Stray: All Energy Drink Locations With Picture

In this guide we will help you find the four energy drink locations in the Slums of Stray.

stray energy drink locations

In Stray energy drinks are mainly used by the player to purchase items from Azooz’s shop in the Slums. There are three main items you can buy using energy drink cans. The first being sheet music #4, the second being electrical cables which come in handy for when you need to make the Poncho, and finally the mysterious relic item.

Key Takeaways

  • In this game Stray, energy drinks play a crucial role in purchasing items from Azooz’s store in the Slums.
  • There are three main items that can be purchased with energy drink cans.
  • First one is sheet music, the second one is electrical cables, and the last one is a mysterious relic item.
  • Energy drinks can be located in vending machines distributed throughout the city.
  • To find the Energy Drink 1, turn 180 degrees towards two vending machines near Morusque, and interact with the one on the right.
  • Energy Drink 2 could be found at the end of an alleyway, after passing Kosma and continuing down the alley.
  • To get to the Energy Drink 3, climb up to the rooftop and use an NPC as a reference point, then do a quick 180-degree turn to locate the vending machine.
  • To collect the Energy Drink 4, maneuver towards the rooftop, using the same NPC as a marker, head towards a small metal barrel, and go down to the left to find the vending machine.

Here is a summary table for the location of all Energy Drinks in Stray:

No.Item NameLocation
1Energy Drink 1Find Morusque and do a 180 towards the two vending machines. interact with the right one to get the first energy drink.
2Energy Drink 2Go to Kosma, reach the end of the alleyway, look left.
3Energy Drink 3Go upstairs. Find an NPC.
4Energy Drink 4Head towards the small metal barrel and go down to the left. There you can find the forth energy drink can.

stray energy drinks merchant
Azooz’s Shop | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

Stray Energy Drink Locations

Energy Drink 1

stray energy drink 1 location
Vending Machine near Morusque | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

The first energy drink you can get is going to be quite easy actually. Simply find Morusque and do a 180 towards the two vending machines. Out of these two vending machines, the one on the right should be interactable when you walk up to it. Interact with it to acquire your first energy drink can.

Energy Drink 2

stray energy drink locations
Vending Machine in city corner | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

The second Stray energy drink locations is going to be kind of vague but we will try our best to describe it to you. So firstly you have to go to Kosma, the one cleaning white fluid on the ground. From here you must go past them and continue down the alleyway. When you reach the end of the alleyway look left and there should be a vending machine that dispenses your second energy drink can.

Energy Drink 3

stray grandma
Grandma’s Location as a reference point | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

Now, this third energy drink can is found by going up to the rooftops. You have to first climb up and this becomes exponentially easier when we use Grandma’s location to climb up because this will have the quickest route to the third stray energy drink locations.

stray energy drink locations
Using NPC as a marker | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

After getting on top we need to find this NPC and use him as a landmark. We will look toward him and then do a quick 180. Upon doing so we will see the vending machine and can acquire our third energy drink can.

Energy Drink 4

stray final energy drink
Location near last Vending Machine | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

Alright, so this is going to be one of the hardest Stray energy drink locations to navigate towards simply because of how dense the area is and how tight the movement feels when describing the area.

From the previous energy drink can we collected we will once again maneuver towards the rooftops. We will use the same NPC as a marker when we collected the third energy drink can.

After we see him we will head towards the small metal barrel and go down to the left. Once we go down once we will be able to see the vending machine that will dispense to us our fourth and final energy drink can.

Final Thoughts

So after collecting all four energy drink cans you can purchase all the items from Azooz’s shop. However, there is a certain path you can take which allows you to collect all the energy drinks in one swift go. Firstly collect the second energy drink then go collect the ones on the rooftops, those being the third and fourth energy drinks respectively.

Finally, you go to the vending machine right next to Morusque and collect the first energy drink can from there. Now you can simply head towards the merchant and buy him out for all the valuables you need such as the Music Sheet for completing your music badge and other parts such as cables for your Poncho or the mysterious relic item which can be used to progress the story as it is related to B12 (your little helper robot).

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