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Stop The Show! A Very Rakdos Commander Deck

I should start this off by saying this deck is in no way shape or form a competitive deck. If you’re looking for cEDH level decks, you’ve come to the wrong guy. Sure, building the strongest and most efficient deck can be fun, but I fall into the Vorthos kind of Magic: the Gathering player. Translation from MtG jargon: I want the lore of my deck to shine through, even at the cost of overall performance. I’ve been loyal to my Ulrich of the Krallenhorde werewolves deck for years and I don’t think I’ve won a game with it. My favorite deck in this regard has to be my Rakdos, the Showstopper commander deck. Let’s party hard and see what everyone’s favorite guild demon is up to.

Rakdos Commander deck
Now he knows how to throw a party. Art by Viktor Titov

Who is this “Rakdos”?

I’m glad you asked! Rakdos is a few things. Rakdos is the term used for the Black and Red color combination, the guild of the same colors in Ravnica (a setting of MtG), and last but not least: that guild’s leader, the gigantic demon seen above. The guild takes the fierce freedom of expression of Red and the individuality and “at any cost” ideal of Black. On Ravnica, the Cult of Rakdos is, simply put, a massive carnival of parodies. Always having something to say, the performers of the Rakdos guild share their commentary through insane stunts. These loudmouthed carnies stay hellbent on unleashing their spectacle on the streets of Ravnica.

How do we make Rakdos proud?

You’re asking all the right questions today! The whole point of this deck is to tell the people at your MtG table to look at you! You’ve got scads of cards that trigger on other people’s turns like Havoc Festival (this one also hurts like hell!). What fun would a carnival be if you couldn’t choose what to do? Cards that give your opponents options on how they die are abundant. Some highlights are Vexing Devil and the delicious double meaning Captive Audience. Symmetric damage (so everyone can enjoy the fun!) and cards that take way too long to resolve or explain are also ideal. These make sure that all eyes are on you, but whether or not that’s a good thing is really subjective.

For our grand finale, it’s the big man himself: Rakdos, the Showstopper. His effect works best on a full board. This ability makes sure you’re the center of attention as you give each creature on the board special treatment. You’ll need to flip a coin for each creature that isn’t a demon, devil, or imp. If your coin comes up tails, the creature dies. If it’s heads, it survives. But this show’s too big to fail… right?

This Rakdos commander deck is build for shenanigans and obnoxiousness alone, and it delivers on that. Make sure people remember you, and put on a hell of a show!

That’s all for today

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