Stray Mysterious Password [Explained & Steps]

This Stray Mysterious Password guide will explain the mysterious password and its importance in the stray storyline.

Stray Mysterious Password [Explained]

The Mysterious Safe has left many people disheartened and stuck in place due to how hard it is to find. The best way to find the Mysterious safe is to explore the map. Moreover, the Password for the safe isn’t easy to come across either. Due to its complicated nature, we have made sure this Stray Mysterious Password guide covers everything you will need.

You will have to take a couple of steps to find the Safe and eventually make your way to the Mysterious Password. That Password is unique and highly valuable. If you enter anything other than the Mysterious Password in the safe, the mystery prize will disappear, and you won’t ever be able to collect it.

Therefore, proceed according to this guideline so that you can swiftly and safely get your desired reward. Then without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Key Takeaways

In Stray, to unlock a safe, follow these steps:

  1. Explore and interact with characters like Elliot and the guardian robot.

  2. Decrypt the guardian robot’s conversation using B-12 in the Slums.

  3. Find musician Morusque, who guides you to the password.

  4. Discover the password in the sewers.

  5. Decode a binary code from a note in the safe.

  6. Seek help from robots but find an expert at Elliot Programming.

  7. Enter Elliot Programming using clues from posters in town.

  8. Decipher the code as “Duffer Bar.”

  9. Identify the bar with a red neon sign and a photo above the Duffer Bar sign.

  10. Interact with the photo to reveal the password: 1-2-8-3.

  11. Return to the safe, enter the password, and receive a music sheet.

  12. Give the sheet to Morusque for a relaxing tune.

The Stray Mysterious Password is integral in unlocking the Mysterious safe in Stray. So before we get into the code, let’s talk about where you can find the Mysterious Safe in Stray.

Visit the Guardian

The first step in this path is to head to the guardian. You can find this guardian in the Slums. The guardian is fairly easy to find.

Upon entering the Slums, you’ll encounter a running robot who raises an alarm and blocks your path. To proceed, follow these steps:

  1. Take a right and navigate through abandoned stores.

  2. Exit the stores, turn left, and reach a vast open area with a worn-out elevator shaft.

  3. Enter the area, where armed robots will surround you, except for the guardian.

  4. Use B-12 to decrypt their conversation, revealing that they don’t consider you one of the escaped animals.

  5. This clears your name and allows you to explore the Slums freely.

  6. Robots return to their tasks, and you’re one step closer to obtaining the Stray Mysterious Password.

Encounter the Mysterious Musician

Stray Mysterious Password - Morusque Musician
The Musician

The next step is to make your way to a musician in the Slums. After the whole ordeal with the guardian robot., you will find yourself in a place full of robots indulging in mediation. This entire scene could be soothing, so take a moment to admire and take it in. Afterward, head left from there and down the stairs.

Here you will find a musician named Morusque. The robot will be sitting on a bunch of pillows, and you can also curl up next to them on a pillow. She will tell you that you are close to the Password and only need a little push.

Locating the Sewers

To obtain the Mysterious Password in the game, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Interact with Morusque in the game.

  2. Search around for an alleyway.

  3. Once you locate the alleyway, head inside and look underneath.

  4. Inside the alley, you will find the entrance to the sewers.

  5. In the sewers, you will discover the Mysterious Password.

When you open the code, it will display the message “Follow the Numbers” along with a series of numbers. It’s crucial to follow these numbers correctly to progress further in the game. However, the note itself may not provide explicit instructions on how to follow the numbers.

Ask the Robots

The set of numbers you will find on that note will resemble a binary code. So it is an accurate assumption that the robots might know something about it.

Make your way to the town again and ask the robots for their help on the code. After asking around a bunch, you will learn that the code is quite unique and very old. As much as this might confirm you are on the right path, it will put another tall task ahead of you.

Due to the antique nature of the code, the robots there won’t be able to solve the code effectively. However, they will give you some hope. They will tell you to find someone knowledgeable and expert in these kinds of issues which is the next step you have to take.

Locate the GeekElliot-with-the-Stray-Poncho


Locating the geek isn’t hard as he also dwells in the Slums.

  1. Explore the city for clues about the geek’s whereabouts. Look for posters in town, especially those with binary codes.

  2. These posters will lead you to a facility called Elliot Programming.

  3. Scratch the facility’s door with your paws and wait for a robot to open it for you.

  4. Inside, climb the stairs to reach Elliot, who also appears in the Stray Poncho guide.

  5. Provide him with the code, and he will decipher it as “Duffer Bar,” your next destination.

  6. While there, scan the plants at the top of the stairs to collect a memory. Many memories are scattered around the Slums.

Find the Stray Duffer Bar

Duffer Bar - Stray Mysterious Password
Outlook of the Duffer Bar

After getting the hint from Elliot, jump back onto the streets once again. You are almost close to the reward so just push forward a little bit more. Look for a bar with a red neon sign shining bright. If it looks flashy and red, you are at the correct location.

Make your way inside the Bar and look around. You will need a picture on a wall above the Duffer Bar sign. You can interact with this photo to reveal a code containing the numbers 1,2,8, and 3 [1-2-8-3].

This is the actual Mysterious Password meaning there is only one step left for you to do now.

Plug in the Mysterious Password

Opened safe [Via: Kibbles]

Run back to the alleyway, with the safe patiently waiting for the code. Plug the numbers in, and you will be able to reap the rewards for all your efforts. The safe will provide you with one of the eight music sheets you can get. Check out our Stray Music Sheets guide for more information about the Music sheets.

You can give this Music Sheet to Morusque. She will play a sweet song for you to relax to as you finish the treacherous path you had to go through for the Stray Mysterious Password.

This concludes our Stray Mysterious Password guide. Let us know down below how you are liking the game so far.

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