Starfield Mantis Puzzle [Practical Solution]

When you acquire the "Secret Outpost!" note, your quest for the Mantis Ship and Spacesuit begins. But you'll come across an intricate puzzle that will halt most players. In this guide, we show how to get to the Mantis puzzle and the best ways to solve it, as well as the rewards that you get from it.

Starfield Mantis puzzle.
Here's a complete guide on the Mantis puzzle's location, solution, and rewards.

The Starfield Mantis puzzle is an elusive side quest since its trigger is hard to find. And once you find it, the puzzle is not the easiest. But don’t worry. This guide will explain all about beginning the Mantis puzzle and the various solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mantis puzzle can be started in Starfield after you randomly acquire the “Secret Outpost!” note slate from Spacer corpses.
  • Head to the Denebola I-b Moon and land on the Secret Outpost target. Then, head into the building and keep going down until you find Livvey In Starfield.
  • Past Livvey is the Mantis floor puzzle room. You must spell “Tyrannis” with the switches to get to the next room.
  • Eventually, you’ll find the Mantis puzzle rewards: the Mantis’s Spacesuit and Razorleaf Ship in Starfield.

Beginning The Mantis Quest

Mantis Space Helmet reward.
The Mantis puzzle rewards you with several Armor, including the Mantis Space Helmet. (Image captured by us)

To formally start the Mantis Quest, you’ll be required to find a note about the hidden Outpost’s location. You will find the message on the corpse of a Spacer, which will say “Secret Outpost!”, among other loot.

Unfortunately, the exact location of the note varies with each playthrough. We found it while completing the “Back to Vectera” mission. But you might find it elsewhere.

The location of the Outpost is the same for all players. But without the note, the Mantis mission won’t start. Hence, you’ll need to do some exploration beforehand. Typical places to look include the planet where Barrett and Heller crash and the Nova Galactic Staryard.

Where To Find The Mantis Lair?

Once you have the note in hand, you can find the Mantis Lair. Luckily, you can skip all the hard stuff, and we’ll tell you where it is – the Denebola I-b Moon.

To reach this Moon in the Denebola Star System:

  1. Head East from the Cheyenne Star System.
  2. Leap Groombridge to reach Denebola.
  3. Land at the Secret Outpost on the Moon’s Southern side.
  4. Be prepared to face Spacers upon contact with Denebola I-b.
  5. Equip powerful weapons like Experiment A-7 or Beowulf.
  6. Follow the mission marker to the “Lair of the Mantis” door.
  7. Descend to the bottom of the Lair, facing numerous Spacers.
  8. Optionally, complete the task “Learn more about the Lair of the Mantis” by listening to intercoms and looting notes.
  9. Find yellow safes with unique loot (requires Expert or Master Rank Security Skill).
  10. Proceed to a new room, meet NPC Livvey for lore.
  11. Decide whether to ignore or confront Livvey, then enter the room for the Mantis puzzle.

    Starfield Mantis Puzzle Solution

    Starfield Mantis puzzle room.
    The Mantis puzzle has a room with several rows of switches. (Image captured by us)

    The Starfield Mantis puzzle is pretty simple and requires no special problem-solving abilities. There are two other ways to solve it. But first, let’s look at the legitimate method:

    To solve the puzzle in the long room with turrets:

    1. Eight rows of switches with different letters.
    2. Attached ceiling turrets shoot lasers if you step on the wrong switch.
    3. Avoid incorrect switches to prevent turret fire.
    4. Spell “Tyrannis” by stepping on the corresponding letters:
      • “T” in the first row
      • “Y” in the second row
      • Continue accordingly.
    5. Safely reach the end of the room and press the red glowing button.
    6. Optionally, find the Audio Log titled “Leon Voclain – Sic Semper Tyrannis” for a clue on the switch sequence.

    Solving this puzzle allows you to progress to the next room safely.

    Starfield Mantis Puzzle Alternate Solution

    As we mentioned, there are several methods to solve the Mantis puzzle. The legitimate one is to spell “Tyrannis” using the switches. However, here are a few alternates for you to try:

    Alternate 1: Tank Method

    The first alternate is a “tank” method, meaning you’ll need to tank the damage from the turrets and get to the other side of the room.

    For a faster but riskier strategy in the room with turrets:

    1. Prior to attempting this strategy, equip strong defensive items like a Spacesuit and Helmet.

    2. Ensure you have healing items such as Emergency Kits and Trauma Packs in your inventory.

    3. Enter the room and immediately start moving through it, stepping on random switches as you go.

    4. Expect to take damage from the turrets during this process.

    5. Once you reach the other side of the room, heal yourself using the healing items in your inventory.

    6. As soon as you’re healed up, press the red button to progress.

    7. Note that the turrets will cease firing once you’ve reached the opposite side of the room.

    Alternate 2: Hacking

    The second method is to hack the computer to disengage the turrets.

    For a more skill-dependent approach in the turret arena:

    1. Upon entering, locate a computer on the upstairs balcony to the right.
    2. This computer has a Master-level lock, requiring Security Skill Level 3 to fully unlock.
    3. Hack the computer to deactivate the turret systems.

    Note: This strategy is effective but relies on having Security Skill Level 3, making it less accessible than other methods. Consider alternative approaches if your skill level is lower.

    Mantis Quest Rewards

    After completing the Mantis puzzle and entering the new room, you’ll immediately be met with robots and turrets that are all Level 20. Fight them off with great care, and you’ll find the Mantis Lair eventually.

    You can explore here and look for some loot. After that, head through the left door and enter the new room. Upon entering, two new tasks will appear: “Claim The Mantis’s Starship” and “Claim The Mantis’s Spacesuit”.

    Mantis Spacesuit

    You can find the Mantis’s Spacesuit in the room that you’re currently in. Travel to the left corner of the area and enter the room that looks like it’s for storage. You’ll find a mannequin in the middle wearing the Mantis’s Spacesuit in this new room.

    You’ll need to unlock the display case first and then interact with the dummy. Then, you can claim the Mantis’s Spacesuit.


    StatIncendiary Mantis SpacesuitIncendiary Mantis Space HelmetAssisted Carry Mantis Pack
    Physical Defense1255447
    Energy Defense844655
    EM Defense1005051
    Thermal Resistance15455
    Airborne Resistance30030
    Corrosive Resistance0100
    Radiation Resistance15020
    BonusesBallistic Shielding: Boosts damage resistance.

    Incendiary: You have a 10% probability of lighting nearby enemies on fire.

    Combat Veteran: You take 15% less damage from Human foes.

    Resource Hauler: All Resources have a 25% weight reduction.
    Ablative: You take 15% less Energy damage.

    Liquid Cooled: You have 25% more Thermal Resistance.

    Incendiary: You may light some nearby foes on fire (10% chance).
    O2 Filter: You consume 25% less oxygen.

    Assisted Carry: If you're running when encumbered, you drain 75% less oxygen.

    Antiseptic: Adds a +25 Airborne Resistance bonus.

    Basic Boostpack

    The Mantis’s Spacesuit consists of three pieces of Armor:

    1. Incendiary Mantis Spacesuit (Legendary): Offers balanced defense against all damage types, can set enemies on fire, and reduces resource weight.

    2. Incendiary Mantis Space Helmet (Legendary): Provides excellent protection against Thermal damage, but offers no defense against Airborne and Radiation damage. It also has a chance to ignite enemies and boosts Energy defense.

    3. Assisted Carry Mantis Pack: Functions as a Basic Boostpack, ideal for conserving oxygen. It includes an O2 Filter and offers an Assisted Carry bonus effect.

    These components make up the Mantis’s Spacesuit, each with its unique features and advantages in the game.

    Razorleaf Starship

    Razorleaf Ship as part of Starfield Mantis puzzle reward.
    You get the Razorleaf Starship as a reward for completing the Mantis puzzle. (Image captured by us)

    For the Razorleaf or Mantis’s Starship, go to the other end of the previous room and look for the Starship Lift Controls. Interact with these, and the Starship will begin to surface outside the Lair.

    Now, you must make your way back up to the Secret Outpost landing spot. There will be a mission marker that shows you just where the new Starship is. All you need to do to claim it is sit in the pilot’s seat. The Razorleaf will become your home ship, and your cargo and crew will roll over to this new ship.


    Shielded Capacity160
    Gravity Jump Distance16 LY
    Ballistic Weapon StrengthN/A
    Laser Weapon Strength6
    Missile Weapon Strength36
    Particle Beam Weapon Strength16

    The Razorleaf is a definite improvement from the default Frontier you get at the start of Starfield. It can store more fuel, has a more substantial reactor, and can be equipped with Laser and Particle Beam weapons, which you cannot do on the Frontier.

    However, it does have some downsides compared to the Frontier. Firstly, it has weaker shields, which are compensated by a more robust hull. Secondly, it has a significantly shorter gravity jump distance. And lastly, it has lower Missile weapon strength with no Ballistic weapons.

    However, being a more advanced ship, you acquire the Razorleaf at a point in Starfield where standard Ballistic damage won’t cut it, and players must move beyond primary damage. Hence, the Razorleaf is perfect for experimenting with different weapon types.

    Recommended Upgrades

    To enhance your Razorleaf’s capabilities, consider the following upgrades:

    1. Shield Generator: The Razorleaf lacks shield power, so it’s advisable to upgrade your shield using a Shield Generator. Options like the 10S and 20S Protectors are suitable choices. If you prefer a more robust shield, you can opt for the 60S Protector or Marduk 1030-A.

    2. Cargo Space: The Razorleaf already comes with a cargo capacity of 420, which is decent. However, if you need more cargo space, you can install additional Cargo Holds like the 10T and 20T Haulers. Be sure to refer to our ship storage guide for detailed information on your options.

    3. Gravity Jump Distance: To increase your ship’s jump range beyond its initial 15 light years, consider upgrading the gravity jump distance. Starting with a Helios 400 will grant you a 27 LY jump range. If you desire even greater range, you can invest in advanced upgrades like the SGD 3300, which allows for a 45 LY jump range.

      The Starfield Mantis puzzle presents a new challenge for players, a task that relies more on the player’s intellect than their combat experience. Luckily, you now know how to solve the Mantis puzzle and acquire its rewards: the Mantis’s Spacesuit and Razorleaf Ship.

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