Stray Digicode
Stray Digicode

Stray Digicode: All Digicodes For Doors & Safes

Struggling to get hold of Stray Digicode? Here is complete guide to obtain all Digicodes and gain access to safes and doors.

All new Stray is taking the internet by storm with massive attention to detail and a dystopian cyberpunk world. The game allows players to experience the world from a cat’s perspective and explore every hidden location around the map. Meanwhile, some portions are well hidden with Stray digicode that may uncover many secrets of the neon-dystopian world. 

The feline is in your hand to make through the complex world while making some friends along the way. Meanwhile, players must solve numerous puzzles to uncover secret locations and complete different quests. The unbridled attention to detail connects every quest in the game, thus never putting a dent in your gameplay experience. 

It is worth noting that puzzles and uncovering secret codes are not going to be an easy feat. As the game tries to put players in the perspective of a cat, you will be traveling long distances, jumping ledges, and even surviving robot attacks. This guide might be for you if you are also one of these players struggling to obtain Stray digicode

Here is everything you need to know about getting your hands on the digicodes for doors and safes in Stray. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Stray Digicode

For those who are unaware, while progressing through the storyline, players will encounter several safes and doors that are locked. However, developers have added hidden secrets and digicodes to open these safes and doors.

Although, you can find these digicodes by simply asking your friend or gaming communities. But to gain a completionist experience, it is highly advised to pursue the storyline and find the digicodes. The ability to scour every location and solve the puzzle by diving deeper into the game is the prime aspect of the game and will enhance the gaming experience with each playthrough. 

Each locked safe and door in the game has a Digicode hidden near the location. For that instance, your furry friend will have to travel long distances, climb rooftops and put life in danger to get the secret codes and unlock safes and doors. Since there are numerous safes and doors, we will discuss them individually to assist you in efficiently completing the side quest and progress through the storyline. 

Chapter 3: Flat Digicode

Players in Chapter 3 might encounter a flat door that requires Digicode. As a feline with no opposable thumbs, it is pretty hard to break into the door exiting to flat. However, what your feline friend can do is to get a Digicode to open the doorway to escape. 

As complex as it would seem, obtaining the flat Digicode is pretty straightforward. All you need is a B-12 flashlight, and you will easily find the Digicode. Gain access to the storage room and use the flashlight on the wall. Near the portrait, you will see a code that says 3748 with a red marker. Note that down and head back to the flat door to enter the code. 

Secret Digicode in Flat
Secret Digicode in Flat

As soon as you enter the Digicode on the keypad, the door will be opened for your exit and you can be on your way. You can also enter the code directly without searching for the storage room and using the B-12 flashlight. But still, for the sake of completionists, it is worthwhile to know where exactly the code is hidden. 

Chapter 4: The Slums Safe Code

Next, after progressing until Chapter 4, players will encounter another Digicode requirement for a safe. To be precise, it is the first safe that your cat encounters in Chapter 4. In essence, it is during the Music Sheet quest that requires players to collect eight music sheets. 

If you are wondering how to obtain those, we have a detailed guide for Stray music sheet locations to help you complete the quest. During the quest, you will need to find a Digicode that will unlock a safe. However, the overall process involves several steps to obtain the code easily and complete the quest. 

The first and most crucial step is to talk to Elliot. You can find him at the “Elliot Programming” building in the slums. During the dialogue, he will ask you to visit the Dufer bar. 

Elliot Asking to Visit Dufer Bar
Elliot Asking to Visit Dufer Bar

All you need to do is head to the bar and search for a picture of a beach. You can find it right above the neon sign of the Duffer bar. Now you just have to remove the picture around, and you will be able to see the Digicode 1283 on the wall.

Digicode in Dufer Bar
Digicode in Dufer Bar

You can now enter the code in the safe in the Slums. You can finally open the safe and complete the piece of music sheet you were looking for in a quest. 

Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2 Digicode

Players will also encounter another Stray Digicode during Chapter 6. It is the second Digicode for the Slums. It is a unique Digicode. But it connects with Chapter 4 for a notebook, that players will collect during a quest. 

Moreover, players can easily find the Digicode for the Slums part 2. But you can also explore the area and engage before getting to the safe code.

One of the little details is the notebook. Players can give it to the doc in the building.

This activity will unlock a unique dialogue option that will allow players to look deeper into the lore of Stray. After that, you will have to get above the desk to see the pictures hanging on the wall. 

Just like previous Digicodes puzzles, you can also interact with the images to take them down and you will be able to see a message that says “Time Will Tell.” At first, it might seem a little tricky to know what time will tell the feline cat exactly. But once you explore the room, you can easily decode the message and get your Digicode. 

Secret Message Translation
Secret Message Translation

If you are still unable to, then all you need to do is look at the clock pattern from left to right. You will notice that these clocks are set at 2,5,1 and 1. It is exactly what you were after, and 2511 is your Digicode for the Slums part 2 and unlocks doc’s secret lab.

Secret DIGICODE in Clocks
Secret DIGICODE in Clocks

Chapter 10: Midtown Safe Digicode

In chapter 10, developers have added another puzzle that involves opening the safe at the Midtown store in Slums. It is an electronic store and pretty easily accessible. This is because progressing the storyline will eventually take you to visit the store and meet a robot guy Paoudre. 

The store also has a safe that requires Digicode to unlock. Although, it is entirely optional to complete the puzzle. But there is a secret reward for your furry character. 

Look around the store, and you will notice a sign that says “2458:edoC.” You can easily decode this message to Code: 8542. Now you can enter the code in the safe to obtain the small Cat Badge as a reward for completing the puzzle. 

Final Words

Puzzles are a fun part of every game. While Stray has made sure players receive a mix of experiences for both massive world experience and traditional puzzles to gain access to different safes and doors. All you need is to look around and explore the world to efficiently solve any puzzle and earn sweet rewards for the cute furry friend. 

That is about it for Stray Digicode. Do you find this guide helpful for obtaining all the Digicodes in the game? What is your approach to solving these puzzles without engaging in tricky situation? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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