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Steelrising BEST Classes [Top 4]

This guide will help you determine the best class for your play style in Steelrising's harsh and unforgiving world

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Do you like playing Dark Souls? Do you enjoy the combat and class-centric nature of Dark Souls? Then you will like Steelrising as a game. Steelrising has a class system, and in this guide, we will lay out the Steelrising Best Class by comparing and contrasting the existing classes.

Before we dive deeper into the gameplay aspect, why not look at the story aspect? We all know that Dark Souls is known for its fantastic gameplay and chillingly beautiful lore bits found in the most obscure locations. So if Steelrising has credited Dark Souls as its inspiration, which we can see, then let us look at the story.

Steelrising is an action RPG that takes place in a French Revolution setting. This weirdly eccentric choice gives the game a nice gimmick to differentiate itself from other Souls-like games. However, unlike the Souls franchise, the progression is linear but still open enough to where you are convinced this is an open world unless you limit-test it.

Steelrising, as mentioned before, has a character class type of gameplay where you have to choose a character and build them up around their class’s best and weakest attributes. In this guide, we will inform you about all the classes and which one is the best for your journey through this dark victorian setting.

steelrising artwork
Steelrising Landscape

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steelrising soilder screen
Soldier Select Screen 

Do you like playing the big bulk with the enormous damage? Well, we have the class for you. This would be the soldier class. A nice mixture of tank and damage with a little bit of rang thrown in there to make it extra appealing. The following stats can help describe these best since they detail what the class has to offer in terms of stats and gear.

Class Item Name Description
Weapon Gribeauval Halberd A large, heavy weapon with a special attack that is ranged.
Trait 1 Power +3 An increase in Physical Impact and Physical Damage.
Trait 2 Vigour +2 An increase in Physical Damage and Critical Damage to enemies.
Grenade Type Explosive A grenade is which can hinder and knock down enemies.


steelrising best class
Bodyguard Select Screen 

The bodyguard is a class that can be argued as the Steelrising Best Class due to its tanky nature and ability to add crowd control onto enemy groups and benefit the part both in or out of combat. This class speaks to those who are keen on counter-attack potential. The following table can help describe these best since they detail what the class offers regarding stats and gear.

Class Item Name Description
Weapon Body of Work A sizeable hammer-like weapon that has a unique ability to block incoming damage.
Trait 1 Durability +3 An increase in total Health and overall Balance.
Trait 2 Engineering +2 An increased chance to find loot and boost Armor, alongside Alchemical Afflictions’ effectiveness.
Grenade Type Petrification A grenade that can immobilize an enemy by freezing them in place.


steelrising alchemist best class
Alchemist Select Screen | Courtesy: Game Digest

The people who play the Alchemist class are the kind of people who pull fire alarms as a joke, while knowing full well what they’re doing. This class prefers to use elemental afflictions and lingering damage allowing them to weave in and out of combat but still have a decent damage output. You could make a case for this being the Steelrising Best Class but lets hold our horses for now.

Class Item Name Description
Weapon Glass-core Batons Light, dual-wielded weapons with a unique ability that imbues them with frost for a few seconds.
Trait 1 Elemental Alchemy +3 An increase in Alchemical Resistances and Alchemical Damage.
Trait 2 Engineering +2 An increased chance to find loot and boost Armor, alongside Alchemical Afflictions’ effectiveness.
Grenade Type Alchemical Resistance Vial Causes all Alchemical effects to be removed or nullified when used.


steelrising dancer selection
Dancer Select Screen

The Dancer is the class for people who didn’t get enough love from their parents as they were growing older and looking for validation they sought to seek it by being the best at whatever game they played.

The Dancer class falls in this category due to its high attack speed and ability to chain their combos on immobilized enemies. Definitely one of the Steelrising Best Class contenders.

Class Item Name Description
Weapon Armoured Fans A light-weighted East-Asian fan weapon with the special move to negate damage.
Trait 1 Agility +3 An increase in Physical Damage and Immobilization Damage to a target.
Trait 2 Vigour +2 An increase in Physical Damage and Critical Damage to enemies.
Grenade Type Flame Ignites enemies caught within its radius.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have seen the details for all the classes its time to compare and contrast them. The least recommended class from us would be the Solider since they have a ranged weapon which cuts into their overall DPS and survivability.

However, the class we would recommend the most would definitely have to be the Dancer. The Dancer makes the player feel agile due to its high movement speed and combo chain ability.

The grenade is also useful as a crowd control and management tool and the weapon of choice is quite an elegant and stylistic approach.

Overall we would recommend you go for the Dancer for its feeling of being both powerful and fast while not being too much of a glass cannon either.

Although we do encourage you to try out each class since each offers a different playstyle and could be what you are looking for to siqtch up your gameplay experience with Steelrising.

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