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Steam Remote Play
Steam Remote Play Now Allows A Non Steam Account

Steam Remote Play Now Allows Non Steam Account Multiplayer

This Non Steam Account function of Steam Remote Play is currently in beta and requires the Steam Link app (hardware no longer required). So far only 1 person can play without a Steam account. But there’s a possibility more could be included in future.

Steam Remote Play

Some of you are probably wondering what Steam Remote Play is. To use it only 1 person needs to own a Steam title with local multiplayer. Hence it’s like local multiplayer except everyone is in different locations, as opposed to being crammed around the 1 PC.

Steam Remote Play was the talk of the town last year. PC Gamer described it as “fiddly but still a great way to play couch co-op online“.

Players can join from different devices and all communicate on Steam chat, with the host player controlling the game and player volume. Only 1 person is allowed to play with keyboard and mouse though. Everyone else will need their own controller. Each player has a bandwidth symbol showing how well their connection is. Even non players can join to watch and chat with everyone.


For Steam Remote Play to work well all players need a good internet connection and the recommended hardware. It’s said to be a reliable service if you can look past the slew of apps everyone needs and the Steam Overlay’s clunky menus.

This is a far cry from an authetic local multiplayer experience. With the future that is COVID-19 though, it could become a service many use years down the line. Also the fact only 1 person needs to buy the game is tantalizing for many cash strapped gamers out there.

Is Steam Remote Play the future of local multiplayer? Is this a service you would use? Let us know in the comments.

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