Stella Blade Is More Than Just The Raunchy Outfits

Yes, we all love Eve’s outfits but Stellar Blade deserves praise for so much more.

Stellar Blade is a recently launched PS5 exclusive that features stunning environments paired with addictive combat. Despite several issues, it has managed to develop a mark in the action RPG scene thanks to its characters, combat and visuals. Stellar Blade has a lot in store for players who enjoy ARPGs with a good story and gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Stellar Blade is a popular PS5 exclusive mainly due to the outfits of its protagonist, Eve.
  • The game offers a dynamic combat system paired with stunning graphics and environment.
  • Despite the lacklustre storyline, Stellar Blade has a lot in store, including amazing gameplay and intense battles.

The Premise of Stellar Blade

If you are keeping up with the gaming scene, I’m sure you’ve seen the screencaps of the main protagonist of Stellar Blade, Eve, in rather flashy outfits going around. Players seem to be enjoying the ordeal quite a lot, but there is a whole lot more to Stellar Blade than just the raunchy outfits.

Source: theRadBrad, YouTube

The setting itself is not as unique, and you will find it as a premise of many video games, but I must say that Stellar Blade’s take on it is quite commendable.

You start as Eve, who is a member of the 7th airborne squad. Everyone has fled the Earth post-apocalypse to a space colony. Honestly, the whole thing seems very similar to Nier automata but with different characters and environments. Despite the resemblance, Stellar Blade manages to deliver a refreshing experience.


Even though the combat and the gameplay mechanics were quite good, I wish that the developers had given us a more concrete story. Honestly, I found the story to be quite dull, and the character relationships were little to nonexistent.

Even Eve herself does not have much going on besides, of course, her outfits. In one way or another, she lacks personality and emotions. Even though I don’t really find her having that protagonist energy, she is pretty cute regardless.

Stella Blade Storyline
Source: theRadBrad, YouTube

The narrative itself, I found to be quite weak because the characters keep on changing their mind about what they believe in, which really makes the whole experience inconsistent.

It is not entirely bad on its own, but I feel like it lacked the depth needed to really create a bond between the players and their characters. Nonetheless, I liked the character designs and the dynamic story.


Now, the combat offered by Stellar Blade is actually one of my favorites. You have to face monsters called Naytiba, with your ultimate goal being to help what few survivors remain on Earth escape.

I loved how versatile the gameplay was, as you will get to use both swords and guns. However, during most of your gameplay, you only stick to melee weapons, and it’s honestly extremely fun.

Source: theRadBrad, YouTube

You will be able to use a combination of light, heavy and special attacks with mechanics like parrying and powerful chain and burst special attacks.

The slashes and hit mechanics are undoubtedly very beautifully executed. However, I do wish that the game wouldn’t keep recycling enemies and throwing them in front of you. Despite the repetitive monsters and enemies, the combat was a lot of fun and truly deserves praise.

Environment and Visual Design

As I mentioned earlier, Stellar Blade offers one of the most stunning environments ever, with extremely realistic details that really add to the whole experience. However, it does have limits when it comes to exploration despite being an open-world ARPG. You won’t be able to interact with certain elements in the game unless you activate the right quest for it.

Stella Blade visual
Source: theRadBrad, YouTube

Similarly, there are places that you cannot go to, which seems a bit unfair. There are many hidden collectables and Easter eggs scattered throughout the maps.

Furthermore, the details of the environment, along with the beautiful soundtrack, definitely deserve more hype than it gets. The post-apocalyptic environment houses areas that are definitely very refreshing to explore.

More Than Just The Raunchy Outfits

As I mentioned before, Stellar Blade is more than outfits and cosmetics that Eve can wear. Crazily enough, it has been a topic of debate ever since a whole myriad of revealing outfits was released for Stellar Blade fans.

Stella Blade outifit
Source: theRadBrad, YouTube

I agree that skins and cosmetics play a significant role in the gameplay, giving you a more customized experience. Another thing I’d like to point out is that none of the outfits in Stellar Blade have any stats to them and only serve a cosmetic purpose.

I do like the freedom of choosing between several beautiful outfits, but Stellar Blade has much more to it than just a wardrobe. The combat, detailed environment and exceptional gameplay do make Stellar Blade a good experience despite the lackluster story.

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