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Stray Memories Slums: All 7 Memories

If we talk about indie games, then one game that definitely crosses our mind is Stray. Well, it is justified because it was teased back in 2020. Since then, gamers around the globe have been on the lookout for its release.

After two years of wait, Stray was finally released on the 19th of July, 2022. This game is developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. It can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

Stray has taken the gaming world by storm which is evident by the fact that it became one of the top sellers on steam in the week before its release. This is understandable because of how wholesome the story of the game is and the experience that it offers to its players.

The story revolves around a cute little ginger cat that was separated from its family and is trying to find its way back to them. The developers have done a phenomenal job at capturing the true identity of a cat. There are a few shortcomings but they can be easily overlooked as everything else compensates for them.

The developers have ensured that the cat’s movement, mannerisms, and all other shenanigans that these lovely little animals do in real life are on point. They were able to do so with the help of five cats in their studio.

On top of that, you will be exploring the cyberpunk city and interacting with the humanoid robots that the city is filled with. The protagonist is just like any other cat and hence can not talk. Therefore, you are accompanied by a drone, B12, that does all the talking for you.

What Are The Memories

There are several collectibles in stray like the music sheets, and memories. In this Stray memories slums guide, we will cover everything you need to know about memories and the locations of the ones that are located in slums.

These memories essentially provide a better understanding of the stray’s world. The B12’s memory bank can be accessed by going into your inventory. Here you will find the details such as the memories you have collected and the ones that you have not.

In addition to that, these memories can be easily differentiated based on different colors: blue, yellow, and grey. The blue ones represent the memories that you have recovered. Yellow represents the memories that you have received. The grey ones represent the memories that can be found in your current level and those with no color represent the ones that you can not find in your present location.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let us move on to Stray memories in slums locations.

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Stray Memories In Slums Locations

There are a total of 27 memories located in stray. 5 of these can be categorized as story memories. This means that you will acquire them automatically as you proceed through the story. The 22 memories that are left behind can be obtained by exploring different parts of the city.

In addition to that, stray also gives you the opportunity to come back and replay a chapter in case you have missed a memory in it. The only downside to that is that you will have to replay the chapter from the beginning.

In this stray memories slums guide, we will be going over the locations of memories in stray that can be found in the slums. If we are being precise, 7 memories can be found in the slums. The locations of these are given below in detail.

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Memory 1

If we are being honest, getting the stray memories in slums is not a challenging task at all. The first memory can be obtained by getting to the robot that lies dead on the roof of a building.

the image shows the robot that has the first of the stray memories in slums
The Dead Robot

The first thing you need to do is get to the guardian. In front of it, you will see a crate and vending machine that seems to be out of service. Jump on the crate and then onto the vending.

From here your main objective is to get to the top. For that, you need to bring out the cat inside you and make different leaps till you reach the top point shown in the image below. Once there, you will see the dead robot with its back against the sign. Interact with him and you will have the memory that you came for.

the image shows where you need to go to restore the memory
Get To The Top Point Shown Here

Memory 2

To acquire the second of the stray memories in slums, you need to head to the merchant Azooz. However, before you do that, make sure that you have 3 energy drinks in the bag, you will be needing them when dealing with it. You can obtain energy drinks from the vending machines.

You will find the merchant Azooz if you go down the stairs that are located nearby the guardian. He can be easily seen from the top of the stairs, as shown in the image below. Once you give him the energy drinks, he will remove the veil off a relic that will trigger a memory.

the image shows the merchant azoor that you need to interact with to get memory 2
The Stairs

Memory 3

The third of the stray memories in slums is located inside the bar. Getting to the bar is pretty straightforward. Just go down the stairs in front of the guardian and head straight. The bar will be on the left side.

Go inside the bar and head up the stairs. Climb up on the first circular table that sits close to the stairs. To make things crystal clear, the table is also shown in the image below. Once you climb on the table, you will be able to restore the memory you are looking for.

the image shows the table that you need to get to to acquire a memory
The Table You Need To Get To

Memory 4

The fourth memory can be found inside Momo’s flat. To get to Momo’s flat you just need to follow the huge neon sign in the slums. Once you are inside Momo’s flat, you should completely ignore him and go to his bedroom.

There you will find a poster on the wall and in turn the memory that you came for.

the image shows the poster you need to get to to obtain a memory
The Poster In Momo’s Flat

Memory 5

To get to the fifth of the stray memories in slums, we will be using the guardian as the starting point. The first thing that you need to do is get to the super spirit laundry that is located just ahead of the stairs in front of the guardian.

the image shows the super spirit laundry in stray
Super Spirit Laundry

You should then head into the alleyway right beside the super spirit laundry. Keep going till you reach the stairs. Go up the stairs and there you will find a graffiti on the wall that reads “RIP HUMANS”. Go up to it and you will recover another one of the stray memories in slums.

The Stairs At The End Of The Alleyway

Memory 6

To obtain the sixth memory, you need to head to the alleyway that is right beside where Morusque is. There you will be able to see this large robot painted on the wall in front of you. You need to get it to get the memory.

the image shows the alleyway beside morusque
The Alleyway

You can easily access it, you just need to do what you do best, or to be exact what the cat does best. Jump around from one place to another till you get what you want. You can jump up on the bins, then to the metallic roof, then on the air vents, and viola you will have reached the painting in no time.

the image shows the robot painting one will interact with to obtain the memory
The Robot Painting

Memory 7

The last of the stray memories in slums is located in Elliot’s house. To get to Elliot’s house you need to take a left into the street that is right beside the bar. To know how to get to the bar, you should go through the section of this article that is titled ‘memory 3’.

From there, move a little ahead, turn right, and there you will see a door. This is Elliot’s house. Scratch this door and eventually, someone will open it to let you in. Once inside, go to the first floor. Here you will find a plant. Interact with it and you will have recovered all the stray memories in slums.

The Door
the image shows the plant that you need to interact with to get the memory
The Plant

Final Words

This brings us to the end of our guide on Stray memories slums. We hope you liked it and for sure suggest that you give this game a try. We are certain that you will love it, even if you are not a cat lover. In case you are a cat, you are in for a treat.

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