Stray Memories Slums: All 7 Memories

In this Stray Memories Slums guide, I will be covering all that you need to know about stray memories in slums.

Stray memories slums

There are several collectibles in Stray, like the music sheets and memories. In this guide, I will cover everything you need to know about memories and the locations of the ones in slums.

Key Takeaways

  • Stray follows the story of a ginger cat trying to return home to its family in a city filled with robots. The developers aimed to realistically depict a cat’s behavior by observing five cats in the studio.
  • The player is accompanied by a drone called B12, which speaks on behalf of the cat, who cannot communicate.
  • Stray features collectible memories for players’ knowledge enrichment. The memory bank of B12 is accessible through inventory.
  • It includes 27 memories, five crucial to the story, and the rest obtainable by exploration. Memories are differentiated by color (blue, yellow, gray), with seven located in slums.
  • All the collectible memories could be found by exploring different parts of the city or replaying certain sections if missed, i.e., the building rooftop, the area around the guardian, the bar, Memo’s flat, and the alleyway. 
  • To Collect the memories in the slums, the player must interact with objects like a dead robot, A merchant named Azooz, a bar, or a cloakroom.

Slum Memories Comparison

No.Memory No.Item Name
1Memory 1Dead robot
2Memory 2B-12’s memory
3Memory 3It’s a pool table - the balls definitely look like they belong to pool
4Memory 4Poster, which will unlock this memory.
5Memory 5A piece of graffiti which reads, ‘RIP Humans.’
6Memory 6Another piece of graffiti, which can be found in the alley to the left of where Morusque, who you can give music sheets to you, sits.
7Memory 7Plant being grown out of a toilet.

Comparison Table.

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There are a total of 27 memories located in Stray. 5 of these can be categorized as story memories. This means you will acquire them automatically as you proceed through the story. The 22 memories left behind can be obtained by exploring different parts of the city.

Stray also allows you to return and replay a chapter in case you have missed a memory. The only downside is that you must replay the chapter from the beginning.

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Memory 1

I will be honest: getting the stray memories in slums is not a challenging task at all. The first memory can be obtained by getting to the robot that lies dead on the roof of a building.

the image shows the robot that has the first of the stray memories in slums
The Dead Robot

The first thing you need to do is get to the guardian. In front of it, you will see a crate and vending machine that seems out of service. Jump on the crate and then onto the vending.

Your goal: Reach the top. Embrace agility, leaping from point to point, as depicted in the image. At the peak, find a dead robot near the sign. Interact with it to obtain the sought-after memory.

the image shows where you need to go to restore the memory
Get To The Top Point Shown Here

Memory 2

  1. To get the second stray memory in the slums, visit the merchant Azooz.
  2. Ensure you have 3 energy drinks from vending machines before heading there.
  3. Find Azooz downstairs near the guardian.
  4. Offer him the energy drinks to reveal a relic and trigger a memory.
the image shows the merchant azoor that you need to interact with to get memory 2
The Stairs

Memory 3

  1. In the slums, find the third memory in the bar.
  2. Descend the stairs in front of the guardian and proceed straight ahead.
  3. The bar is located on the left side. Head upstairs and climb onto the first circular table near the stairs.
  4. This table is also visible in the provided image. Restoring the sought memory is possible once you’re on the table.
the image shows the table that you need to get to to acquire a memory
The Table You Need To Get To

Memory 4

  1. Find the fourth memory in Momo’s flat in the slums.
  2. Follow the prominent neon sign to locate it.
  3. Once inside, disregard Momo and head straight to his bedroom.
  4. Look for a poster on the wall to find the memory.
the image shows the poster you need to get to to obtain a memory
The Poster In Momo’s Flat

Memory 5

  1. To get to the fifth of the stray memories in slums, I will use the guardian as the starting point.
  2. You first need to get to the Super Spirit Laundry, which is just ahead of the stairs in front of the guardian.
the image shows the super spirit laundry in stray
Super Spirit Laundry
  1. Head to the alley beside Super Spirit Laundry.
  2. Proceed to the stairs and look for a wall graffiti saying ‘RIP HUMANS.’
  3. Interact with it to retrieve another stray memory in the slums.
The Stairs At The End Of The Alleyway

Memory 6

  1. To obtain the sixth memory, you need to head to the alleyway beside Morusque.
  2. You will see this giant robot painted on the wall before you get there.
  3. You need to get it to get the memory.
the image shows the alleyway beside morusque
The Alleyway
  1. You can easily access it; you just need to do what you do best, or to be exact, what the cat does best.
  2. Jump around from one place to another till you get what you want.
  3. You can jump up on the bins, then to the metallic roof, then on the air vents, and viola, you will have reached the painting in no time.
the image shows the robot painting one will interact with to obtain the memory
The Robot Painting

Memory 7

  1. In the slums, the last stray memory is in Elliot’s house, situated down the street next to the bar, as explained in the section titled ‘Memory 3’.
  2. Find the door, scratch it, and someone will open it. Head upstairs, locate a plant, interact with it, and you’ll retrieve all the stray memories in the slums.
The Door
the image shows the plant that you need to interact with to get the memory
The Plant

My Experience With Memory Slums

Finding all the Stray memories in the slums gets trickier with each entry. But you do not have to worry if you follow the guide above. It takes a bit time of your playthrough, but it is definitely worth the effort for a completionist playthrough. 

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