Starfield: Is There A Level Cap? [Trial & Tested]

There is no level cap in Starfield. This means that players can go as high as they want by killing enemies and creatures on many planets.

Starfield: Level Cap

As announced by Pete Hines in an interview, Starfield does not have a Level Cap. This means you can keep playing forever and will still not stop leveling up.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can keep leveling up by completing certain tasks on different planets.
  • To unlock all Skills to maximize character build, you need to reach level 328, as each level up provides a single Skill point.
  • For leveling up fast, consider completing all story and optional missions. They will provide significant XP points.
  • Alien Tea is a unique item crafted from Fiber and Distilled Water. Consuming it gives a 1% XP boost every 15 minutes.
  • Sleeping at a safe spot, like the headquarters of the forces you have joined, will grant you an additional 10% XP.

Level Cap Explained

trying to reach level cap by exploring starfield
Exploring the undiscovered planets | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Players can use this to their advantage by grinding XP and scoring the Skill points. Then, invest these points in the Skill tree until you reach the limit. With our calculations, you will unlock all Skills once you are at level 328.

As your level increases, the enemy difficulty remains constant with fixed levels. To handle higher-level enemies, you’ll need strong armor and upgraded gear.

In addition to Skill points, leveling up provides a health boost, extending your health bar for prolonged combat and granting +15 additional health per level.

XP is the sole requirement for leveling up, but it becomes increasingly challenging as you progress. Starfield offers an ongoing challenge without a maximum level limit.

While there is no level cap, players can earn achievements at specific levels. Refer to the table below for a list of these achievements.

Trophy Name Level
Dust Off 5
Traveler 10
Elite 25
Space Opera 50
Reach for the Stars 100

For gamers, not having a level cap feels like a challenge. They intend to grind hard to reach a point where they make a discovery. To help in your journey, we provide some tips to help you farm XP and increase your leveling-up rate.

Completing Missions

trying to level up by killing enemies
Fighting enemies during stealth mode | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Participating in main and optional missions is the easiest way to farm XP. However, this takes more time, as missions and quests in Starfield ask you to complete endless objectives. Furthermore, these missions are straightforward and won’t require you to do any complex tasks.

Exploring Planets

exploration starfield
Identifying creatures at unknown planets | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

If you inspect the planets in the solar system, you will notice they have a certain level. If the level indicated is above 30 or 40, it tells that you will find creatures that are hard to kill. Alternatively, it also tells that you will score additional XP for eliminating them.

We recommend you switch your Difficulty Level to Very Easy before engaging with these wild creatures, so killing them will not give you a tough time. Players can farm a lot of XP, as finding these creatures is an easy task.

Clear Enemy Bases

Numerous camps in Starfield are filled with people of different Factions and agencies. If you are not with them, they are your enemies and you are free to eliminate them. Approaching the enemy bases in Stealth mode will give you higher XP if you have the stealth skills unlocked.

We recommend you utilize the combat skills to deal additional damage. Note that players will receive XP on every kill they get. Hence, eliminate all enemies you encounter when visiting a new base of Space Rangers.

Alien Tea

Players can use Distilled Water and Fiber to craft Alien Tea. This item can give you a 1% XP Boost every 15 minutes. This free XP farm requires minimal effort, and you can repeat it every 15 minutes by keeping track.

Distilled Water and Fiber are very common materials that players can collect when visiting buildings or closed rooms.


Starfield allows players to sleep on beds, chairs, or inside the spaceships they own. Sleeping is made for passing the time quickly for completing missions or other specific tasks. If you sleep at a secure location, preferably on New Atlantis or your ship, you will receive a 10% XP boost.

My Thoughts

I’m genuinely thrilled that Starfield does not have a level cap. It offers a never-ending path of development and discovery, completely changing how I approach the game. It’s difficult and very inspiring to think about leveling up to 328 and unlocking every skill by grinding experience points. In my never-ending quest for the next level and the abilities it offers, I find myself searching for missions, visiting far-off planets, and taking out enemy bases. It’s a continuous journey in which getting there is just as important as the journey itself.

I’ve made it a habit to craft Alien Tea to get that 1% XP boost every 15 minutes, and sleeping in safe places gives my playthrough an additional layer of strategy and adds to the overall roleplaying immersion. I’m more than just a player in this infinite universe; I’m an explorer, a learner, and I’m on a mission to reach the stars.

That is all about the Level Cap in Starfield. Not having a max level limit shocks players, as this gives them a task to complete. However, there are certain trophies you can collect by leveling up. Leave feedback for us if you found this guide helpful.

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