Starfield Is A Must Try Epic Sci-fi Saga For Space Enthusiasts

What interstellar is to cinephiles, Starfield is to gamers.

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There are only a few games that grant you the ability to explore endless cosmos and cruise around the planets in massive spaceships, and Bethesda’s Starfield gives you exactly that and so much more.

With Fallout’s success, it was no secret that the developer’s new venture would surely not disappoint. Starfield is no less than a treat for space and sci-fi enthusiasts, and each of its features is executed perfectly, making it one of the best space games of the decade.

Key Takeaway

  • Starfield is an incredibly expansive space, sci-fi and adventure action RPG and that allows players to explore the vast galaxies.
  • It features face-to-face and spaceship combat with a spectacular main questline and a ton of equally fun side quests.
  • Starfield is the perfect space-faring adventure whose story branches out on a massive scale while staying connected to the main narrative.

A New Era Of Space-Focused Video Games

Yes, I agree that it’s not entirely revolutionary in the genre but there is something about Starfield that sets it apart from other space adventure games.

Starfield space-focused
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Starfield lets you explore a deep and vast world with so many details that you will not be quite sure where to start with. It’s packed with stunning graphics and amazing gameplay that will make you nostalgic with some of its bits while giving you a refreshing space exploration experience.

if you have a keen eye than you will notice that a lot of encounters in Starfield. That are highly inspired by some of the best space sci fi movies and games ever made including the outer worlds and even interstellar. It’s crazy how it combines familiar features and still manages to give a new experience unique in its own way.

Vast & Almost Never-Ending Journey

You can play Starfield for hours and hours on end and feel like you haven’t even gotten to the mid-game. Starfield is not just a typical space-exploration journey; each of your choices will also affect the ending and even who lives and who dies.

Never ending journey
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Starfield is not your typical space game in the sense that it involves a lot of politics, and making decisions when one’s life is involved is not easy. The main quest itself is quite straightforward with the objectives it presents you with, but it is in the side quest that you truly get to make decisions that eventually alter the course of your gameplay.

Fooling Around In Space Has Its Consequences

You can’t just expect to be a part of the ship’s politics and not engage in a bit of fighting. The scale of Starfield is not the only praiseworthy fact about it, as the combat is just as engaging. As if the morally challenging choices that you have to make during the questline aren’t enough, Starfield puts you in battles that really challenge your limits as you participate in hectic shootouts.

Starfield shootouts
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But it’s not just the individual combat face-to-face with enemies. You have to command your ship against enemy fleets, and that can be quite devastating if you have not trained enough. 

Not only will ship combat have you considering and strategically planning how well your weapon power, ship speed, and defense capability are against enemies, but it will also test your piloting skills, and trust me, maneuvering a ship that big is no joke. The gunplay and controls are oddly satisfying and connect well with the plot of Starfield, making it one of my favorite features in the game.

Starfield Is all about massive battleships

I have already mentioned the intense ship battle system that you can get to experience in Starfield. However, there is much more to the spaceship system than meets the eye.

There are a ton of customization options for your ship In Starfield. You can even destroy and steal ships as you engage in battles.

Source: TheRadBrad, YouTube

These ships are extremely massive, and each of them is detailed and beautifully designed. Even exploring these ships can require you to invest hours on end. You can also use your ship to conquer enemy ships and even board them. 

However, be prepared, as the enemies inside will be waiting to destroy you with deadly guns. After you have successfully raided a ship, you can add it to your fleet and expand your ship collection.

Steal, Smuggle, & Get That Bag

When I said that this game challenges you not only with its battles but also morally, I really meant that. Your choices can lead you to become a normie space explorer or a drug lord, literally.

By making certain choices, you will find yourself among shady operatives and gangsters in the criminal underworld, where you can start your own crime story in a space-like fashion.

Source: TheRadBrad, YouTube

Honestly, Starfield has so much going on that I’m sure you can play it for hours on end and start different questlines. With each of them guaranteeing a unique and refreshing experience. You can smuggle drugs and work for drug Lords and eventually become one yourself.

Crazily enough, you will find yourself formulating unique drugs to help you get a lot of credits, which is definitely something I did not expect from Starfield at all. It will be safe to say that Starfield is no less than a sandbox full of diverse quest lines waiting to be explored. All in all, Starfield is a deep and immersive experience that all space enthusiasts must try.

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