Steelrising Weapons Tier List: BEST Weapons

This Steelrising Best Weapons tier list will inform you of all the weapons in the game and which ones are worth using.

Steelrising Best Weapons [TierList]
Steelrising Best Weapons [TierList]

Steelrising is the newest action RPG game on the block that is on its way to the top. The game’s recent release has garnered a lot of hype from the players. Moreover, the game’s intricate design and world-building allow you to explore and experiment with different things. Furthermore, the game provides you with a plethora of options to choose from at every step of the way, and it is no different for the weapons. Hence we provide you with this Steelrising Best Weapons Tier List so you can make an informed decision.

The game’s intriguing design also includes an excellent character-building system. Steelrising provides its players complete freedom over their character’s creation, from their classes to what kind of modules you can use on them. Thus having the right combination becomes a significant factor in your gameplay. Many people forgo this as they don’t realize the importance of this before reaching the end stages. So to aid you even further, we have compiled the best build for the four classes in our Steelrising Best Build guide.

Moreover, Steelrising works like a soul game, making it highly crucial for players to be fully aware of their limitations and strengths. Even though the story follows a linear path, you have time to explore and try your hand at multiple things. So you need to ensure that you are ready to face any hurdle that stands in your way. For that, you have to be well-equipped. In this regard, this Steelrising Weapons guide will help you select the best weapon for you.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Steelrising Weapons Tiers

As mentioned, the game offers numerous weapons for you to choose from, but this does not mean that all of them are good. Some weapons are innately better than the rest and can be called the Steelrising Best Weapons. Thus, to better understand all the weapons in the game, we have classified them under different tiers. We have four tiers:

  • S-Tier: Steelrising Best Weapons
  • A-Tier: Excellent Weapons
  • B-Tier: Decent Weapons
  • C-Tier: Flawed Weapons

These are the tiers we will be going by. Firstly, we have the S-tier. The S-tier contains the cream of the crop and will list the best weapons in the game. The A-tier will list some outstanding weapons that have the potential to become the best. The B-tier will contain situationally good weapons that can work well if you have mastered them. Last but not least, we have the C-tier, which will list weapons held back by their weaknesses. We will categorize all the weapon’s in the game under these tiers to give you a more holistic picture.


Steelrising S Tier Weapons

Nemesis Claws

Steelrising Weapon - Nemesis Claws
Equipped Nemesis Claws in Steelrising

Nemesis Claws is one of the most potent weapons in the game that scales with agility and immobilization. It is a must for the Dancer class if you wish to decimate anyone standing in your way.

Using Nemesis Claws, which are ideal for dealing numerous blows to an opponent in a short period, you can quickly fill up an opponent’s immobilization meter during your brief skirmishes. Moreover, the weapon counterattack ability enables you to change the direction of an enemy’s attack back on yourself. This allows you to maintain your ferocity and fight with all your might.

As mentioned, the weapon scales with agility making it a perfect fit for the Dancer Class. You can use it to evade enemy attacks and launch counterattacks. Your unrelenting aggression will be rewarded as the fight progresses. Your magic will accumulate and will allow you to obliterate anything you face.

The combo of agility with immobilization makes this weapon potent and a must-pick. Furthermore, the counterattack ability, which allows you to deal decent damage to your foes, makes this weapon lethal. There is so much room for creativity in ways you can use these abilities to your advantage. However, before you get into action, you will need to find these claws.

Where to find the Nemesis Claws?

To obtain this weapon, you must travel to The Lantern in Saint-Cloud, which is located directly after the second Vestal. You will have to defeat the Unstable Lancer, the first miniboss of the game. Afterward, jump across the log and make your way to the bridge through the fence. Here, cautiously cross the bridge to reach the Lantern.

You will observe a structure that looks like a tower that is only half built after ascending the stairs on your right. At the foot of this tower, you will find a chest. The Nemesis Claws will be inside the chest, along with a compass that you can use to locate the locations of missions.

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is a rifle that allows you to fire powerful shots from a safe distance. It is a good weapon for any class but especially for the alchemy class due to its multi-purpose kit.

The weapon does frost damage and afflicts enemies with frost. Multiple shots add to the weapon’s impact in a fight due to its other feature. If you are able to land multiple shots in succession, you can freeze your opponents, thus restricting their movements. This allows you to land your powerful attacks without worrying about the enemy’s defense.

However, remember that enemies that use Frost attacks themselves will have resistance and probably won’t be frozen. Even without this effect on some opponents, the  Shield Musket is very valuable due to its ability to freeze enemies. You will have to do a trade-off for this weapon, though, as it requires a lot of alchemical capsules. 

The weapon scales with Alchemy so that it will become more powerful the more you invest in alchemy. Hence, this weapon is a good pick for an Alchemist build. Moreover, the

How to get the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket?

To obtain the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket, you must travel to The Lantern in Saint-Cloud, which is located directly after the second Vestal. You will have to defeat the Unstable Lancer, the first miniboss of the game. The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket will be inside the chest you get after defeating the miniboss.

Fire Chain

Fire Chain Weapon
Fire Chain

Fire Chain is among the game’s best weapons. As the name suggests, the weapon does fire damage to enemies over a wide range. The wide range of this weapon is unreal, especially for the amount of damage it does. Moreover, if you land attacks in succession, the fire chain will afflict the enemies with Burn, which will deal damage over time.

The weapon scales with Power, Agility, and Alchemy. This allows it to be used for multiple builds to cover up the gaps in their kits. It can be an excellent weapon for a Hybrid build due to its abilities and stats.

The most impressive special attack of Fire Chain is called Invocation of Fire. It ignites the Chain, bringing further devastation to whomever it strikes. The Chain may also set enemies on fire, giving your attacks a damage-over-time effect. While it requires some experience, it performs superbly across the board, making it an excellent pick.

How to get the Fire Chain?

You can find the Fire chain in In Les Invalides, Gross Caillou. The Fire Chain sits alongside a church which you can see after going through a cemetery. After leaving the graveyard and turning left, it is located in a chest next to the church’s main door.


A-Tier Weapons
A-Tier Weapons

Falchion And Sabre

Steelrising Falchion and Sabre
Falchion and Sabre Stats

Falchion and Sabre is an excellent weapons and can potentially be one of the best weapons. It is a dual weapon that does incredible damage in rapid strikes. They are perfect for accumulating damage while not minimizing agility.

The weapon scales with agility and deals significant damage making it a good shout to use in a Dancer Build. The weapon has extraordinary supplementary abilities like Dash and Sprint Attack that complement each other and perform well with rapid attacks. This skill has good Power and agility scaling and may be used quickly to deal a sizeable chunk of immobilization damage.

Furthermore, both the Falchion and the Sabre have a special attack called the Blade Tornado, which is also their most powerful feature. You’ll need to find a place to stand while it charges up since it might take some time, but once it is ready, it will unleash a powerful attack that will allow you to whirl around while extending both swords out in front of you.

Where to find the Falchion And Sabre?

You can find the Falchion and Sabre in Saint-Cloud. For this, you need to travel to the Forest, near the tower where you discovered the Nemesis Claws. Proceed on the route after reaching the Forest until you reach a small house with a stable next to it. Unlock the chest in the stable to receive the Falchion and the Sabre once you have defeated the Dextral Prototype protecting the front.

Romas Partisan

The Romas Partisan is a powerful weapon that allows you to dominate in a fight with your unrelenting combos that you can perform in a wide range. It is ideal to be used in Soldier build due to how much it scales with Power and enables you to deal massive damage.

Moreover, the weapon has a unique ability called “Invocation of Lighting.” Due to this, the weapon deals a massive chunk of damage to all the nearby enemies. This skill embellishes the weapon with lightning for forty seconds and does area-of-effect lightning damage to Aegis. Each hit deals damage dependent on the opponent’s Fulmination gauge. Furthermore, if you can completely fill an opponent’s Fulmination gauge, that foe will take additional damage from subsequent strikes.

Where to find the Romas Partisan?

The Romas Partisan can only be obtained after you have defeated the Bishop of the Cité found in La Cité. Defeating this foe will put you one step closer to this weapon. After defeating the boss and obtaining the grappling hook, return to Saint-Cloud in the Horseless Carriage. Here, cross the damaged bridge with the Grappling Hook, and then proceed on the path ahead of you. Keep going until you can spot a hole in the ground. Use the grappling hook again to make your way underground to the place called  Île Monsieur.

Here, search for the place where the fence and house that you see intersect. At their intersection, you will find a chest that contains the Romas Partisan.

Wheel Of Vengeance

Next up in our Steelrising Best Weapons, we have the Wheel of Vengeance. Wheel of Vengeance is a deadly weapon capable of battling the strongest of foes. The weapon might put you off due to its heavy size, which makes it challenging to move around. However, trust me, this weapon will reward you handsomely if you can manage to find a way around that.

Due to its heavy nature, the weapon deal enormous damage with each strike giving you the potential to even one-shot enemies. It excels in Power builds and allows you to eradicate those unfortunate enough to face you. The damage you deal with this weapon stems from its insane 600 impact stat, which is jaw-dropping.

Moreover, the weapon’s ultimate attack, the counterattack ability, makes it stand tall in front of all the other weapons. During your attack, you slam the ground with our shield causing massive shockwaves to hit those in front of you. S ch an impactful slam shreds through the enemy’s defense and causes them severe damage. Furthermore, they are flung back from it and even take flame damage which is good against those who use frost.

Where to find the Wheel of Vengeance?

Players starting the game have a difficult time finding this weapon. This is because they don’t have complete information on its location. T us, they just wander around and finally give up after searching in the wrong area. Hence to ensure that you don’t suffer the same fate, we have included the complete information that you will require.

The Wheel of Vengeance is located in  Les Invalides in the Port Factory. If you have trouble finding the factory, remember that it is just ahead of the Vaucanson’s Workshop. In the factory, make your way to the river. H re you should be able to spot two platforms dangling above you. Ascend between the platforms until you reach the bridge passageway that connects to the tower’s coastline.

There you will encounter an enemy you must defeat to progress onwards. Once the enemy protecting this passageway has been eliminated, enter the tower and descend through the stairs. At the end of the stairs, you will spot a chest containing this weapon.


B-Tier Weapons

Hephaestus Batons

Hephaestus Batons

The Hephaestus Batons are a substantial piece of arsenal that allows the alchemy class to showcase their potential in a fight. These batons scale with alchemy, enabling them to keep growing more robust and dependable. They are some of the most reliable weapons in the game that you will use, so make sure you look for them.

Furthermore, the baton’s ultimate attack allows them to fire off flame attacks. These flame attacks deal massive damage and will enable you to turn the fight in your favor. You can even fire off flame projectiles at enemies from a distance, providing you with more freedom when looking for a way to attack.

Where to find the Hephaestus Batons?

For the Hephaestus Batons, you will have to make your way to La Cite, which you can find around the Unstable Butcher area. Here, you will be able to spot an open. Make your way through the platforms and into the window. Inside, you will find a chest containing the Hephaestus Batons.  

Discus Chain

Moving on in our Steelrising Best Weapons article, we have the Discus Chain. Discus Chain is another powerful weapon in the game that can be a considerable addition to your arsenal. The weapon allows you to fire off ranged attacks and is a good weapon for an engineering build.

An exceptionally swift spinning strike will help you take out swarms of enemies that have enveloped you. It also has a good Impact statistic and rewards the players for having high Power and Agility stats. The weapon’s effectiveness is directly proportional to these stats, which makes it really good in a power build.

Where to get the Discus Chain?

Unfortunately, the only to get this weapon is to spend money on the game. It is locked behind a $2.49 purchase. This limits its use in the game and is why it is in this lower tier.

Frosted Fans

Frosted fans bring you the style and damage you need to assert dominance. These fans are mighty in an alchemy build and shine with the frost element. Even though they are compatible with all three elements, frost brings out the best in them.

Moreover, their ultimate attack enables them to restrict the opponent’s movement by freezing them. With their mobility locked, they become easy prey to your hard-hitting attacks. Additionally, because they’re frozen, it is almost impossible to miss your shots, adding more to this weapon’s impact.

Where to find the frosted fans?

You can unlock the frosted fans as you play through the game’s story. It might take a while as it opens in the game’s later stages. Once unlocked, make your way to the Boutique in Versailles. You will be able to buy it from there.

Volley Mallet

Next in our Steelrising Weapons guide, we have the Volley Mallet. As the name suggests, it is a mallet with the ability to volley itself. T e long mallet has cannons attached, enabling it to be shot a small distance towards the front. I s ability resembles that of a shotgun that deals devastating damage at close range.

Furthermore, the tremendous damage this weapon brings to the table makes it a suitable addition to weapons that inflict adverse effects. It functions as a suitable replacement for the Body of Work. The weapon also has high adaptability to different classes but primarily scales with Power. High power stat ensures that you are able to dish out significant damage constantly.

Additionally, the ultimate attack for this weapon is the Volley of Gunfire. It also allows you to fire off attacks from a range that chunk the enemies with immobilization damage. Such stats makes this weapon viable over the other lighter weapons.

Where to get the Volley Mallet?

In La Cité, you must battle the Bishop Of The Cité to obtain the Volley Mallet. Afterward, move towards the location that the compass leads you to. In the area where you defeat the Bishop, you will see multiple platforms to which you can grapple. Make your way to the end of the short platform to find the Volley Mallet sitting in a case.


C-Tier Weapons

Body of Work

Body of Work Weapon
Body of Work as part of Bodyguard Starter Kit

Lastly, our Steelrising Weapons guide has the Body of Work. Body of Work is the starting weapon of the Bodyguard class that excels at dealing massive damage. The weapon looks like a roller paint brush with three rollers attached. Although it might not seem like much, it hits like a sledgehammer.

However, The weapon requires total commitment to shine bright. It will be a satisfying weapon to wield if you invest in it and base your whole kit around it. Yes, it moves slowly, but it also has a powerful impact and can stun or take down even the biggest, most intimidating foes.

Furthermore, it grants you the Shield unique ability, which, as its name indicates, builds a shield around you to defend you from any attacks sent your way. Using this weapon is enjoyable and satisfying due to the possibility of the creative plays you can perform. Moreover, the weapon scales with Power, so a high power stat means more destructive force behind your attacks.

Labrys And Francisca

The Labrys and Francisca are a knockoff version of the Falchion and Sabre. These are also dual-wield weapons that allow you to showcase an explosive battle. However, the weapons themselves don’t have much to offer.

Even with all the scalability maxed, the weapon still feels hollow and short of reaching the status of the other weapons on this list. The Falchion and Sabre are better than them in every way and provide you with more unique abilities.

You must not use this weapon and be on the lookout to avoid it. However, if you wish to try it, you can read below about its location.

Where to find the Labyrs and Francisca?

Head to Versailles if you wish to acquire theuLabrys and Francisca. Make your way to Petit Trianon, where you converse with the queen. Look opposite the building, and you will notice a chest. This chest will give you the Labrys and Francisca.


These are the Steelrising Best Weapons. Some of the weapons are already inherently strong, making them extremely powerful even in the hands of new players. On the other hand, some weapons require time and dedication to master and pay off massively in the form of damage and agility. Most weapons have the potential to become good in the hands of a skilled player so take this list with caution.

With that, we conclude our Steelrising Weapons guide. Let us know down below which weapon is your favorite!!

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