Stray Digicode: All Digicodes For Doors & Safes

Struggling to get hold of Stray Digicode? Here is complete guide to obtain all Digicodes and gain access to safes and doors.

Stray Digicode
Stray Digicode

In Stray, you’ll come across locked safes and doors, each with hidden Digicodes to open them. While you can ask friends or gaming communities for these codes, for a complete experience, it’s recommended to explore the storyline and find the Digicodes yourself. Delving into the game’s world and solving these puzzles adds depth to your gaming experience.

Your character may need to travel long distances, climb rooftops, and face danger to obtain these secret codes and unlock safes and doors. Since there are numerous of them, we’ll discuss each one individually to help you efficiently complete the side quests and progress in the storyline.

Key Takeaways

  • Stray is a game where players must complete puzzles and find secret codes to advance and uncover digicodes to open doors and safes.
  • To progress in the game, one must uncover digicodes by solving puzzles & exploring the game; it is recommended to follow the storyline for a comprehensive experience.
  • In Chapter 3, players can find the Flat Digicode by using a B-12 flashlight near a portrait. The code is 3748.
  • Chapter 4’s slums safe code can be obtained by completing the Music Sheet quest and talking to Elliot at the Elliot Programming building. The code can be found by removing a picture in the Duffer bar, and is 1283.
  • In Chapter 6 of the game, players can obtain the Slums Part 2 Digicode by exploring the area and giving a notebook to the doc in the building.
  • The game boasts exceptional attention to detail that enhances the overall gaming experience by connecting all of the quests.

All Digicode

Here is a summary table for All Digicode in Stray:

No.NameLocation Digicode
1Flat DigicodeIn chapter 3, you might come across a flat door that requires a Digicode to unlock. To find the Digicode, simply grab a B-12 flashlight. Illuminate the wall in the storage room of the flat and look for a code written in red near the portrait. Jot down the code and return to the flat door to enter it for access3748
2The Slums Safe CodeThe initial and vital step in finding this Digicode is to communicate with Elliot, located at the "Elliot Programming" building in the slums. In the conversation, he will direct you to visit the Dufer bar. Simply go to the bar and locate the beach picture above the neon sign. Remove the surrounding frame to reveal the Digicode on the wall1283
3The Slums Part 2 DigicodeTo find this Digicode, head into the Doc's building, get onto the desk above which the pictures are, interact with those pictures to take them down so as to find the hint "Time Will Tell" written on the wall. Then divert your attention towards the four clocks in the room, pay attention to the time they are telling from the left to the right, for that is our Digicode to unlock the Doc's secret lab2511
4Midtown Safe DigicodeThis Digicode can be found in the Midtown chapter. After entering the city by climbing the stairs, turn to your right. There's a building where two robots are conversing through a window resembling a take-out counter. Enter the building and proceed to the rear.
Ask B12 to translate the poster on the wall, revealing a scrambled collection of letters. By reversing this message, as if reading it in a mirror, you will discover the code. Within the same building, hop onto the shelves until you reach the safe located in the corner. Enter the code on the keypad to obtain the Cat Badge

Chapter 3: Flat Digicode

Secret Digicode in FlatSecret Digicode in Flat

In Chapter 3 of the game, you might encounter a locked flat door that requires a Digicode for access. Despite being a feline without opposable thumbs, your furry friend can still obtain the Digicode to open the door.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Obtain a B-12 flashlight.
  2. Gain access to the storage room.
  3. Use the flashlight on the wall.
  4. Near the portrait, you will find a code written as “3748” with a red marker.
  5. Note down this code and head back to the flat door.
  6. Enter the code on the keypad, and the door will open for your exit.

While you can enter the code directly without finding the storage room and using the flashlight, knowing the exact location of the hidden code can be valuable for completionists.

Chapter 4: The Slums Safe Code

Players will encounter a Digicode requirement for a safe, specifically the first safe encountered by your cat. This occurs during the Music Sheet quest, where you need to collect eight music sheets. Here’s a detailed guide on how to obtain the code and complete the quest:

  1. Start by talking to Elliot, located at the “Elliot Programming” building in the slums.
  2. During the dialogue, Elliot will ask you to visit the Dufer bar.Elliot Asking to Visit Dufer BarElliot Asking to Visit Dufer Bar
  3. Head to the Dufer bar and look for a picture of a beach above the neon sign.
  4. Remove the picture from the wall, and you will see the Digicode “1283” revealed.
  5. Note down this code and head back to the safe in the Slums.
  6. Enter the code into the safe, and it will open, allowing you to complete the quest and obtain a piece of music sheet.
Digicode in Dufer Bar
Digicode in Dufer Bar

You can now enter the code in the safe in the Slums. You can finally open the safe and complete the piece of music sheet you were looking for in a quest. 

Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2 Digicode

Secret Message TranslationSecret Message Translation

In Chapter 6, you’ll encounter another Digicode puzzle for the Slums, which connects with a notebook from Chapter 4. To find this Digicode:

  1. Begin by collecting the notebook during a quest, which is a continuation of events from Chapter 4.
  2. Optionally, you can give the notebook to the doc in the building, unlocking a unique dialogue option that delves deeper into Stray’s lore.
  3. Once inside the room, go above the desk and observe the pictures hanging on the wall.
  4. Interact with the images to take them down, revealing a message that reads “Time Will Tell.”
  5. To decipher the message, look at the clock pattern from left to right.
  6. You’ll notice that the clocks are set at 2, 5, 1, and 1.
  7. The code “2511” is the Digicode for the Slums part 2, which unlocks access to doc’s secret lab.
Secret DIGICODE in Clocks
Secret DIGICODE in Clocks

Chapter 10: Midtown Safe Digicode

You’ll encounter a puzzle involving a safe at the Midtown store in the Slums. While this puzzle is optional, it offers a secret reward for your character.

Here’s how to solve it:

  1. Progress through the storyline until you visit the Midtown store and meet a robot named Paoudre.
  2. Inside the store, you’ll find a safe that requires a Digicode to unlock.
  3. Look around the store, and you’ll see a sign that says “2458:edoC.”
  4. Decode this message in reverse to get the code: “8542.”
  5. Enter the code “8542” into the safe to unlock it.
  6. As a reward for completing the puzzle, you’ll obtain a small Cat Badge for your character.

Final Words

Puzzles are a fun part of every game. While Stray has made sure players receive a mix of experiences for both massive world experience and traditional puzzles to gain access to different safes and doors. All you need is to look around and explore the world to efficiently solve any puzzle and earn sweet rewards for the cute furry friend. 

That is about it for Digicode. Do you find this guide helpful for getting all the Digicodes in the game? What is your approach to solving these puzzles without engaging in tricky situation? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.  Now that you are here, why not check out: Stray Energy Drink Locations

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