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Starfield to be Released This Year, Bethesda Hopes

Hey, remember that time Bethesda made an E3 announcement about a space epic called Starfield? It was three-ish years ago? Basically all the news since was coaxed into existence by leaked information?

Honestly, I half-forgot, too.

Rumors are Flying

I’m not here to finally give you official news, unfortunately. I can’t even tell you what quarter Bethesda expects to drop Starfield. But I can tell you that known gaming insider NateDrake got a little more info for us recently. He quoted Jeff Grubb about an upcoming Bethesda event, and tied this to Starfield news.

Although NateDrake is “not 100%” guaranteeing a 2021 Starfield release, he did drop news that it was a big hope for Bethesda. Since late last year, in fact. Meaning they’ve been pushing for this goal for at least three months now.

Starfield – the ship from the trailer prepares for hyperdrive

Is This a Sign of Hope?

Of course, outside of the aforementioned leaks, we know nearly nothing about the game. So it’s impossible to know if we’re on the verge of getting another Fallout 76… or another Elder Scrolls 6-esque rumour.

We might not be able to blame Bethesda for COVID-19 slowing down production last year (which it definitely did). But we can wonder what a 2021 release even means. If you’re a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, or epics in general, you’re used to deadline disappointment. It was sci-fi writer Douglas Adams who once said, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing noise they make as they fly by.”

On the Bright Side

It’s no fun expecting bad news from a developer, but maybe Starfield will be different. Fallout 4 was released the same year it was announced, and that definitely was not a flop. And what we do, officially know from Bethesda is promising. Namely, Starfield is going to be big. Really big. Bigger-than-Skyrim big. And even if we don’t get a game this year, the push to release in 2021 will definitely give us some news, at least.

While you wait for official Starfield news, why not get excited about Elder Scrolls and Fallout news?

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