaining hostiles
  11. Give Kaiser the samples
  12. Proceed to the steam tunnels
  13. Observe the Lazarus Plant with Hadrian
  14. Kill the Terrormorph
  15. Give the sample to Kaiser
  16. Discuss the findings with the team
  17. Follow Kaiser
  18. Restore power to the spaceport access hatch
  19. Initiate the system reboot
  20. Collect the recording
  21. Speak to Hadrian
  22. Return to Kaiser
  23. Find and secure the final sample
  24. Return to Forward Base 441 and discuss your findings

Hostile Intelligence Walkthrough

First Objective is Talking to Hadrian || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

After having finished the War Relics side quest and delivering the robot Kaiser to the Red Devils HQ for repairs, Hadrian asks you to follow her for a briefing. She’ll mention the Aceles; A monster that devours Terrormorphs and how they can be a possible solution to the terrormorph outbreaks.

There are two possible methods to eradicate the Terrormorphs, which are:

  1. Aceles being the first mentioned above
  2. The second is a Microbe. This requires creating a Microbe agent and they could produce large quantities of it and introduce it to different planets’ atmospheres. By targeting their DNA, it would destroy Terrormorphs and whatever method they use to spread.

In any case, the supplies and tools needed for either approach are extremely specialized and unique to Londinion.

Stock Up On Supplies (Optional)

Before making your way to Londinion, you can head to Lt. Azevedo at the Red Devils HQ as he can help you buy any new equipment you require as well as enough medicine and ammunition.

Talk to Lt. Azevedo to buy supplies || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Stock up on healing supplies that can treat Frostbite, primarily Heal Paste and Heal Gel. When you’re fighting Terrormorphs in frigid Londinion, the last thing you need is a bad statuses making matters worse.

Head Towards Londinion

Once you’re good to go, sail for Forward Base 441 in the Toliman system. The UC Sec Longsword II hails you right away to remind you that Londinion is forbidden territory. They will give you permission to land at Forward Base 441 if you claim to be on a formal mission to see Commander Hatoum.

Head to Forward Base 441 || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

To speak with Commander Hatoum, proceed to Base 441 by turning left from the landing area, going down the stairs, and entering the orange door on your right.

Speak to Commander Hatoum to progress further || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

While speaking to her, Hatoum makes it abundantly clear that once you enter the city, there won’t be any backup for you, despite the fact that they’ll provide as much in the way of supplies as they can. Hadrian instructs you to meet her at the city entrance when you’re ready, and Hatoum takes Kaiser to upload the local municipal codes. Percival posts up at the base as your ‘guy in the chair’ who will locate crucial samples in the field.

Stock Up From The Armory (Optional)

Without a doubt, visit the armory and take whatever you can. The quest markers draw attention to a variety of equipment that has anti-alien features. Particularly the UC Antixeno Spacesuit of the Sentinels is well suited for this mission.

You will also find a unique gun named X-989 Microgun. Its increased damage against aliens will come particularly in handy during this Hostile Intelligence mission in Starfield.

Once you’re ready, talk to Hadrian and proceed to the next area.

Proceed to the next area through the orange gate || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Collecting the Aceles Gene Samples

You are immediately surrounded by numerous monsters as soon as you enter the shipping yard. Before you can proceed, you must clear out the Processing Plant, which requires rushing through the surrounding area and killing everything.

Clear the enemies in the first area || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

NOTE: You can obtain more supplies by visiting the nearby base cache. To help you in battle, you can purchase a few weapons, ammo, grenades, and medical packs.

More enemies will then appear in a scrapyard; kill them as well or let your companions take the hits while you collect the gene samples. Two of the gene samples are located in storage containers on the ground level, but the third is suspended in another container above. Hand the samples over to Kaiser for safekeeping.

Jump over in the container to grab the sample || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Steam Tunnels

Return to the storage site entrance, then enter the Londinion Steam Tunnels through the door across from it. From there, turn left and ascend the stairs on your right before entering the room with the glass door.

Head into the Steam Tunnels || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

It isn’t long until you discover Heatleeches, which are basically baby terrormorphs. A Heatleech’s growth is accelerated before your very eyes by the spores of the Lazarus Plant, which can only be found on Londinion. This accelerates the Heatleech’s transformation into a Terrormorph. Hadrian quickly notes that the attack on New Atlantis might have been planned similarly.

Witness a heat leach transform into a Terrormorph || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

When ships touched down on various planets, the Heatleeches would board them and flee silently. They eventually developed into Terrormorphs and started attacking the planets. The same creature attacked several planets in this way; in the case of Londinion, Lazarus sped up the growth. Thus uncovering the mystery behind the outbreaks.

Discuss the latest finding pertaining to the mystery with Hadrian || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

In any case, you need to start looking for the newly created Terrormorph right away. Cross-referencing the genetic samples enables Kaiser to establish that the Lazarus Plant was in fact utilized during earlier Terrormorph attacks, including those on New Atlantis and Tau Ceti (the original attack site).

Vae Victis’s Recording

Follow your companions till Kaiser reaches a door he can’t power, you’ll then have to head up to the Security Office with Hadrian to reboot the power.

Doing so plays a recorded message by none other than Vae Victis. Hadrian will want to discuss this new information; your answers won’t have an effect on the outcome of the mission so feel free to discuss as you wish.

Head through the gate and fight the last boss to collect the final sample || Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Once you’ve finished speaking, go back and unlock the door so you can enter the London Spaceport. As you make your way to the other side of the port, arm yourself because a big battle is about to break out.

Final Sample

The last piece of Terrormorph DNA is revealed to you at the Spaceport as a live sample that can call in reinforcements to fight alongside it.

Here you have the optional objective to turn on the Spaceport Radar Dishes. It starts to show up as soon as you get past the white shield when Percival says he wants to send the signal through them.

You must turn on three dishes in order to counteract the Terrormorph anomaly’s effects. The frequency Percival is emitting will cause the creatures it summoned to attack you to begin killing the beast instead.

Once you’ve defeated the Terrormorph anomaly, collect its sample and hand it to Kaiser, and fast-travel back to Base-441 to discuss what you found. This completes the Hostile Intelligence mission in Starfield.


  • 350 XP
  • 9600 Credits

Obtainable Unique Weapons

  • Reckless Bombardment (can be purchased from Lt. Azevedo  at the beginning of the quest)
  • Vampire’s Gift (can be purchased from Lt. Azevedo at the beginning of the quest)
  • X-989 Microgun (can be looted from the armory at Forward Base 441)
  • Shattered Shock (can be looted from one of the containers with Aceles samples in Londinion)

My Thoughts

In my opinion, the entire UC Vanguard storyline is one not to miss out on, the story, characters, dialogues, and conclusion are definitely worth the effort of experiencing. The choices you have to make definitely make you think about the consequences. The rewards from this mission are also worth your while. 

We hope you found this Walkthrough helpful in completing the mission, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section, and see you in the next one! 

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