Shielded Cargo Hold [How To Get]

A detailed and thorough guide that will assist you in securely transporting prohibited items through the Shielded Cargo in Starfield without getting into any trouble. Learn how you can install it in your ship and benefit from it.

Starfield Shielded Cargo Hold
Shielded Cargo in Starfield

If you are looking for a reliable way to smuggle your goods across the galaxy, look no further than the Shielded Cargo Hold. This innovative product offers a large capacity, a durable design, and a state-of-the-art shielding system that protects your cargo from radiation, cosmic rays, and pirates and allows you to travel in space safely. Let’s learn everything about it!

  • The shielded cargo hold is designed to prevent scanners from detecting its contents, making it a valuable addition to any ship in Starfield.
  • You can find two different types of shielded Cargo holds in Starfield. One is the 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold, and the other is the Caravel V101 Shielded Cargo Hold.
  • While smuggling in Starfield, you should be careful not to overload the shielded cargo hold. A specific mass limit determines how much contraband can be smuggled.
  • If you are smuggling contraband and get caught in Starfield, you must be prepared to face penalties and several other consequences.

Upgrade Your Starship 

Consider upgrading your ship by installing a shielded cargo hold in Starfield to ensure the confidentiality of its contents. This feature would effectively prevent the detection of any illegal goods you may be transporting in the game, making it an ideal solution for those who engage in smuggling activities.

You can buy the Shielded Cargo holds from Lon Anderssen, a ship dealer in the Red Mile on Porrima III.

starfield cargo location
The Location for Shielded Cargo Hold (Captured by Us)

Cargo Hold Working

Shielded Cargo employs a highly effective technique known as electromagnetic shielding to prevent any scanners from being able to detect its presence. This innovative technology can decrease or almost eliminate your character’s chance of being detected, which ultimately enhances the safety and security of the Cargo during transport in Starfield.

Benefits Of Installing Cargo Hold 

Using the shielded Cargo in Starfield can aid your gameplay in several ways. Some of the benefits of using it are mentioned below.

  • It reduces the risk of detection.
  • Your contraband gets secured with the help of the cargo hold
  • You can also increase your profits from smuggling

Although this Cargo can be very beneficial, it can also make it difficult for your ship to move.

Types of Shielded Cargo Hold

There are two types of shielded Cargo holds you can acquire in Starfield. One is the 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold, and the other is the Caravel V101 Shielded Cargo Hold.

The 100CM Ballast Cargo Hold has a mass limit 48, less than the Cravel V101 Shielded Cargo Hold, which has a mass limit of 52. This 100CM Shielded Cargo Hold costs 1425 credits, whereas the other cargo hold costs 2470 credits.

Starfield shielded cargo hold types
The 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold (Captured by Us)

Having less limit, the 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold is a cheaper option. Whereas the other Cargo Hold is expensive and has a larger mass limit. 

How to install Shielded Cargo

  1. To install the shielded Cargo and start your smuggling in Starfield, navigate to your ship’s inventory and select the section designated for the Cargo Holds.
  2. Select an available slot from there and drag and drop the shielded cargo hold into one designated space.
  3. After installing the shielded cargo hold, you can feel secure while transporting your valuable goods.
  4. This cargo hold protects the contraband from being scanned.

Using the Shielded Cargo

To start using the Cargo, you must first fill the Shielded Cargo hold with contraband once installed.

shielded cargo in starfield
Attaching Cargo to the Ship (Captured by Us)

Tips For Avoiding Detection

If you follow the tips mentioned below, then you can lower your chances of getting caught smuggling through shielded Cargo in Starfield.

  1. Always use a shielded cargo with a large mass limit.
  2. Select a ship with a high degree of stealth capability.
  3. capabilityended to fly at a low speed.
  4. You should avoid flying through heavily patrolled areas.

Penalties For Getting Caught

There are many potential consequences of Cargo being discovered by the patrol officers in Starfield. You’ll have to face several penalties for committing the crime of smuggling, such as:

  • Imprisonment.
  • Heavy fines.
  • Your ship and Cargo can also be confiscated.

Shielded Cargo is a potent tool for your ship to smuggle contraband if used carefully and attentively in Starfield. However, it is super important that you are well aware of the Landmarks, the Cargo, and the benefits if you are thinking of smuggling contraband through the use of shielded Cargo. 

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