Steelrising BEST Builds [All Classes]

This Steelrising Best Build guide will inform you of everything you need to dominate the battlefield and emerge victorious.

Steelrising Best Build [All Classes]
Steelrising Best Build [All Classes]

Steelrising is a newly released action RPG game that has made waves in the gaming industry. The game’s mesmerizing setting during the French revolution has made it distinct from its competitors and worth enjoying. Moreover, the game allows players to choose from a plethora of options for their characters. Due to this fact, there are several builds you can go for. Hence, in order to dominate the battlefield, you need to know about the Steelrising Best Build.

  • Zone events are some of the best in-game content that give players the chance to take part in a variety of tasks and gain valuable rewards for their characters.
  • One of the prominent bosses in the Shassar Sea zone that could ruin your character is Kormus the Guardian. In order to complete the Shassar Sea, you must also fight the boss by taking part in a unique event there.
  • Drawback is that some players’ progress will be halted by the quest’s random feature because they will need to wait and go back to the spot to trigger the event.
  • To earn special rewards for your character, you can defeat the guardian. Ailettes, Gold, Greaves of Fortitude, and many Enchanted Dust are some of these unique awards.

Furthermore, Steelrising has a very intricate character-building system. The game allows you to add different modules to your characters to strengthen their overall impact. Additionally, you can choose from many different weapons, all with unique characteristics. All of this allows the game to excel and captivate the players in its enthralling gameplay.

Set during the French Revolution, the game allows you to explore the vast map. The game’s progress is linear; however, it still behaves like a soullike game. You can visit multiple places unrelated to your mission and just wander about to take in the majestic masterpiece the game has created. Such freedom allows you to immerse yourself in the game and play it wholeheartedly.

However, to have fun while playing, you need to ensure that you can beat anything standing in your way. Thus, you will need the Steelrising Best Build in order to decimate anything that stands in your way,

What is a Build in Steelrising?

A build translates to your character’s kit. You will need to have a robust kit/build to make sure you are ready to face any challenge that comes your way. Your kit includes your weapon, modules, and armor that will allow you to gain the upper hand in a fight.

Moreover, there are multiple builds that you can go for. The game allows players to freely choose weapons and modules for their characters, allowing them to play skillfully. However, this does not mean that every weapon and module is optimal for the certain character in question. Hence, first, you will need to realize what type of build you want to go for. Your playstyle will determine the answer to this question and let you excel.

This Steelrising Build guide will discuss four builds that obliterate anything unfortunate to face them. So sit tight as we take a deeper dive.

Steelrising Best Builds

These are the best Steelrising build that caters to different playstyles. Follow the instructions below and get the mentioned items to have this build in your arsenal. These builds will help you advance quickly and be more knowledgeable about the game.

Best Bodyguard Build

Steelrisng Bodyguard Starting Loadout
Bodyguard Starting Loadout

This build focuses on providing you with an all-rounder kit. Such a build allows you to tank more damage and output tremendous damage. There is no better class than Bodyguard that can be a fit for such a build. Bodyguard is a class for those who wish to survive those highly damaging hits and launch brutal counterattacks afterward. Following are the starting stats of the Bodyguard class, which showcase its potential to improve into a goliath.

Starting Loadout

Features Name Description
Weapon Body of Work Warhammer weapon has 74 starting damage and a unique shield move.
Grenade Petrification Grenade A grande that temporarily restricts an enemy’s movement.
Perk 1 Durability +3 Start with three points in durability, which grants increased health and balance.
Perk 2 Engineering +2 Engineering increases armor, the effectiveness of alchemical afflictions, and the chance of finding loot.

As you can see, the class comes with high durability stats and a decent engineering stat. The durability stats provides it with more longevity, while the engineering stats allow it to increase the effectiveness of armor. Enhanced armor protects the Bodyguard from more attacks while adding additional perks.


This class uses heavy weapons to deal some massive damage. There are multiple choices you can decide between while weighing the pros and cons of each weapon. However, as we have already checked for you, you won’t have to do so. The Wheel of Vengeance is the best weapon to complement this Steelrising Build for Bodyguard. This weapon has the most significant damage in the game and delivers an insanely high impact to knock any enemy hit by it. It fits the Bodyguard class perfectly and enables it to display insane damage.


The Stats you will have to focus on covering the weakness of the bodyguard class while reinforcing its strengths. You will have to upgrade three stats as you progress to make this build genuinely shine.

Firstly, we have Power. Power is necessary to increase your overall impact. The higher your impact, the easier it will be to knock down your enemies and break their guard. It will be vital for you and will allow you to get those attacks in.

Secondly, we have durability. The durability increases the Bodyguard’s health and balance. This enables them to survive for much longer on the battlefield and covers for their weapon’s shorter range. As bodyguards deal damage up close, they will need to tank shots from ranged enemies to get closer.

Thirdly, we have Engineering. Engineering is a perfect fit for the Bodyguard Class. It increases your resistance to elemental attacks and damage by strengthening your armor. High armor stats give you more longevity and enable you to emerge victorious from your fights.


Lastly, we have the Modules that complete this Steelrising best build.

Module Effects
Destruction Module Deal more Physical damage.
Resistance Mods Counter Elemental attacks from robots, thus providing you with more defensive capabilities.
Ventilation Module Take less damage from the frost damage done by rapid cooling. As Bodyguards use heavy swings, they use drastically more endurance for their attack and will likely find themselves using the fast cooling feature more.
Fight or Flight Module increases the Physical Damage and Impact inflicted when Aegis health is at its lowest.

Best Dancer Build

Steelrising Dancer
Steelrising Dancer

Agility has been an integral part of any game that focuses on combat, especially in soul games that keep you on your feet at all times. Likewise, an agility build in Steelrising also suits players who like to move around and do creative plays. The class best suited for such a build is the Dancer Class, which excels in such areas. This class allows players to perform quick rolls to evade opponents’ attacks and unleash solid counterattacks. It provides decent damage along with high movement speed.

Starting Loadout

Features Name Description
Weapon Armored Fans A lightweight dual-wield weapon with a secondary strike that transforms her weapons into a shield and does 52 basic damage.
Grenade Flame Grenade A grenade that explodes and sets foes ablaze.
Perk 1 Agility +3 Raises Immobilization Damage and Physical Damage.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Boosts Endurance and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies.

The stats showcase Dancer’s ability to maneuver through her opponent’s attacks and unleash counterattacks of her own. The agility allows the players to participate in minor skirmishes throughout the fight to accumulate damage. Once it reaches a certain point, the enemies just get destroyed by her attacks. This class is one of the strongest and most fun to play in this game. However, this isn’t even its final form.


Steelrising Nemesis Claws
Nemesis Claws

The Dancer class needs weapons that scale with agility and provide decent damage to fend off your foes. Due to these requirements, Dancer has the option to choose between two powerful weapons.

Firstly, we have the Nemesis Claws. Nemesis Claws is an A-tier weapon that shreds through the opponents like paper. It does massive critical damage to foes with your immobilization score. Moreover, the weapon is mighty when making chain attacks. It allows you to build up significant damage with each strike, and on the fourth strike of a chain attack, it slices the enemy thrice. Such damage makes it easier to deal with foes and provides you with the opportunity to take them down.

Your second option is Falchion and Sabre. The weapon profits from your heightened impacts, physical damage, immobilization, and other destructive effects because it possesses a reasonable amount of power and agility scaling. Furthermore, This weapon shines the most when taking on numerous enemies simultaneously. Due to dancers’ great endurance, you can easily afford the Blade Tornado as your secondary attack.

It couples nicely with an immobilization setup weapon like the Nemesis Claws. It also hits pretty hard if you do a power build on top. Last but not least, the weapon is perfect for hitting enemies who ordinarily fall before they reach the immobilized condition. Overall, this weapon enhances your build rather nicely.


Agility and Vigor are the two stats that the Dancer class will need to improve the most. As they will be moving a lot and dodging multiple attacks, it will consume much of their stamina. Hence it will be crucial that they have their endurance and Vigor up, so they don’t give up that unrelenting aggression.

Agility is a no-brainer. It is the most vital stat for the dancer class. It is the core of their kit and will determine their victory in those high-octane pressure fights. The agility will also increase your physical damage and immobilization score, giving you more impact in every hit.

Even though these two stats are the most important, you shouldn’t neglect all the other stats either. The optimal option is to increase the other stats by a little once in a while. Elemental resistance and armor are good picks to raise as they will ensure that you don’t die before you even get to showcase your skillful mechanics.


The Dancer class has many apparent weaknesses that get overlooked due to this class’s strengths. However, those weaknesses could become a significant issue if not dealt with. Hence, we cover those weaknesses with the following modules to make this class build stronger than ever.

Module Effect
Charging Module Deal more Physical damage caused by successful fully charged attacks.
Longevity Module Raises Aegis health.
Grade III Destruction Module Greater physical damage
Swiftness Module Gain an Immobilization score by dodging and sprinting attacks.
Resistance Modules Any resistance modules you need in the fight. The type of resistance depends on the enemy’s alchemical types.

Best Soldier Build

Next up in our Steelrising Best Build, we have the Soldier Class. The Soldier class is a well-rounded class in Steelrising that provides both damage and durability in a fight. It is similar to the Bodyguard class but has specific differences that make it a popular choice among players. Our Soldier Build focuses most on providing you with the power and attack damage to obliterate your foes. This build works best for those who don’t beat around the bush and face their opponents head-on.

Starting Loadout

Class feature Name Description
Weapon Gribeauval Halberd A two-handed, heavy, long-range halberd with a unique technique that can shoot foes. The weapon also deals primary damage of 64.
Grenade Explosive Grenade A grenade with the capacity to injure and knock adversaries over.
Perk 1 Power +3 Enhanced Physical damage and impact.
Perk 2 Vigour +2 Increases Endurance and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies.

The starting perks display the impact behind the Soldier Class hits and that it has the endurance to swing heavy weapons multiple times until the job is done. It is a decent starting loadout for those who yearn for having destructive Power. However, the Power here is nothing compared to what the following build provides.


Steelrising Fire Chain
Fire Chain

Fire Chain is the best weapon for the Soldier Class, enabling it to outshine its peers truly. The Fire Chain is an excellent medium-weight weapon that produces moderate immobilization, has tremendous basic physical damage, and has a decent impact. Moreover, the weapon has solid range and can cleave rather effectively with either a close-range, fully charged assault or a rapid heavy attack.

Furthermore, it also adds fire damage as part of its special attack. As an extra DPS against foes, you can stack the burn with the fire damage even without having affliction scaling, 


As this is a well-rounded class, most of the stat that you level up work in your favor. However, among those, some are most impactful than others. The stats most integral are Power, Vigour, Engineering, and Agility. As this is a power build, you must put points in Power to increase your attack damage. Moreover, as you will be swinging heavy weapons and moving around with them, you will need a high stamina bar. Thus Vigor will help you remain on your feet during such fights.

Furthermore, Engineering will help you have more armor effectiveness and remain scratch free. It will increase your resistance against enemy attacks and will give you the freedom to attack freely. Lastly, you can put points in agility. High movement speed is never not fruitful, especially when you are going to be slow with heavy weapons in your hands.


The best-suited modules for the soldier class are mentioned below.

Module Effect
Fight or Flight Increases Physical Damage and Impact when Aegis health is at its lowest.
Destruction Module Increases Physical Damage
Endurance Module Increases Endurance.
Defense Module This can either be armor, elements resistance or health increase, depending on what you need against a boss or themed elemental enemies.

Best Alchemist Build

The Alchemist is one of the most challenging classes to master in steelrising. However, the pain is worth it, for the class provides you once fully mastered. As the name suggests, the alchemy class uses alchemical attacks, afflicts enemies to lower their guard, and uses melee attacks to strike them down. It is a rewarding class that can become potent in the right hands.

Starting Loadout

Features Name Effect
Perk 1 Elemental Alchemy Your alchemical attacks deal more elemental damage rendering the enemies prone to your attacks.
Perk 2 Engineering Engineering increases armor, the effectiveness of alchemical afflictions, and the chance of finding loot.


Several weapons are suited for an alchemist’s build that focuses on power and agility. The weapon most favored by the players is Hephaestus Batons. The Hephaestus Baton is the most potent melee weapon that scales most with alchemy. This further enables you to debuff your fire quickly and do significant damage over time to foes who can survive long enough to activate it, such as bosses, more difficult adversaries, and Titans.

Another weapon you can use, which has proved to be pretty powerful, is the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket. The Charleville 1789 is a mighty weapon that does enormous elemental damage. Moreover, it is a ranged weapon that allows you to fire off damaging blows from a distance. Additionally, among the game’s three elemental attacks, frost is by far the strongest.

Thus, the frost musket allows you to damage your foes significantly and even freeze them. You have the perfect opportunity to unleash your fury and leave them completely broken when they are stuck and frozen.

Furthermore, the weapon also forms an ice shield that protects you from incoming enemy attacks.


You must prioritize the stats: Engineering, Power, Agility, and Endurance. Engineering is the stat directly linked to your alchemical prowess. Thus, it makes perfect sense to raise it. It will determine your overall damage output and will make you a goliath on the battlefield. Moreover, you can increase your power stat to add more damage to your attacks. This will allow you to take care of your enemies efficiently.

Furthermore, you can level up agility in order to have more maneuverability on the battlefield. Dodging enemy attacks is crucial for you as you already have a low HP bar thus, agility makes a good addition. Lastly, if you wish to raise your vitality directly, you can increase your endurance stats to add more survivability to your kit.


Alchemists have some very apparent flaws in their kit, such as their health which you can improve upon further with the help of modules. The following modules are optimal for the best alchemist modules.

Module Effect
Affliction Module Boosts the time your Alchemical Afflictions last on enemies.
Catalyst Modules Enhances the damage of your an appropriate elemental type you deal to foes.
Infusion Module Increases the weapon infusion duration.
Health Module Increases your overall Health Bar.


These are the Steelrising Best Build for all classes. You can use these to make the ultimate character that destroys anything in its way. However, note that these builds are not necessary. You should find what suits your playstyle best and stick with it the most. It will make you more knowledgeable about attacks and accustomed to defeating enemies.

With your chosen weapons and modules, you will be able to display more skillful fighting prowess that will leave anyone watching the battle dazzled. Thus don’t be hesitant to try out things yourself. Although if you feel that it is too much work for you, stick with this guide, and you will have a blast playing the game.

This concludes our Steelrising Build guide. Let us know down below which class is your favorite!!

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