Starfield: Into The Unknown Quest [Basic Instructions]

Into The Unknown is a main mission players encounter early-on in Starfield. Here's a walkthrough guide at your aid to help you clear this mission!

starfield into the unknown
Starfield Into The Unknown Walkthrough

Into The Unknown is a primary mission in Starfield that pops up right after you complete the main quest, The Old Neighborhood, at the start of the game. In this guide, I go through each objective of this quest in detail and how you can finish it easily and quickly, so let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Speak with Vladimir Sall on The Eye space station.
  • On Tau Ceti VIII-B, search and locate Andreja, a member of the Constellation.
  • With Andreja, hunt down Artifact Iota within the Deep Cave.
  • On Piazzi IV-C, you’ll find the second Artifact Zeta deep down the Subsurface Garage Cave.
  • When collecting both artifacts, you’ll need to use the aid of a cutter to get rid of the Caelumite Deposit.
  • Once you gather both artifacts, return to The Lodge and deposit them in the center collection reserve.
  • You’ll get 9500 credits, 2 amps, and a map update as a reward for completion.

Talk To Vladimir

starfield into the unknown vladimir sall
Speak with Vladimir Sall on The Eye space station – Image captured by us
  1. First, you must travel towards The Eye space station, orbiting planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri galaxy.
  2. As you approach the ship, safely dock your ship without damaging your shield and parts.
  3. Once you do that, board The Eye and speak with a particular individual called Vladimir Sall.
  4. He’ll inform you about some hidden artifacts’ locations and mark them on your star map.
  5. You’ll also have to find and locate the missing Andreja, another Constellation member on the same mission of locating artifacts like you.

Find Andreja

starfield into the unknown andreja
Interact with Andreja at the entrance – Image captured by us
  1. To search for Andreja, through your star map, travel to the Tau Ceti System. There, you’ll fast-travel to the Tau Ceti VIII-B, the moon of Tau Ceti VIII. Proceed to land on the abandoned mine site.
  2. Moving forward, follow the objective icon on your screen, which will lead you toward Andreja’s exact location at the deep cave’s door.
  3. You’ll encounter a first interaction with her there, and she’ll begin to follow you.

Find Artifact At Tau Ceti VIII-B

starfield into the unknown artifact iota
Collect Artifact Iota embedded on the wall – Image captured by us
  1. After a meet-and-greet session with Andreja, proceed into the cave to search for the missing Artifact.
  2. Remember, you’ll face off against multiple pirate crew enemies as you travel further down the cave toward the Artifact Iota, so be well-prepared for combat with weapons and med kits at your disposal.
  3. Once you arrive at the Artifact’s location, use your standard cutter to remove the Caelumite Deposit engraved on the wall.
  4. After collecting the Artifact, a cutscene will start with Andreja, where you reveal information about each other.

Go To Piazzi IV-C

  1. Moving forward, you’ll traverse to the Piazzi System and prepare to arrive at Piazzi IV-C, the moon of Piazzi IV. Land at the Abandoned Maintenance Bay on the moon.

Find The Artifact On Piazzi IV-C

starfield into the unknown artifact zeta
Collect Artifact Zeta enclosed within the Caulumite Deposit – Image captured by us
  1. As you approach the next Artifact’s location, once again, you’ll be met with hordes of enemies, this time from the Epliptic crew.
  2. We highly recommend assigning a companion along your side to aid you in combat to get through them quickly.
  3. Furthermore, as you pass through all enemies, go to Artifact Zeta and collect it like you collected the Artifact on Tau Ceti VIII-B.

Add Artifacts To The Collection

starfield into the unknown the lodge
Drop off both collected artifacts at The Lodge – Image captured by us
  1. Now that you have both artifacts travel back to The Lodge on Jemison in Alpha Centauri System and deposit them in the collection reserve at the center.
  2. As you do that, Andreja becomes available as your crew member, and you can make her your active companion.

Talk To Vladimir Again

  1. As you drop off both artifacts, Vladimir Sall shares some interesting findings. You’ll have to travel back to The Eye to meet him.
  2. He’ll inform you about some mysterious anomaly readings at planet Procyon III in Procyon A System and request you investigate them as their readings match the artifacts you found earlier.

Go To Procyon III

  1. With the help of fast travel, route your ship towards Procyon III, where you’ll spend a decent amount of time.
  2. Land at the Scanner Anomaly location marked on the planet star map. Exit the ship and haste to the planet’s surface as you land.

Follow Distortions On Scanner

starfield into the unknown procyon III scanner anomaly
Use your scanner to identify and follow the source of distortions – Image captured by us
  1. This objective will be a little tricky and require lots of patience. You’ll need assistance from your built-in scanner in this part.
  2. Stand still on the ground with your scanner out and rotate slowly and horizontally in a circle till you notice a blue-reddish distortion occurring 2 times consecutively in a rapid frequency in that particular direction.
  3. In the same direction, walk or run towards it until you reach the origin of the distortion.
  4. As you get closer, the distortion frequency will intensify, indicating that you’re closing near the source.
  5. Keep moving in that direction until you spot a giant black-colored Temple named Eta. That is where you’ll locate the source of the mysterious anomaly.

Investigate Anomaly Source

starfield into the unknown procyon III temple eta
Enter the temple and further investigate the anomaly source – Image captured by us
starfield into the unknown temple eta anti-gravity room
Float around in the anti-gravity room – Image captured by us
floating light particles in anti-gravity room
Collect these floating and spinning particles in the same room – Image captured by us
  1. Enter the Temple Eta to investigate further after determining the anomaly source’s location.
  2. Additionally, you’ll enter an anti-gravity room where you can freely float around with a ring at the center.
  3. Very carefully, notice small floating lights rapidly spinning around in a circle. Go through each around 4-5 times as they spawn separately.
  4. Once you do that, the ring in the center assembles vertically upright. Proceed forward and stand in the middle of it.
  5. As a result, you have now unlocked the first of your powers, Anti-gravity Field.
  6. In the main menu section of your character, open the Power’s section above your character, and from there, equip your newly acquired Anti-gravity Field power.

Use Anti-gravity Field

anti-gravity field power
The Anti-gravity Field power in-game – Image captured by us
demonstration on anti-gravity field power
Use your new Anti-gravity field power in front of everyone at the Lodge – Image captured by us
  1. For the final objective, return to The Lodge, where the rest of your allies and Vladimir will eagerly await your return.
  2. Press Z on your keyboard to use the Anti-gravity Field to present your new Power in front of them.
  3. As a result, a final cutscene conversation starts between you, multiple members of the Constellation, and Vladimir, who’ll be discussing your recent phenomenal findings.
  4. This brings an end to the mission, Into The Unknown.


As a reward for finishing the mission, you get the following:

  • 9500 credits
  • 2 amps
  • Map update

To summarize, we now wrap up our guide on Into The Unknown main mission walkthrough in Starfield. We hope this walkthrough guide turned out helpful for you. Leave feedback below, and feel free to comment below about your gameplay experience in Starfield, as we would love to hear it!

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