Stray: All Music Sheet Locations [Step-By-Step]

In this guide we will help you find all eight sheet music pieces to earn the music badge.

stray music sheet locations

Music Sheets are optional collectibles for you to find by exploring an area thoroughly and getting accustomed to the map layout. In the case of the Music Sheet Locations in Stray, you are introduced to the concept of them when you meet an NPC named Morusque.

Key Takeaways

  • In Stray, you can find optional collectibles known as Music Sheets by exploring the map.
  • One of the characters you’ll encounter in the fourth chapter is Morusque, a talented guitarist who lives in the slums.
  • The objective is to find and give Morusque the music sheets so he can learn new songs and perform them for you.
  • There are a total of 8 music sheets that can be collected throughout the game, each of which will result in Morusque playing a new song for you.
  • The music sheets can be located in various places in the game world, including Momo’s flat, Clementine’s apartment, Grandma’s shop, Dufer Bar, and more. 
  • They can also be obtained through exploration, purchasing them with energy drinks, or solving puzzles.

All the Music Sheet Locations

1Music Sheet 1
Sheet Music 1/8 can be found in Momo's flat, located on the left side of The Slums as instructed by the Guardian. Start by navigating the rooftops and following B12's guidance until you reach Momo's apartment. Engage in conversation with the robot and then seek out the storage room/bathroom combination nearby. To identify the correct room, pass through the door's bars and observe the presence of a toilet and boxes. Ascend to the top shelf where you will discover Sheet Music ⅛.
2Music Sheet 2 Sheet Music 2/8 can be found on the rooftops. From your position, face the Guardian and the malfunctioning elevator. Proceed by scaling the buildings on your right, which is the right side of The Slums. As you ascend, move towards the flat featuring the Outsider's sign (depicted by a semi-complete circle and two dots), but refrain from entering. Continue climbing away from the Guardian until you reach a balcony characterized by concrete corners. On this balcony, you will discover Sheet Music 2/8 resting on a wooden table.
3Music Sheet 3 In The Slums' ground floor, locate Elliot's repair shop by following the signs. Look for a red door close to Grandma's shop, adorned with posters and writing. Scratch the door and gain entry with the assistance of a robot.
Upon entering, proceed ahead and notice a painted depiction of a robot. You'll find the Sheet Music 3/8 pinned to the wall.
4Music Sheet 4To obtain Sheet Music 4/8, head towards Azooz's shop in The Slums by turning right at the Guardian. Simply trade Azooz an Energy Drink Speed 2K can to acquire it.
In total, there are four cans available in The Slums. You'll need all of them to acquire both the Sheet Music and the B12 memory that Azooz is selling. If you only require a can for the sheet music, you can conveniently grab one from the vending machine near Morusque.
5Music Sheet 5To find the fifth sheet of music, head to the bar. Stand opposite the Guardian and turn around completely. Look to your left, and you'll spot the Dufer Bar with a distinctive red neon sign. Enter the bar and make your way upstairs. On one of the booth tables, you'll discover Sheet Music 5/8.
6Music Sheet 6During your search for the Notebooks required by Momo, visit Clementine's flat, which happens to be the sole Outsiders flat situated on the right side of The Slums. As you enter the doors, direct your gaze to the right side, towards the bed, instead of proceeding into Clementine's office. There, you will come across her notebook. Additionally, Sheet Music 6/8 will be conveniently placed on the shelf.
7Music Sheet 7When Momo instructs you to search for Notebooks, head towards the library flat, where you will discover Doc's notebook inside a secure safe. This flat is located farthest from the Guardian or to your immediate right after exiting Momo's window. Once inside, explore the room until you locate a cubby that houses a black piano. Leap onto the piano to uncover Sheet Music 7/8 affixed to it.
8Music Sheet 8The most challenging sheet music to acquire is found through a longer and more cryptic puzzle compared to what we're used to. Begin by entering the alley on the right side of Morusque. There, you'll find a safe with a note attached. Take the note and proceed to the engineer, returning to where we discovered the third sheet music. Give the engineer the note from the safe, and he will inform us that it leads to Dufer Bar. At Dufer Bar, remain on the ground floor and climb onto the bartender's bar. Move towards the Neon sign labeled "Dufer Bar" and interact with the painting on top of it. The painting will fall, revealing a code. Inputting this code into the safe will unlock the eighth sheet music for us.

Music Sheets Locations Table. 

Morusque is a guitar player in the slums and we are introduced to him in the fourth chapter. He doesn’t know any songs initially so it’s up to you to give him the music sheets so he can learn new songs and play them for you.

Relaxing alongside Morusque

It’s also good to note that every time you give Moruaque he will play a little song for you so we recommend you give him each music sheet as you acquire it otherwise if you give him all eight at once you will have to sit patiently for quite a few minutes for Morusque’s songs to be completed.

Music Sheet 1

stray music sheet locations
Inside view of the room where Sheet Music #1 is found | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

To acquire the first sheet music piece, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Momo’s flat, guided by the Guardian’s directions.
  2. Navigate rooftops for easier access.
  3. Once inside Momo’s flat (B12 directions), explore the area.
  4. Look for a room with dim lighting and metal-grated doors underneath.
  5. Climb on top of a stack of cardboard boxes.
  6. On a hanging shelf, you’ll find the first music sheet.

Music Sheet 2 

stray music sheet locations
The area right in front of the table where Sheet Music #2 is found | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

The second sheet is more easily attainable as it is located very close to the first one.

  1. Exit Momo’s flat through the main entrance window (left side of the keypad door).
  2. Ride the bucket down and head toward Clementine’s apartment.
  3. Before reaching Clementine’s apartment, stop at a balcony with two chairs and one table.
  4. Climb onto the balcony and then onto the table.
  5. The second sheet music piece will be on the table, isolated.

Music Sheet 3 

stray music sheet locations
The area outside the door which contains Sheet Music #3 | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

For the third music sheet, you must first be on the ground, unlike the rooftops previously. You are looking for a Door Mark that has some interesting posters on it that you can try to translate.

  1. Look for a door marked with interesting posters near Grandma’s shop, just before it.
  2. You’ll notice two robots sitting on the left side of this door.
  3. Scratch on the door and wait a moment.
  4. When a robot opens the door, enter and proceed towards a large painting inside.
  5. Below the postcard on the painting, you’ll find the third music sheet.

Music Sheet 4

The merchant who sells Sheet Music #4 | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

The fourth sheet of music is not very much hidden unless you consider paywalls to be hiding. But even that isn’t as bad as it may seem. The sheet music simply costs one energy drink.

If you haven’t already then you can quickly go and get one from the vending machine located near Morusque.

Music Sheet 5

stray music sheet locations
The bar table where Sheet Music #5 is found | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

Compared to the initial music sheets the rest are quite easy to find when compared to the rest of the locations.

For example, the fifth one is easily found if you go inside the Dufer Bar and head upstairs. Look in the middle booth and the fifth music sheet will be right there.

Music Sheet 6

stray music sheet locations
The view from Clementine’s Apartment where Sheet Music #6 is located | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

For this one, we are going to have to backtrack a little bit.

  1. Return to the location near Clementine’s apartment where you found the second music sheet.
  2. Enter Clementine’s apartment this time.
  3. Navigate to the area with the bed by jumping through the broken glass in the door.
  4. Look for a bookshelf at the foot of the bed.
  5. Approach the bookshelf, and you’ll find the fourth music sheet there for you to collect.

Music Sheet 7

stray music sheet locations
The location of Sheet Music #7 through the blue sign in the top left | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

Now, this is one of the more difficult places to find the music sheets. Not necessarily the most difficult sheet music but rather the location where the sheet music is kept.

If we use the second sheet music location as a marker then we can see that it is right at the very edge of town. Once inside however we simply look around till we see a piano, on that piano will be sheet music number seven.

Music Sheet 8

Music Sheet 8
Opened safe where we find Sheet Music #8 | Courtesy: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

To obtain the fifth music sheet, which involves a more challenging puzzle, follow these steps:

  1. Head into the alleyway on the right side of Morusque.
  2. Locate a safe with a note on it in this alleyway.
  3. Grab the note and visit the engineer (near where you found the third music sheet).
  4. Present the note from the safe to the engineer, who will direct you to Dufer Bar.
  5. At Dufer Bar, stay on the ground floor and climb onto the bartender’s bar.
  6. Approach the Neon sign labeled “Dufer Bar” and interact with the painting on top of it.
  7. The painting will fall, revealing a code.
  8. Input this code into the safe to unlock the fifth music sheet (sheet number eight).

For me, it took a bit of time, but it will reward you with the fifth music sheet once completed.

My Tips For Collecting Music Sheets

You need to backtrack quite a bit to reach each of the music sheets, so I recommend a certain order in which to collect the sheets. This is a more efficient route than going back and forth for each piece of sheet music. We recommend you use this route:

  1. Grab the note from the Alleyway while also getting an energy drink can near Morusque and head over to Sheet Music #1.
  2. Then proceed to Sheet Music #2 followed by Sheet Music #6.
  3. After this we need to head to the Library for Sheet Music #7, this completes any sheets that require us to navigate over rooftops.
  4. Following this, we get Sheet Music #3 and get the note from the Engineer translated for us.
  5. After that, we navigate towards Dufer Bar where we can find Sheet Music #5 on the upper floor and get the code for the safe from the ground floor.
  6. Finally, we go toward the merchant who is selling Sheet Music #4, and on our way to Morusque, we grab Sheet Music #8 from the safe by entering the code we found.

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