Starfield Ship Storage: Upgrade, Types & Guide

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Ship Storage in Starfield and how to access, upgrade, and manage it.

Starfield Ship Storage

Starfield Ships are irreplaceable when traveling to different Planets and Star Systems, primarily with Grav Jumping. Moreover, they have a variety of uses, such as space combat, docking to space stations, and, most importantly, Storage or cargo. This guide will explain everything you need about Ship Storage in Starfield.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield Ships have a Cargo Hold, also called the Ship Storage. This is where items collected in Space pile up.
  • You can access your Ship Storage from the Pause Menu and organize everything.
  • You can upgrade your Cargo Hold Capacity with different Cargo Hold Modules, Cockpit Modules, or Ships.
  • The Ship with the most Cargo Hold Capacity is the Vanquisher, with 4120 Cargo Space.
  • The Galleon S204 Cargo Hold Module has 1480 Cargo Space, and the DS20.3 Phobos Cockpit has 280 Cargo Space.

What Is Ship Storage?

Starfield Ship Storage
Every Ship has a different Cargo Limit (Captured by Us)

In Starfield, your Ship has Storage. This is also called Cargo Hold. Moreover, all the items you collect in Space are kept in your Cargo Hold. In particular, items you get from destroying enemy ships in Space will be stored in the Cargo Hold. Furthermore, this could include valuable materials for crafting or research purposes.

This Ship Storage or Cargo Hold will fill up as you progress the game, and you’ll eventually reach your Cargo Limit and be unable to pick up any additional items from a shipwreck. However, if you plan for this situation in advance, you can upgrade your cargo or manage it so you can always be ready to pick up loot instead of taking a detour and wasting time.

Using Ship Storage

Cargo Hold for the Starborn Guardian Ship (Captured by Us)

Thankfully, it is straightforward to access and manage your Cargo Hold. You don’t need to jump through several hoops to access your Ship Storage, like being in Space or inside your Ship. You can pause the game and see the menu with your character and the other information tabs next to them. Over here, hover over the bottom left of the screen and access your Ship menu.

At this point, you should view your Ship’s parameters, including but not limited to its Fuel, Hull, Value, and Mass. However, we’re concerned with the Ship Storage, which you can access by pressing the Cargo Hold button, which opens up the Cargo Hold Menu, where every item on your Ship is neatly sorted.

Here, you can do a variety of things, such as:

  1. Moving the item from the ship storage into your inventory.
  2. Opening your inventory to see what you already have and need from the ship storage.
  3. Throw out items from your cargo hold to organize your ship storage. This process is called Jettison.
  4. You can sort the items to understand better what you’re carrying on your Ship.
  5. Depending on your weight, you can take all the items from your ship storage with one button, which may or may not be a good idea.
  6. If you find the design interesting, you can inspect items to get a more detailed view of some items.

You can use these items for crafting and research or sell them for easy credit. The latter would be a good idea if you consider upgrading your ship storage to increase the Cargo Hold Capacity.

Upgrade Ship Storage

Starfield Ship Storage
Ship Builder Menu Screen (Captured by Us)

Upgrading your Ship is a relatively straightforward process. All you have to do is find an NPC who is a Ship Services Technician and talk to them.

To be more specific about the entire process, here is a short step-by-step guide to upgrading your ship storage:

  1. Head to the City, New Atlantis, which is on the Planet Jemison, in the Alpha Centauri Star System.
  2. Find a Ship Services Technician NPC near the landing area of your Ship.
  3. Talk to the NPC and select the ‘I’d like to view and modify my ships.’ dialogue option.
  4. You will be taken to a Menu Screen like the one you saw when accessing your Cargo Hold.
  5. At this point, press the button to access the Ship Builder and go to that screen.
  6. Now, try to find a component of your Ship called Cargo Hold. You may need to pan the camera and hover over many parts until you find it.
  7. You have a couple of options at this point. Firstly, you can detach and remove the cargo hold to reduce the Hull. Secondly, you can duplicate the Cargo Hold component and attach it to another free space on your Ship to double the capacity. Thirdly, you can remove the current cargo hold and replace it with a different one you like.
  8. Then, you can exit and save your changes as long as the parameter checks are passed.

It is fun to customize several components of your Ship to get the optimal result. However, it should be noted that to change the cargo hold components, you will need to invest 1 skill point into the Starship Design Tech Skill. More complex components may require you to invest even more skill points and overcome several challenges to reach Rank 4.

Storage Comparison

There are 3 ways to increase your Ship Storage in Starfield. You can either do all of them, a combination of them, or just one of them:

  1. Firstly, buy or steal a Ship with a higher Cargo Hold Capacity from NPCs or Factions.
  2. Secondly, buy a Cargo Hold Ship module with a higher Cargo Hold Capacity.
  3. Thirdly, buy a Cockpit Ship Module with a higher Cargo Hold Capacity.

Regardless of which route you wish to take, here is a table of cargo hold components, cockpit modules, and ships comparing their cargo hold capacity and other parameters.

Ship Comparison

Name Fuel Hull Cargo Crew Value
Vanquisher 1100 908 4120 6 335655
Kepler R 2800 999 3905 6 457641
Shieldbreaker 550 940 2280 5 265443
Warhammer II 550 791 2280 5 237133
Marathon 700 639 1606 2 151467
Frontier 50 366 495 2 54191
Achilles II 50 515 445 2 94875
Crimson Fleet Phantom 50 478 429 2 66707
Rambler II 50 502 260 2 94614
Phalanx II 800 793 200 5 196086
Trebuchet II 210 629 200 4 189966
Galileo II 1100 563 200 4 175073

Cargo Hold Comparison

Name Cargo Hull Value Requirement
Galleon S204 Cargo Hold 1480 5 10450 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 3)
40T Hauler Cargo Hold 1270 5 8835 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 3)
Galleon S203 Cargo Hold 1200 5 8312 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 2)
30T Hauler Cargo Hold 1000 5 6792 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 2)
Galleon S202 Cargo Hold 950 5 6395 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
20T Hauler Cargo Hold 760 5 4940 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
Galleon S201 Cargo Hold 720 5 4607 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
10T Hauler Cargo Hold 585 5 3610 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
Caravel V104 Cargo Hold 550 5 3325 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 2)
400CM Ballast Cargo Hold 435 5 2422 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
StorMax 60 Cargo Hold 435 5 2422 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
Caravel V103 Cargo Hold 395 5 2137 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
300CM Ballast Cargo Hold 320 5 1567 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
StorMax 50 Cargo Hold 320 5 1567 None
Caravel V102 Cargo Hold 300 5 1425 None
200CM Ballast Cargo Hold 245 5 997 None
StorMax 40 Cargo Hold 245 5 997 None
Caravel V101 Cargo Hold 225 5 807 None
100CM Ballast Cargo Hold 210 5 712 None
StorMax 30 Cargo Hold 210 5 712 None

Cockpit Comparison

Name Cargo Hull Crew Stations Value Requirement
DS10.1 Phobos Cockpit 200 5 2 3657 None
Magellan C1 Cockpit 200 5 2 3705 None
DS10.2 Phobos Cockpit 220 5 2 4322 None
Magellan C1X Cockpit 220 5 2 4417 None
DS20.1 Phobos Cockpit 240 5 2 5462 None
Magellan C2 Cockpit 240 5 2 5605 None
DS20.2 Phobos Cockpit 260 5 2 6935 None
Magellan C2X Cockpit 260 5 2 7077 None
Magellan C2X Cockpit (NASA) 260 5 2 7077 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)
DS20.3 Phobos Cockpit 280 5 2 9310 Starship Design Tech Skill
(Rank 1)

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