Stray Notebook Locations [All 7]

Notebooks in Stray hold the memories of those from past or their events. They can lead to certain unique quests that offer valuable rewards..

Stray Notebook Locations
Stray Notebook Location Guide

Cats are curious and investigative, and they are constantly exploring their surroundings. Stray is a feline game and has made great use of this exploring ability and has presented you with a fascinating storyline.

In reality, cats may bring up anything they may come across in their daily life that is useless most of the time, but in this game, a cat is of great help by finding and bringing the needed stuff. In Stray, a cat has to find certain handy items required for game progress, and a notebook is one of them.

Key Takeaways

  • In Stray, players are tasked with obtaining four journals that hold valuable information about the outside world.
  • The first journal can be obtained by interacting with Momo, a character found in a high-rise building on the rooftop areas.
  • The second journal is located in Zbaltazar’s apartment, which can be accessed via a vent on the rooftop.
  • The third journal can be found in a doctor’s apartment, which boasts a vast collection of books and a locked locker that holds the journal.
  • The final journal can be acquired in the dwelling of an outsider, which can be entered through a broken window.
  • Acquiring the journals is crucial for advancing in the game and this guide provides comprehensive information on finding each of them.

Here is a summary table for all the Notebooks in Stray:

1Momo’s NotebookMomo's notebook is effortlessly discoverable and impossible to overlook since it plays a significant role in the main storyline. Momo resides in a towering structure adjacent to a vibrant orange neon sign. Once players engage in a conversation with Momo, he will generously provide them with his notebook, subsequently expressing his decision to relinquish his aspirations of exploring the outside world
2Zbaltazar’s NotebookAfter acquiring Momo's Notebook, players should exit and direct their attention to the left side where a towering building with a prominent blue Outsiders sign on the rooftop and enclosed metal railings awaits. Ascending to this rooftop, players must disable the fan by extracting the energy cell, enabling them to descend into the room below. Within that space, tucked under a heap of boxes near the sofa, Zbaltazar's Notebook can be discovered. Accessing it simply requires hopping onto the boxes, and players can exit the room through the window by manipulating the blind
3Doc’s NotebookTo locate Doc's Notebook, players should go right from Momo's place and locate a small illuminated sign bearing the Outsiders logo in the distance. The sign is situated near a rooftop with a couch and television, close to one of Stray's four vending machines. Upon entering the flat, players should find Doc's bedroom and translate the note on the bed. The note will disclose the presence of a hidden safe behind some nearby books. By opening the safe, players will acquire Doc's Notebook
4Clementine’s NotebookThe last notebook is located in Clementine's flat, which is directly across from Momo's place. It can be easily recognized by the prominent white Outsiders logo painted on the building's side. Upon entering through the window and maneuvering through a gap in the glass-panel sliding door, players will discover Clementine's Notebook on the desk next to her computer

The robots, named Outsiders, require these notebooks to achieve their goal of returning outside. There are four notebooks in total that are placed in different locations. They hold the information and details that are about the outside. 

For the completion of the 4th chapter, players are supposed to get the cat’s paw on each stray notebook to get the info. You may need to explore the rooftops thoroughly, but here we have made this guide to make this task easy for you.

Stray Notebooks

As we mentioned, these notebooks are mandatory for you to collect to progress in the game, but they can be a drag if you don’t know where to look for them. So today, we bring you a complete guide for all the notebooks in Stray so you can save time and find them as smoothly as possible.

We will highlight all the extra collectables and rewards that will come on the way and certain references related to these notebooks.

So Let’s get right into it.

Momo’s Notebook

Stray Momo’s Notebook
Stray First Notebook Location (Image Credits: GG Recon Gaming)

Momo is friends with the outsiders in Stray, and you will get your first notebook from him. Upon entering the slums for the first time, players will come across a guardian dressed in a red cloak.

Speak with him and show him the postcard. He will suggest you look for Momo on the rooftops to get further details about the outside. Momo lives in a towering building with a big neon sign fixed on its front, which is yellow in color and vivid and bright.

Get into the building by climbing up the rooftops. Then you will get to speak with Momo. He will sound hopeless as the conversation starts and shows no hope of getting back with his fellows and friends.

As the conversation continues, he will tell you about his lost friends and how he cannot make any contact with them because of the broken transceiver. Soon you will receive the notebook from him. To help him, you have to come back after finding the other three notebooks.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook

Stray Zbaltazar's Notebook
Stray Second Notebook Location

The following notebook to find is Zbaltazar’s one. And to get it, you will need to go to Zbaltazar’s apartment. The way to get inside the apartment is through the ventilator placed on the rooftop. You can’t jump through it while it’s spinning, so, firstly, you have to make it stop.

 To do so, cut off the power supply by removing the plug from the socket outside the vent. Then without any strain, you can jump inside. There will be stacks of boxes in the room and within them is the second notebook.

 The same stack of boxes is the one right to the doorway. By jumping over these boxes, you can make them fall. The notebook will be on the floor along with the boxes. Collect it and then move to the next one.

Doc’s Notebook

Stray Doc’s Notebook
Stray Third Notebook Location

You will need to go to the doctor’s apartment for the third notebook. By staying on the rooftop, now forage for a square-shaped robot that is neon blue, placed inside the balcony, and above it, there are two red colored lanterns.

The extensive and organised collection of books makes this apartment looks distinguished from the others. Get inside and pass by the TV and couch area. A small room is located at the right of the entrance, blocked by a book pile. Move forward by knocking them out of your way.

 You will find the keys on the bed and a note from the librarian. Translate the note first to receive the keys. It will give you the details about the locker’s location. Exit the room as soon as you collect the required items.

Then take a right turn and search for the books section starting from the alphabet L & M and knock the stack of books out of your way under it and then you will be able to view the locker. Now open it up and collect the notebook.

Stray Clementine’s Notebook

Stray Fourth Notebook Location
Stray Fourth Notebook Location

It is the last one. As you obtain Momo’s notebook, the B-12 suggests you go for an outsider, so you may find some clue that will help fix the transceiver. The B-12 will indicate toward the window, and there is an outsider’s logo dyed on the wall.

Make your way to the window through the pipe. Jump inside the apartment, and by moving ahead, you will see the glass doors. One of the glass panes of this door will be broken. Pass through it to get to the other side. The clementine’s office is located to the left.

The notebook is next to the monitor on top of the switched-off computer. Now after collecting all notebooks, return to Momo so he can fix the device and may contact his lost members.

Stray Memories Slums

How To Download Stray On PC

Stray is available across all the platforms but today we will be covering how you can download it on your PC and start roaming the slums of this Cyberpunk style apocalyptic city.

In order to download Stray on your PC follow these steps.

  • Download the Steam launcher on your PC.
  • Log in to your Steam account if you have one, or else Sign-up for a new one.
  • You need to own a copy of Stray to play it, so make a purchase if you haven’t already.
  • The game will be available in your library for you to download.
  • Click on the Download Tab.
  • Once the download will complete it will automatically install the game for you.
  • Hit Play and Enjoy!


We tried our best to gather all the information for you regarding every notebook location in stray. We kept the guide straightforward, so you find no trouble in following it and gathering all the collectables quickly.

We will bring a lot more news and guides for you regarding Stray and many more upcoming games, so don’t forget to share them with your friends and close ones to stay updated. We put a lot of effort into these guides, so your support is always appreciated.

Now start finding those notebooks and we’ll be back shortly with another amazing guide.

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