All Stray Collectibles Location [12 Chapters]

This Stray Collectibles Guide will inform you all the collectibles you can get and where to find them to complete your gaming experience.

All Stray Collectibles Guide [Locations and More]

Stray is a newly released action-adventure game making waves in the gaming industry. Even though the game has just been released on the 19th of July, it has gained hardcore fans. These fans are entirely on board with the game’s mesmerizing world and beautiful storytelling. To fully complete the game, the fans want to collect all the collectibles the game has to offer. To answer their passion, we have compiled this Stray Collectibles guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Chapter 1 contains only one collectible, to get it run up ahead and on top of the ledge to find yourself facing a tree. Scratch that tree to get your first scratch point.
  • Chapter 2 has two collectibles. One is the scratch point, and the other is the trophy called “Can’t Catch Me”.
  • In Chapter 3, you will find the third scratch point and memory in the shape of a postcard.
  • Chapter 4 contains most of the collectibles, a fourth scratch point, Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy, Curiosity killed the Cat Trophy, 4 Energy Drinks, Four Nuzzles, 7 Memories, Clementine’s Fourth Notebook, Tele a Chat Trophy, Doc’s Third Notebook, Zbaltazar’s Second Notebook, Momo’s First Notebook, Meowlody Trophy, Music Badge, First, Second, Eighth, Third, Sixth, Fifth, and Seventh Music Sheet.
  • The collectibles you will find in Chapter 5 are 3 Memories and a fifth Scratch point.
  • The collectible you will find in Chapter 6 is only a Sixth Scratch Point. 
  • The collectibles in Chapter 7 are an outside badge, 3 Memories, and a Seventh Scratch point.
  • In Chapter 8, you will find two memories and eight scratch point.
  • In Chapter 9, you will find 2 memories, Cat-a-strophe Trophy, Plant-Badge, and the ninth scratch point.
  • In Chapter 10, you will find 7 memories, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Night and Tenth  nuzzle, Cat Badge, Neco Badge, Police Badge, Scratch Trophy, and Tenth Scratch point. 
  • The collectibles you will get in Chapter 11 are Memory and Eleventh Scratch Point.
  • The collectibles in Chapter 12 are a Memory and a Twelfth Scratch Point

In stray, you play as a cat that travels through different areas allowing you to explore a lot of the game. During this exploration, you come across different characters and items. One of these items is the Stray Poncho which will be pretty valuable to you. Among these items are some collectible items that fuel your passion for the game.

Collectibles have been essential for players of every game, including Stray. Actively looking for the collectibles ensures your commitment to the game and how much you enjoy it. That is why we are here to help you in your search for collectibles with the Stray Collectibles Guide.

The sequence of the collectibles might be different in the game, but we will be going in chronological order depending on when they are found. Of course, we will be taking the most efficient route so that you don’t have to look around much.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Stray Collectibles

Stray allows players to collect three different types of collectibles throughout their gameplay. One is the B-12 Memories. These memories will enable you to understand the Stray world better and feel more connected with the characters in your playthrough. You can access your memories by heading to your inventory and seeing which ones you currently have and the ones you need to find.

Moreover, One collectible is the badges which you get for completing various tasks. Following this guide, you can gain the badges as you collect the other collectibles.

Furthermore, Another collectible is the music sheets that are scattered across the Stray world, waiting for you to find them. These music sheets will allow you to listen to songs from the musician Morusque as you curl up alongside the robot.

Morusque Mucisian
Morusque The Musician

In addition, other collectibles include the Scratch Points, the Nuzzles, and the Energy Drinks. With the number of different collectibles you can get, it might be challenging to keep track of them. So let’s go through chapter by chapter to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of them.

Stray Chapter One Collectibles

First Scratch Point

Chapter 1 introduces you to the Stray world and allows you to familiarize yourself with it. As this is a beginner chapter, not many people will be on the lookout for collectibles. However, there is one collectible you can get in this chapter.

For that, Run up ahead and on top of the ledge to find yourself facing a tree. Scratch that tree to get your first scratch point.

Stray Chapter Two Collectibles

You can find two things to add to the list in chapter two. One is the scratch point, and the other is the Trophy called “Can’t Catch Me.”

Second Scratch Point

In chapter two, you will spawn in a room with a rug below you. Every other cat owner might have already figured out what to do but for those who don’t have any experience with cats, let me enlighten you. You will have to scratch the rugs below you to get the scratch points.

Scratching the Rugs

Can’t Catch Me Trophy

Secondly, to get your hands on this Trophy, you must play the Zurks Chase sequence. In the high octane chase, people usually don’t manage to make it through on their first try. however, if you want this Trophy, that is exactly what you will have to do.

Just keep dodging the Zurks by moving in a zig-zag motion, and you will be able to get his Trophy in no time.

Stray Chapter Three Collectibles

In chapter three, you will find the third scratch spot and a Memory in the shape of a postcard. If you want more information about all the memories in Stray, check out our Stray Memories Guide.

Third Scratch Point

Just like in the previous chapter, you will spawn in a room. This room will be filled with computers, wires, and a rug underneath you. Scratching the carpet will grant you your third scratch point.


To get the first memory, Make your way to a rooftop with the zipline. Keep going straight, and it will set in motion a cutscene. Your companion B-12 will help you find the memory by pointing to a postcard.

Stray Collectibles Guide - First Memory
Memory Number 1

Stray Chapter Four Collectibles

Chapter Four contains the most amount of collectibles that you can find in a chapter. With the excessive amount of collectibles, it is possible to miss quite a few. Therefore, we recommend you follow this Stray Collectibles Guide step by step to ensure that your completion is whole.

Fourth Scratch Point

Let’s start with the scratch point. Once the cutscene from the previous chapter ends, you will open your eyes to a room filled with robots. The robots will be wearing the Stray Poncho to keep themselves warm. If you look down, you will find a rug that you can scratch to get the scratch points.

Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy

Up next, we have Boom Kalaka Trophy. For this, you will first have to interact with the guardian and then look around for a basketball. There will be a basket near the edge where you must push the ball in. Moving the ball in will provide you with the Trophy.

Curiosity Killed The Cat Trophy

After pushing the basketball in and getting the Trophy, head straight ahead and down the stairs. You will see a brown paper bag leaning against some crates on the floor. Being the nosy cat you are, you will have to interact with the bag to subside your curiosity. This will give you the Trophy.

Stray Collectibles Guide - Curiosity Killed The Cat Trophy
Paper Bag To interact with

Energy Drink No.1

You can find the First energy drink waiting to be collected inside the Teal-colored vending machine. Once you find the vending machine, just do as the prompt says, and an energy drink will fall out. Grab it, and you will have it in your inventory. If you need more information on how to get the energy drinks, check our Stray Energy Drinks guide.

Eighth Music Sheet

Next in this Stray Collectibles Guide, we have the first music sheet you can find in Chapter 4. You can collect the music sheet from the safe at the end of the alleyway where you found the vending machine in the Slums. However, you will need a mysterious and unique password to unlock it. In your trials to find the password, you will realize the four-digit code to open up the safe. If you want to find the code yourself without us just spoiling it for you, feel free to take a look at our Stray Mysterious Password guide.

Stray Mysterious Safe containing Stray Collectible.
Opened Safe [Via: Kibbles]

The four-digit passcode you are looking for is 1283. Plug these numbers in, and you will have the music sheet in your inventory. We recommend giving this sheet to Morusque so that it can play you a soothing song to vibe to. In this guide, this is the first music sheet; however, in the game, this is regarded as the last music sheet to be found. As mentioned, we will follow our order as per when they are found in our most efficient route. If you want more information on how to get the music sheets, check our Stray Music Sheet guide.

Nuzzle No.1

After getting the Music sheet from the safe, Face opposite of the safe and head right where you will find a set of stairs. Make your way up them to greet the Guardian. Here, you will be able to get the first nuzzle.

Nuzzle No.2

The second nuzzle is easy to get after you finish the first one. After your encounter with the guardian, head back down the stairs and turn left. You will find yourself in a room with two robots having a conversation. You can walk up to the robot on the couch and nuzzle him to get the second.

Nuzzle No.3

Navigate your way from the couch to the man standing in front of the fiery barrel. You can interact with him to get the third nuzzle.

Nuzzle No.4

Stray Collectibles Guide - Grandma Nuzzle
Grandma Location

You will have to run around the slums to find Grandma for the fourth nuzzle. If you have done the Stray Poncho mission, you will have no problem finding her. You can curl up next to her legs and nuzzle.

Energy Drink No.2

Here, we take a brief break from all the nuzzles and return to the Energy Drink Collectibles. To add to your collection, take a left turn after nuzzling the Grandma and continue forward down the alleyway. Here you will see some boxes which you can climb up on. Once on the top, you will find a yellow-colored vending machine which you can interact with to get the second energy drink.

Energy Drink No.3

For the third energy drink in this Stray collectibles guide, jump down the rooftop where you got the second energy drink and onto the floor. Look towards your right, and you will see an alleyway with a white vending machine. Continue forward to interact with it and get the third energy drink.

Stray Collectible Energy Drink No. 3
Energy Drink 3


This is the second memory you can find in this Stray Collectibles guide. However, in the game sequence, this is actually the fifth memory. But for the sake of helping you ensure you don’t miss any, we will go with the chronological order by which you can find them.

After getting the third drink, look at the wall around the vending machine. Once you are close, it will give the pop of saying, “Remember.” Clicking it will bring back some memories and will push one step closer to this game’s finish.

Third Music Sheet

This music sheet is easily accessible once getting the memory mentioned above. Make your way to the end of the alley and head left. Here you will find a small home. To ensure that you are at the right location, you should be able to see two robots sitting outside. Moreover, the door will be covered with some strange-looking posters.

Music Sheet 2- Stray Collectibles Guide
Second Music Sheet [Via: Kibbles]

Scratch the door to make the person open the door for you. You can go inside the home to see a painting hanging on the wall with a piece of paper attached to it. That piece of paper is the second Music Sheet you can find in this Stray Collectibles Guide. However, in the game, that is actually the third music sheet.


Head left towards the stairs and make your way up the stairs. You will see a bizarre sight of a plant pot sitting on a chair towards the right of the chair. Your job here is interacting with the plant pot to get the next memory. This will be the seventh memory in the game’s sequence.


After getting the memory mentioned above, go to your right until you see some teal curtains. Move them aside to reveal the window. Jump on top of the window to initiate a cutscene.

Once it’s over, head inside the door to your right, and keep going until you reach the top floor. Here you will find a small bowl on top of a table that will prompt the remember message. Click on it to get this memory. This will be the third memory per the game’s sequence.

Fifth Music Sheet

You will see a dining table just beside the table you just jumped upon. On that dining table will be sitting the music sheet. Collect it to get the fifth music sheet.

Sixth Music Sheet

Make your way down the dining table now and out the window. You will see a massive box for you to jump onto. Climb it and the units above it until you reach the way leading inside. Head to the bedroom where the music sheet will be sitting beside some books. Collect it to get the sixth music sheet.

Clementine’s Fourth Notebook

Exit the bedroom and look around you to find a storage room. Upon entering, you will find computers and notebooks littered everywhere. Search through that room until you find a box you can interact with. That will give the fourth notebook in the clementines notebook collection.


This is your first memory as per the game’s order. Head outside the window and jump across the tin roofs. You will find a robot here sitting beside some bags. Interact with him to get the memory.

Second Music Sheet

This is the second music sheet in our Stray Collectibles Guide. Once you get down from the roof, you will see a balcony which you can get on.

Get on the balcony to find some chairs with a table in between. Jump on top of the table to the second music sheet.

Energy Drink No.4

From the balcony, head down the tin roofs and the pipeline until you can spot a red vending machine. From this, you can get your hand on the fourth entry drink.

Tele a Chat Trophy

You will have to run back onto the tin roofs and inside the house for this Trophy. Using the remote sitting on the couch, click through all the channels, and you will get this Trophy.

Seventh Music Sheet

For this, make your way to the balcony once again and keep going forward until you are inside the library. Here, take a right followed by a left turn to find a piano. You will find the seventh music sheet sitting on the piano, a befitting place.

Doc’s Third Notebook

Search around the library until you find a hidden place. The secret location will be a sitting area with a mat on the floor and some pillows. On top of that sitting area, you will spot a key that you need to grab. Take the key and stick it into the safe hidden behind the books on the shelves. The safe will give you Doc’s Third Notebook.

Zbaltazar’s Second Notebook

To find this notebook, make your way to the Grandma Robot. From there, turn around and make your way up the stairs. Continue going forward until you spot a yellow vending machine. Using the nearby boxes, climb on top and make your way to the rooftop. Search the vicinity for an AC unit that you can interact with.

Once you find the AC unit, interact with it. This will cause you to go through the fans and into the room to this notebook.


This is the sixth memory for you to find. Make your way to the yellow vending machine, where you will see a stack of boxes. Head left from there, and you will see a green window. Run outside the window, where you will spot a holographic robot on a wall.

Getting closer to the robot will give the “remember” prompt, which will thus give your sixth memory.


This is the next collectible waiting to be collected in this Stray Collectibles Guide. Make your way back to the tin roofs. Find the paved rooftop and head to its top. Keep going straight from there and climb on top of the first AC unit you come across. You will see a balcony that you jump to. Once there, it will trigger the fourth memory.

First Music Sheet

This is the first music sheet according to the game’s order. From the balcony, head right and squeeze through the bars to enter the room. A bunch of cardboard boxes will surround you. Climb on top of them to find the first music sheet.

Momo’s First Notebook

Make your way to the front of the Storage room. Here you will notice a sad robot blankly staring at a computer screen. Its name will be “Momo.” Indulge in a conversation with him, and he will give you the notebook at the end.

Fourth Music Sheet

For the fourth music sheet, jump down the rooftop and into the streets. Search the alleyways for a homeless man with a cutout cardboard box in front of him. He will provide you with the fourth music sheet.


You will have to buy the second memory. You can also get the memory from the same homeless man from whom you acquired the music sheet. Moreover, you will have to give him three energy drinks in exchange for the memory. That is why it is crucial you collect the energy drinks as mentioned in this Stray Collectibles Guide.

Meowlody Trophy

For this, you need to run back up the stairs to find a woman sitting beside a bunch of trash cans. Give any one of the Music sheets you found to Morusque to get this Trophy. She will also play a melodic tune for you to relax to.

Music Badge

Stray Collectible Music Badge
Music Badge

Getting the Music Badge will take some effort. You will have to collect all eight music sheets and hand them to Morusque. Once you do that, you will get the Music Badge.

Chapter Five Collectibles

Following are the collectible that you can obtain in Stray Chapter Five. There are several collectibles to be found in this chapter so let’s dive right in.

Fifth Scratch Point

In this chapter, you will spawn in front of an alarming red sign. From there, turn left and slowly move up while taking note of the rugs lying around. Scratch any carpet to get the fifth scratch point.


To get your hand on the first memory, make your way to the top of a crane. Here you will see a wooden plank suspended in the air. Walk carefully on it and head to the roof. Continue forward until you reach a red neon sign that will show the “remember” prompt.


Make your way to the abandoned factory and head right. Continue forward while jumping and walking through various obstacles in your way. Be mindful of the wooden planks and take your time going up them.

Stray Collectible Second Memory
Stray Second Memory

In your adventure, you will see a sign that reads “Neco.” Interact with it to get the second memory.


The last collectible that you can find in this chapter is also a memory. You will naturally encounter this memory as you progress through the chapter. Communicating with B-12 will lead you to a bucket that will give you your third memory.

Chapter Six Collectibles

Chapter Six has nothing collectible worthy for you except for a scratch point. So you don’t have to worry too much about missing anything on this chapter and play freely.

Sixth Scratch Point

Stray Collectible Sixth Scratch Point
Rug for the Sixth Scratch Point

You will find yourself inside a home once you spawn. There will be furniture around you and some books in front. Cross the stacks of books to find a rug placed on the floor. Scratch it to get the sixth scratch point.

Chapter Seven Collectibles

Chapter Seven has a lot of exciting collectibles for you to find. You don’t want to miss up on any of these.

Outsider Badge

Stray Collectible Outsider Badge
Outsider Badge

For the outsider badge, seek out a man wearing a white hat with an orange outfit. His name will be Seamus, and he will task you with various commissions and to go talk with his father. Upon interacting with him and accepting his tasks, he will bestow you with the outsider badge.


This is the first memory you can find in this chapter through our Stray Collectibles guide. Head towards the front of the corridor and keep moving forward. Stop when you notice a place where you can turn left. This will put you face to face with a garage door. Interact with the door to get the memory.


The second memory in this chapter is also relatively easy to find. Firstly, make your way to the sewerage system. Continue forward and jump over the broken generator to land on the pipelines. Here you will see some AC units which you will have to cross through.

This will lead you outside the window, where you will find a dead robot with his face resting on some planks. Interact with it to get the memory.


Moving on, we have another memory waiting to be found. Just follow the instruction mentioned in this Stray Collectible guide, and you will be able to find it in no time.

First, Make your way to the Robot Doctor. This will trigger a cutscene and a conversation you will have to sit through. Once it’s over, look around you to find a robot with a smiley face. Interact with it to get another memory.

Seventh Scratch Point

After getting the memory, head in the opposite direction of the robot with a smiley face. Keep moving forward until you reach a wall with tattered wallpaper. Scratch against the wall to get the seventh scratch point.

Chapter Eight Collectibles


The first thing you can find in Stray’s eighth chapter is a memory. For this, first, make your way into the congested area that seemingly only has dust and debris. Follow along the tunnel’s path until you reach a bridge.

Jump on the bridge and head left. This will take you to a room. From there, turn right and into a tunnel. There you will find a railing that will provide you with the “remember” prompt.


You can also find the succeeding memory in the same area. Keep moving forward along the tunnel’s path until you find yourself in a gigantic room with a crater. Once down from the railing, go up the barrel and inside the tunnel. You will be able to find the memory here.

Eight Scratch Point

Make your way across the sewage river into the room with the water. Flip the switches to open up the giant gate that will reveal a piece of cardboard. You can scratch that to get the eighth scratch point on board.

Stray Chapter Nine Collectibles


You can obtain this memory after you finish the cutscene related to your chapter’s progress. Once the cutscene ends, you will find yourself in front of some red and green crates. You can interact with them to get your memory.

Cat-a-strophe Trophy

Alongside the crates, you should be able to spot a ladder. Use it to climb up top. There you will find two robots clashing with each other in a game of Mahjong. You will know exactly what to do if you have any experience with cats or board games.

Stray Collectible Cat-a-strophe Trophy
Robots Playing Mahjong

Jump onto the table to jumble all the pieces and wreak havoc. This will grant you the Cat-a-strophe Trophy. This will put you one step further in our Stray Collectibles Guide.

Ninth Scratch Point

After ruining an excellent game of Mahjong, jump down the table and look around. You will notice two robots wrapped in blankets sitting on bunk beds. You will also be able to notice a small board beside them. Scratch them to get the collectible.


For the memory, turn around from the scratch location and find a ladder that you can use to go up the AC units. Once up there, you will notice some computers. Getting close to them will trigger a cutscene that will give you this memory.

Plant Badge

Stray Collectibles Guide
Stray Plant Badge

After you get the memory, make your way down the AC units and run up the branches. This will give you a quest where you will have to find three different colored plants. Once found, give them back to the Robot named “Malo” to get the Plant Badge.

Chapter Ten Collectibles

After Chapter Four, Chapter Ten has the most amount of collectibles for you to find. So hang on tight as we might be here for a while.


This is the first memory you can find in chapter ten using our Stray Collectibles Guide. For this, you will first need to play out the cutscene in which B-12 and Stray enter a mysterious room. Once the cutscene ends, make your onwards into the never-ending hallway.

The hallway will eventually lead you to an abandoned railway station, where you find yourself once again in a cutscene. This cutscene will grant you this memory.


After the cutscene ends, jump into one of the train carriages. Make your way through the open door before you and turn right. Keep going straight until you find a left turn and take it. This will put you around an abandoned escalator, which you will have to climb.

Go through the window and head right into the corner with the bunch of books. You should be able to spot a wrapped-up robot alongside the books as well. Interact with the book to earn this memory.

Fifth Nuzzle

The wrapped-up robot you encounter will showcase signs of stress and discomfort. You can nuzzle against the robot to keep them calm and to get another nuzzle on the board.

Sixth Nuzzle

After nuzzling the robot, head out of the book area and look for an open room. You can make your way inside through multiple open windows. Head right once inside the room and up the stairs. Keep going up until you find a robot sitting on the floor. You can nuzzle against them to get this collectible.

Tenth Scratch Point

Once you are done nuzzling the robot, look around you. You will see two mattresses and a box which a prompt that will give you the option to scratch. Click the button to get the tenth scratch point.

Seventh Nuzzle

For the seventh nuzzle, you will have to travel some distance. Firstly get off the mattresses and make your way over to the balcony. Turn right and onto the railings. Keep going forward until you cross the bicycle.

Afterward, jump down and continue ahead and enter Midtown. Here, be on the lookout for a robot in a white jacket. Once you find it, nuzzle against them to get this collectible.

Cat Badge

Stray Collectible Cat Badge
Stray Cat Badge

The Cat Badge is the next collectible in this Stray Collectibles Guide. To get this badge, make your way over the counter. Enter the room and take a right to jump over the boxes in your way. Lastly, make your way on top of the enormous shelf.

Here you will find a safe that will require a Digicode to open. For this safe, the code is 8542. If you want more information, feel free to check out our Stray Digicodes Guide. Opening the safe will present you with the Cat Badge.


For this memory, go back over the counter and out of the shop. First, take a right and move into the alleyway. Then turn left when you see a grey trash can. Jump onto the trash can and make your way to the rooftop. You will find a sitting area here as well as a prompt for the memory.


This following memory location is quite close to the previous memory. Look around the sitting area for a bucket and take it to get down. Then make your way towards the red-colored street, which you will see is connected to the bucket.

Enter the shop located on the left side of the main road through the window. Here you’ll find a ladder which you will have to climb. Use it to get into the loft and access the memory.


After getting the last memory, head back down the ladder and onto the couch. Then get back to the main road by jumping through the window. Continue forward until you find a small shop.

Make your way inside the shop and turn right. Jump over the counter and to the pretty potted plants. From there, make your way to the ceiling, where you will find the memory.

Eighth Nuzzle

Get down from the ceiling and over the counter to exit the shop. Once outside, you will see multiple tables and chairs and robots. You will see two robots, one standing, and one sitting. Go close to either of them, and you can get your eighth nuzzle as well using this Stray Collectibles guide.

Ninth Nuzzle

For the ninth nuzzle, just nuzzle the robot you didn’t nuzzle against previously. If you previously went for the standing robot, then nuzzle against the sitting robot for this collectible.

Tenth Nuzzle

To get the tenth nuzzle, move under the bar and run towards the awkwardly placed truck in the middle of the main road. The truck will have blue covers making it stand out from the bunch. Move to the left of the truck to find a robot working leaning against the truck. You can nuzzle against his legs to get this collectible.

Police Badge

To acquire this badge, head towards the hologram located in the middle of the roundabout. Once there, head right and down the stairs. Then take another right and into the tight and suspicious alleyway.

Stray Collectibles Guide- Police BAdge
Stray Police Badge

There will be AC units here for you to jump on and climb to the roof. Continue forward, and you will see an empty room with a dead robot. The dead robot will provide you with the police badge.

Neco Badge

Stray Collectible Neco Badge
Stray Neco Badge

For the Neco Badge, you will have to perform a simple task. You will need to deliver some keys to the robot inside the factory. However, the real challenge is how you can get the keys. Well, as daunting as it might sound, worry not. With the help of this Stray Collectibles Guide, you can get it easily.

To get the keys, follow the trail of garbage being carried away. Be careful not to get caught by the inspector drones as you follow the other drones. Then using the barrels to jump, get the keys and head back to the worker. Once you hand him the keys, he will award you with the Neco Badge.


For this collectible, find a bucket connected to a zipline. You can use this zipline to travel between two places while fitting yourself in the bucket. Use the zipline and into the bucket. Then jump over the guarded rails and turn left.

You will yourself facing some stairs. Go up them to come out on the street. Then, continue on the paved road and look for a building with several pipes. Turn left here to find a number of posters on a board. There will be a photo hidden among the posters which you can interact with to get this memory.


For this, first, examine clementine’s apartment and gather clues to be able to enter the nightclub. Then head inside through the window. Make your way through the gates and use the stairs to go down.

Moreover, you will find a grey garbage bin here. Go up alongside and carefully run across the wooden plank. Then maneuver through the maze of pipelines to get the memory located inside the nightclub.

Scratch Trophy

Stray Collectible Scratch Trophy
Misplaced record on the Turntable [Via: PowerPyx]

For the scratch trophy, head back to the ground floor of the nightclub. Look for a turntable in the middle of the nightclub. You will find a record sitting on top of the turntable. Place the record back into the player and scratch it to get the scratch trophy.

Chapter Eleven Collectibles

The Stray Chapter Eleven has two collectibles for you to get.


To get this, go outside the gates and sprint through the courtyard. There will be inspector drones in the vicinity, so hide behind the block there whenever they look towards you. Safely manage to get out and close the door. You will find a robot lying on the ground against some teal-colored garbage cans. He will give you this memory.

Eleventh Scratch Point

Go through the door that the NPC opened for you and run through the next door as well. Look for a small crawlspace and use it. Then you will be able to spot a tree which you have to scratch for this scratch point.

Chapter Twelve Collectibles

Twelfth Scratch Point

This is the penultimate collectible waiting to be found in Stray. You will spawn in a control room once you start this chapter. Your task will be to find the robot beside the control room door with the on/off button. You will have to figure out a way to open the door.

Once you open the door, you can scratch the circuit board to get the final scratch point.


This is the last collectible you can obtain in Stray. With the help of the robot, you will open the control room. Make your way inside it to trigger a cutscene. This cutscene will showcase numerous memories for you to relish and enjoy.

These are all the Stray Collectibles you can find. Using this Stray Collectible guide, you will be able to get all the collectibles and move one step close to the 100% completion rate. None of the locations are too obscure; however, the pictures will help you locate them better.

This concludes our Stray Collectible Guide. Let us know below if you were able to find all the collectibles.

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