Starfield Outposts [In-Depth Expert Guide]

Creating Outposts is a creative feature that allows you to build camps and bases. Read this guide to learn more about it!

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Starfield: Outposts

There are a lot of planets to explore in Starfield, and sometimes you lose track of your progression. Building an Outpost is a great way to mark the planets, by building structures for you and your companions. This guide is exclusively for Outposts and how we can create them more efficiently. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Outposts are specific areas where you can place different modules and build a camp.
  • Players can assign an area for the Outpost by placing a Beacon.
  • To create an Outpost on a planet with extreme weather conditions, upgrade the Planetary Habitation Skill.
  • Collect Resources, such as Aluminum and Iron. Players will need them for placing modules inside the Outpost perimeter.
  • To find the ideal spot for Outpost, ensure you have a wide area with minimal obstacles, such as rocks.
  • To give electricity to your base, you must install a power source, such as a Solar Array, Wind Turbine, or a Fueled Generator.
  • Players can build multiple structures at the Outpost, such as a housing facility, a research lab, etc.

What Is An Outpost?

looking for a spot to build Outposts
Exploring unique Planets for creating Outposts | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Outposts are specific areas where you can build bases and camps by placing various structures. Players can create an Outpost on any planet they witness in the galaxy. The only requirement is to find a valid region to place a beacon.

The Outposts are open to any customization. Therefore, you can design it according to your needs. Players can gather multiple structures to build a temporary house, or a storage room. There is no limit to what you can do with Outposts. Hence, feel free to try numerous options.

Players can always revisit the planets where they created their Outposts. Any items they store in their area will stay safe forever. This is an exciting way to explore new features in Starfield, as they have been there in other Bethesda games.

The NPC Companions associated with you can also live in the Outposts you create. Players are allowed to assign them several tasks that they will work on. Moreover, you can provide rewards if they complete their job successfully. Like this, you will keep your Crew Members happy and satisfied with your character.

How To Increase Outpost Beacons

  • When you start your storyline in Starfield, you are given eight Outpost beacons. This indicates that you can create up to eight Outposts.
  • However, the number can be increased if you invest Skill points on the Planetary Habitation Skill in the Science tree.
this skill increases outposts
Spend Points on the Planetary Habitation Skill to get more Outposts | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Not only does it allow you to build 16 Outposts, but it can also let you place beacons on planets that have unique conditions.
  • Some planets in different systems will be too cold or too hot. Moreover, we observe planets with intense gravity or toxicity in the atmosphere.
  • Without the Planetary Habitation Skill, you are unable to place a beacon on the above-mentioned planets.

How To Create Outposts

Finding Resources

resource collection for placing modules
Scanning planets for Resources | Image Taken By: VeryAli Gaming

Every structure or module you place while building an Outpost requires Resources. There are four different kinds of resources you will come across: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. As the rarity increases, the resource becomes difficult to find. Furthermore, the types are differentiated with a star placed on the resource indicator while scanning a planet.

To look for resources, open the map view to see all the planets. Select any planet and hit the scan key bind displayed on the screen. The procedure will change the planet view and highlight multiple resources you can find on it. Regions with different colors will separate them and you can hover your cursor over any area to see what resource it holds.

Land on the planet and use the Cutter to extract the resource you need. The cutter will be given to you by Supervisor Lin at the start of the Starfield campaign. Spend points on the Scanning Skill from the Science tree to perform a more precise scan and highlight the Epic and Legendary resources with ease.

This part of the process may consume a lot of time, as the resources needed for the Outpost structures may be of Rare kind or higher. Therefore, we recommend you scan every planet in your vicinity and collect multiple resources before placing Structures.

If you are not uncomfortable with scanning every planet, you can visit Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. It is a general store that has all kinds of Resources which you can purchase. However, players may need a lot of credits for this, as Resources are expensive to get for placing modules.

Placing Modules

top view for creating outposts
Placing Modules through the top view | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

There is a wide variety of modules you can choose for your Outposts in Starfield. More commonly, players wish to build a house, that is termed as a ‘Hab‘ in Starfield. A Hab is a small housing area that is bounded by walls. Furthermore, players can create links between multiple Habs that act as hallways.

Below is a list of Modules that are available during Outpost creation. All structures have multiple options that require several Resources. If you meet the requirements, the Outpost will automatically allow you to place the module in the area. Let’s look at all the modules and what they represent.

Module Structures Description
Power Solar Array, Wind Turbine, Fueled Generator. Every structure within the Outpost perimeter requires power to activate. Different types of power generators are suitable for different conditions.
Extractors Water Vapor, Chlorine, Chlorosilanes. This module is for harvesting resources inside your Outpost. Optimal way to produce Resources and collect whenever you need them.
Storage Transfer Container, Storage, Warehouse. All the resources you produce from the Extractor are kept safe inside Storage modules. Players can approach any Storage element to collect the resources.
Builders Simple Fabricator. The Builders module will craft common resources such as Iron. They are needed repeatedly for multiple purposes.
Crafting Industrial Workbench, Cooking Station, Pharmaceutical Lab, Weapon Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench, Research Lab. Crafting modules allow players to research and create weapons, armor, spacesuits, and other useful items required to progress in the main storyline.
Defenses Ballistic Turret, Tick Turret, Laser Turret. Defense is important to protect your Outpost from the wild creatures or enemies on the planet.
Others Some common items are available to decorate your modules such as tables, furniture, and pictures.

Choosing The Correct Spot

After you have enough Resources, it’s time we find ourselves a perfect Outpost spot.

  1. Resource Gathering: Gather enough resources.
  2. Location Selection: Choose an open area on the planet with minimal obstacles, avoiding water areas or planets with over 50% water coverage.
  3. Power Modules: Select the appropriate power-generating module based on your planet’s conditions:
    • Solar Array for planets closer to the sun with high temperatures.
    • Wind Turbine for planets farther from the sun with thick atmospheres.
    • Fueled Generator on planets with Helium resources, which works universally and produces the highest power output. It can be linked to multiple modules.
  4. Outpost Design: Plan your Outpost layout, considering the modules you want, like Workbenches and housing compartments.
  5. Power Distribution: Use wires to connect the power-generating module to other structures in your Outpost, ensuring that lights and equipment receive power.

Outpost Examples

Extraction Farm

To create a basic Extraction Farm Outpost, follow these steps:

  1. Planet Selection: Choose a suitable planet for your Extraction Farm and decide on the power source:
    • Solar Array or Wind Turbine for ease of wiring.
    • Fueled Generator if you have access to Helium-3 resources.
  2. Power Setup: Connect the chosen power source to your Outpost, ensuring it keeps running.
  3. Resource Selection: Focus on extracting Aluminum, which is commonly needed.
  4. Extractor Placement: Place three or more Aluminum extractors within the Outpost’s perimeter.
  5. Wire Connections: Connect the Aluminum extractors to the power source (generator) using wires.
  6. Storage: Place one or more Storage modules on the ground and connect them to the extractors using wires.

Cargo Transfer And Links

To enhance your Outpost capabilities, consider implementing Cargo Linking for resource transfer:

  • Cargo Link Module: Transfer resources within Outpost perimeter.
  • Outpost Engineering Skill: Exchange resources with distant Outposts using upgraded modules.
  • Control Console: Manage connections for resource exchange.
  • Resource Containers: Red sends, Green receives. Connect Green to Storage for storage.
  • Transfer Module: Access extracted resources from ship without leaving.
  • Landing Pad: Land on marked area to access Cargo Hold screen.
  • Resource Collection: Conveniently collect extracted resources from ship.

By implementing these steps, you’ll establish efficient resource transfer and management at your Outpost.

Crew Stations

crew members starfield
Choosing members for the crew station | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Players will be allowed to assign tasks to their Crew Members to enhance work at your Outposts. Your companions will need a place to rest or conduct work. Hence, you must place a Crew Station inside the Hab. Initially, you will be restricted to placing a single Crew Station.

However, players can place more than one by spending skill points on the Outpost Management skill from the Science category. After choosing a spot for the Crew Station, select the Ship option while pausing the game. The list of companions you currently have will pop up once you select the Crew option.

Assign tasks to them as you like. By doing this, the extractors placed at the outpost will generate more resources. Similarly, you can place other modules at the outpost location, that are self-explanatory.

That’s all about Outposts in Starfield. This feature brings creativity, as you get to build structures and place modules according to your imagination. However, choosing the correct spot is the key to building the perfect Outpost. If this guide helped you, don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments below.

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